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Welcome to Episode 41 of the Business of
Morocco Podcast today, we're going to be
talking about why you don't deserve your
dream job yet, the idea that we all need
to do crappy jobs or hard jobs or
undesirable jobs before we earn the
right to do a job that we really like
doing but before we get to that Ryan
what's going on this week? I just
finished one of my last team buildings
of the year which was great got to go to
a new place outside Marrakech with a
great department from a company I've
been working with so that went really
well and as part of the team building we did
an escape room in Marrakech so that was
a really cool experience if you haven't
heard of what an escape room is now you
can Google it, it's a fun activity to do
as a group helps with problem solving
communication skills so that was a good
experience and my next power of habits
for success workshop is coming up this
Saturday so by the time this episode
airs it'll be full I've only got a few
seats left for that but I've been doing
a lot of advertising and communication
related to that and I'm looking forward
to it I learned some stuff and the first
one I've tweaked it a little bit just to
improve it to make it more impactful for
the participants so that they come away
with a better crafted plan for their
habits that they want to become the
person they desire and I'm excited to
have another crack at it and meet this
new group of people what about you
what's new? give us an update from
this past week. Well I set the date of the
first club meeting for the Entrepreneur's
Club of Casablanca the first meeting
will be on Friday December 6th where we
will have an introduction to the club
we'll drink some coffee we'll have a
short training on
the business model canvas which is
appropriate for all business owners to
understand your sources of revenue your
expenses your partners your marketing
channels all of the different aspects of
your business that are important to
understand in order to optimize them and
have the best chance of succeeding so
that meeting will be December 6th and
we're gonna have a total of three
meetings in December; December 6th
December 13th and December 20th and you
Ryan will give a talk on December 13th
you want to tell us a little bit about
that yeah I'm gonna share a portion of
my power of habits for success workshop
so that's a half-day course I have to
see, I'm not going to be giving a
five-hour session on that Friday night
but I'm gonna share a couple portions of
it which will be useful for all the
members all the entrepreneurs that are
going to be present so I'm excited to
meet everybody and to contribute and to
get to know the group. That's great and
I'm hoping by the third meeting on
December 20th we will be able to recruit
a member to give a presentation I had
mentioned before that quite a few of the
applicants had offered to give classes
in their area of expertise whether it's
accounting, marketing, data science, blue
ocean strategy, there's a variety of
others so I'm hoping one of the members
will give a presentation on December
20th so we'll have three meetings in
December and based on the the member
feedback will develop a calendar for
2020. Wow 2020 I know right it's right around
the corner it's coming soon yeah well
this is a great topic for 2020 it's a
great topic for 2019 or any year or any
month and that is this idea that we
believe we have the right to some job or
that some job is below us or we should
not have to do a certain type of work
because we have a certain status and for
me and for most people it's just not
everybody starts out doing jobs that are
available and most jobs that are
available there's something wrong with
them they either have low pay or it's
very hard work, difficult work
undesirable work the conditions are bad
or there are side effects from the work
some of the work that I did as a kid the
work that was available to me was manual
cutting grass, trimming bushes, turning
compost piles, have you ever turned a
compost pile only my own I've never done
it as a living man what a terrible job
that one stinks so bad right but it has
to be done right? Pulling weeds, washing
cars I did all of these jobs I didn't
want to do these jobs but these jobs
were available, right so I started doing
them I also, the worst job that I ever
had was washing dishes in a commercial
kitchen that is by far the worst job I
ever had and I lasted one day and I said
I cannot do this job and I will not do
this job. I also had a one day job, I
got a job at a bakery
a commercial bakery so we had to start
at like 3:00 in the morning
and these huge commercial ovens making
bread and it was like smoking hot and
just tough work and just not desirable
and so I only lasted one day there
thankfully I didn't quit I got another
job and so I was able to leapfrog from
that terrible bakery job into a job at a
plumbing company so yeah but even this
dishwasher job that I did lasted one day
I still did a relatively reasonable job
at it my performance was okay I was able
to convince the owner of the company
that I could do other tasks which were
also undesirable like taking out the
trash or cleaning up after parties or
setting up parties I started at the
bottom and eventually after gained
experience doing these things gaining
discipline working in the food service
industry I moved up to restaurant worker
waiter server which is a step up but you're
still cleaning tables you know taking
orders serving food rolling napkins
