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alright let's get started with today's episode it's going to be a lovely day
welcome to episode 10 of the Business in
Morocco Podcast today we'll be talking
about tips for healthy living but first
let's get an update what's going on this
week Ryan? well I've been putting into
practice what we've been talking about
in our podcast I did a training this
week for a big company and it was
something that I was afraid of it was
something that I was intimidated by but
it went really well I'm glad I did it
it expanded my capacity my comfort zone
and it relates really well with the
Richard Branson quote you shared last
week about saying yes to something and
then figuring out how to do it this was
definitely one of those situations but
I'm glad I went for it because it was
a success great with you what's been
happening? well we're leaving heading
back to the States in just a couple days
so it's pretty busy packing making sure
all of our affairs are in order in terms of
our household our vehicle signed
documents and papers and getting all
that done I'm also thinking about how
we're going to do this podcast remotely
yeah so that'll be a change we got to
overcome that fear yeah we got to figure
out how we're going to do that you may
hear some changes in our episodes and
the nature of it I'm preparing to do
some business back in the States so I
have mentioned in the past my SMB Online
Guide and one of the things I'm going to
be doing is promoting that business back
in the States so I prepared some
business cards and I'm going to be
engaging small business owners back in
the States to buy my digital products so
whenever I encounter a business that I
think doesn't have a good online
presence so I'm just going to drop them
a card so that's going to be overcoming
some fear I'm gonna be walking into some
small businesses and basically
telling them hey guys I think you could
be doing a better job you want some help?
by the way you suck and I can help
exactly if there's anything to fear it's
going in and telling somebody they're
doing something wrong nobody likes to
hear they're doing something wrong so
I've got to think a little bit more
about my presentation about my pitch I'm
gonna be offering them a free guide
that's basically what I'm gonna do and
my mindset right now as I walk in I hand
them a card and I say hey I noticed that
your online presence could use some help
here's a card here's a free download
here's the website go ahead and do it or
send an email to this email address
maybe this can help you acquire some
more customers yeah the cool thing is
you can identify their weaknesses and
their needs just by Googling them yes
right you you say hey Googled you and
this is all I got like you really you
want this to be your impression really
you want this to be people's impressions
of your business it doesn't bode well it
doesn't look good I can help you and the
good news is that especially in the West
in the United States everybody uses
Google you know uses Facebook they
understand the importance of the
Internet so I don't need to convince
them of that right all I need to do is
show them that they could do a better
job and I could help them do it in a
fairly easy way yeah
I've literally set out my guides so that
you don't need to know anything you
literally if you can look at a guide and
follow the steps exactly you will
achieve a better outcome than where you are at right now for free now of course if
you want to do more things that are a
little bit more complicated and a little
bit more valuable you could pay a
nominal fee and improve your business
but you know 20-30 dollars for
improving the overall presence and brand
of your business forever right
seems like a pretty good deal yeah no
kidding usually one customer is going to
cover that especially in the United
States where a lot of people if your
online presence is not good they're
automatically going to think that your
product or service is not good yeah
whereas if you have a very crisp online
presence a good Google page a good
Facebook page a good website they're
gonna think oh this company
has their act together I'll bet
their product or service is nice it's
good it's valuable right yeah. all right
let's get into the topic of the day
which is habits for healthy living. Ryan
one of the Seven Habits of Highly
Effective People deals with this issue
talk to us about it yeah number seven is
sharpen the saw and what it means is
that we need to continually take care of
ourselves now not a lot of us are using
a saw very often so a better metaphor it
might be charge the battery all of us
are dealing with batteries getting low
because of our smart phones because of
our laptops so we can relate to this
metaphor we are similar as human beings
we are finite we need to be recharged so
we get this when it comes to things like
eating and sleeping you can only go so
long before you've got to eat something
you've got to have a drink you need to
go and sleep so we like to produce
things we want to get results we want to
be effective but in order to do that in
order to generate results we've got to
go take a nap or go get a good night's
sleep so that's the physical area of our
life but as humans we're much more than
just a physical body we are also
emotional beings we are mental beings we
have a mind we need to take care of and
we are spiritual beings so those are
kind of the four areas of life physical
mental emotional and spiritual and we
need to take care of all those areas in
order to generate results now the
interesting thing is that they're all
interconnected and so if you neglect one
it's really only a matter of time before
