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with today's episode it's going to be a
lovely day.
okay welcome to episode 23 how to be
more Creative. Creativity is powerful and really
valuable and useful in many of the
industries where we work in so we're
gonna share some of our personal
experiences and tips and ideas and
advice before that let's do an update
Ryan what's new how are you well I
walked over to your house where we are
doing the podcasts I walked down
Gandhi Boulevard Gandhi which in English
is Gandhi named after the very
influential activist from India but if
you're trying to pronounce it correctly
in English it's called Gandhi and Roudani
on El JaDida and if you have gone to
that intersection recently you will have
noticed it is a huge traffic jam and you
may be able to hear the jackhammers in
the background of this podcast recording
and one of the things I wanted to
mention is that this construction is a
great example of long term thinking
right now there's short term pain
everybody who's either walking through
that intersection or driving through
that intersection or lives at that
intersection is experiencing relative
discomfort annoyance and frustration but
I am happy to say that the people in
charge of Casablanca have made a
decision that will produce the long term
value for the city they are building an
underground road on Roudani into El
Jadida that will send all that traffic
below the intersection so anybody
traveling on Gandhi can flow right
through very nicely without all the
traffic heading to the airport or to
Bouskoura or Marrakech or wherever
people are going and I expect that it
will have a very similar effect to the
bridge in Sidi Maarouf
that intersection down there is
delightful now because everybody getting
off to go to Sidi Maarouf is not blocked
by all the people who are going to the
airport that will have the same
effect at Roudani and Gandhi and I
wanted to give a shout out to whoever it
is in the city of Casablanca that
despite the short term challenges and
difficulties is making these tough
decisions to make Casablanca a better
City yeah it's you know a year hopefully
only a year maybe a little bit longer of
short-term pain for decades of less
traffic and smooth flowing traffic so
that's something very very exciting I'd
love to see the same thing happening in
education and healthcare it's a longer
time horizon you know but really you
could completely transform the education
system in about 25 years
you have about five to eight years of
setup where you're training trainers
training teachers and then 14 year
education process from moyenne sectionne onto
graduating lycée and you'd have people
graduating in from a completely
different educational framework so if
somebody comes along with enough vision
to implement the 25 year plan the
country will be transformed in one
so hopefully the minister of
infrastructure can rub off on the
Minister of Education and also
healthcare is another system we really
need to improve yeah the future is
bright and I hope more people like the
people who are making decisions
regarding infrastructure more of them
come to power and make good long-term
decisions in the interests of the people
because I think that is the best way
forward here in Morocco well let's get
into our topic for the day as I said in
the intro creativity is important in
almost every industry and every
profession, we've got to be innovating we'v
got to be coming up with new ideas
to run the business to attract new
customers to adapt to technological or
legal changes that come down and we need to be creative so we're going to share
some of our experiences and advice Ryan
why don't you kick things off I think
one of the most important things you can
do to become more creative is to consume
valuable content the more ideas that you
have going through your head from
reliable and respectable sources the
more likely you're going to start to
make new connections because that's
really what an idea is it's making a
connection between two things that
seemed separate in the past for example
let's take Uber. before there were
taxis and you had to call a taxi or you
had to wave a taxi down on the road to
get a ride and then technology produced
mobile telephones and mobile data and
what uber and lyft did is they took the
technology and they matched it to people
needing a ride so where there had not
been a connection before they made a
connection and made a transformation in
the way a lot of people around the world
call for a ride and get where they're
going yeah that's a good example of
making new connections so when you talk
about consuming content this podcast is
a great source of content books videos
magazines blogs getting those ideas
going through your brain and then here's
the key point
settling down and allowing your brain to
make sense of it all having specific
quiet time set aside
so that your brain can make sense of all
the ideas that you've been consuming and
that could look like going for a long
walk or going for a bike ride or sitting
at the beach and writing down thoughts
as they come but taking a break from
consuming content to allow new ideas to
come to the surface yeah one visual that
helps me understand what you're
describing is when you're taking in
you're consuming content it's like
imagine you're sitting at a big desk and
different sources are giving you paper
so you might have a youtube video you
watch and the key ideas are written down
on a piece of paper and that gets put on
your desk and then you have a
conversation with your parents or with a
friend or a colleague and that gets put
on your desk and then you scroll
through Instagram you pause and read the
caption of something or you learn about
a new concept from a video you watch
that gets put on your desk and then you
listen to something on the radio or you
listen to a podcast that gets put on
your desk and there's this big jumbled
up pile of papers information that's all
