Episode 28 Transcript

Welcome to episode 28 of the Business in
Morocco podcast today we'll be talking
about our plans and goals for the last
third of 2019 but before we get into
that Ryan what's going on this week? Hey
Ryan it's great to hear from you yeah
I'm actually in southern Spain I'm just
about to get back to Morocco later this
week by the time this podcast airs I'll
be on route to Casablanca so I'm excited
to get home and this topic for the week
is perfect for where I'm at because my
vacation has really served its purpose
I'm well rested refreshed and ready to
get cracking so I'm excited to focus on
this last third of the year and really
make it productive what about you how
are you man? Doing well continue to work
through August, even though Casablanca is a very
different city right now there's no
traffic jams the number of cars honking
on a daily basis is dramatically reduced
a lot of the storefronts are closed
people clearly have left the city
and are spending time with family or
vacationing somewhere else in Morocco or
in Europe so it's actually kind of
refreshing the city is a lot calmer it's
a lot more relaxing it's a lot less
stressful but there is work that's
continuing to go on the work on
Ghandi and Roudani, we talked about that on a previous podcast it's
amazing they dug under the road they
tore up the tramway tracks and in two
weeks the tramway was running again. Wow. Which is amazing to me. That is a
feat of construction so Bravo, chapeau
congratulations to the team that's doing
that work yeah I can't wait to see it I
live 50 meters from there so I'll be
checking it out this weekend I'll be in
my home Cafe - Prestige - right
on the corner there and I'm definitely
gonna take a good look at the work
that's gone on. Additionally it appears
to me that progress is being made in
finance city, Casa Finance City and it
has all the appearance of a visit from
the king there are flags that are
appearing out of nowhere we drove past
the large park in Casa Anfa that has
been closed for a year it's a beautiful
park it's huge while we were on vacation
in Agadir during that time several
hundred trees just appeared in the park
and so it looks like they may be
preparing for the King to visit there's
also a lot of construction on two roads
that lead to Finance City: Jacob El-Mansour and Ibnou Sina, so I'm
hoping that the king is coming soon to
open that park because we live fairly
close and I'm sure that my kids will
love playing there. Yeah that's
something that can be so painful is,
Morocco will construct something it looks
amazing but it's behind a fence and
it'll just sit there ready to go until
it actually needs maintenance and fixing
up I mean it's sad to see that park I
often run through Finance City and
there's a couple parks in there and one
of them seriously it started to break
down there's maintenance that
needs to be done before it officially
opens which is tragic yeah if you look
closely some of the playground equipment
has already started to fade from the sun
it's been out there so long under the
sun with no kids playing on it so
hopefully it gets open soon and
hopefully they have guardians that are
gonna be paid to monitor that park so
that it stays in good condition. Yeah my
kids were on a swing set the other day
and they said this is great we don't get
this in Morocco because sadly a lot of
the chains get stolen from swing sets
so you see all sorts of frames of swing
sets but no swings so hopefully there are
guardians that really take care of that
and protect it. Alright let's get into
the topic of the day which is our plans,
our goals, our hopes for the last four
months of 2019 we've had some good time
to reflect over the summer vacation
period on what we'd like to accomplish
going into the end of the year Ryan,
where are you at in your thought process
and your planning that you've been doing
on your vacation yeah first I just want
to say that a topic like this is
excellent whenever there's sort of a
momentum builder in the year for some
people it's new year's you know the
start of a new calendar year for others
their business operates in quarters and
so when a new quarter begins you know
their sales targets reset for others
it's based on the financial year some
businesses are seasonal and they have a
time of year where they have the
most customers and the most opportunity
to generate revenue for students it
might be the start of a new school year
that could be September or October or a
new semester but whenever there's these
new beginnings it often comes with a
surge of motivation and that's an
opportunity for us that we should really
capitalize on because motivation it
doesn't last
it can't be trusted it rises and falls
it comes and goes but when it's there
you can leverage it and my thinking is
that it's important to leverage that
motivation to create new habits because
habits allow you to stay consistent even
without motivation when you have a
regular habit you don't necessarily
operate based on how you feel so I have
the habit of brushing my teeth even when
I'm tired I brush my teeth before I go
to bed
whereas my kids they're not motivated to
brush their teeth they haven't created
that lifelong habit yet we're still
needing to force them to brush their
teeth. So this is
an opportunity September 1st is coming
up the last 1/3 of the year there's a
bit of a momentum vacation ending new
year starting so let's capitalize on
that so that's key for me I've
got a few things that I'm going to
continue normally teaching at a
couple different universities working
with Franklin Covey teaching the 7
Habits in corporate settings and also
doing corporate team-building but I have
goals and new things that I want to
begin or start in this last third of the
year and Ryan I could really use your
help because I kind of feel like I've
got possibly too many ideas or too many
goals or too many things and I've been
really wrestling with this should I just
focus on one thing and leave others on
the shelf
or should I try to tackle multiple
things and just really plan it out and
sort of focus on different activities on
different days and I'm not sure you know
I read different things some saying
yep, you need to just totally focus on
one thing only and others that talk
about, No if you have the capacity you
can take on multiple projects at a time
and there's benefits to having variety
what are your thoughts on that? That's a
common problem Ryan for four independent
workers for entrepreneurs your mind is
full of ideas you are not sure whether
you should focus all of your attention
on one idea or whether you should be
trying to football analogy here move the
ball forward on several fronts
I have many irons in the fire,
we've got...What are these called, sayings?
