Episode 50 Transcript

Welcome to episode 50 of the Business in
Podcast today we're going to be talking
about your brand or your personal
reputation online whether you are an
independent worker or you have a
business but before we get to that Ryan
what's going on? let's get an update. hey
yeah I just did my third power of habits
for success workshop this Saturday
another great group at Commons Zerktouni
went really well and I've planned
two more another one happening in two
weeks in Rabat and another one in Casa
that next month so things are really
starting to pick up speed I have people
that say I really want to come when's
the next one but then also little by
little I'm figuring out how best to
market these events so that it doesn't
eat up a lot of my time I've taken some
of your advice like my Facebook ads I
made with a few questions to kind of
increase the number of hoops you have to
jump through so that it's not simple to
just leave your phone number and click
sign up now you have to answer a few
questions and that's really narrowed the
leads that I've received but it's made
them a lot higher quality
so that's been great and yeah I'm
excited to be moving forward in that and
looking forward to turning that into a
video course eventually and once the
next course your live course in person
so it's February first in Rabat and the
next one in Casa is the 15th and if
anybody wants to know about that they
can go to maroctreasure.com, yep
maroctreasure.com/courses and all the
infos there what about you what's new
we've had a lot of good feedback from
our interview with Meryem on social
media on Facebook on Instagram I've been
tracking the the views on YouTube and
for the podcast and it's been a very
popular topic I think job search and job
something that a lot of people have
anxiety about yeah and of course it's a
very important topic if you're
especially if you're unemployed yeah
definitely or if you're in a line of
work that you don't particularly like
you want to know how to get a new job
and you want to know how to how do well
in the job interview so thanks again to
Meryem for giving us all her experience
and wisdom on that topic
yeah she did a great job and that that's
something I come across so often in
Morocco as somebody who says oh I'm
really nervous about my English or this
is my first time and then it's fantastic
and I I think I gotta stop saying all my
French isn't good I need to say it's
terrible because relatively Moroccans
are amazing the trilingual no problem I
understood everything she said yeah
everything oh she has no reason to worry
about her proficiency. We had our fourth
Club meeting and that went really well it
was the best attended, so the the topic
of that meeting was how to develop
business ideas and how to validate them
so we had a really good discussion it
was appropriate for everybody in the
room because everybody has business
ideas and they want to test them out and
if they already have a business we also
talked about how to improve on your
business ideas and it has a lot to do
with the topic of the day which is your
online business presence so everybody
has a business they may have a physical
location and you have products and
services that you offer and it's very
important that the quality of your
business match the quality of your
online presence today more and more
people are searching for products and
services online and if they see your
online presence and it's not well done
it doesn't look sharp and the
information is not clear with good
photos and videos and testimonies then
they may think that your product or your
service is also not good and while it's
not as true today in Morocco in the
United States it's very true people will
not go to restaurants they will not call
lawyers or accountants or doctors
they will avoid places simply because
they have a bad online presence and so
that's our topic of today the first
thing that I want to mention is for
businesses the most important thing is
Google and when I searched around
Morocco and Casablanca it is amazing to
me how many companies have not claimed
their business on Google and the reason
this is important is because Google
search is very important so when people
type in keywords for example pizza or
lawyer they may search for other things
like dentist or construction company
anything that you can imagine people are
searching for it in Google if you
haven't claimed your business on Google
then you're not going to come up high in
the search results or at least you won't
be as high as you could be if you had
claimed your business it's a relatively
simple process to claim your business
you can either claim it by receiving a
phone call if your business listing
already exists or if you have to create
your business from scratch oftentimes
you have to receive a postcard at the
physical address of your business now
because Google knows that the post
office here in Morocco is not always
that reliable I have seen from time to
time the option of doing a video chat
with a Google representative yeah that
was my experience so I claimed my
business within the last year following
your guidelines and I ended up having a
video chat with some guy I'm assuming he
was in India and he wanted to see I
think he looked around my home office
and then I went out and showed him my
car that he asked you know do you ever
use your car from time to time and I
said yes because it's true I I do drive
to see different clients or to make
