Episode 27 Transcript

all right welcome to episode 27 of the
Business in Morocco Podcast this week
we're going to be talking about using
your vacation well. Ryan how you doing
what's happening? Hey Ryan
not much this is a perfect topic for
this week given that it's the Eid
holiday. The sheep invaded most of
Morocco most of the cities and no matter
where you are in the country
you see trucks full of sheep or garages
full of sheep or streets full of sheep
and they've all been slaughtered and the
parties have been done this week so it's
a time of vacation and it's a perfect
time to talk about what a good vacation
looks like and some of the mistakes that
we all make when we're on vacation. I
happen to be in agadir this week and we
basically plan to be in a apartment and
we have no other plans which is what I
hope will be a stress-free vacation what
about you? Yeah my family and I were
still in the south of France so this is
a topic that I'm thinking about a lot
because I'm on vacation it's kind of the
second week of August but September is
coming up quick
and that's kind of when things really
kickstart to a start of a new school
everybody gets back and there's a big
push to be productive before the end of
2019 so my thoughts are on this topic
how do I use my vacation well and I
think one of the main ideas I want to
communicate is that the goal of a
vacation is to recharge your battery so
that you can get back to meaningful work
to contribution to making a difference
in the world so all of us operate with
we know how important our battery is and
we watch very very closely how much
battery do I have left and from time to
time we've got to charge our phone we
have to plug it in but that is not the
purpose of having a smart phone it's
just a necessary thing we need to do so
that our smart phone can make our lives
easier so we can communicate so we can
access information so we can store data
so we can be entertained that is the
purpose of the phone recharge and the
battery just makes that possible and
it's the same thing with vacation
there's some beautiful things to
experience and to see in this world
people we want to spend time with those
can be very restful and they can be
precious gifts to us but that's not the
sole purpose of our lives just to relax
and have fun we do those things because
they bring us pleasure they bring us
enjoyment and because they give us
energy to contribute something
meaningful to the world so I think it's
really helpful to know that the goal of
my vacation should be that when it's
over I feel great I'm ready to come back
to work I'm ready to get back in the
groove I've rested well I've rested long
enough that now I want to get back to
doing something that makes a difference
in this world now this takes a lot of
self-awareness because what charges my
battery might be very different than
what charges your battery and you know
I've spent the last couple weeks
travelling with my parents and I can see
the differences between them, my mom
loves to see everything she wants to go
and see the sights and take the pictures
and capture all the beautiful things in
the area whereas my dad will say hey you
know what I've seen the ocean I've seen
one village I've seen them all they
don't need to see any more he'd rather
just relax sit with a good book and a
cold drink in an air-conditioned place
so they're very very different what
recharges their battery is different
between them and we need to know that
about ourselves keeping in mind how am I
going to make sure that at the end
my vacation I feel motivated I feel
ready to tackle my goals again. Yeah
those are great points Ryan. I
historically have not done a good job of
this just our most recent trip to the
United States which was a work vacation,
those tend to not work out so well when
you're trying to mix work and vacation
because they bleed into each other and
you end up not doing either one very
well mm-hmm but I think one of the big
mistakes that I make is trying to do too
much hmm I sometimes I feel like when
I'm going on vacation I need to take
advantage of the situation I need to see
the places I need to not waste any time
who knows when ever I'll be coming back
here so I need to make my days full of
activities I need to have my days full
of spending time with people and doing
things and I often let rest be the
victim of these other priorities so one
of the things I've tried to do in
planning this trip to Agadir during Eid
is to essentially have the whole week
with white space, now there is one place
that we do want to go for breakfast it's
up on a mountain it was recommended to
us and there apparently is a dolphin
show in Agadir and so I'm sure that my
kids will love to see the dolphins doing
their tricks but over a 5-day period we
only have two activities planned other
than that is going to be relaxing going
to the pool going to the beach and like
you said trying to refresh and recharge
so that when we come back my kids will
be ready to go to school and I'll be
ready to go back working full-time
doing all the things that are necessary
to have a successful business
yep yeah you can think about it like a
scale on one extreme you can pack your
days so full that when you get back from
vacation you're exhausted and you feel
like you need a vacation to recover from
the vacation but then the other
extreme is you can you can leave so much
space for rest and you can sleep a lot