there some of its really important some
of its not and there's connections to be
made but what you need to do is stop
receiving papers for a little bit and
organize and file away some of those
papers so you might have a drawer beside
you with different file folders and you
pick up a piece of paper and you say
what is this all about again and you
file it in the correct folder or you
realize oh the paper on this left side
of my desk works really well with this
paper on my right side of the desk but
you need to go through that process and
you mentioned time in solitude so just
taking a break from all those voices
allows your brain the space to collect
these ideas and to organize them and to
make connections
another thing is journaling that's been
a habit that I've had for more than
a decade and basically it's just a
chance for me to
collect organize and express my thoughts
and it could be a mix of professional
observations my personal life but it
allows those papers to get sorted
another way that this happens is through
sleep so our brain takes in all the
information and the data we collected
throughout the day and organizes it and
files it while we are asleep and so I
think sleep is an underrated part of
being creative we need to give our brain
time to process and extract the useful
points from all the information that
we've created and to make those
connections the brain is able to draw
and build those bridges while we're
sleeping the other important thing about
sleep is creativity is kind of a
bonus or it's kind of extra it's not
crucial for our survival and so when
you're running on a low amount of sleep
your brain is wanting to conserve energy
limit decisions limit brain power just
get done the bare minimum just your top
priorities what you need to for the day
if you're running low on sleep you're
not going to give any extra thought to
something that's not crucial or critical
so when you're getting enough sleep that
leaves extra space or extra battery
power so imagine if using your phone as
an example if you're running out of
battery you're gonna have to choose what
are the most important tasks okay I
don't have enough battery to scroll
through social media or to play this
game but those things might be really
relaxing or enjoyable or inspiring in
the same way if your brain is short on
energy because of lack of sleep you're
not going to be able to devote parts of
your brain for some right brain creative
out-of-the-box thinking
yeah we've mentioned this in past
episodes but sleep deprivation is an
interrogation tactic okay
meaning if you are prisoner of war or
you are being interrogated by
intelligence officials they will deprive
you of sleep in order to wear you down
and break down your defenses and get the
information that they want meaning your
brain is not working optimally your will
is broken your energy is low and they
get what they want out of you
so take that knowledge and understand
that it doesn't matter who's causing the
sleep deprivation whether it's an
outside entity or whether you're doing
it to yourself you're damaging your
capacity to perform during the day yeah
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to the show and I think that this
idea of consuming lots of content one
the content has to be valuable right so
don't be consuming funny videos all the
time a lot of music there's a time and
place for all of that but if you're
trying to be more creative then you
should seek out content that is
educational that is inspiring that is
motivating and then take time to allow it
to settle and the story that I have with
this is normally when I walk I'm
listening to some kind of content but
the other day I specifically decided not
to listen to any content during my walk
so that I could just process everything
that I had been thinking for the last
few days and what happened was as I came
up with with a new idea that I'm
pretty happy with and that is in terms
of my business here in Morocco I've been
doing all of the business development
myself I've been engaging business
owners I've been asking current clients
for referrals I've been doing all the
advocacy myself and I was thinking how
can I have people out there advocating
for me right what are ways that I can
have people selling my business for me
and what'd you come up with? I realized that many printers here in Casablanca who
print publications flyers posters
billboards all of those things they
often have small business owners coming
into them asking for their services but
they're not necessarily online experts
so I thought I can pay these printers a
referral fee and they can offer online
advertisements as a part of their
services and every client that they
refer to me I will give them a finder's
fee and that way I have other people
selling my services for me and I don't
have to be the one speaking with every
business owner not to mention the fact
that a lot of these printers have
ongoing relationships with small
businesses and they're their trusted
advisors so in a lot of ways it would be
a warm introduction right and I think
that one of the reasons I got this idea
is because I'm constantly
consuming content about marketing about
sales but I took the time to walk in
silence and allow my brain to
process all the content that I had been
consuming yeah that's good
I find that the same thing can happen to
me when I'm in the shower it just seems
to be an environment where I can let my
thoughts roam on something that I'm
thinking about usually I shower in
the morning before the day so I'm
thinking about my schedule I'm thinking
about the meetings I'm gonna have what I
need to get done for that day and there
might be something that I'm nervous
about or I'm unprepared for or I want to
make sure I'm really ready for and so my
mind is just focused on that I don't
need to pay attention to you know using
soap or shampoo it's just a subconscious
habit doesn't need any of my focus or
