Episode 48 Transcript

all right welcome to Episode 48 of the
Business in Morocco Podcast Happy New
Year everybody this is going to air just
after the beginning of 2020 so Ryan
Happy New Year how you doing what's new? Happy New Year Ryan, things are going well, it's the second week of
January we've had beautiful weather here
in Casablanca and for all of those of
you out there living in Europe I'm sorry
yeah knowing that your weather is much
much worse than it is for us yeah you
know that's something that Moroccans
underestimate they do not realize how
fortunate they are to have the weather
that they do and all the Moroccans that
dream of immigrating to Canada to
America to Europe they don't realize
what they're gonna miss and how
challenging it can be to deal with the
cold winters
I love the seasons I grew up in Canada I
love snowboarding I love fall I love
spring but man it's gonna be hard to
adjust if I ever leave this place to not
having the sunshine 300 days a year it
really is a huge quality of life measure
that is hard to overestimate having the
the Sun out being able to go outside and
I remember when we lived in France from
December through like March or April
it was jut miserable,
just drizzling gray that rain cold it
was not fun I spent a lot of time
indoors yeah and if you like the
outdoors Morocco is a good place for you.
other than that life continues getting
started again with the entrepreneurs
Club of Casablanca so that's going well
and continue to work for my my clients
doing e-commerce and developing my ideas
for Morocco in terms of doing business
here but as I've been thinking about
that I've been thinking about other
opportunities for Moroccan business
ideas specifically in 2020 so I'm going
to make a prediction my prediction is
that Trump, who is a controversial figure
around the world, is going to be
re-elected and rather easily, you might
say well what does that have to do with
Morocco? well here's what it has to do
with I believe that the trade issues
with China are not going to get better I
just believe the culture and the
leadership of China is not going to end
up doing a deal with Trump and Trump is
not going to do a deal with them
and that has implications for the United
States other trade partners like Morocco.
Morocco has a well-established trade
agreement with the United States the
information although it is hard to find
and filter, is out there to understand
what items
are on this trade agreement and what the
tariffs are and what they are not and
what items qualify under the agreement
meaning what items are Moroccans allowed
to export to the United States without
any tariffs and there is a long list and
there is also a long list of items that
Americans are allowed to export to
Morocco or Moroccans are allowed to
import into Morocco that also do not
have tariffs and my business idea for
Moroccans in 2020 is to look at items
that have historically been manufactured
in China and exported to the United
States find a list of those items that
have recently had tariffs slapped on them
10% 20% 25% even more and see if there
are any high-quality items that are
produced here in Morocco that are not now
being taxed heavily, have import duties
on them from China into the United
States and if you can find something
that is equivalent quality but has no
tariffs from Morocco to the United
States, you can have a competitive
advantage, yeah versus these products
that have historically been made in
China so the idea for Moroccans is to do
research this requires a lot of research
to figure out what does Morocco make
that competes with what China makes and
what as a result of the trade
disagreements between the United States
China, where can Morocco fill in this gap?
or sell an equally good product at a
lower price? because of the free trade
agreement, yeah that's good
so as I mentioned last episode I have my
own ideas on this particular topic and
I'm not going to share all of them at
this time
but there are opportunities here for
Moroccans to export things to the United
States where traditionally the importers
in the United States and the retailers
have been selling pretty much 100%
Chinese goods right I think the future
between the United States and China is
less trade and more conflict other
people are predicting that once the
election is settled there will be an
agreement between the United States and
China but if you know anything about the
situation between China the United
States it is very bad for the United
States in terms of in terms of the
tariffs that China imposes on us
products and the intellectual property
theft that takes place and the history
of allowing pretty much any Chinese good
to come in to the United States with
very little tax if or no tax at all yeah
and I think that that is not going to
resolve itself towards more things being
produced in China and sent to the United
States so the other trade partners for
the United States stand to benefit
as a result of this. yeah so that's
something to think about for our
that's cool Wow I love recording this
podcast because we have all these
predictions down and then eventually
we'll be like Gary Vee we can make these
videos where we say look we predicted it
back in those days you know we don't
have to mention the ones where we were wrong that's right you're hearing it now that Trump
will be reelected and rather easily and
we'll see if I'm right or not
all right so 11 months from now we'll
find out that you're correct or not
that's exciting though even even to
think about for a young Moroccan that is
looking for an opportunity to just from
your laptop you can do all this research
you can access this information that's