Metaphors? metaphors yeah move the ball
forward attacking on many fronts irons
in the fire for our listeners that want
to improve their English these are all
terms they can write down and Google
because you know working with
foreigners and native English
speakers these are the types of things
that will will come up whenever I read a
French book that's one of the
frustrations is there's some expressions
I understand the words that are being said
I have the vocabulary but I don't know
the expression and I don't get it and
Google Translate doesn't always help you
out in those contexts so Google the
whole phrase irons in the fire or moving
the ball forward on many fronts those
kinds of things will be really
valuable in your your language so I am
doing multiple things at once I have my
work that I'm doing for U.S. clients I
have my Moroccan company I have my
motivation to lease an office space and
have that office space not just be a
place for me to work but a place that
will generate revenue so I am juggling
many balls at one time and I'm not
putting all of my energy into one of
them I'm trying to move them all forward
but I still have my main goal in mind
which is the Android application that
will be a platform for small business
marketing everything that I'm doing is
focused on that goal so I'm not doing
things that are completely unrelated to
that goal everything that I'm doing is
in support of that project and I'm not
doing anything that is completely
unrelated to that project so I think the
question for you is what's the most
important thing that you want to
accomplish in the end of 2019 and in
2020 and what is your list of priorities
and how do they relate to supporting
that goal and then on top of that you
have to do your own risk analysis what
is likely to succeed and what is
unlikely to succeed and what are the
rewards associated with each of those
projects do you want to give our
listeners an idea of these different
ideas that you're juggling or
considering. Yeah so one idea is to
host an event called Get Wisdom event in
early December and this is - it would
just be like half
day just for an afternoon kind of 2:00
to 6:00 type thing it would target young
people 17 to 24 age category and they
would bring in multiple speakers maybe
eight to ten speakers just giving
twenty to thirty minute talks maybe a
couple panel discussions the idea would
be that a young person could come and
get input they would get teaching and
training and ideas and motivation on
topics that are the most important in
life so it might be about personal
development health and fitness finances
career their education business even
things like their relationships finding
meaning and purpose in their life those
kinds of topics and I would just bring in influencers and
experts that could teach on that and the purpose for me would be to offer a
ton of value to to my audience and to grow my audience and to really impact
young people that's kind of my main
ideas I want to impact Morocco I want to
share wisdom with young people help them
lead a meaningful life and so that would
be amazing to put on an event like that. I
feel like I know so many incredible
people and influencers that have so much
value to offer and I'd love to put them
all together in one room and share that
it could be really really impactful but
I know it would be a ton of work a ton
of effort to gather all those people
together another idea is a lot smaller
and it's just teaching my Habits for
Success course. So this would be a
full-day event it would be a little more
exclusive kind of 12 to 20 people and it
would be targeted towards the same age
bracket but older so younger
professionals would be great anyone kind
of under 35 could really really benefit
from this just helping people focus in
on what's important to them what they
want to accomplish in their life and
what habits they need to form that will
get them there and then actual teaching
and planning to develop
those habits and to put them on the
pathway to the life that they desire and
then the third one is the How to Get a
Job in Morocco audiobook I've been
working on it chipping away on it but
not making as much progress as I hoped
this summer and that's one of those
things that I'm really debating between
do I need to take radical action just
rent an Airbnb and disappear for a few
days and just focus on it completely
twelve hours a day and knock it out or
do I need to commit to getting up at 5
a.m. and doing 90 minutes before the day
starts for five or six weeks and
knocking it out or is it a side project
I should just keep on the shelf until a
better opportunity I don't know but
these are kind of three things that are
new and would be in addition to what
I'm already doing so I'd love to do them
all but I think that might be
unrealistic are you looking for books in
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reading now back to the show
because the other things that you're
doing as well as you're gonna continue
teaching at SIST
is that right yeah and you're gonna be
continuing to do corporate training.