concentration anymore so my brain is
freed up to tackle problems and maybe
it's just the the repetitive sound of
the water the warmth it just seems to be
an environment that creates good ideas
and I'm not the only one who has
experienced this Andrew Carnegie who's
the very famous American Scottish
American industrialist probably one of
the wealthiest people that's ever lived
in the last 200 years you know he was
worth about five times what Jeff Bezos
is worth if you convert it to modern
money but he would take a bath every day
and people thought that was a little
excessive you know this is the late
1800s when you know hygiene wasn't
exactly the top priority but for him it
wasn't just about that it was about the
space to think and the space to be
alone and to collect his thoughts he was
a leader of a huge company and had so
much stuff going on that that was the
time that he had to do what we're
describing which is collect his thoughts
strategize make plans and allow all his
ideas to formulate and connect so
that can be a great thing but it's
important that people recognize what are
the environments or the situations where
their creativity is sparked and then to
prioritize that so you made the choice
to turn off your music or your
podcast the content you're consuming to
allow your brain the space for some they
need to go for a walk in the woods they
need to go for a run they need to go
punch the punching bag at the boxing
gym they need to go be in front of the
ocean they need to listen to good music
what are the places the people that
inspire you and spark your creativity
they say that you are the five people
that you spend the most time with so
we've talked about in the past that in
many ways you are what you eat you your
physical body is a compilation of
everything you've consumed over the last
few years and in many ways you are the
five people that you spend the most time
with and so an important aspect of being
creative is surrounding yourself with
intelligent, talented people that will
offer you candid feedback and then
accepting that feedback or processing
that feedback in order to improve your
ideas so if you look around at the
people that you're spending time with do
you want to be like them are they the
type of people that you want to be like?
and if the answer is yes then great if
the answer is no then maybe you need to
think about as you said Ryan your
entourage think about who you're hanging
out with and maybe you need to make a
change in order to increase the level of
conversation and idea creation and
discovery that you have in your life
yeah which is related to the source of a
lot of creative ideas it often isn't the
work of a lone genius it's the work of a
focused team or a focused group and so
that's a really important part of
creativity is recognizing that we need
to be involved with other people that
some of the best ideas the best
innovations they come through diverse
and that's the point I wanted to make is
to value diversity that when you get
into a group that has various opinions
various backgrounds various viewpoints
you expose yourself to things outside
your normal circle of influence and
that's where you get the sparks and the
synergy happening where people are able
to share things and just to share
ideas and then brainstorming begins
taking place and one person is
piggybacking or jumping off of the idea
of another and it can be this exciting
fast-paced process that ends up
producing great results there's a famous
company based in Southern California
called IDEO and they're known to be the
Masters of coming up with creative ideas
so companies will hire them to come up
with brand new products or even
innovations on already existing products
and they'll work with companies from any
industry they've done projects for
household items electronics beverages
aerospace because they're not experts in
a specific industry but in the creative
process as a whole and so how do they do
it how do they come up with new
innovations how are they consistently
creative one of the things is that they
really value diversity you look at the
people on the team and the people that
they hire it's completely eclectic it's
a real melange, it's a total mix of
backgrounds of expertise of ages they're
all from different generations and they
all contribute and have a voice in that
group they see things from every angle
in every viewpoint and they listen to
one another they value each other's
perspective and they come up with ideas
as a group it's the process that they go
through as a group that ends up
producing the creativity finally one of
the resources I'd like to recommend to
our audience is on www.englishbooks ma it's
a book called the "Creative Curve - how to
develop the right idea at the right
time" and we'll put the link to that book
on the resources page and hopefully
there'll be a copy left for you because
I'm gonna order it this week one idea I
wanted to share was from Seth Godin and
he said when you want to be creative
it's not just about quality it's also
about quantity and he pointed out that
in order to come up with these brilliant
great ideas you need to be in the
regular habit of coming up with ideas a
lot of them will not be brilliant or
what ideas that you run with they won't
all work but you go through the quantity
in order to root out or expose the
quality and so this is a habit I've
tried to do when I'm reading stuff
consuming content thinking I put down my
ideas it might be a note on my phone it
might be a little piece of paper in my
journal I just record my ideas I've got
a list of videos I could make I've got a
word doc full of ideas and content some
of it will never come to light it'll
never see the light of day it'll never
exist but by going through that process
of coming up with ideas
inevitably I come across great ideas
that end up getting implemented you've
been listening to the business in
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