how a lot of successful Amazon
businesses started was people were just
researching what's a product that I can
have manufactured in China and even
without leaving their home just with
their laptop and an internet connection
they've started a successful drop
shipping type business just through
research so the same can be done from
here well there's something called
fulfillment by Amazon which means that
you ship your goods to them to Amazon
they receive them and then they put them
in the warehouses that they want to. You
create an online store on Amazon you had
your products the descriptions the
prices Amazon holds your products and
then when it's ordered Amazon fulfills
the order meaning Amazon pulls the item
from their warehouse they package it
they put the label on it and then they
deliver it and they receive payment and
they deal with customer service they
deal with returns they deal with lost
packages and damages they deal with all
of that now they're gonna take a
significant commission for this service
but like you said you could literally be
someone in Morocco ordering something
from Morocco or China having it shipped
to the United States having it fulfilled
in an Amazon warehouse and sold on their
website and you never left your computer
from Morocco yeah this is possible today
people are doing it from all over the
world it's getting more difficult
because there's more competition but it
is happening every day and maybe this
disagreement between China and the US
provides a greater opportunity because
some people are going to be squeezed out
from the business they've built it's
true so what about you? with what's
happened last week? what's going on? well
I I'm slightly glad that the kids are
back in school it makes more of a
routine which I think it's always more
effective when there's a regular
schedule having them back on vacation
changes the whole dynamic of the house I
have a home office that I work from
often so that makes it a little more
difficult to be productive but I've got
all that kind of New Year's motivation
channeling through me I do need to do a
ton of marking I've been finishing up
students assignments and then they are
writing final exams this week which will
be making their way to me soon so that's
one of the difficult parts about being a
professor I love teaching I love being
in the classroom the marking is not as
exciting but it's one of those kinda
necessary evils and so I'm doing a lot
of that through the month of January and
then shifting into more content creation
during the month of February so meaning
creating some digital products I have my
next habits for success workshop
happening on the 18th as we're recording
this I have seven seats left I've
already sold three even though it's
several weeks in advance and I haven't
done any paid advertising for it yet so
yeah well I
by the time this episode is released
hopefully I'll still have a couple more
seats left but maybe not if you're
interested you can write Ryan@Moroccopodcast.com
and find more information
or go to maroctreasure.com/courses
yeah why don't we get into our
topic of the day which is changing your
life by changing your habits so when we
change our habits we change our lives we
are what we repeatedly do now there's a
quote that's often attributed to the
Greek philosopher Aristotle which says
that excellence is not an act but a
habit because we are what we repeatedly
do so the idea is if I want to improve
myself if I want to change my life if
I've got dreams of things being better
things going forward in 2020 I need to
look at my habits I don't need to just
do things once I don't need to just have
an incredible one-off performance I need
to look at my routines I need to look at
my regular actions and behaviors I need
to change my habits I need to start good
habits I need to maintain good habits
and I need to replace or change my bad
habits so in this episode we want to
talk about related to our goals for 2020
the type of systems we want to put in
place or the type of regular habits that
we want to develop in our lives so I
briefly mentioned in our last episode
when we want to make radical changes in
our life one tip is to start with what's
known as a keystone habit so if any of
our listeners have ever gone to Volubilis
outside of Meknes you see a
Roman archway and for those who have
travelled and seen other Roman ruins
around the Mediterranean area they often
have these archways built out of stone
and they're triangle shaped rocks all
leaning on one another until there's a
key stone in the dead center of the
archway and so all the rocks on one side
are leaning and putting pressure
and onto that Keystone but there's an
equal amount of rocks adding the same
amount of pressure from the other side
and so the strength of the archway is
maintained and it's solid and secure and
some of these have lasted in place for
centuries and centuries
so that Keystone is a metaphor or a
picture of how certain habits have
powerful impacts on other habits in our
lives so to use a simple example many of
us know we need to improve our health
and if you develop the habit of
exercising it affects almost every area
of your life
because if I start exercising regularly
it's known to increase our mood we feel
better about ourselves it increases our
confidence we have deeper sleep and when
when I have deeper sleep I feel better
when I wake up I'm more positive this
affects my relationships because hey I'm
more confident I feel better about
myself I'm in a better mood I'm more
patient I'm more generous I'm more
giving I'm more positive and happy which
makes people want to be around me more
