Episode 45 Transcript

Welcome to Episode 45 of the Business in
Morocco Podcast today we're going to be
talking about how to attract new
customers to your business but before we
get to that let's get an update, Ryan
what's going? on hey Ryan good to see you
yeah things are going well coming into
the last couple weeks of the year so
I've wrapped up the busiest season of my
year but there's still a few speaking
I enjoyed speaking last Friday at the
Entrepreneurs Club, we were glad to have
you, it was a great talk
thanks for doing that my pleasure yeah I
was talking about my favorite subject
the power of habits to reach success I'm
gonna be giving a similar workshop at
Commons on Zerktouni on Thursday so it's
basically a preview of what I do in my
full workshops so I really enjoy sharing
that helping people realize how powerful
their habits are and how knowing about
habits and how they work and how they're
formed that knowledge can really help
you structure your life in such a way to
be successful and reach your goals so
yeah it was really enjoyable time I love
going around speaking and meeting new
audiences I also gave a talk for some
grade 12 students on Saturday they're
considering how to prepare for their
baccalaureate exams so I was telling
them some tips about that and it was at
the SIST the British University where I
teach so they get to check out the
school and think about studying there as
well so it's a marketing event for the
school so yeah it's been great, lots of
opportunities what about you what's new
well after this podcast I need to print
out my list of numbers which is the new
habit I'm going to form from your talk
that you gave us which is my customer
pitch sheet meaning I have a goal to
give a certain number of customer
presentations per month and when I give
one I'm going to mark it off on the
sheet yeah and
I think that that will be enough of a
motivator to actually push me over the
edge to to call customers to email
customers potential customers prospects
in order to pitch them my services yeah
and in fact since you gave that
presentation I am able to mark off two
that's great that's all since today's
Tuesday we're recording the podcast on
Tuesday and it won't air till Friday so
a lot of things we're talking about will
have already occurred when the podcast
airs but today I had a business meeting
with a supplier who has a lot of
products that are no longer in demand in
retail stores and so he has a warehouse
full of toys and games and souvenir
items and they're just collecting dust
in a warehouse, Wow, as of right now they're a
are complete loss so I am going to work
with them to help him start selling
online and hopefully recover at least
some of the money that was invested yeah
to purchase some of these products so
that deal that relationship will start
next week and it'll go for three months
at least and we'll see if it needs to
continue after that so that's exciting
I just want to highlight the two
principles related to what you're
sharing there so when you're talking
about focusing on how many sales
presentations you make whether that's
you know cold calls to set up meetings
or actual pitches where you're sitting
down with somebody it's important to
choose a metric that you control so some
companies and individuals do this where
they talk about how much weight they
want to lose or how many what their
sales revenue is going to be but these
kinds of things ultimately they're
they're outside of our control we're in
charge of the inputs you know you can
decide how many phone calls you're going
to make or how many meetings you're
going to have but how many people decide
to buy is influenced by other factors
even the economy might really play a
major role in that also it's a lag
indicator so it's something that you
don't see until later down the road I
mean some products that you
the sale cycle can be months or even
years long and so you could be doing the
right behaviors but not seeing the
results or if you wanted to lose weight
you could be going to the gym changing
your diet exercising more but you don't
see instant results it takes time and if
you're focused only on the results it's
easy to quit so when you're choosing as
your your metric that you're measuring
something that you control it increases
the chances of success then the second
factor is you're making it enjoyable
there's a certain level of pleasure that
comes from taking something off the list
or from seeing, I'm rewarding myself
I'm making progress so by having
something where you X the day off or you
you know you put coins in a jar for
every call I've heard of a stockbroker
that had two jars one at the start of
the day was full of paper clips and
after every call he got to move one
paper clip over to the empty jar and he
wouldn't go home until the first jar was
empty which pushed him to face so much
rejection from cold calls and ultimately
the sales numbers they come in if your
pitches is great your product's all right
eventually with enough calls you're
gonna hit your revenue targets but we
focus on what we control yeah I haven't
what the actual calendar of numbers is
going to mean at the very least it'll
mean number of customer presentations
but I'm actually thinking about being
more specific and haven't mean number of
customer rejections meaning my goal is
to be rejected at least this many times
during the month which should make
getting rejected easier hmm because
that's the goal is to reach a certain
number of rejections per month yeah one
thing that has become very clear to me
after just two club meetings is the
degree to which people think that their
business is a product or service but
