Here is a list of practical business ideas that any auto-entrepreneur in Morocco can make their own. Good luck!

Business Idea 6: Opportunities in Real Estate

Description: The customer experience for buying or renting a house or apartment in Casablanca has a lot of room for improvement. A motivated entrepreneur can offer services in this domain and get well connected to agents, developers, and property owners. 

Business Idea 5: How Moroccans Can Benefit from a US - China Trade War

Description: The trade war between the US and China has escalated over the last few years in spite of the recent "Phase 1" agreement that many commentators claim lacks substance and guarantees. In this video we describe the opportunities for Moroccan manufacturers and exporters as a result of the ongoing US - China trade war.

Business Idea 4: Start Selling on Jumia Maroc - The Economics of E-Commerce

Description: Retail commerce involves a manufacturer, a distributor or "middleman" and then the final retailer who sells the item directly to the consumer. In this video we discuss the economics of e-commerce vs brick and mortar retail. E-commerce in Morocco is still young and there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to create online stores and sell products all across Morocco.

Business Idea 3: Money-Making Idea - Help Airbnb Owners in Morocco

Description: In this clip from Episode #29 of the Business in Morocco podcast, Ryan Maimone shares a money-making idea related to Airbnb - providing a service to Airbnb owners helping them maximize their revenue by improving their property listing.  

Business Idea 2: Go The Extra Mile

Date: September12, 2019

Description: Going the Extra Mile is a great way to "wow" your customer, build loyalty, and benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.  Don't just meet your customer's expectations - EXCEED them!

Business Idea 1: Freelance Photography

Date: August 30, 2019

Description: Ryan Maimone and Ryan Kirk discuss a great business that exists on many rivers in Southern France - using photography to capture tourist dollars, and how this could work in Morocco.

Resource: Become an auto-entrepreneur

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