often as we exercise it also increases
our ability to concentrate and it
increases increases our energy levels so
energy and concentration will affect our
work environment most of our listeners
are knowledge workers or full-time
students and so your brain functioning
at maximum capacity is going to increase
your performance at work which can lead
to promotions it can lead to success
just from this one simple habit of
exercising it has huge effects on other
areas of our lives when we regularly
exercise it tends to affect what we eat
most people start to change their habits
positively around their diet and what
they drink and also related to smoking
and late night snacking and these kind
of other destructive habits it puts
pressure on them when you're seeing
positive changes in your health and your
body's improving it starts to make you
not want to act on
bad habits so one simple habit and
establishing it has sweeping
implications for your life that's a
keystone habit so beginning with one of
those can make a huge difference
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now back to the show, another one is
learning finding a way in that you
regularly are growing your
mind that could be developing the habit
of reading before bed or when you wake
up in the morning it could be reading a
book during your lunch break
it could be listening to audiobooks or
podcasts like this one as you commute to
work or as you're at the gym or as
you're washing dishes these kinds of
small actions when you develop the habit
it grows over time it starts to compound
and the results add up these are known
as Keystone habits so when you're
looking at the year ahead and the
changes you want to make in your life
begin with the type of habit that's
gonna have sweeping implications focus
your attention and your motivation on
those one or two Keystone habits that
are like knocking over the first domino
it will impact other areas of your life
over time for me personally one Keystone
habit is waking up early this is
something that I've established in
previous years in my life and it leads
to a couple other things it leads to
exercise and it leads to me investing in
my spiritual life and my reading so
because I wake up early there's not much
going on at the home all my family is
still asleep and there's no pressing
deadlines with work no meetings or
anything like that it allows me to focus
my time on the things that are really
important things that move the needle on
the results that I care about so one of
the habits I'm looking to grow in 2020
is going to the gym and when I look at
my lifestyle and I look at my schedule
and when I think about the type of
person I am and my role as a father and
a husband really to me the best time to
go to the gym is first thing in the
morning so I've already got the habit of
waking up early I just need to
incorporate a few days a week leaving
the house and going to the gym for
exercise before I come back and kind of
start the rest of my morning routine so
this is something that I'm just
branching out in still early days in
2020 but this is a habit I want to
for this first quarter I am a morning
person I would love to have that be a
habit for me unfortunately as a right
now I don't need an alarm to wake me up
early because my two kids are automatic
alarm for example my daughter woke me up
at 3:00 a.m. last night and my son
decided that the day was going to begin
at 5:00am and that is fairly inconsistent
but I am looking forward to the day when
I can get up in the morning early with
the expectation that there won't be
anyone else awake yeah so that I can be
productive and focused because I do
believe that the first three hours of
the day is my prime time mentally
motivationally in terms of energy yeah
and unfortunately I'm just in a season
right now where that's not the case
yeah that's an important point you're
bringing up Ryan that when you read
books or you hear podcasts and you get
information from others you really need
to tailor it to your current situation
and your lifestyle because you know for
me if I said oh the the best time to do
it is the morning you might say well not
for me but I would imagine your kids are
in bed asleep seven maybe seven thirty
eight pm max whereas my kids are still
up and around up until 9:30 at night
because they're they're in a different
stage of life they're much older so that
the quiet time that I have in the
evenings is shorter but in the mornings
is longer and so we need to adjust our
habits and our routines in order to
increase our effectiveness based on our
lifestyle and the current season we're
in with family that's the first note
that I made
and my notes for this podcast was before
you set your goals and you create a list
of habits you really have to understand
your own nature and you have to
understand your own priorities and you
have to understand your current
situation the limitations of it and your
priorities within your life and then
pursue goals because if you set goals or
habits that are in conflict with your
actual priorities then that will cause
stress for example oftentimes we have to
make a decision between work and family
and it's very hard to create a new
family habit if you know that work is
going to win every time there's a
conflict or if you know that at the end
of the day you're just tired and you
don't want to put a lot of effort into
your life but you want to set a new
health goal of exercising or cooking
these gourmet healthy dinners you're
probably going to choose convenience
just because of your nature and the way
that your life is set out so far I'm not
saying that people can't have dramatic
changes but one of the things that I
