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alright let's get started with today's episode it's going to be a lovely day
welcome to business in the episode where
we were going to talk about some book
recommendations we have for our
listening audience to help you learn and
grow personally and professionally but
before we get to that, Ryan what's going
on? post Ramadan how's it going? that's good
so we've we've officially come towards
the end now I had a great week I managed
to do some training with Casa Finance
City who they're already located in the
new CFC tower in in office city so that
was really exciting to be able to go
into the new tower for the first time
it's really beautiful building very very
tricked-out with technology so I met
with the business development group
there and we just did a small workshop
about the power of habits and it was
excellent really really sharp group
impressive impressive team that they've
built there so it got me excited just
thinking about Casa being a gateway city
to all the opportunities that exist in
Africa so the future is really bright
what about you? arrived what's new with
you? how you doing? good done with the
traveling for now we're back in Northern
Virginia near DC this will be our last
stretch of traveling before we come back
to Morocco so I'm following up on some
business meetings that I did in April
and making some good progress I think I
mentioned in some previous episodes that
one of my clients is a Moroccan artist
and one of the things I've been doing
here is trying to negotiate a reseller
agreement with someone here in the
United States where they will import his
paintings and sell them on the US market
either through e-commerce on a website
like ebay.com or Etsy and also be
someone who can negotiate
some deals with local galleries here in
the Northern Virginia Metro DC area so
those discussions are in the beginning
but I'm confident we'll be able to get
to to some kind of agreement and then
work out the details regarding logistics
that's exciting that's great yeah yeah
I'm excited about it I'm excited about
the future for this artist because I've
already scheduled a follow-up meeting
with Duty Free the folks at Duty Free in
Morocco so the future's bright I think
for this artist I'm hopeful that we'll be
able to increase his distribution and
grow the business that's great I do want
to mention that we've been tracking the
metrics for our podcast and so I want to
do a shout out to our audience which is
more diverse than I originally expected
being the title of our podcast is
Business in Morocco but we have
listeners from quite a few different
countries around the world including
Canada the Netherlands the United States
France the United Arab Emirates Sweden
Belarus and Germany so hello to our
international audience we'd love to hear
from you send us an email at
Ryan@moroccopodcast.com let us know how you found the podcast let us know what
you're looking to get out of it and tell
us a little bit about yourself so we can
know more about our audience well I know
my mom's listening from Canada but I'm
not sure who's listening from Belarus
yeah we'd love to know who are you in
Belarus we do have more than a few
listeners from Canada so I think it's
not just your mom well it's good to know
all right let's get into the topic of the week
which is our book recommendations this
is a subject that I do not take lightly
I know that people are very busy
I know that reading a book takes time
and effort and energy and so I don't
recommend books to people very often and when I do I have high confidence that
there's a lot of good information and
that the person will benefit from the
book another reason that I am cautious
in making book recommendations to our
audience is that a lot of them in turn
English and will not be easy for our
audience to acquire now you will be able
to get many of these books online
through downloads whether it's an eBook
version or a kindle version but it will
be more difficult for you to get the
books in hardcopy so that's another
reason that I'm taking these
recommendations very seriously, Ryan you
want to start out and let us know what
your first book is that you would
recommend our audience give a read? I
just wanted to mention that this week I
was at the castle location of a brand
new website that launched called
Englishbooks.ma - so this is a local
entrepreneur that loves to read loves
personal development books reads 90% of
his books in English and he's gone
through the struggle that that we have
which is you want to read a book in
English and you just can't find it in
Morocco even if you read at a high level
in French it could be years before it's
translated and available in Morocco and
so he's working to to change that and to
allow Moroccans to access the world's
best books very very quickly so check
out that website he has over a hundred
thousand books in the database already
and I'm sure most of the ones that we
mentioned today will be available there
the the first book that I'm gonna
mention is one that I'm very personally
attached to which is the 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People so most of our
listeners will know I work with Franklin
Covey which is the organization that
that has the rights to teach this as a
course in corporate settings and I'll
teach it on some university campuses in
Casablanca and Rabat so this is a book
that I am really passionate about
because I've seen the personal impact
that it can have and I've seen it impact
others as well and the reason why I love
this book is because it provides a
framework to increase your effectiveness
and so this is applicable to people of
all walks of life and it supersedes
different cultures and generations so
even the books over even though the book
is over 30 years old people are still
recommending it and continuing to read
it it's sold over 40 million copies
because the principles are timeless and
I love the fact that it challenges you
to define what your end in mind is
what's your goal what's your purpose in
life and then how to make that happen so
it gives space for the fact that we're
all very different and our ideas of what
is a life well worth living are going to
be all very different and so one
person's vision for success is going to
be very different than mine
and so the book provides this framework
that you can determine what you care
about and then work to achieve that so I
love I love that and also the focus on
internal and focusing on your personal
development before working on your
relationships and and your connections
with other people yeah that's a good one
I've read it and watched many YouTube
videos regarding the content I would say
anyone who is able to effectively
implement these habits in their life has
a great shot at improving in the aspect
of their life that that they apply the
habits mm-hmm the information is there