Well when you describe the conference
the four-hour half-day conference if you
have a place for example my office where
you could hold something like that I
think the hardest part would be
scheduling the people and getting
firm commitments to speak I don't
think that it would actually be much
planning beyond that if you could get
speakers to commit to a time and a place
everything else is just logistic details
like tables chairs coffee water
projector it's probably not that
difficult but there will be coordination
pain I think yeah but I don't think that it's as much work as the
other two. Ccertainly the audio book is a lot of
work a lot of effort that you would have
to schedule time to accomplish that
and even like you always say you just
have to get in the habit of writing it
out every day yeah and you'll
get there and you probably just need
some trusted adviser to read over it
and help edit it from time to time yeah
in terms of doing the the all-day
training that also would take some more
work because I think that convincing
people to sign up and pay for a class
like that will take some effort and take
some work yeah I don't actually see a
reason why you couldn't get all of them
done but you would definitely need to
have some scheduled Deep Work time
to get all those things accomplished
if I were you I would focus on the two
events and then since there's no real
urgency in the audio book I would sort
of schedule in working on the audio book
during white space or if you
intentionally get up at 5:00 in the
morning doing it then yeah that makes
yeah the other thing I need to consider
is what my values and priorities
are because there's things that I'm
really passionate about there's things
that I really enjoy doing there's things
that bring a lot of meaning to my life I
really get a lot of satisfaction from
helping young people and feeling like
the wisdom I'm sharing is impactful and
useful you know and when people comment
on a video or they send me a message
saying thanks so much this is amazing or
I was really motivated by this that's
encouraging however I also need to
prioritize making money and so that's a
consideration as well what is most
likely to actually generate profits I
can't put all my time into something
that though it provides me meaning
doesn't necessarily pay my bills there
needs to be some balance there in how I make choices
yeah something to consider, something
that we'll keep talking about and
you can give us updates as you come to a
decision for me
I have several initiatives that I would
like to make progress in the last four
months of this year the number one is
securing an office space I've been
working on this since I got back from
the States in June there have been
several obstacles many ups and downs
several places that I identified and
wanted to lease and for one reason or
another it didn't work out I currently
have another office in my sights it's
near the headquarters of Royal Air Maroc
it's a good location and it's a good
space for a good price and I'm just in
the process of negotiating with the
owner and giving him the confidence that
I will be a good renter and will pay the
bills and one of the things I'd like to
bring up again is the fear that not only
business owners have but property owners
have of doing business so what I'm
encountering right now is this owner is
doing diligence on me and my company to
make sure that I'll pay the bills but
one of the reasons that he's taking so
much time and requiring so much
information is because of the so called
protections of renters meaning if I
don't pay the rent he would have to go
to court and it could take six months to
evict me from the property for not
paying rent and after he goes through
that whole process he's not going to get
the rent back for those six months and
so what that ends up doing is it makes
it very difficult for people to rent
property if you're a small business
owner or maybe you're not very wealthy
then owners do not want to take a risk
of renting the property to you and I
want to relate this to so-called
employee protections as well to the
extent that there are renter protections
or employee protections that make it
difficult for property owners or
business owners to deal with their
renters or employees who are either not
paying the rent or not doing a good job
as employees these protections actually
prevent people from being able to rent
property and they prevent people from
getting hired and so when you hear
politicians or people talk about renter
protections or employee protections just
understand that there are second and
third-order consequences to these
policies and that's what I'm running
into right now even though I have good
cash flow in my business I have good
accounts on hand I have the ability to
pay the rent through the whole year and
into next year right now but the owners
are hesitant because they're worried
about having to evict the tenant so
that's what I'm focusing on right now my
second priority is I'd like to hire some
more Auto entrepreneurs for sales and
marketing work so through the end of the
year I'd really like to get into a
commission structure with sales agents
to sell the work that I do to small
businesses for marketing it'll be based
on a commission structure for example if
a sales agent or a sales person finds a
client for me that pays $1,000 a month
for example then that sales agent would
retain 20% of that revenue on a
recurring basis meaning for every month
that that client stays my client that
sales agent would receive 20% commission
on the monthly revenue so 200 dirhams a
month for as long as that client stays
my client That's amazing it is and this is
another reason why I encourage all of
our listeners to become auto
entrepreneurs, there is no downside you
will have the ability to issue invoices
or to facture clients and you are
exempt from the TVA, meaning when you bill for your
services or you sell products you do not
have to include the 20% tax that most
businesses have to include and the
reason I want to do this is I want to
outsource a lot of the things that I'm
doing not just sales but also marketing
so that's another one of my goals for 2019 is outsourcing some of the work
that I'm doing I've mentioned this in
the past I have another initiative my
deal with Duty-Free which again I'm
running into obstacles and hurdles that