think is a good idea is to set winnable
goals yeah winnable that changes and
build upon them don't try to eat the
hamburger in one bite
yeah you should know yourself by now how
many times in January's of past years
have you set a goal or habit change and
when February or March rolls around
you're no longer doing it yeah for
last year I set a goal of eating no
dessert for the whole year that's
painful which lasted I think it lasted
longer than I expected about six weeks I
think this year I may set a more
manageable goal like no specific candies
for no chocolate or maybe just for a
time like just January right I think a
fast yeah do something that's more
manageable that I can be built on yeah
or dessert once a week right you
know yeah I think people need to know
themselves are you a black and white
person or a great person do you need
exceptions in your habits in order to
maintain them or if you're like me I
prefer to just have a cut and dry
situation meaning no chocolate at all
yeah because the moment I take that
first bite of chocolate well the gates have
opens and the floodgates have opened and
now there's no reason not to eat
chocolate every day we're in it but if I
am maintaining a streak for me streaks
are very powerful yeah and the longer
street go is the more powerful it
yeah maybe other people aren't like that
they need a little bit of an outlet in
order to maintain the overall good habit
yeah so you have to know yourself and
you have to know your priorities in
order to make real change and the other
thing I wanted to say is is don't try to
make too many big changes all at once
hmm develop a list of new habits and
and prioritize them and trying to tackle
the first two or three trying to do too
many could be overwhelming cause too
much stress yeah I completely agree with
that in the power of habits for success
workshop that I teach I have people
build a
like a master habit plan and the idea is
that it takes up to three years to
become the person that you hope to
be which means to have the the regular
consistent habits in your life that are
leading you on the pathway towards the
success you want because it is extremely
rare it is the exception not the rule to
have radical change overnight to eat the
hamburger in one bite as you put it that
is very very rare and it usually happens
because of dramatic events like a real
health scare or a near-death experience
or losing a loved one or radical life
change like losing your job or getting
divorced most of us don't want to go
through that kind of upheaval in our
lives we want to change gradually and
that's the the more traditional path so
you choose to begin with the Keystone
habit one or two areas you focus all
your energy on those habits and then you
build on that over time once that habit
is established
now you freed up some new energy to
focus on a different habit that you want
to change and so I'm beginning with the
focus on regularly going to the gym
getting that into my my routine because
I've already established waking up early
so I'm just incorporating it there but
other habits that I want to build are
gonna come later in the year once that's
sort of just a set part of my routine
and it feels like it's part of my
identity I'm the type of person who goes
to the gym I'm a regular exerciser I'm
an early riser once those things are
part of who I am I can begin improving
and adding to it
you gave a talk at the Entrepreneurs
Club of Casablanca
and you talked about habits and you
mentioned four elements I believe it was
have you thought about your trigger and
your reward for going to the gym maybe
you could share the the four elements of
this new habit you'd like to as though
what Ryan's referring to is coming out
of a book called the power of habits by
Charles Duhigg and building on that
atomic habits by James clear which I
highly recommend it's available on
Englishbooks.ma I believe it's in there
Express Delivery section which means you
could have it at your doorstep in the
next three business days easily and it
talks about the four stages of a habit
there's the Q and then there's the
craving then there's the response or the
behavior and then there's the reward the
reason why we do have it's is because we
get something from it the reason why you
want to eat chocolate is because it
tastes amazing and your body is flooded
with with sugar and it's great it's
wonderful and so your brain likes that
and when you see chocolate when you see
a milk a bar or some chocolate that you
love it immediately sparks this craving
in you to go eat the chocolates that you
get that hit of sugar you get that
reward this is how habits are formed so
for me the cue with going to the gym is
a time of day as I said I've got the
habit of waking up early before my
family and I've chosen three days a week
to during the week and one on the
weekend that I am going to the gym to
exercise and so that's the the Q the
alarm goes off and and I know it's that
time of day now I set myself up for
success by going to bed early making
sure that I'm getting enough sleep so
even though I'm waking up in the dark
and it's it's very early in the morning
I'm rested because I went to bed at a
good time and secondly by laying out
everything so I'm all prepared
I'm not disrupting my family
and we you know turning on lights and
rummaging around looking for my gym
shoes it's all organized by the door so
I can quietly slip out have minimal
impact on everybody else's sleep
patterns and it makes it just so much
less intimidating it's so much less
daunting to get out the door and go to
the gym now for the reward I'm still
working on that
I mean exercise in itself is rewarding