presentations and yeah he asked me a
bunch of different questions and that
was enough to verify that I was who I
said I was and
now my you can Google Maroc Treasure
and you'll you'll find me right
so you there are limitations usually
these conversations need to happen in
English and the other two options that I
saw recently were Portuguese and Spanish
hmm so I haven't yet seen the option for
French but hopefully they're adding that
capability soon but just to give you an
example I was working with the US client
last week and they have a fairly
well-known organization but they had
never created Google my business account
they just had a website after I created
their Google my business account and
optimized it meaning added all the
relevant information the address the
phone number the products the services
the website photos and did some posts
their website actually jumped up in the
search results from the second page to
the first page Wow
and some of the bad links for their
keywords moved to the second page so so
simply by creating this page and
optimizing it they saw immediate results
now in order to get to the number one
spot they're going to have to continue
to do things like add photographs and do
Google posts and just to give our
listeners an understanding of what's
happening in the mindset of Google and
you may have noticed this especially on
your phone you will type in something on
your phone and Google search and you'll
click on a link and Google will not
actually take you to that website it
will open a page that has all the
content of that website mm-hmm but
you're actually still in Google right
because Google has downloaded all of
Google has downloaded all the content
from that website into Google so you can
read all the content from your search
results and go back to Google and you've
never left Google right I can see oh
this is the phone number this is the
email address this is the opening hours
here's a picture of the menu here's some
photos of the location here's a couple
reviews and I'm still at the Google
exactly and that's their goal their goal
is to have you never leave Google and
it's really their goal is to make
websites obsolete and when you
understand this you can play the game
effectively what Google wants you to do
is fill out everything relevant to your
business on Google and when you do that
they reward you by moving you up in the
search results now some of the other
ways that you move up in the search
results the three biggest criteria are
proximity meaning how close are you to
the customer who's searching? we're
talking about Google Maps, the next thing
is Authority how much authority does
your page and your domain have meaning
how much respect do you have on the
internet from other trusted sources and
the way that you gain Authority is by
getting reviews the more reviews the
better I think every business the goal
should be to get a hundred reviews if
you have a hundred reviews and your
Google page is optimized and all the
information is filled out you will be
certainly on the first page results but
often you will be the number one result
the next thing is relevancy, relevancy to
the search you need to add the
information to your page that will give
the person searching the best results
for their query so if you Ryan are a
consultant you need to make sure that
all of your products and services are on
your Google page and that the people
leaving you reviews are putting those
keywords in their reviews for example "I
just attended a weekend training with
Ryan Kirk the business consultant in
habits for success it was a great
training I learned a lot about how to
improve my life through the development
of habits" Google searches reviews for
and it's part of their algorithm for
deciding which business is the best
results for the query so that's why it's
important not just to add products and
services and descriptions to your Google
page but to ask people leaving reviews to
put those keywords in their reviews of
your business and the more people that
do that the higher authority and
relevancy you will have in the search
results and Google will reward you for
that hmm so hundred reviews that seems
like a lot any advice about how a
business can receive those reviews do
you solicit them? you have to ask you
really have to ask your most satisfied
customers if you don't ask what's going
to happen is that the people who are the
most passionate about your business are
going to leave reviews and often those
people are angry. People are the most
passionate when they've had a bad experience
and so unfortunately if you don't ask
for reviews your business will be
slanted by people who have had a bad
experience yeah and Google has made it
fairly easy there's a link that they
create for every Google My Business page
for your unique page that you send the
link and if they click on it it takes
them automatically to the screen where
they write a review for your business so
they literally don't have to do anything
else other than click the link and it
automatically opens that five-star
option yeah one through five stars and
the space to write a review right and so
sharing that link with your satisfied
customers and asking them to do it, it's
necessary this day and age and you asked
me how do I move up in search results
for my given keywords have the most
reviews hmm that's one of the best ways
to do it optimize your Google my
business page
and have the most reviews that's what's