it starts negatively impacting the
others so for example a student might be
really focused on the mental side of
their life and their learning they're
developing their mind they're taking in
information all the time but if they
neglect their health then eventually if
they're eating unhealthy food they're
not sleeping well the're and on things like caffeine nicotine to
get them through the day eventually
they're gonna compromise their mental
capacity they're not going to be able to
learn as quickly as if they were taking
care of their physical health and it's
the same for our relationships and our
emotional health and our spiritual
health yeah let's let's get specific
let's talk about sleeping one thing I've
noticed in this culture is Moroccans
love to stay up really late and if you work that means you still
have to get up early yeah and I think
one of the underappreciated aspects of
healthy living is getting enough rest
when you're sleeping your body is
repairing itself your brain is making
sense of everything that happened during
the day yeah and if you deprive your
body of sleep you're doing long-term
damage the other problem is they've done
studies that show that you can't make up
sleep if you miss sleep it's not like
the next day you can sleep twice as long
and then you you're great again you've
repaid yourself you've done damage that
can't be repaired by sleeping more
mm-hmm so the notion of like catching up
on sleep has been debunked debunked
thank you by science because sometimes I
think like that like oh yeah during the
week I'm only getting seven hours maybe
a touch under but then okay I'll try to
sleep in on a Saturday morning or you
know make up for it on the weekend yeah
it's not going it's not going to undo
what has been done for example if on
Monday night you sleep for four hours
that is going to directly impact your
productivity and performance on Tuesday
yeah if you on Wednesday sleep for eight
hours that's not going to change what
happened to you on Tuesday true yeah now
it may reduce the impact of your lack of
sleep on Monday for the rest of the week
and it's not gonna undo what happened
already yes make sense your your body
needs time to repair and to make sense
of what's happening in the world during
the day in order to have a good
today and one of the ways that we know
that this is true is that sleep
deprivation is actually a tactic for
harming people yeah it is one of the torture methods now I
mean I don't think it falls into the
category of like shock therapy or or
whipping or beating someone but they
specifically use sleep deprivation to
wear people down yeah to make them
vulnerable and pliable and more easily
manipulated and less able to function
yeah whether it's physically or mentally
so whether someone else is depriving you
of sleep or you are depriving yourself
of sleep there's a direct impact on your
ability the next day now this ties in to
our episode on deep work where we were
establishing that the real value that
you can produce in the marketplace other
than just ticking boxes and doing
robotic tasks that will eventually be
replaced by software to do something
really deep and meaningful requires
concentration and focus and we all know
that yeah you can pull an all-nighter
and you can kind of get through the day
or you can get four hours sleep and
coast through and make it look like
you're doing fine but you're not going
to produce anything of value when your
body is screaming for sleep so if we
want to we want to get into deep work
we've got to get a good night's sleep
yeah another thing that's important is
not just the number of hours of sleep
it's having a regular routine so going
to bed at around the same time each
night getting up at around the same time
each morning is important to train your body to
perform yeah another bad habit is
staying up really late in front of
screens so they've also done studies
about blue lights and the impact it has
on the brain if you're watching TV or on
your phone up until the moments that you
go to sleep the quality of your sleep is
going to be reduced so even if you sleep
for eight or nine hours the quality of
the sleep is not as good if you had
taken at least one hour before you go to
bed without looking at any screens right
and in addition to that we we generally
go to sleep when we feel tired but we're
getting a false sense of awakeness when
we're staring at screens you might think
well why would I go to bed right now I'm
just gonna lay there because I don't
feel tired well of course you don't feel
tired when you're watching a movie or
flipping through social media staring at
a screen we've all had the experience
where you're reading a book and the
eyelids get heavy if you really don't
think you're tired switch from a screen
to something analog switch to switch to
a book and see what happens and and my
bet is that 20 minutes later you're
gonna be ready for bed, this is research I've tried to implement
in my life and just by a simple simple
switch which is plugging my phone and
not beside my bed it's made a big
difference in this because then if I am
laying in bed thinking oh I'm kind of
bored I'm not really ready to sleep I
pick up a book from my bedside table and
you know can enjoy something but I'm not
keeping myself awake with a false sense
of alertness yeah I found that that's a
great way to fall asleep as well if you
are have insomnia or you having trouble
sleeping to lay down in bed and start
reading a book for me that is very
helpful in becoming tired so that's one
of the habits for falling asleep and
getting a good night's rest is to read
before bed I completely agree with that
another habit is on the opposite side of
