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Welcome to episode 36 of the business in
Morocco podcast this week
Ryan Kirk is on assignment in Saudi
Arabia he will be giving a leadership
training there so it's just me Ryan Maimone this week and I'll be talking about
the brand new entrepreneurs Club of
Casablanca but before we get to that I
want to give a few updates on the
podcast we started this podcast about
eight months ago and it's been slowly
growing over time we are up into the
several thousands of downloads and
listens to this podcast so we are happy
to be building our network and building
our audience and we hope that you are
gaining value from this podcast and that
you are learning and that the topics
that we talk about on this podcast are
relevant to you and can help you in your
professional and personal life that
being said we are always looking for
suggestions for new topics and subjects
so send us an email at Ryan@Moroccopodcast.com
if you think there is a
topic or a subject that is relevant to
you and you would like to hear us talk
about it on the podcast by far the most
popular episode so far has been episode
31 becoming an auto entrepreneur in Morocco
the second most popular episode is
episode number one how to get hired in
Morocco and number three is our
interview with Samir Ben Makhlouf who is
the founder of London Academy Casablanca
so if you haven't listened to those
episodes go ahead and and go to our
website moroccopodcast.com and download
the episodes and listen to them and I'm sure you'll find some good insights
and wisdom that's relevant to your
life also don't forget that we do have a
YouTube channel where you can watch the
episodes of the podcast and at the same
time you can activate the English
subtitles so if you're a beginner or an
intermediate in learning English and you
would like to practice it's always
helpful to listen to someone and be able
to read the subtitles at the same time
in case there are words or phrases that
you don't understand when you listen to
them but when you read them you can
understand them and that way you're
practicing verbal comprehension your
oral comprehension of a language at the
same time you could practice your
written comprehension let's get into the
subject of the day which is the
entrepreneurs Club of Casablanca this is
a new idea that I've been thinking about
for quite some time I've looked around
the areas of Casablanca for entrepreneur
groups and other places where small
business owners and professionals can
get together and network and help
each other to make connections to learn
and to problem-solve and I found that
the options are not that great
there are some options out there but
they may be at the enterprise level
meaning very large companies or they're
designed for CEOs of big companies and
they may be expensive to join and
there's also not really much around
Casablanca Finance City which is where
my office is located so I wanted to
create a group and and here's what the
group is it's a group of like-minded
people who will meet at least two times
per month for the purpose of encouraging
and supporting one another in growing
our businesses the purpose will be to
get together to talk about ideas to
learn new things to talk about subjects
to problem-solve
to create networks of relationships for
example if you are a marketing
professional maybe you need help with
content production or you're not very
good at math and accounting and you need
to get some advice from someone who
deals with money every day someone who
deals with numbers and profit and loss
statements and revenue and expenses if
that's not something that you do maybe
you need a friend or a colleague or an
acquaintance that can help you in that
area this group I'm hoping it will be
diverse 20 to 30 members with diverse
backgrounds you could have a
background in retail in fashion in
communications technology you could be a
computer programmer or a writer maybe
you went to school to study
cinematography and video and taking
pictures and editing images and video
online to create content you could be a
lawyer or a doctor a small business
owner I'm hoping to have a very diverse
group of people that can bring a wide
variety of experiences and knowledge and
expertise to the group in order to help
the group grow overcome challenges in
their own businesses and succeed
individually and as a group now there's
a few criteria in order to become a
member you have to meet one of these
three designations you either have to be
an employee of a company or you have to
be a founder of a company or you have to
be an auto entrepreneur you have to be
one of those three categories we're not
going to accept people who work solely
in the black market we understand that
that is a big business here in Morocco
but to really succeed for the long-term and
build something that is scalable and
that can last it must be a legal entity
and we are going to abide by the law and
thus in order to join the club you have
to have a legal designation for the work
that you do now you don't actually have
to have your auto entrepreneur card but
you need to have submitted your
application for the card and be waiting
for it to be returned to you the other
aspects of the application process
meaning becoming a member you have to be
positive you have to be motivated to
start a business or grow your business
you have to have a mindset that is
disciplined that is energetic and that
wants to not only learn but help other
people this group will be the most
successful it can be if it is full of
members who are willing and able to help
each other and learn and grow this is
not a social club it is not a club to
simply hang out and meet friends and
drink coffee there are many types of
places where you could do that this club
will be specifically focused on business
learning about business and improving
your business I said we will have at
least two meetings per month and part of
these meetings will be assigned to
learning we will have guest speakers and
we will have individual members give classes
to the rest of the group in the areas in
which they are experts for example there
could be classes on business models
sales marketing leadership how to hire
employees how to train employees will
have classes on language including
English and French specifically the
language of business classes on
accounting and legal issues classes on
design and operations how do
effectively run a business I'm hoping
that the members will also bring
expertise to the group and be able to
give classes I spoke with an
entrepreneur yesterday who is interested
in becoming a member and he is an expert
in content marketing he is an expert in
making content specifically video
content and then putting that content on
the internet including Facebook and