going to show Google that you have the
most authority in this area. Today's
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now back to the show. now we have a lot
of Auto entrepreneurs we have a lot of
solopreneurs a lot of people that are
part of the club here in Casa that they
work without a physical location the
kind of knowledge workers that offer
their services their expertise in in
that case how do they choose which
platform to really focus on because
LinkedIn can be another great platform
to establish expertise and to have
clients find you but the chances of a
satisfied customer writing multiple
reviews on multiple platforms are slim
how would you prioritize directing
somebody yes please write me a Google
review or a LinkedIn review any advice I
think it would depend on the business
that you're in for example if I'm Meryem
from last week I would be asking for
LinkedIn endorsements and I'd be asking
those clients to either share articles
that Meryem has written on their own
page meaning liking them commenting them
sharing them on their own page and
specifically going into LinkedIn and
writing recommendations and endorsements
because I'm sure that a lot of her
clients and customers find her through
LinkedIn. Now Google is important for her
and she also does YouTube and Instagram
and Facebook and all of those are the
most important but you have to decide
what's most important for your business
category if you're a b2b person you do
b2b sales or business LinkedIn is
probably the best for you if you sell
clothing then it's probably Instagram or
Facebook right if you have a restaurant
then it's definitely Google Maps yeah
okay so that's an important point for
anybody you really need to consider the
nature of your business your industry
and choose your platform wisely if
you're a business consultant you don't
need to pour a ton into your Instagram
profile but if you're selling makeup
LinkedIn is probably not the best
platform for you to focus on right well
in general for every business as you get
more and more mature I recommend all the
platforms because that's where the
attention is but if you're just starting
out and you need to
prioritize, what's the first thing I
should do if you have a physical
location where you receive customers
start with Google yeah then I would go
to Facebook and then I would go to
Instagram and if you have the means
yes build a website because the website
is really the only thing that you will
ever control, all these things we're
talking about Google Instagram Facebook
LinkedIn you could wake up one day, you could be
block from that platform and never be
able to access it again yeah it's scary
but your website is something you always
have control over yeah so you should for
the long term definitely build a website
and all of your social media should
point back to your website you should
use Instagram Facebook Google LinkedIn
to drive people to your website where
they can buy your products or services
or contact you directly that should be a
long-term plan yeah I think that every
brand should be engaging customers on
the internet every day on all the
platforms that's ideally right but at
least once a week because that's where
people's attention is it's not in
billboards it's not on TV or radio the
attention of the future is online and
the sooner you start building your
online brand the better and let's take
note that this isn't just for companies
even you as an individual in your career
you have a brand you are a brand you
have a reputation and so it's important
that people recognize even if you aren't
building your own company or selling
your own products you are selling your
services you might sell it to one person
being your employer but you can also
think of it as that's your only customer
currently but as you know you never know
when your company's going to let you go
or go out of business
or when you're going to be ready for a
change and want to switch it up and so
you need to be conscious of the online
presence that you have
the reputation you've built the network
you've built what kind of authority you
command in your industry do people know
what you can offer do they know what
your skills are do you have a reputation
because you need to protect yourself and
also you may have a better offer that
comes along you know there's there's a
lot of ability within LinkedIn to search
for specific keywords and profiles so
that companies that are searching for
someone with a niche type of skills
can find experts in that area and that
could be you you could be kind of
plucked from your company and given an
opportunity that you couldn't turn down
because you were conscious about
building your online presence now I know
we also have a lot of young listeners in
our audience we have a lot of students
you've got to begin this now I'm always
telling my students in their classes
don't wait until you graduate to build a
LinkedIn profile yes you might be
spending more time on tik-tok or
Instagram right now but you've got to
think about the future and start playing
it like playing adult and building your
career building some sort of reputation
in your industry so that could help you
find an internship during your time at
school it can easily help you find your
first job after you graduate and now is
the time that you start building your
reputation so that when you start doing
interviews and they look at your profile
on LinkedIn you don't have three