need to be overcome I have a purchase
order I have the product I have the
display I'm ready to sell but government
regulations and permits and exporting
requirements are standing in the way so
I'd really like to find a company that is
authorized to export has a relationship
with Duty-Free and I can sell them my
product and then they resell it to
unfortunately my client who is an auto
entrepreneur the law specifically
prohibits auto entrepreneurs from
exporting so that has created a lot of
difficulties and I'd really like to
resolve this problem because I have high
confidence that his paintings will be
sold very quickly at the airports
through the Duty-Free shops and lastly I
want to continue working with my
potential co-founder in the United
States who is a developer right now he
is working on a software product that
works with Google Maps to pull
information from Google Maps regarding
businesses and my goal is to continue to
work with him and start developing my
Android application that will be a
marketing platform for small businesses
so if I can get working on that by the
end of the year I will be very happy
because I'm at the point where I know
that I have product market fit I know
that from my experience over the last 18
months working with small business
owners here in Morocco that I have
confirmed a few premises one there are small
business owners who need more clients. Two - they are willing to spend money to
market and advertise to find new clients
3 they are not experts in online
marketing. Four - they are willing to pay
for online marketing and they are
willing to pay for it because it works
Right. Using Google using Facebook using
websites to communicate your value
proposition to Moroccan customers it
works so I have essentially proven these
but I've also proven that doing all of
this work manually is too expensive
meaning most Moroccan small businesses
cannot afford to have this done, this
work done manually the work needs to be
done in an automated fashion using
software and so if I can bring my price
point down my prices usually exceed two
thousand dirhams per month if I can
bring the prices down I think I will
have found product market fit to help
small businesses advertise and find new
customers so my goal is just to get that
software development done at least get
it started by the end of the year so
that's your criteria for success if
you've started that if it's moving
forward by the end of the year you'll
feel like you're on the right track yes
I would like to have a co-founder be the
CTO or chief technology officer for my
company I'd like that person to be an
American that I trust that I have a
relationship with and I found that
person and I'm hoping that a
relationship can be confirmed soon and
then I will hire hopefully I'll be able
to hire Moroccan developers to help in
the development of that application and
I have met a few people who I think can
recommend developers to me who live and
work here in Morocco so that's great
a couple other comments I wanted to make
with the Duty-Free initiative are they
willing to share with you the names of
some of their suppliers that you could
approach to work out this deal or do
they want it all to go through them so
that you don't have direct access
they're at the point of discussing it
among their leadership team on whether
or not they would connect me with one of
their existing suppliers the person that
I'm dealing with does not feel like they
have the authority to make that decision
all right and then the other comment I
wanted to make is your offer with the
affiliate commission is amazing and
it would be perfect for an ambitious
university student for example that
this is not going to be a full-time job
but if they worked on it part-time if
they were somewhat savvy with marketing
or they could just leverage the network
that they have or the connections
through their parents find other small
business owners introduce them to you
and then they could just have this
passive income rolling in that they
could make an introduction and then have
two hundred dirhams a month just flowing
in to their account and if they make
several introductions to you that could
make a significant difference in their
finances so hopefully some of our
listeners recognized whoa this is really
cool I should approach Ryan and ask what
that would look like what one of the
best types of clients and then think if
I know anybody or if I can go and meet
somebody that is going to lead to that
affiliate relationship yes we are at the
30 minute mark in this podcast so I
often wonder how many of our listeners
are still listening right now well for
those of you who are still listening I
want to tell you that the advice we give
is not just words and I'll give you an
example there is a young man a Moroccan
who lives in Marrakech, his name is Mehdi
Jouay and he contacted us he is a
personal development writer a blogger he
has a website called mj14successflow.com
and he contacted us wanting to do a
collaboration wanting to have a
he wrote a summary of episode 8 how to
be a good employee and I put a post of
his summary on our website and we are
now advertising that post as well to
promote both our podcast and his website
and he didn't do anything other than
essentially contact us and continuing to
do the work that he's doing I see him
posting things and providing value on
LinkedIn and on his website and he
simply asked for a partnership and we
have a partnership and we're helping him
and he is providing value to us as well
and so when I say things like send us an
email at Ryan@moroccopodcast.com and
make a proposal offer value we are open
and willing to work with people who are
motivated who are driven who are
talented and capable so if you're still
listening to this podcast send us an
let's see where it goes maybe you could
be a sales agent maybe you could be a
writer or promoter a blogger maybe you
could be a marketing person maybe you
can help out Ryan Kirk with his
audiobook or preparing the conference or
finding people who will attend who knows
but if you just sit at home and you
don't do anything then of course nothing
is going to happen yep you've been
listening to the Business in Morocco
podcast my name is Ryan Kirk here with
my co-host Ryan Maimone. If you enjoyed
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