you you feel good you get a hit of
endorphins you when you start the day
you feel like you're ahead of everybody
else you know I'm dropping my kids off
at school looking around thinking like
I've already worked at it I've already
exercised I've already accomplished so
much so there's that natural feeling
higher levels of energy and
concentration but to add to it I'm
thinking about finding like a penny Shea
shop close by that something that I
really enjoy I love you know having a
smoothie and it's healthy and that can
be kind of like a reward so it's like a
treat that I get to give myself after
going to the gym and then also I've got
a calendar on the back of my door where
I can put an X every time I successfully
do a workout so I can see throughout the
year have I been exercising three times
a week am i hitting my goals of
regularly pushing my body to improve my
strength my agility and my overall
health yeah that's a great advice and if
you want to learn more about those
habits you can go to your YouTube
channel or to Maroc Treasure yeah I've
got some videos about habits and some
blog posts as well so that's a great
resource that's great I the last thing I
want to mention
which is powerful for me in terms of
making changes or keeping new habits
it's really understanding if you need a
change of scenery or you need to change
something external to the habit in order
to help you achieve the staff of the
habit for example if you'd like to save
money are there places or are there
people that encourage you to spend money
do you need to avoid those people over
those places maybe it's not spending
money maybe it's smoking cigarettes do
you want to quit smoking cigarettes
maybe you need to stop hanging out with
their friends who are always smoking
cigarettes mmm-hmm
sometimes we need an external change
whether it's in our place or with our
people or the way we spend our time or
where we spend our time that can help us
maintain the habits that we'd like to
change and I know for me one of the ways
that I do this is if there is a certain
food that I don't want to eat then we
don't buy it
it's not in the house it's not
convenient yeah and for me that's one
of the most powerful ways to change a
habit or if there are places that we
know we're going to be exposed to
impulse buys to spend money frivolously
and on things that we don't need then we
avoid going to those places yeah we
don't put ourselves in a position to
lose or to be tempted
yeah and that can be very helpful when
it comes to maintaining new habits yeah
that's good
yeah I'll finish by sharing one more tip
about habits as well and that's an idea
called habit stacking and so when you're
wanting to start a new habit one way you
could do that is by connecting it with
and already well established to have it
in your life like piggybacking on to
that habit and trying to join it
together so for example if you wanted to
start flossing and you were already
regularly brushing your teeth you'd
pretty simply can see that if I put the
floss with my toothbrush and I just make
that part of my dental hygiene routine I
can begin the new habit of flossing in
line with the habit that I already have
of brushing my teeth and so every time I
go to brush my teeth I add on this
additional step it's a way to it's like
a hack for building up a new habit
rather than starting from scratch so
I'll share a personal example of how
I've done this recently my wife bought
me a huge jar of vitamins this summer
500 vitamins and you take one a day
so this jar is gonna be part of my life
for a year and a half and I don't even
remember that she purchased it for me
but in November she said have you been
taking these vitamins I said what
vitamins didn't even remember that she
had purchased them they were in our
medicine cabinet in the bathroom but
they were on her shelf so I never even
noticed them I never even took notice of
them and she said you could need to
start taking these that it's just once a
day you have to do it after you've eaten
and so the first thing I did was I took
it out of the shelf and put it on my
bedside table so that it was in my face
I made it visible so it was very clear I
see this thing all the time and it's
it's really odd and out of place because
I want it to stand out well I'm
developing this habit
then I joined it with brushing my teeth
so I eat breakfast first then I come
back to my bathroom and brush my teeth
so that I'm leaving the house without
any food stuck in my big teeth or
anything like that just I've joined this
habit of taking the vitamin when I brush
my teeth and I've done it every day I
haven't missed a day in the last three
weeks simply by number one making it
really visible and then by habit
stacking by joining it to an already
well-established habit so some people
have done this with things like a
chin-up bar where they've made the
entrance into their office a place where
they have to do pull-ups to get in or
you know every time I go outside I'm
gonna do you know five push-ups every
time I take a break from my office chair
I'm gonna you know do some jumping jacks
you can join an already
well-established habit with a brand new
habit that you want to form it's called
habit stacking alright hopefully that's
been relevant for all our listeners we
we wish you all the success in 2020 if
you've got any habits stories you want
to share any changes that you're making
or any other tips and advice you can
always write us Ryan@Morroccopodcast.com or find us on Facebook and send us
a message we'd be happy to share some of
our listeners tips and advice in a
future episode you've been listening to
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