connections and you've never posted
anything if you've got years of a track
record it shows that you're somebody
who's career oriented and you're serious
candidate and I really want to repeat
something that Meryem said last week
what you do online it's gonna be there
forever yeah and you may be 20 years old
right now and you have a certain mindset
a certain personality and a certain way
of expressing yourself but take it from
a forty-year-old, one day you will be 40
yeah and unfortunately for you
everything that you're doing at 20 it's
gonna stay out there and it's gonna
follow you I have clients right now in
the States who are trying to get certain
things on the internet removed when you
search for them and they're having a
very hard time and you need to make sure
that what you're saying and what you're
doing is respectable and it's something
you want to stand by for the long term
yeah like Meryem said LinkedIn is not a
place for politics or religion or other
kinds of you know personal arguments you
can do those things on Facebook and
Instagram but keep them simple be
respectable one of the best ways to
build an Instagram following is to
follow big brands and influential people
and make thoughtful comments on their
posts be a person who can offer value if
you spend 15 minutes a day going through
your feed and looking for interesting
posts and you comment three four or five
times a day and you make thoughtful
comments on their posts you will build a
following over time and you will build a
good reputation mm-hmm but if you do the
opposite and you're harassing people or
making disrespectful comments then
that's gonna follow you as well so just
remember that this day and age
everything you do online it's lasts
yeah and LinkedIn is a profile art and
LinkedIn is a platform that seems to
really highlight every action that
somebody takes you can see things in
your feed that someone else in your
network simply liked and then when you
go to a person's profile that shows
their most recent activity including
something they liked or even a comment
they made on a completely unrelated post
it shows up on their profiles homepage
so you have to be especially conscious
of this during LinkedIn when using
LinkedIn I recently watched a video on
LinkedIn and I made a funny comment but
I was conscious of the platform I was
using and thought this isn't Facebook
this isn't Instagram this media platform
being used to highlight some of the
investment opportunities in Morocco and
I need to be careful I need to be
respectful and it was a contact I didn't
want to burn a bridge with the one who
had posted it so I thought it through
but I still made the funny comment but
then I added to it and said something
like but seriously it's it's wonderful
to see multinationals setting up shop in
Morocco and then I kind of watch to see
what's going to be the reaction are
people gonna see that it was just
humorous or is it going to be
misinterpreted because sometimes your
humor doesn't translate well or people
don't follow it and it got a really
positive reaction a whole bunch of
people commented and liked it and saw
that it was a funny observation but that
I was excited about the post and was
aligned with the users interest so
you have to be very very careful yeah be
careful but in another sense don't be
too afraid mmm one of the things that's
come out of the club is that I think
people are a little bit timid about
pursuing their dreams their own ideas or
even communicating online whether it's
posting on Instagram or Facebook these
other places because they're worried
maybe what about people will say or
they're worried about reactions and the
truth is if you're going to build a
business and you're going to build an
online brand you need to be bold and you
need to not care so much about what
other people are saying or thinking or
doing you need to try to provide value
and set yourself up as an expert in your
field if you're not confident in what
you're doing and what you're saying then
that's going to show and nobody's going
to want to hire you or buy your product
or service because they think that maybe
you don't even believe in what you're
doing think about your posts be
respectful be thoughtful but don't be
too timid yeah to the point of not doing
anything yeah that's good now somebody's
listening and they've got a business and
they recognize oh man my online profile
does not matter
what my business is doing in the
physical world I need help what kind of
services do you offer and how could
somebody get in touch with you to to
receive some consulting from you? well
the first thing you can do is join the
Entrepreneurs Club of Casablanca because
we talk about these things all the time
and in fact we're recording on Tuesday
and tonight is our fifth meeting and
we're going to be talking about this
exact subject so one of our members owns
a training center in Berrechid and
we're going to talk about his whole
online presence Google Facebook
Instagram his website and we're going to
talk about how to improve it so you
could join the club and you can learn
these things for 200 Dirhams a
month if you want me to personally build
and handle your online footprint then
you can send an email to Ryan@Moroccopodcast.com
and you can reach out or
send a message on Facebook or Instagram
and we can discuss what your needs are
but I have many clients here in
Casablanca and the States where I built
their website their Facebook page their