and you know play video games or look at
screens and barely leave the house that
you end up feeling lethargic or filled
with regret these are kind of two
extremes and we need to find a spot
somewhere in the middle that is the
right mix of rest and spontaneity and
unplanned and some structure to make
sure that we're we're still not just
sleeping and lying around the house the
entire time somewhere on that scale
we're gonna find the sweet spot for us
and it's a very personal or individual
thing that's going to bring you to the
end of your holidays motivated and ready
to get started again. One of the great
benefits of vacation is you you chop out
some of the big activities so that might
be your your class schedule it might be
your your nine-to-five job it might be
running your business which puts all
this extra time in your schedule so you
can decide what are the important things
that I want to put in and I think one of
the helpful questions is to ask what are
the things I really wish I had more time
for during my regular weeks when I'm in
my normal routine what are the things
that I'm longing to do but I don't
actually have enough time to do so I've
been reading books that I really enjoy
that are a lot of fun but normally I
don't have enough time to sit down and
read for hours and so I can read kind of
guilt-free these longer books because
I've got that extra space in my schedule
or I've been spending a lot more time
with my kids just playing a game because
I'm not trying to squeeze it in between
important activities or worried about
what time they get to bed they don't
have to wake up for school the next day
so there's some extra
freedom there to do those activities
that we wish we had more time for during
the regular weeks. Today's episode is
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choose the SIST experience. Now back to
the show. that's a great point I had not
thought about it or I had not put it
into those words but I think we all have
those things in our lives that we wish
we had more time to do specifically
scheduling time to do them while you're
on vacation
is a great idea. I think the the other
problem that I sometimes have on
vacation is is not exactly living a
healthy lifestyle and which can lead to
a bad outcome at the end of the vacation
where you feel like you have to recover
from your vacation I think it's
important to sort of stay within the
bounds of good health whether it's sleep,
nutrition, exercise, and to not let
yourself get too far away from from your
normal habits or else you're not going
to come back to your your normal
lifestyle feeling recharged and
but I often get seduced into eating
unhealthy foods and and staying out late
and and doing activities that that may
not be refreshing but are exciting or
fun and spending too much time with
people, it's obviously one of the goals
is to spend time with people when you're
on vacation but I think that you you can
overdo that just like anything else, yeah
that's a great point the idea of
overdoing something so in the the Seven
Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey presents a time management chart that compares urgency to
importance I think it's something a lot
of people are familiar with that it
creates these four quadrants and the
goal is to spend time doing things that
are important but not urgent and to live
your life above the line of importance
to be spending your time on things that
really matter and not to be wasting your
time on unimportant things but if you
spend your time in crisis mode always
dealing with emergencies you can feel
really burned out and that can make you
want to escape and spend time doing
things that are not important and not
urgent and just to to escape and waste
the time but the real difference between
doing things that are important but not
urgent and things that are not important
and not urgent is this idea of doing
something excessively so watching a
movie can be a lot of fun and it can be
really relaxing or taking a nap some
people really enjoy having the freedom
to to take a little siesta sometime in
the afternoon and have a little break
that can be really life-giving and that
can help charge the battery but you can
cross a line where you're now doing it
in excess and the value that you gain
from doing that can be lost, so watching
a movie can be a great watching a movie
can be a great rest, but what if you
a movie for 12 hours in one day that
would be excessive you're probably going
to go to sleep that night not feeling
that great about yourself you're gonna
feel like you have some regrets and you
wasted the day so at some point there's
a limit where you've watched too much TV
you've watched too many episodes of your
series or you've played too many video
games even something like exercising you
know it's great to be able to go for a
run or go to the gym but how many hours
in a week do you devote to that? At some
point you can cross a line unless that's
your profession you could be doing it
excessively so I think being able to
enjoy things in moderation that can be a
real good tip for doing vacation well
One of the things that I've realized
recently is the importance of of
planning your trip or planning your
travel your vacation well in terms of
spending time with friends and family
often when we travel we stay with family
members or friends which is a new
activity that we're not necessarily used
to and that can be a source of stress or