really what it is, is sales hmm I'm in
some email correspondence with some
people and I've had
several conversations in the club and
businesses about sales yes it's about
the product and the service but often
the hardest part is sales right which is
actually the topic of today just before
we get into that one thing I want to
mention is that this Wednesday tomorrow
the 18th we'll have had our third Club
meeting and the topic of that meeting is
going to be marketing it's going to be
influence and persuasion which is a book
by Robert Cialdini where he talks
about these six principles of persuasion
reciprocity, scarcity, authority,
consistency, liking, and consensus now
this is not all the elements of
persuasion but these are six very
important elements of persuasion and if
you're a small business owner you have
to understand these principles because
they are the foundation of how people
make their decisions and the better you
can understand your customer the better
you can appeal to them and attract them
to your product or service so on a third
meeting and the club will be talking
about that specifically but today we're
gonna give our listeners a little bit of
insight into how we do our customer
acquisition do you want to talk a little
bit about how you went about getting
your customers for your habits for
success classes sure so this is a real
work in progress for me I've done two
workshops so far the first one I had
nine people come and the second I had
eight come now I'm only selling ten
seats so I haven't reached capacity yet
for either of those courses but just to
make it clear to the listeners it's not
open and those numbers are low it's very
close to to the my goal to capacity so
there's been some word-of-mouth
so as I've put out to different friends
people that know kind of what I do and
what I'm about
they've recommended others so for
example the first course there was two
students from an English Center that
came because one of my friends is a
tutor there and he recommended them so
he could see what I was offering he knew
his friends and thought it was a good
fit there so he made the introduction
I've been using Facebook ads so I've
tried both the photo
I've tried directing people to my
website I've done video ad and what I
found is that it's a very low conversion
rate so far now that's probably mostly
on me despite the fact that I've chosen
my target audience as best that I can on
Facebook filters I still find that
people are leaving their phone number
and then when I contact them some of
them don't even remember even within 12
hours giving their number they say what
is this how'd you get my number
and I'm saying you just entered it on
Facebook like within today you know I'm
responding very quickly and they don't
even remember others they don't have the
language so the ad is all in English but
someone will leave their phone number
and then when I go to write them it's
clear that they don't even have a basic
level of English to hold a whatsapp
conversation but then also this is a
waste of my time you know messaging
people directly so I'm working on
improving this and my plans so I
installed a pixel Facebook pixel on my
website so then people who are
interested enough to go and read a
description of the course that's a lot
closer to my target audience they've
jumped through a couple hoops they've
made the click they've come over to the
website so now Facebook can build a
target audience similar to those people
which should increase the conversion
rate another idea that I'd like to try
is adding some more hoops making it a
little more complicated a little more
difficult rather than just entering your
name and phone number maybe a couple
questions where you need to type
something in the box number one because
this takes more effort
and the more effort it takes the less
people are going to complete the task so
you have to be motivated to do it but
number two if you need to type it will
reveal to me a language level and then I
won't even bother and drink somebody's
number into my phone and calling them if
I can see clearly they don't speak my
language this workshop is completely in
English one other idea related to
Facebook is having a chat bot so
basically building this program that
allows people to you know it asks you a
question are you interested in this
course yes and you know kind of leads
people down a choose-your-own-adventure
type of conversation which could filter
the people out that aren't a good fit
for this course including being
explicitly clear about the cost because
the course this next one that I'm doing
in January it cost 600 Dirhams for a
seat and I get people who iMessage they
go oh it's not free even though it's
written even though I try to make it
extremely clear it's still people miss
those details and that ends up being a
waste of my time and a waste of their
time so the best thing I can do is
filter down to the right people
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pass back to you and you and then I we
can come back to me after a bit now this
is something that you I talked about a
few weeks ago I think it was after the
first training that you did was all this
time that you had spent doing these
messaging back and forth and that's
something that I realized when I was
doing marketing for my business English
class last year was that I was getting a
lot of false positives meaning people
were contacting me who were not right
for the class they weren't qualified
they didn't really have any interest I'm
still trying to figure out why people
fill out formulas or why they fill out
questionnaires that are completely
inappropriate for them and would never