Instagram page and their Google page and
I manage all of that for them now I
don't create the content yeah they are
the expert I have for example doctors
they need to write the articles about
their profession right I'm not going to
do that for them
but once they provide the content then I
distribute it for them and we use it to
do customer acquisition yeah so I have a
monthly fee for handling an online
presence and that ranges anywhere from
1500 Dirhams a month all the way
up to 4000 depending on what
your needs are and how often you want me
to be working for you so if you feel
like you don't want to deal with any of
this you want to stick to your
profession and you want to outsource
your online presence that's very
reasonable and there are many agencies
out there that do that and I'm happy to
talk with any of our listeners about
what I do and how I can help you get
more customers using digital media do
you have any kind of offering for like a
one-time digital presence audit so
instead of just hiring you to from now
on manage my online presence is there
any way I could hire you to just kind of
give give like a once-over of everything
and then provide your advice and then
it's up to me to to apply that sure I
can do that and it's on it's on a per
case basis yeah so I would need to talk
to the individual about what their
online presence looks like and that I
could give them a quote yeah an estimate
for all my recommendations for what they
need to change okay
and what about somebody who's just
beginning just has a kind of a small
business they're not they don't have a
lot of resources yet but they're
thinking I should really do an audit I
should really think about this do you
have any resources you can recommend any
articles they could read or places they
can go to gather more information
YouTube yeah go to YouTube type in how
to build my facebook business page, how
to build my Google page, how to acquire
customers on the Instagram, there's
literally thousands of videos that will
take you step by step how to do all this
stuff YouTube is a great free resource
and you could literally build your
entire online presence just watching
youtube videos now you need to have some
kind of creative capacity because you
can't just copy what other people are
doing you need to be able to express
yourself uniquely yeah and actually do
these steps that it takes to build your
Google and Facebook and your website
pages but the information is out there
it's all free it's just a matter of
sitting down and watching the video the
videos taking notes and following the
advice yeah that's key taking action so
how do you see things in Morocco I mean
obviously we're not as far along as some
of markets in Europe
or in North America in terms of people
ordering stuff online googling things is
one of the reasons why people haven't
claimed their Google business because
people here aren't really googling the
reason they haven't claimed it because
they don't know they can and they don't
know that it's important all of the
clients that I have acquired in Morocco
they use Google but they never thought
about taking control of their business
on Google they didn't think it was even
possible mm-hmm
they didn't think it was an option and
when I showed them hey you need to take
control of your business and control the
information that's presented and do some
work to acquire more customers they're
like oh I didn't even realize I could do
that they search for restaurants and all
kinds of products and services and of
course they use it for driving
directions yeah but they never thought
to themselves oh I can use this to help
my business right customers are
searching for the services that I
provide how are they gonna find me
unless I take action they didn't think
that they could do anything to improve
their situation and the truth is that's
why it's such a great opportunity for
all of our listeners here in Morocco it's
still very young yeah I will tell you
there are businesses in the United
States spending ten thousand dollars a
month just on Google Wow just to improve
their situation on Google yeah and you
walk around the city and you look on
Google Maps here in Casablanca and it's
like 10 percent or less of the
businesses have even claimed their
business listing yeah there's a huge
opportunity here in Morocco to acquire new
customers online Facebook is
ridiculously inexpensive yeah yeah it
makes me think of a darkroom with only a
couple candles lit it's really easy to
stand out it's really easy to have
customers finding you because none of
your neighbors none of your competitors
have lit their candle it's still just
darkness all around you so on the one
hand you can think well not a lot of
people are googling theirs
you know it's not as as high of a
priority here but if you're googling
then so are other people and so grab
some of that traffic and direct it to
your business and just remember the last
thing I'll say on this topic the vast
majority of phones here in Morocco are
Android and that's going to be the case
for decades to come and all of those
phones come with Google pre-installed
all of Google's products the maps the
search engine Google is not going away
it's only going to be more important as
the days and years pass and the sooner
that you start working to build your
online presence on Google and these
other platforms the better off your
business will be

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