cleaning silverware providing customer
service even if the customer is unkind
or rude or has a bad attitude you can I
learned how to have customer service
during those jobs not losing your temper
even when the customer is being
completely unreasonable and
inappropriate and inconsiderate
things that they're important for
everybody to learn over the course of
their careers right so you even in these
low-wage jobs so you were earning money
almost any job you're gonna have it's
gonna pay you now I know in Morocco
there's a lot of internships and in that
case you really need to be focused on
the experience you're gaining the
lessons the skills that connections
growing your network but most jobs pay
you so at least you're getting something
even if it's not what you're hoping to
get paid you're still making money but
the real value you're describing is
those transferable skills the
relationships the soft skills and the
character building it really was
developing who you are as a person it
was humbling but it was good for you
absolutely and when you develop a work
ethic over time you just develop the
habit of doing work the discipline of
working even if you don't like it
getting up in the morning and going to
your job even when you're tired and you
develop that habit over years and it
actually does get easier all of these
things that I mentioned manual labor
dishwasher restaurant worker day labor I
also did pizza and food delivery and I
was a swim coach a swim instructor for
kids and adults I did all those jobs
while I was in school I was doing that
work but at the same time I was
developing other skills and capabilities
that would open different doors in the
and I think that's one of the main
principles that we want to convey in
this podcast which is you have to do
work now that's undesirable in order to
develop habits and skills that will
allow you to do better jobs more
desirable jobs your dream job
quote-unquote in the future but most
people don't just enter the job force, enter the labor market and get a great
job that they love right away right yeah
yeah I think what's that's we really
want people to recognize is you take
what you can get and then you continue
pursuing steps up the ladder so to speak
so when you come out of school or when
you just decide I need some money
I need to find a job you may look at the
options to think I'm not that interested
in that it doesn't pay enough or it's
too difficult or the hours suck or the
working conditions are terrible
the location is bad I'm gonna have to
travel far to get there but at least
you're learning all these skills you're
building those relationships you're
developing that character and you're
making a little bit of money and you can
leverage that job into a better job so
when you go and interview and you're
speaking to a recruiter or an HR manager
and you say I'm unemployed
right now I'm doing nothing the person
sitting across from you has a job they
work they get up in the morning they get
in their business clothes and they go to
an office and they work 40, 45, 50 hours a
week plus their commute time and if
you're on the other side saying the last
six months you've been playing video
games submitting resumes on LinkedIn and
living at your parents house it doesn't
make a good impression
whereas even if you say yeah I've been
you know delivering food for Glovo or
I've been working at this call center
but obviously it's not using my skills
you can see from my CV
I'm way overqualified for that position
and it doesn't pay very well as you know
so I'm looking to better my position and
my career options that speaks volumes to
that HR manager because they see that
you have the character they see that
you're willing to do anything you need
to do to keep moving forward in life and
in your career whereas the person who's
too good to take a crappy job, a low-end
job and somehow manages to fill six
months of time with no job it doesn't
speak highly it looks bad
yeah and a job should not be just looked
at as a source of income it's also a
source of contacts, it's the source of
networking a source of experience and
skills even if you don't want to work in
a call center if you do that you will
meet people you have the opportunity to
create relationships and to demonstrate
to a group of people that you're someone
who is reliable who works hard and then
that network may be a source of jobs in
the future let's say you were to go to a call
center and you were to work your 40
hours a week there are plenty of other
hours during the week where you can do
other things we've talked about this
become an auto-entrepreneur designate
yourself in the certain categories that
you want to pursue whether it's sales or
fabrication or services whatever it is
and do those things in your spare time
as an auto entrepreneur and develop
those contacts those relationships those
experiences that will allow you to
justify getting a different kind of job
a better job than the one you're doing
now mm-hmm
there's even some jobs which would allow
you some spare time while there to be
developing some of these skills to be
watching videos or you download some
sort of online course or you're reading
materials that you need for the classes
while you're at work, now not everyone
call centers are usually very very busy
you're going from call to call and
entering information in the computer but
there's other jobs that are low-end
undesirable jobs where there is a lot of
free time and space you could fill with
that the other thing I want to convey to
the audience is that most work is hard