really be relevant this seems to be
consistent because it's happening with
the club as well but it also happened
when I was doing the recruiting for the
business English class and one of the
things we did talk about was creating
these hurdles like you mentioned having
a chat bot having a questionnaire if I
talk about the the marketing funnel for
the club going into this I knew it and
that's why at almost every touch point
for the club I have mentioned the cost
there's a cost there's a limited number
of spots all of the classes will be
in French and English if you don't pay
you lose your spot in the club even if
you don't attend the meetings the
meetings will be after work they will be
in this certain location of the city and
I only targeted the ads to a reasonable
radius around my office I'm not showing
the ad to people who live in Mohammedia
or Ain Sabaa because I just know that
that's too much
whereas too far is too much too much of
a distance for them to come twice a
month so I put these hurdles in place
you had to see the ad meaning you had to
live or work in a certain location
you had to read English or French you
had to click on the ad you had to go to
our website you had to fill out a
questionnaire which sent a message to
our email then I replied to that email
encouraging you to fill out another
questionnaire that was different and had
more detailed information so then he had
to go fill out that questionnaire and
then I sent you messages through
whatsapp and through the group and
finally you were given the information
about the club meetings the location the
hours etc and the conversion rate has
been better for example I said I got 60
people to fill out the original
questionnaire using Facebook Ads
yeah so I use Facebook Ads through our
Facebook page business in Morocco
podcast a targeted audience around the
office in Finance City and Oulfa, Hay Hassani
Beausejour or Yacoob el Mansoor those people felt that questionnaire I got up to 60
questionnaires and then I turned off all
the ads then I engaged everybody through
whatsapp and through email on the second
questionnaire and that number came down
to 30
so my conversion rate from the original
questionnaire to the second
questionnaire was 50% then as of today
before our third meeting there are 11
Club members so if you take all of the
market efforts whether it was on Facebook the
website the podcast word of mouth I have
eleven members out of about 30 or 35
invitations to the club which is really
not bad that's about one out of three
mm-hmm I am encouraged that there are
going to be new people who are even
coming to the third meeting on Wednesday
and so that number might be bumped up a
little and I have reinstated the ads on
Facebook so I'm getting new new club
applications several every day and it is
my goal to have 25 or 30 members by the
end of January and at that point the
club will be closed the club will be
comprised of people who are very
committed to the club and it will be a
great environment for people to start
their own business to learn about
business and to essentially get the
equivalent of a master's in business
education for 200 Dirhams a month right
let's talk about the applicable
principles here so when we talk about a
funnel we're talking about sort of
you're casting this wide net you're
appealing to a broad audience but even
still not everybody you've narrowed the
scope down because the products that you
and I are offering are the services that
we are offering they're not relevant to
the bulk of the population so we're not
going to put up a billboard on the side
of the road because 99% of the people
driving past cannot use our services or
it's not relevant to them so we need to
find the people who are target customers
so first we have to really define that
we have to know who it is we're
targeting now what I've been learning
through this process is a lot of my
audience from my youtube channel they're
not my target audience for these
workshops it's more young people I have
subscribers from around the country so
they can't really attend any in-person
event many of them are students and who
don't have any money
and so when it comes to paying 600 Dirhams
for a workshop for a Saturday
afternoon they just don't have the
budget for that
so really I'm targeting young
professionals and so another thing I'd
like to try with my next workshop is is
LinkedIn ads this is a social media
platform where you find a lot more
professionals and where you can help
narrow the scope down to people that
have the right age the right position in
life so I'm looking for kind of these
- you know mid 40s type age group people
that are working that really want to
improve themselves that are concerned
about personal development and obviously
speaking English and when you do your
ads on Facebook and on LinkedIn you can
actually select the different criteria
for who you want to see the ad their age
their employment status their
geographical location where they live
where they work their interests for
example for the club you had at one of
these interests in order to see the ads
you had to have an interest in English
in business and entrepreneurship or
business English which is something
different but you had to have an
interest in one of those categories to
see the ad at all right and one of the
conversations I had with an entrepreneur
in the club last week was I asked him
who are you customers he said everyone
and I said no no it's never everyone
right it's never ever ever everyone you
especially when you're starting out you
have to find a niche that is your ideal
and likely customer for me it's business