frustration when you're living in the
same place even if it's for only a few
days or a few weeks because you're not
used to people's daily habits you're not
used to sharing space you're not used to
people's way of living, an important tip
for vacationing well is to make sure
that you understand the personalities of
everyone you're going to be traveling
with and you set everyone up for success
if you know there are people who need
alone time, there are people who need to
decompress, then maybe it would be a good
idea to to stay in a house or an
apartment that gives people privacy and
doesn't force everyone to be interacting
all the time and stepping on each other
and getting frustrated and getting into
fights which unfortunately
for a lot of families is very normal
when they travel together or or go on
vacation or spend time together during
the holidays can be a source of
frustration or conflict. Yep
yeah it's good to make plans to make
sure that doesn't happen to counteract
that. Another thing I love about vacation
is the opportunity to try new things to
gain some new perspectives which can
give you a whole bunch of new ideas
my wife and I we spent a couple days in
Bordeaux and they have a tramway just
like we've got in Casablanca and in
Rabat I think it was built by the same
company it actually threw me for a loop
because it has the same noise you know
the same like ding-ding I felt like I
was just sitting in my backyard where I
can hear the tramway
but that was in Bordeaux but one of the
differences is that they don't have any
turnstiles so you know in Casa you in
order to access where you get on to the
tramway you've got to go through the
turnstile you have to swipe your card
and then you go through the metal bars
and it lets you into that area it's just
completely open in Bordeaux and there's
no staff at any of the stations you need
a card which you just purchase from the
machine and then when you get on to the
tramway you validate it and it's like
this all over France I saw the same
thing in in Dijon and there's probably a
number of reasons for that
probably the cost of labor is a lot
higher so they don't want to have two
people working at every single station
it's more people are living on the grid
and so it'd be easier when you catch
somebody who hasn't got a ticket on the
tramway it'd be easier to collect that
fine make sure that they have to pay it
there may be a higher level of obeying
those rules in different countries but
one of the things I love is that when
you're travelling in some of these other
places you can see ideas that we can
bring to our current context or things
that will eventually come.
I was in a Carrefour and they have these
little scanners that fit into every cart
and so if you have a registered Carrefour
card you can scan items before you put
it into your cart so that when you come
to the checkout they just grab your your
little scanning device that was part of
your cart and then they can check you
out very very quickly and it all gets
paid for through your credit card which
is linked with your your Carrefour loyalty
card so this is something that could be
coming to Morocco or when you're driving
on the highways all the tolls are
automated and you drive up to pay a toll
and there is not a single human being
there so it's only machines you can pay
cash or you can pay credit card or you
can have an automatic device that that
opens the gate and is registered to your
account but there's no humans there's no
person there that can can give you
change and so when you think about the
difference on the auto routes in Morocco
that's the direction that we're going
eventually it's going to become more and
more automated so you can see countries
that are further ahead and that can give
you ideas even when you just stay within
the country but you go to other cities
it can be inspiring and bring new ideas
that you can bring back to your context. That reminds me of one of my favorite
quotes which is by William Gibson who is
a writer and he wrote an article in The
Economist in 2003 and his quote is "the
future is already here it's just not
evenly distributed" which is exactly what
you're talking about Ryan there are many
great innovations all around the world
they just haven't been adopted
everywhere and it's very true for
Morocco there is technology and there
are innovations that have already taken
place in the United States and Europe
and Asia and they're slowly but surely
coming here to Morocco like this 21st
century tramway that we have or the
ports at Tangier Med or the new
terminal at the airport in Casablanca
all of these things are coming to
Morocco the the very good Internet
service the the Wi-Fi the the mobile
service that they have here the future
it's here somewhere in the world it's
just not evenly distributed not all of
the the ideas have spread all over the
world but you can see the future if you
travel certain places and you see
innovation and you see efficiencies and
you've seen new ideas and practice and I
completely agree it's a lot of what I'm
doing here my business in Morocco is
taking ideas that I've seen work in the
United States and applying them here in
Morocco where the market is not
completely saturated and where these
ideas have a lot of opportunity to make
a big impact yeah that's great. You've
been listening to the Business in
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