and if you're looking for some kind of
job that
is easy and well-paid and doesn't cause
you that much stress those jobs are not
readily available they're not out there
one resume submission away yeah you have
to earn those jobs yeah you have to earn
your way to the point where you have
flexible scheduling where you have
autonomy and the work that you're doing
where you can be trusted to carry out
tasks without being micromanaged all of
this requires paying your dues there may
be this idea that you know we as
foreigners were somehow exempt from this
and it's not true every year of my life
I've been doing some kind of aspects of
my work that I didn't want to do there's
always some parts of the job that are
annoying that are hard that cause you
stress and are frustrating
and if you have a job you're always
going to work with people and people
could always be a source of stress so
it's just something that you have to get
used to and you have to understand that
there are no ideal jobs but the pathway
to your ideal job or your dream job is
paved with crappy jobs yeah and you have
to take those steps in order to get to
that dream job even today in my
business today I'm doing things that I
don't want to do I don't particularly
like building social media pages I don't
particularly like creating add content
on Facebook or Instagram or Google these
things I don't particularly enjoy now
they need to get done I prefer to talk
with customers and problem-solve and
help them figure out new ways to get new
customers those are the types of things
that I enjoy doing but I have to do a
variety of things in order to keep the
business operating now eventually as
your reputation and your client list
grows you'll be able you'll be in a
position where you can delegate some of
those less
desirable tasks you can hire somebody
who can build those social media pages
for you so you can spend all your time
doing that the high end thinking tasks
like problem solving with clients and
designing marketing strategies with them
but when you're just starting out you
got to start from the bottom you got to
be the you also have to take out the
trash when you're running your own
company so it's similar for me right now
I'm starting with these workshops and
I'm doing my second one coming up but at
this point it's all me organizing it and
so I'm learning about online marketing
I'm messaging people on whatsapp and
replying to their messages now
eventually I'd like to automate the
system I'd like to delegate that out I'd
like to have enough of a reputation and
a brand built then I have a waiting list
of people that want to take these
courses so that I can raise the prices
so that I can hire somebody to do that
and eventually I'd like to video it and
sell it online so I don't even have to
go and deliver it time after time but
that's a long-term process and I've got
to climb that ladder and I've got to be
willing to do all the the crappy steps
the undesirable steps to get there but
what I anticipated is a few years from
now I'll have this online platform where
there's a marketing funnel that people
come in and they're interested in the
course and they purchase it online and
it's called passive income and that
leads me into the next thing I want to
talk about which is what should I do if
I'm a listener
what should I do today well the first
piece of advice is take a job any job
you can get and be thankful and and let
your thankfulness be obvious to everyone
around you be positive outgoing helpful
try to learn something new every day
but don't be caught in the moment do the
work that needs to be done always
thinking that I'm working towards
something better I can't count the
number of times per day or per week that
I go throughout the city and I encounter
someone who clearly hates their job and
hates their life and they let everyone
know it and that person
they don't understand it but by having
that attitude and that job they're
making it more likely that that is the
best job they'll ever have right they're
trapping themselves, right whereas if
they were thankful and they had a
positive attitude and they did the best
that they could in that job they would
have a much higher chance of actually
getting a job that they desired more
yeah the next thing is I already
mentioned it but use your current job as
a networking source build relationships
and creates a network so that people can
recommend you to other organizations or
if you have a friend or co-worker gets
hired in a new company when that new
company says hey do you know any good
employees you will be the first one on
their list yeah because I promise you
this is what happens when you hire
someone who's good the first thing you
want to ask them is hey do you know
anyone else who's as good as you that
you could recommend and you want to be
on the top of everyone's list when that
question is asked you know this happens
to me a lot because I'm a professor and
so I'm rubbing shoulders with groups of
20 year olds all the time and I know a
lot of small business owners and other
business leaders who do not rub
shoulders with 20 year olds all the time
and they don't want to just put an
advertisement out and have to do the
hiring process they'd rather hire
somebody who comes with a personal
recommendation so I get often asked Ryan
do you know anybody any young student
that you think knows this has this skill
or would be good in this position
anybody you've seen that's kind of a an
all-star that I could hire and I think
of my students in my class and I think