professionals what they call it's essentially the category of
independent business people like doctors
lawyers accountants engineers people who
work as essentially a sole proprietor
that has become my niche because I can
convince them if I can get them five or
six more clients a month then that will
pay my fees and everything above that is
profit for them so that's my niche
and everyone has to understand who
they're likely customer is yeah and
because when you figure that out then
your marketing dollars will be far more
effective right otherwise yeah you're
just throwing your money into the wind
it's it's a complete waste I mean if
you're selling something like pasta
okay people in every economic strata in
every neighborhood around Casablanca
probably purchase pasta or Kleenex boxes
but even then when you're starting out
especially when you're beginning a new
business you really need to know who are
my my target customers yeah one other
thing I know you've tried Ryan is
finding partners so finding people who
could bring you new customers because
their interests are aligned with yours
you tell us more about that it's very
important here in Morocco but around the
world is the authority the personal
reference and this is one of the six
principles of persuasion is having
authority Ryan if you recommend to me a
doctor or a lawyer or a restaurant I'm
immediately going to take it seriously
because we know each other and I trust
your judgment
so any issues that I may think about a
doctor or a restaurant or anything does
all go away because you have personal
experience and you're you're making a
personal recommendation yeah and usually
that can overcome all kinds of
objections so the importance of
referrals cannot be overstated
in your business you have to ask for
them this is another thing we've talked
about in the club people are afraid to
ask their customers for referrals or
they're afraid to ask for positive
reviews I had a meeting with a doctor
the other day and I asked her when was
the last time you asked a satisfied
customer to leave you a review on Google
she said oh I know I never do that I'd
be too embarrassed well unfortunately
that's how a lot of people make their
decisions if they search for you online
they want to see that other people have
had a good experience yeah
and it may not be true here Morocco yet
but in the United States people almost
value recommendations from people they
don't know more than from people they do
know because they somehow see them as
unbiased right having good reviews on
Facebook or on Instagram or Google or
having customer testimonials on your
website it's incredibly important yeah
and it's something that I tell all of my
clients that they need to be doing every
day so that can build your authority but
also you I know you recently worked at a
partnership with a printer to help you
surface leads can you share why that
printer would bother helping your
business well I told them that for every
they give me I'm gonna give them 750
Dirhams okay now why would you do that
because I'm playing the long game if
that customer stays with me for a year
the revenue I get from that customer
will go well over ten thousand Dirhams
per year so that finder's fee is very
low right I also want people doing the
work for me and as I mentioned in other
podcasts I have a one-time commission
and a recurring commission that I offer
to anyone who brings me clients this
printer all of my current clients they
have the same referral program to have
people out in the city giving references
but also to be incentivize themselves to
give the references it'll help your
business grow to have advocates for you
yeah definitely now why a printer so I
picked the printer because they already
have existing relationships with the
customer base that I'm searching for a
printer prints flyers, pamphlets, menus
other kinds of promotional materials
and so they have small businesses coming
in to do business with them already yeah
and it's a natural thing to offer them
online services at the same time so
that's why I thought that having a
partnership with a printer would be a
good idea and I wanted the sales rep to
be as motivated as possible that's why
I'm offering him this very large
commission see I think it's brilliant
because building off knowing who are my
ideal and likely customer is where are
they now and are there other people that
are already doing business with them and
so for me doing a workshop about
personal development in English one
thought that came to mind is some of the
English centers in the city and there's
many of them and some of them are a
little more expensive and a little more
geared towards professionals they have a
lot of evening classes for people to
come after work they have a higher price
tag and then there's those that are more
geared towards students and even
children now the ones that are geared to
these professionals those people are
already doing business with my ideal and
likely customer and so I've started
approaching some of them to see if we
can work out a partnership where I could
be meeting these clients and presenting
my workshop and getting paid for it
which is what I'm wanting to do with
with the workshops I'm running but they
could be bringing me clients either with
an affiliate commission or we could work
out something where we're there hosting
the event they're marketing it they're
telling all their people through their
database to come and attend the event
and then just paying me a fee to come
and present it and to pitch it so it's a
it's a win-win partnership there so I'm
following your footsteps in pursuing
these partnerships where our interests