the sleep spectrum which is in the
morning they've done studies of fortune
500 CEOs very successful people and it's
very common among these people to get up early have a routine meaning they set an
alarm or they get up at the same time
each day and they go through a routine
which often includes some sort of
exercise and that usually sets the day
your your blood circulation
energy levels your metabolism if you get
up at the same time each day you
exercise you have a healthy routine in
the morning meaning a breakfast that is
not all sugar and caffeine which is also
a bad habit this can lead to exceptional
performance sustainable performance so
you can work long and hard each day if
you get a good night's sleep and you
start the day correctly I like to start
the day through reading and waking up a
little bit earlier before my kids wake
up reading praying a bit and then
starting the day on the right foot
listening to some inspiring music that
helps me get off on the right foot for
the day I'm sure we've all had our
experiences in terms of starting off the
day poorly and that could shape how how
positive the day is yeah there's the
expression win the morning win the day
and I can definitely attest to that in
my life the times when I wake up early
and I have the time to to do some
reading to have a coffee to collect my
thoughts to look at the day ahead alone
before my family's awake by the time
they do wake up I'm in a very different
place than the times when I've stayed up
late or had something preventing me from
waking up on time so that I'm rushed I
kind of feel like I'm starting the day
behind the eight ball and it sets a poor
tone for what's to come
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now back to the show
so Ryan I know that
you exercise quite often don't you talk
to us a little bit about what you like
to do to stay physically healthy what
I've been doing is building the habit of
just trying to run twice a week so
looking for an opportunity midweek to go
for a shorter run whether it's just in
the morning or kind of late late evening
and then once on the weekend as well and
so doing doing a run like that it's it's
a way for me to just stay fit stay
healthy just cardiovascular exercise but
it's also a keystone habit meaning the
running is the type of habit that starts
to affect other habits around it so for
example when you exercise it makes you
more tired when you lay down to sleep
the day you've exercised you fall asleep
quicker and you sleep deeper so this is
one of those habits that starts to
ripple outwards and affect other areas
of your life running also starts to
affect your diet because you don't get
back from a run and think I totally feel
like a chocolate sundae right now your
body is craving solid energy its craving
things that are gonna replenish the
calories you've just burned exercising
tends to lead to healthier eating as
well I've chosen to focus on on running
because it leads to a lot of other good
things in my life yeah I've done some
running in my past of course in the
military I've trained to run some 10
mile races I don't run so much anymore
but I do like to walk I have a Fitbit
watch that tracks my steps so I like to
get at least 10,000 - 12,000 steps per day
another thing that I like to do is I have
my Fitbit and you can use your phone as
well my Fitbit is set to alert me when
I've gone a certain amount of time
without moving around hmm and so every
time it buzzes I know I'm gonna do some
push-ups yeah so I decided that the
first buzz of the day is 18 push-ups and
then 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, and I see you go up
yeah I go up well because I start my day
the blood is not flowing yeah maybe I'm
a little bit stiff yeah so I start out
with the lowest amount and I kind of
work my way up if the day goes on yeah
I've decided I'm gonna do that six days
a week if I do that six days a week
every week of the year I will have done
almost 50,000 pushups in a year, you're
gonna be cut you had yeah but it is and
I've I'd like to tell another story and
it kind of plays into discipline it
plays into time management long-term
thinking when I was first preparing to
go into the military I realized that
they had a pull-up test as part of the
overall physical fitness test and when I
first started training for the pull-ups
I could do one pull-up but if you wanted
to get a hundred percent on the pull-up
score you had to do 20 pull-ups in a row
hmm and that was with no leg kicking or
anything and the arms had to be
completely extended and so I just
started with one and so I did one
pull-up over and over again until I
could do 2 pull ups right hey and then I
did two pull-ups over and over again
until I could do three and so on and so
on and at my peak I was able to do 39
pull-ups in a row, Wow but that was years
later right but it's an example of what
you can do if you just put in the time
and the effort yeah and you practice
yeah nobody starts out being able to do
39 pull-ups yeah yeah the results
compound over time like we we reference
the the Domino's tipping over and
getting larger and larger from the book
The One Yhing and the book the Compound
Effect which lays out similar results
yeah so you maybe struggle with exercise
in the beginning but just take it
take a slow do one pull-up yeah and then
do two instead of trying to run five
miles on your first day run half a mile
yeah and just build up from there what
about the emotional side of life so our
relationships if you're in a busy season
and you're focused and you don't make
time for your family or for your friends
or for your social life what are some of
the dangers of that? I think this plays