the research is there if you just do
what it suggests you'll see positive
outcomes see positive results yeah and I
think we've talked about some of these
habits more specifically in previous
episodes the
first book that I'd like to mention is
directed specifically towards
entrepreneurs the reason I'm mentioning
this book is I think that the future of
most economies and the future of many
people in our audience is as
entrepreneurs whether it's as an
independent contractor or a small
business owner this book is very
relevant to anyone who sees themselves
creating and owning a business at some
point in the future it helps set your
mindset and it's called Built To Sell by
John Warrillow, the reason I like it is
because it is not your typical business
book it's not a bunch of facts and
figures and principles and checklists
laid out in sort of a dry manner and
what could be considered a boring style
of writing just a business book with
principles in it it's actually a story
it's a narrative fiction in which the
writer tells a story about a business
owner and weaves the principles of
creating a business and shaping your
business to be sold through the story of
a business owner hmm because he writes
it this way it makes it much easier to
read easy to envision the principle is
he's talking about because you're
envisioning a real person with real
workers and real life situations and
dialogues and the principles are being
applied to the story and the book is all
about a business owner who has created a
situation in which the business is very
heavily reliant upon his work and his
own personal efforts and when he tries
to go to sell the business he encounters
problems because if he were to leave the
business many aspects of the work would
not get done
and he has many ongoing conversations
with a mentor who explains to him what
changes he needs to make in order to
have a business that can operate
independently of himself and this is a
topic that we've talked about quite a
few times and it relates to my second
book that I'm recommending which is
called the E-myth where the author
Michael Gerber talks about how most
small business owners are not actually
business owners they have just created a
job and not a business because the
business is so heavily dependent on
their work and I have clients that are
in this situation if they were to leave
the business it would it would fall
apart in a matter of weeks or months
because so much of the operations of the
business is dependent upon the work that
they do on a daily basis yeah so we all
have links to all of these books in our
resources page and if you're interested
you can see the details of the books and
the descriptions and hopefully one day
be able to buy them on this website that
you mentioned earlier what was the name
of again Englishbooks.ma you like this
book you're describing E-myth Revisited
that is a classic book but you know when
it was translated into French just last
year the books about 20 years old so
what that means is any French speaker or
somebody even that's living in a
french-speaking country they may not
have heard of this book or had access to
this book for 18 - 19 years even though
the content is so valuable and has been
so impactful for whatever reason it
didn't kind of penetrate the the French
market and wasn't picked up and
translated until just very recently so
it just brings up the importance of
learning English and also being able to
access English resources through
websites like the one we described
and another reason I want to mention to
our audience why the structure of your
business is so important and why it's so
important to build processes that are
repeatable that are teachable that can
be done by employees is because if you
take the risk of starting a business you
are taking on the risk of investing
capital and time and effort that you
wouldn't necessarily had if you took a
job mm-hmm and if you're going to spend
the time and the effort and the money
and take the risk of starting a business
you might as well set it up in a way
that it can operate on its own and/or
eventually be sold to someone else you
can run it and not have the same
expertise that you have and I have
clients right now who are moving towards
the end of their careers they've been
working for decades in their industries
they've built successful businesses but
when they leave the business will die if
they do not make changes and all the
effort that they put in will in many
ways have been wasted because they won't
be able to sell the business or
transition someone else to running it
because they haven't built the processes
and training the people to run the
business without them
Are you looking
for books in English in Morocco? well
search no more www.englishbooks.ma is a
new Moroccan online bookstore
specializing in English books order from
a huge selection of more than 100
thousand titles that can be delivered
all over Morocco. the website features an
express delivery section which offers
titles guaranteed to arrive at your door
in three days or less many of the books
we have recommended on this podcast are
available so check out Englishbooks.ma
and start shopping and reading
now back to the show
all right the next book I recommend is
the number one personal finance book of
all time Rich Dad Poor Dad I've noticed
in the last several years it's become
extremely popular in Morocco which i
think is fantastic
because it's so so powerful I listen to
lots of other podcasts and it is
definitely the number one book that
entrepreneurs and business leaders cite
as being so influential and like a
turning point in their life I read this
book in 2004 and it completely shifted
my paradigm of money and the whole focus is on buying assets that will generate
wealth for you rather than just trying
to pursue a lifetime with a high income
so a brilliant book another classic
that's maybe even foundational before
reading Rich Dad Poor Dad is The Richest
Man in Babylon so this book is a little
bit difficult to read if English isn't
your first language because it uses kind
of old-school style language you know it
was written I think around the 1930s and
stuff but even then it was using older
language it's not as hard as reading
something like Shakespeare but same kind
of idea you're using words that we don't
really use anymore in everyday life and
it's the whole thing is it's it's
parables it's stories that teach
principles which is such an effective
way to learn so that's one you can
easily find online for free because it's
so old it's very very accessible so the
Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason
and it's also another one you can watch
lots of different youtubes that
illustrate it but just has great
foundational principles for your
personal finances yeah I've heard of
that book but I have not yet read it so
I'm going to
that on my download list the next book
that I'd like to recommend is actually a