are aligned and I'm working with people
who are already working with my ideal
customers the other thing I wanted to
mention was communicating the value of
your service one of the things we've
talked about in the club is what is the
essence of your business what is the
value proposition what problem are you
solving? what pain are you relieving? the
reason you need to spend so much time
thinking about this is so you can
communicate the value to the customer
for example when I go and pitch
potential marketing clients I don't just
talk about the money I don't just talk
about the increase in number of clients
but if I'm talking to a doctor I'll talk
about the ability to help more people
it's not just that you're getting more
money you're employing people or you're
having more clients is that you're
making your services more widely known
to the community and helping somebody
who is in need mm-hmm a lot of people in
this city rely on word-of-mouth to do
everything yeah which means that they
are missing out on the best that the
city has to offer if you only are aware
of what your friends and family members
know about then you're overpaying and
you're getting a lower quality for the
same product or service that's available
in the city it's just it's just a fact
right and you have to speak to who the
customer or the client will be as a
result of your product or service for
example when you're giving your class on
powerful habits I would advise you to
talk about not just the the benefits of
the class but who will they become right
if they follow your advice what kind of
person can they be what kind of changes
will they see in their life if they
actually put into practice the things
that you're recommending yeah I mean for
me it's keeping the lights on keeping
the business open paying the employees
you know maybe buying a home or
expanding the office sending your kids
to school overseas I know a lot of
Moroccans would love to send their kids
to school overseas but they don't have
the money yeah well if you're a small
business owner and you're not marketing
through the internet you're missing out
you know on a lot of these opportunities
so maybe the motivation is not that I
can live a nice
house but maybe the motivation as I can
send my kids to school in Europe yeah so
that brings up when you are pitching
your client you really want to do a
bunch of listening at the beginning to
really find out what is the pain point
that this clients experiencing? is this
doctor really motivated to try and help
more people or is this doctor just
really wanting to increase their salary
so that they can afford to send their
kid off to school is this doctor already
convinced that they need to market
online but they're stressed about the
time it's going to take and the fact
that they don't have expertise if you
start this pitch with doing a lot of
listening you can really understand what
their needs are and then you can cater
your message to meeting those needs I
think in summary if you're a small
business owner or an auto entrepreneur
and you want to attract new customers to
your business the first thing you need
to do is understand the customer yeah
you need to ask questions you need to
understand what problem it is that
you're solving you need to not only
communicate the benefits and the value
of your product or service but you need
to show the customer who they will be as
a result of buying your product or
service will they be entertained? will
they be educated? will they be wiser? will
they be healthier? will they be stronger?
will they live longer? will they be
smarter? will they have more friends? who
will they be as a result of your product
or service the next thing is once you've
figured out who this ideal customer is
you have to craft your marketing your
outreach to where their attention is you
have mentioned Ryan that your ideal
customer is employed they live in the
city they're a young professional their
salary is mid-range that's not too low
it's not too high and their attention
may be on things like LinkedIn right or
Facebook or Instagram so you would craft
your marketing campaign
based on that customer profile and like
you said you would never buy a billboard
or run an a radio ad or a television ad
that would be completely inappropriate
yeah but if you were selling pasta or
couscous then yeah a billboard would be
great yeah as you can see Ryan and I are
both developing and growing our
businesses we're still searching for
more ideal and likely customers we're
not full we're still improving our
marketing efforts and so it's a real
continuous learning process we're
testing stuff this last time that I was
using Facebook Ads I made four ads and I
watched for a couple days and then I
chose two that we're generating the the
best click-through rate or the the best
return on investment so I didn't know
which photos would people would respond
better to or which text I tried one with
video to see how that was and then I
told you I'm already developing you know
this Facebook pixel to improve the to
improve the conversion rate but we're
learning we're trying new things and
seeing what's going to work and even
once we feel like we've got it dialed in
things are gonna change because there'll
be new advertising channels that come in
and the customer is always changing and
we might offer new products or new
services or new improvements on the
existing services and so it's a
continuous learning process marketing is
an ongoing process. you've been listening
to the Business in Morocco Podcast my
name is Ryan Kirk here with my co-host
Ryan Maimone, if you enjoyed this episode
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