into topics we've got earlier in the in
the show earlier episodes time
management and long-term thinking I
don't think there's anything that's more
important than relationships in your
life there are probably things that are
as important your health your physical
health your job but there's nothing more
important than your family and your
relationships with your friends if
you're not going to put in the time and
the effort to maintain those
relationships to have positive
relationships that will reverberate
throughout your whole life there are
many people who say when it comes to
marriage if your spouse believes in you
and supports you you could do anything
but if your spouse doesn't believe in
you and support you you can't do
anything uh-huh
right the whole world could be against
you yeah but if your spouse supports you
then you have all that you need yeah and
it's really important to put those those
relationships first and spend the time
and the energy on those relationships
specifically putting it on your calendar
to have meaningful time yeah and this
ties back into what we were saying about
sleep that you really can't make up for
lost time I know people whose parents live in
another country I mean people that are
16-17 and the parents come visit for a
weekend and they want to have this
intense vacation this intense time
together but it really doesn't replace
those consistent interactions that that
ongoing relationship and so it's a it's
a trap that business people can fall into
when they you know what I need to focus on this
project right now for the next six
months I'm gonna miss dinner I'm not
going to be able to put my kids to bed
or me and my wife aren't gonna be able
to connect or spend much time together
but I'll make up for it at this defined
time in the future it's really a mistake
you know we need consistently we need
consistency and we need those
investments in the relationship for
ourselves too that's the connection
between all these areas of our life if
we're not taking care of our heart if
we're not taking care of our emotional
health it will affect our results at
work we will not be able to produce what
we're hoping the best example that I
have for the importance of your
emotional health and positive meaningful
relationships is an anecdote that I heard
about a prison in the United States the
warden or the prison leader had an idea
on Mother's Day let's give all of the
inmates all the prisoners a Mother's Day
card that they can fill out and mail to
their mother on Mother's Day and when he
presented this idea to the inmates the
prisoners more than 90% of the prisoners
took the card filled out the card and
mailed it to their mothers they were
overjoyed they had so much success with
this in building morale and positive
outcomes in the prison that the warden
decided to do the same thing on Father's
Day he offered all the inmates Father's Day
cards to send to their fathers and
Father's Day do you know how many
inmates took advantage of the
opportunity I'm gonna bet that most of
them didn't know not one,
not one inmate took a card and wanted to
send it to their father and this there
is no other indicator that will tell you
whether or not someone is going to go to
prison at least in the United States the
one overriding factor is the level of
involvement of the father in the life of
the person it's not income
it's not origin it's not race it's not
gender education level not education
it's how involved the father is in the
life of the child Wow
yeah that's powerful let's talk about
eating what are you some your thoughts
right on healthy eating to have positive
impact on your overall life your work
life and your personal life yes
it's a funny way to think about it but
in some ways our bodies are machines and
they require fuel to run efficiently and
so just like any other machine that we
have we need to provide the right type
of fuel in order for it to perform and
it's just like that for us we need to
get sleep we need to have enough water
but we also need to eat healthy to get
the energy the right energy to perform
and I love to recognize that our brains
our minds are contained in a physical
body so even if you're very smart and
you're continually learning you read a
lot you listen to podcasts like this to
develop yourself you're successful in
your career or in your studies don't
forget that your mind is contained in a
physical body and so even if you're not
super athletic or sporty you can't
neglect taking care of yourself
physically or it will start to be
detrimental to your mental health and
your your results personally I think
breakfast is very important especially
in light of what we said about the
mornings being the most effective time
of the day to do deep work science has
established this idea the case studies
of famous people show that people do
their best work first thing when our
energy our willpower is the highest and
so we need to fuel our body well to do
that deep work so I always start off
with a really really healthy breakfast
such that I can go all the way until
without feeling hungry I don't notice a
real dip in energy I don't notice
difficulty concentrating until it gets
to around noon
it starts to get around lunchtime then
I'm ready for a second meal but I can't
imagine skipping breakfast and just
running on fumes it's just gonna set you
up for a lack of productivity yeah or
skipping breakfast or eating a candy bar
a chocolate bar having cafe with sugar a
piece of bread this is not the fuel
that's going to get your day started off
right yeah I think sugar is a big
problem around the world in the United
States we have an overeating problem