Instagram and promoting that content in
order to make sales so I asked him if he
would be willing to give a class where
he could teach the rest of us how to
effectively market on Instagram and
Facebook and he's happy to share his
expertise and his experience so those
are the types of people that I'll be
looking for the next criteria or the
next question is where will these
meetings be held the meetings will be
held in my office which is very close to
Casablanca Finance City and if you know
anything about Casablanca Finance City
and the plans for the city the
government plans and the business plans
this area of the city is going to be the
center of business in the city for the
future there are tax benefits to being
in the city they're building
infrastructure around casablanca finance
city including tramways and roads so
this is going to be the hub the
epicenter of business going forward in
the next 10 to 20 years and my office is
right near this area in fact I can see
the towers of the city from the main
salon of my office and it is also very
close to the headquarters of Royal Air
and I'll give the exact details to the
members for these meetings but you can
very easily take the tramway that ends
in Ain Diab, the beach area of Ain Diab. you can
get off the tramway cite de l'air and
very easily walk
to the office the next question will be
when will this group meet now the reason
I said the group will meet at least two
times per month is because that will be
the minimum but if there is additional
interest and it looks like the group is
really thriving and succeeding I'm
willing to meet up to four times per
month in order to help the individual
members of the group succeed and really
create a collaborative environment
where we are networking we're helping
each other we're doing business
development and skills development
I imagine that meetings will take place
in the evenings either Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday or Friday part of the
application process is is filling out
which day of the week would be best for
you to meet and once I gather all of
that data then I will present options to
the group that will allow the highest
number of members to attend the meetings
now what will a club meeting look
like well as I mentioned a portion of
the meeting will be training we will
have classes on various aspects of
business another portion of the meeting
will be simply networking getting to
know the other members of the group
getting into deep conversations
developing relationships and developing
trust this is an essential aspect of any
high functioning group is to have trust
and to have good relationships so each
meeting there will be social time to
simply talk to people to catch up to
talk to people in in depth about issues
that are important to you and then the
last portion of each meeting will
consist of mastermind groups where the
20 to 30 members will break down into
smaller groups of 4 to 5 people and
these groups will remain consistent and
they will be diverse meaning we will not
put people of the same background and
the same skills and expertise in the
same group
they will be diverse groups that bring a
wide variety of experiences to to the
mastermind so that you can learn from
one another and help each other the goal
of the masterminds is to allow
individual members each week to share in
detail problems and challenges that
they're having and allow the other
members of the group to help to give
advice and to problem-solve this is also
a very good way of having accountability
as an entrepreneur most of us if we
sleep in in the morning or we don't do
any work on a given day we're not going
to get a phone call from anyone and no
one is going to complain that we haven't
done our jobs because we are our own
bosses now that's great lifestyle being
your own boss can be a great lifestyle
the problem is it takes an incredible
amount of discipline to work hard every
day and do things that are important for
the business and one of the ways that
you can help hold yourself accountable
is by joining a group and telling the
group about your plans about your
projects and having the group hold you
accountable to do the work that you said
you were going to do it's very similar
to this podcast when Ryan and I talk
about things that we're doing and that
we're going to do the simple fact that
we've shared these ideas with you on the
podcast it helps encourage us to follow
through on those ideas if I say I'm
going to do five sales calls next week
and I tell Ryan my co-host or I tell you
my listeners on the podcast that is
motivation it's external motivation to
do what I said I was going to do because
I know that I'll have to report back the
next week on what I said I was going to
do so that can be very powerful when it
comes to the benefits of being in a
mastermind is the persuasion
and the encouragement and the
accountability of the group today's
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and highly recommend it check out SIST
British Education at www.sist.ac.ma and
choose the SIST experience now back to
the show the next question is how much
will this cost well the basic monthly
fee to be a member is two hundred dirhams
per month and the reason that there is
this fee is because we're looking for
members of the group who are serious
about doing business and when you don't
have to pay anything you're less likely
to take it serious so you have to pay
two hundred dirhams a month as a base fee to be a member of the group and this
entitles you to member gatherings and it
helps pay for the operations of the club
including electricity internet the
office space
coffee tea snacks guest speakers etc now
there will be other events that will be
held for the group including networking
meetings where members can bring their
friends and their colleagues to events
in order to do networking and those will
be single events that will have
associated with them on an individual
basis there'll be tickets to those
events but the very basic fees for the
club will be two hundred dirhams per month and that will entitle you to at least
two meetings per month up to four
meetings per month frankly it's a great
deal when you talk about having access
to a networking group like this
including trainings I'm sure Ryan Kirk
will be happy to give talks about the
seven Habits of Highly Effective People
and I'll be giving classes on business
and we'll be doing language classes as
well now when we're talking about being
a member you have to pay two hundred
dirhams a month to be a member whether or
not you come to the meetings it's like
your cell phone if you have a cell phone
plan with Orange or Maroc telecom
it doesn't matter whether you use your
phone or not you could be outside the
country not use any of your minutes or