of who comes who's paying attention who
doesn't look like they're half-asleep or
they're dressed like a slob who's
somebody who I would be proud to
introduce to my business friends rather
than embarrassed if this person doesn't
show up or does a terrible job for my
friends company and it's a small list
it's a small group of students who
really distinguish themselves and look
like they're ready to
enter the business world and that side
because they don't realize it they just
think they're taking a class but in some
ways they're also doing a job interview
and I have the opportunity to recognize
if they're talented if they're
hardworking or if they're not because it
would be excellent for them to have a
part-time job to work a few hours a week
or some of the students they have whole
days of the week that they don't have
classes they could be earning income
gaining experience and all of that while
they're in school while they're
full-time students yeah that's one of
the reasons that I applied to be a
teacher at new college in Casablanca to
teach business and to be exposed to
students and to try to find those A
players those all-stars and recruit them
into my own company or at least be aware
of them in order to refer them to my
clients or colleagues who are looking
for high-performing individuals it's one
thing to remember no matter where you
are no matter what you're doing people
are always watching and you should
always do the best that you can have a
good positive attitude yeah you shared a
story a few weeks ago that was really
powerful which was in the office where
we're recording you needed to bring all
this wood up and it wouldn't fit in the
elevator and you asked the guardian hey
is there somebody who can bring this
wood up and he knew right away to guys
that he should call and you made the
comment you want to be the one people
think of you want to be top of mind for
people to recommend and that's really
powerful even if you're working in a
call center you're working with you know
40, 50 other people or even if it's ten
other people not everybody's gonna stay
at that call center for long these
places are known to have an extreme
amount of turnover because it's crappy
pay and not the most satisfying work and
so if there's a very high chance that
these people you're working with are
going to move on to other jobs you want
to be the one that they think of
bringing over that's going to make them
a little to their new boss exactly I have actual
example of the type of person that I'm
talking about I've met him a few weeks
ago he works in a call center he does
not like it but he still does it because
that's what's available he wants to do
sales so I've offered him a commission
sales job that for every sale he makes he will
earn 200 Dirhams a month and if he
makes the sale in theory he's not going
to have to do much work after that so
he'll just keep recurring 200 DHS a
month as long as the the person or the
customer remains a client. Wow he can do
this in his spare time he can do it
after work he can do it on weekends or
on holidays he can work on his sales
technique and his experience and his
skills while keeping his call center job
and if he's successful enough then he
can quit his call center job and get
into a real sales job and he can use me
as a reference yeah he can say look I've
been doing sales for Ryan for the last
four months and this is how many sales I
here's Ryan's number here's a glowing
recommendation from Ryan that exactly is
at the bottom of my CV and if he does a
great good enough job then he can just
be a full-time salesperson for me right
and I'm open to training him to do other
things as well yeah in the business
thinks that I don't want to do yeah
right yeah but that he could be good at
so if you have one of these bad jobs get
your auto entrepreneur card and start
working in the industry that you want to
work in and stop thinking that someone's
just gonna hand this job to you that
you're gonna love you need to earn it
and you need to work for it now I want
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last thing I'll mention is that we all
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paperwork you don't always have the
right paperwork and the person you're
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depending on who you talk to they may
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yeah yeah I paid money to somebody to go
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carte sejour or to get my residency
card in Morocco because the process
you're describing the paperwork
gathering the lack of information the
visits to the government office only to
find out you're missing something or it
needs to be stamped or you need three
copies is incredibly frustrating and
it's a giant waste of time so I paid for
that service to hear that this company
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if you are in the market for a home
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are apartments that are going up all
over the place all the time and there's
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apartments for sale for two hundred
thousand dirhams or five hundred
thousand or a million there's something
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this episode and click on the link for
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simulation and see if you're eligible to
be a homeowner you've been listening to
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