book that's in French it was originally
written in English it's called
Influence by Robert Cialdini in French
that's called influence et manipulation
and you can find this book on Amazon.fr
it may actually be available
some places in Morocco and the reason I
recommend this book is because it goes
into the psychology of decision-making
and whether you're in business or you're
in your social networks it doesn't
really matter what area of life you're
focusing on it's always important to
understand why people are making
decisions what motivates them and
effective ways to influence them
this book is often cited by
entrepreneurs and business owners as
being enlightening as you mentioned Rich
Dad Poor Dad this book as well and this
author specifically Robert Cialdini is
very well-regarded in terms of the
insights that he offers and the research
that he cites to back up his claims I
want to cite at least one book that is
I know is available in French. all right
well the next book I want to recommend
is a book I just finished this spring
called Atomic Habits and it's a brand
new book that just came out in the fall
but it is available I just checked it's
it's on Englishbooks.ma so you can
order that but I really recommend this
book because I personally believe that
our habits are what lead to either a
life that we've always dreamed of or a
life of mediocrity and it's really our
habits that set us up for for success or
failure so this book is so so practical
probably in the past I would have
recommended the book the power of habit
but I would say Atomic Habits is like a continuation of that or
builds on the foundation that was laid
by Charles Duhigg who's the author of
the Power of Habit very very practical
and it provides a system it provides a
framework for how do you build effective
habits in your life how do you replace
or overcome bad habits in your life and
it's just filled with really practical
tips it's really really simple to
understand and follow and so if there's
some things you know I'd really love to
start this I wish I exercised more I
wish I woke up early I wish I read more
I wish I didn't procrastinate so much I
wish I could you know start going to the
gym or eating healthy this would be an
excellent book this would be an
investment in your future so pick up
Atomic Habits by the author James Clear
yeah I think we really can't stress
enough on this podcast how important
habits are because we all have our good
days and our bad days regarding
motivation mm-hmm really sustaining high
motivation is a hard thing to do
and it's really much easier to rely on
habits to to get things done and to be
the foundation of your daily and weekly
life I think it's been proven when
things become a habit it actually
requires less energy to do them uh-huh
yeah and when you can do the same things
and use less energy you can accomplish
more during the day yeah and this is the
same principle we've talked about with
deep work developing new habits doing
new things learning new things you can
only do so much of it in a given day
because of the additional energy and
brain power that it takes yeah that's
right our habits don't require a
conscious decision from us because we
already decided in the past so yeah it
increases the brain's efficiency because
it's it's pushing down all these
decisions into the
subconscious which is a great energy
saver all right right what's your last
book recommendation the last book that
I'd like to recommend is probably one
that our audience has not heard of its
called Rework by Jason Fried and David
Heinemeier Hansson hmm this is one that
is personal to me just because I tend to
agree with their philosophy of work and
also their philosophy of business
creation in the United States and
especially in Silicon Valley in
California where many of the big tech
companies are located like Google and
Facebook there is a culture of starting
businesses that will grow very very
large taking investor money what's
called venture capital and growing fast
and growing big and eventually selling
the business or doing an IPO an initial
public offering in order to reward the
investors who funded the company from
the beginning and this culture often
includes working really long hours and
focusing on the business to the
exclusion of everything else literally
working 12 - 15 - 18 hour days seven days a week for years on end focusing only on
the business and really being a
one-dimensional person excluding family
excluding friends excluding hobbies just
in order to promote the business and
work on the business and the authors of
Rework really take issue with this
mentality the first thing they suggest is and
we're going to have a successful company
you don't need to work a hundred hours a
week you can have a balanced life and in
fact working a hundred hours a week is
not a sustainable way to work it's not
an enjoyable way to work and it can have
negative tax on your health on your relationships
but it's entirely possible to grow a
business working normal business hours
40-50 hours a week and having a balanced
life the other the other idea that they
challenge is that you need to take
millions of dollars in investors money
in order to have a successful business
and I think this idea is growing as well
that you can grow a business using your
own money or borrowing a little bit of
money from family and friends and also
using customer money to grow your
business and so this these are the main
themes of the book and another reason I
really like the book is the chapters are
very short and they're concise and they
focus on one issue and then it goes to
the next chapter where they address a
different topic so it's very easy to
read very easy to move through the
content and not get bored or tired
reading it so this is my last book again
it's called Rework R-E-W-O-R-K and we'll
have a link to this and every other book
that we've mentioned in the episode on
the resources page of our website
Morocco podcast.com any parting thoughts? right I think we're gonna need to do
another episode because there's just so
many great books and we really want to
encourage our audience to be listening
and I know it means a lot to me
personally when somebody that I'm
following somebody that I'm learning
from somebody that I respect recommends
a book because as you said I once heard
that for every book you read you're
choosing to not read 10,000 other books
simply because we just don't have that
much time in our life and particularly
nowadays when so many books are easily
published and there's just an overload
of information a personal recommendation
can be so so valuable so we'll have to
do another episode in a couple months
maybe even focusing on a specific area
of life like entrepreneurs
or personal finance or habit building
something like that
you've been
listening to the Business in Morocco
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