any of your data you're still going to
pay your monthly fee this monthly fee
applies even if you don't attend the
meetings and if you stop paying the fee
then your spot in the club will be given
to the first person on the waiting list
you will get plenty of warnings
you'll get plenty of notifications but
this club is for serious entrepreneurs
who are committed to being a part of the
group and committed to learning and
participating and contributing to the
group so if you can't commit to the
group and you can't commit to coming to
the meetings and you cannot commit to
the 200 dirhams for a month then you should
not apply to be a member so the next
question is why should I join why should
i join a group why can't I just listen
to the podcast or watch videos well the
answer is you could only get so much out
of podcasts and videos and blog posts
don't get me wrong they're very valuable
I listen to podcasts
read blog posts and watch videos all the
time but there's nothing that can
replace a personal relationship having
an in-depth conversation with an
experienced person who understands your
situation and can give you detailed
advice regarding your ideas and your
business it's also a place where you can
get direct encouragement being in a room
full of entrepreneurs can be inspiring
you will realize that you are not alone
being an entrepreneur can be a very
lonely job because you're oftentimes working by yourself you're
doing things that your friends and
family members are not doing sometimes
they'll even be opposing you and what
you want to do they'll tell you to go
get quote-unquote a real job and they
won't encourage you in fact they will
speak negatively to you about your
passion and your vision for your
business so being in a group can be a
source of encouragement and inspiration
and support next it can be a place to
learn from its mistakes I have learned
so much since moving to Morocco about
business and marketing and customer
acquisition that I can share these
individual insights with members of the
group that are relevant to them when we
do this podcast we talk about things
that are fairly general that apply to
a wide variety of people but we don't
give specific advice to specific people
because we want the podcast to appeal to
a lot of people so another reason you
should join is if you want to learn
new things and you want to make friends
and colleagues and you want to network
you come you join a group you
demonstrate your character you
demonstrate your values and your work
ethic and you develop relationships
built on trust that is a way to do
business development and as I've
mentioned in previous podcasts people
are always watching and I'll tell you
right now for those of you who are listening and we're more
than 20 minutes into this episode if
you're still listening to this podcast I
am going to be watching how people act
in this club and I'm going to be looking
for "A" players for all-stars for people
who are outgoing and reliable and
energetic and positive and I will be
specifically looking for people to
become my partners that is one of the
reasons that I'm starting this club if
you've ever studied what a marketing
funnel is a water funnel is very big at
the top and it gets smaller and smaller
until there's a small tube at the bottom
and the idea of a marketing funnel is
that it's very big at the top and it
gets smaller and smaller and smaller
until at the very bottom out come the
riches of your work meaning the
customers the sales the relationships
whatever it is that you're looking for
this podcast is the very top of the
marketing funnel it's broad it's big it
includes a wide variety of people and
this club is going to be the next step
in the marketing funnel it's going to
reduce the audience it's going to narrow
the audience get more specific more
detailed and it's going to be a place
for me and Ryan and my other colleagues
to observe members of the group and how
they perform and how they behave to see
if we want to partner with them and as a
business owner you want to partner with
people who are reliable who are talented
who are skilled and this is going to be
a place where you are going to be able
to demonstrate that another reason to
join is that you will be able to meet
people who can help collaborate on
projects if you want to do a project
that is very complicated and it takes a
wide variety of skills to achieve it
joining a group is a great place to find
people who have those skills or who can
recommend people who have the skills
that you need it's a great place to just talk
about problems and solutions so these
are some of the reasons that you
would want to join a group like this so
what's next what are the next steps of
the group the next step is to go to
Moroccopodcast.com and fill out the
application it's a big green button at
the top of the page click on it and you
could fill out the application in either
English or French which is one of the
last things that I'll mention in order
to join this group you have to have at
least an intermediate level of English
or French you don't have to have both
but you have to be able to effectively
communicate in either English or French
the reason is because certainly French
is the the language of business here in
Morocco but English is becoming more and
more important and it is certainly the
language of international business so in
order to join this group you have to
have an intermediate level of either
French or English so fill out the
application answer all the questions and
specifically the most important part of
the application is why you want to join
the club if you just write salut bonjour or
nothing in the section that says message
or tell us why you want to become a
member of the club if you don't write
anything that's telling us that you
either can't communicate or you're not
serious about being a member of the club
so fill out the application tell us a
little bit about who you are and why you
want to be a member of the club this is
very important in the next few weeks
we'll be gathering all the applications
and we will send out messages to keep
everyone informed and let you know the
status of your application and whether
you've been accepted to the club and
once we have a good
number of applicants we will hold a
meeting the first meeting which will be
a get-to-know-you meaning an
introductory meeting and from there you
can pay your first monthly fee and join
the club again if you have any questions
send us an email at ryan@morocco
podcast.com or fill out the contact
form on the website you've been
listening to the business in morocco
podcast my name is Ryan Kirk here with
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in morocco we'll see you next time

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