here in Morocco I noticed that sugar is
a big problem whether it comes to dental
health or diabetes sugar is something to
be eaten in low quantities on special
occasions if if you're taking a snack
bar a chocolate bar at the hanoot as
your lunch or your breakfast I think
you're setting yourself up for failure
yeah I think another thing is that
people don't realize is if you drink a
large glass of orange juice that's like
eating like 12 oranges without all of
the fiber it's essentially taking a big
sugar blast that's gonna spike your
blood sugar and then when your body
produces insulin you're gonna crash I
mean you're going to have a sustained
period of low energy as your body
processes all that sugar that you got
from the spike so just because something
is is fresh-squeezed doesn't mean that
you should drink a lot of it or all the
time or every day right yeah blood sugar
is a good thing to bring up because if
you notice these huge spikes and then
these huge drops you're gonna really
affect your ability to concentrate and
to produce value whether it's sitting in
a class learning from the professor or
being in a meeting or doing work at your
desk if your blood sugar is spiking up
really high because you've popped over
the hanoot and you grabbed a couple of
cakes and and a coffee or a coke or a
bottle of juice and then before the next
meal or the next hit of sugar you notice
you're feeling sleepy you're feeling
you're just tempted to look at your
phone because your blood sugar is super
low you want to consume things that are
gonna try to maintain a high level or an
optimal level rather than the huge
spikes and the huge declines now one
thing I really appreciate about a lot of
Moroccan meals is that they're they are
healthy so when we talk about tajines
you think yeah there's a lot of
vegetables and meats and it's a lot of
fresh stuff that's produced quite
locally and those are those are
excellent you know those can be really
really good for for health and
some of the cultures that we come from
can really learn from that because when
it comes to eating dinner we do eat a
lot of fast food a lot of fried things a
lot of things that are not really
healthy one of the real perks about
living in Morocco is the cost of fruit
and vegetables you know I'm from Canada
where we can't even grow a lot of things
for eight months of the year and so the
prices are very high when we're bringing
in fresh fruit and vegetables for the
winter it's coming from somewhere in the
States and we're or far beyond and so
it's not nearly as healthy and it's far
more expensive so that's a real perk and
we're trying to raise our kids to just
love vegetables love fruit and
appreciate healthy eating now it can be
difficult to change these habits because
your body craves things that it's used
to but we found over time that you can
change the cravings that you have where
when we travel and go on vacation we
actually really miss green and fresh
fruits and vegetables because you just
tend to eat a lot more restaurants you
don't get as much freshly prepared food
and we miss it we feel like I do not
want to eat at that restaurant I've had
so much fast food I couldn't eat another
burger pizza or french fry if you
offered it to me and that's because
we've shifted our eating habits over
time all right let's talk about another
aspect of health and that's mental
health in the same way that you are what
you eat you literally are bananas
beef and bread and coffee literally
makes up your the cells of your body in
the same way our brains are developed
our personalities are shaped by the
information that we take in if we're
constantly on social media we're
watching videos that content is going to
shape our mindset it's going to shape
how we see the world it's going to shape
our personalities the way that we
interact with other people right and
talk a little bit about the importance
of the quality and the content of the
information and the media that we
digests during the week I think it's a
brilliant connection to relate the
physical to the mental we need to guard
what we let go into our mouths we don't
want to be inhaling cigarette smoke we
don't want to be eating unhealthy food
because it's going to affect us in the
same way we need to guard what goes into
our ears and into our eyes through the
content that we ingest so when you look
at your day when you think about who you
follow on social media what you see when
you scroll through when you think about
which YouTube channels you spend time on when you think about the the shows that
you listen to on the radio or what you
put in your earbuds it's very important
to ask how is this stuff affecting me
what are the messages that I'm taking in
how are my thoughts my paradigms my
mindsets being shaped by this content
absolutely the question to ask is is
this helping me is this helping me or is
this entertaining me I've actually
stopped reading a lot of news because I
found that I would read news about
things that are going on around the world
or the United States and they were just
making me angry and I thought I don't
want to be angry
this is not helping me it's not making
me better it's not helping me develop a
skill it's not making me kinder more
patient more compassionate so I just
stopped I just cut myself off from a lot
of news sources yeah and I try to focus
on things like podcasts that are gonna
help me learn yeah yeah an idea might be
to to audit your information intake so
go through all the people you follow go
through all the things that are in your
newsfeed and ask yourself is this
helping me become the person I want to
become or is this hindering me?
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