Episode 51 Transcript

Welcome to the Business in Morocco
Podcast this is episode number 51 and
today we have a special guest interview
we're here with Reda Filali, and he's
going to be telling us about his
business he does web marketing
he's a keynote speaker public speaking
coach he's got a lot of irons in the
so we're gonna enjoy our time with him
and learning from him
Reda, can you kind of introduce
yourself to our audience? my name is Reda
Filali, as you said that hello I provide
first of all I'm honored to be here
thank you - thank you for inviting me
I'm honored to be 51st
guests and I do I am a life coach and I
I study right now I'm Tony Robbins
student like I study its strategic
intervention coaching and at the same
time I do marketing I do
web marketing especially I own a company
my academic studies are far from what I
do now I studied the hotel and the
management and key trade management so
I'm kind of far from this but I enjoy
everything I do so
tell us about that journey how did you
go from studying hotel management
tourism to now doing what you're doing
I've been interested with marketing and
the public speaking since I was young
like I didn't know what marketing was
but I loved it like I didn't know what
really I didn't know what what marketing
was but I was interested by it by my
learning marketing and then it came a
period of time when I
had to do debates and in school like I
was in high school they a friend like
the we had team members 4 against 4
and class against class like the whole
school is playing the game and a friend
came by and told me hey we need someone
to come up like and speak with us and I
think you're a very good public speaker
and it was three days before the event
and they told us that we will speak like
maybe fifteen days before so so the
three days everything was really
accepted except maybe you know and when
I came up my speech was was was bad like
I screwed up everything because that was
my first time but I enjoyed the feeling
of talking in front of people so I said first of
all I will learn public speaking and
then I would do everything that
everything else it's not important right
now like I need to learn public speaking
first so I learned public speaking at
age of 16 yeah and I started to speak
every time I had the opportunity to I
won many many many competitions of
debating of politics debates like the
Model United Nations and stuff like
and once I want to do too
the first year of university I studied
the first year study management and I
didn't like school so I had to change
the school and do to the tourism study
tourism key trade and hospitality
and because since I was young I didn't
know like I forgot at the time that I
loved kitchen
I love cuisine I like it it's something
that I enjoyed like playing guitar or
something so I didn't have a lot of
choices except doing this because I
spent one year after my baccalaureate
and I didn't like the management school
I had to change the only school that
accepted me was this school so I said
let's go for it and I enjoyed it I was
very good in marketing there because I
loved marketing and I was very good in
kitchen and stuff because we studied
management and and kitchen and stuff
yeah - like the key training details
everything really is actually trained on
the hospitality but management - so I
enjoyed the mix between the two but in a
certain period of time I was like what
there is coaching there is marketing there
is key training and I need to master one of
them and I can't master all of them so I
had to choose I gave up the the key
training, yeah, I gave up the other thing
hospitality and stuff
and I gave up marketing and I said let's
first start with coaching ok
so I started with coaching, that was my
second year I started learning and stuff
I applied for school,
schools here in Casablanca and
they said you are too young you need to have 26 years 30
years to sort and I'm like 20 years
right they declined my application maybe
three four five times five schools and I
said what wait there is something called
online courses so I started with the
online courses then I came back again to
the same schools and told them hey I
have had a background right now I know
what I did and then one of them accepted
me to start on this this was the
beginning okay and once I was in the in
the period of time I knew that not I
master it but I can't do something else
right I have I have more time to focus
on something else to divide my time into
things because I have no no family
nothing family I have no wife nothing so
I have free time for myself I will not
go to party let's party in another way
so that was the thing okay
wow there's a lot of lessons in our
journey first of all you say yes to
opportunities so that mean that person
who they saw something in you you say
your first speech went horribly yeah you
didn't do well but they could see the
potential and when you were on stage you
enjoyed that feeling which launched your
focus on how do I develop as a public
speaker how do I learn this skill and
strategies to perform better but that
never would have happened unless you had
said yes originally unless you've been
willing to step out of your comfort zone
yes I've already had people telling me
like you deserve more or I see something
in you and I don't know what it is and I
had these people like they were my
teachers they were
they were my my my father friends my
brother friends and I didn't believe in
myself in the beginning but once I had
that the opportunity maybe it wasn't an
opportunity it was something like
pression puts on me like when someone
come until he Hey
like in front of the glass hey you need
to come and speak with us and the whole
class to say come on man let's do it you
know I felt like I can't say no anymore
insya especially it was a girl who came
up that's it
looking at those eyes just have to say
yes so that was the thing like it was
more people pushing me than the me doing
the thing because in the beginning I
wasn't believing in myself yeah so how
long ago was that when you started doing
your public speaking? I was 16 16 yes
so that was many years ago when people
hire you to do public speaking today
what are the topics or the subjects that
they want you to speak about? either they
want me to teach public speaking or
communication or they want me to talk
about performance I think I'm one of the
guys like who is always energetic on on
social media like I cheer myself singing
and jumping in my stories and stuff and
some people send me messages telling me
hey I love your energy could you come
and teach us how to be energetic
something like that so how do you be
energetic it means performance how to
perform well how to feel what well in
order to to give more to terms so though
these are the main, third thing
is the things related to schools and
students and stuff like students
coaching kids coaching like a college
kids go to yeah yeah so you speak you
public speaking encouraging people to
have confidence and have energy and
teaching them how to do public speaking
you also have some written materials
that you offer as well so some books
that I noticed from your website is that
is that right yes I offered books like
free books for the public speaking books
maybe there were 16 or 17 books that I
didn't read them all but I know that
they are very helpful for people like if
someone and they are in English, French,
and Arabic so if someone doesn't speak
in language or prefers the language so
he can choose whatever he likes
because I received a lot of people
asking me like I discovered that public
speaking is something that we welcome
people need to hear and I've learned
that that in America 75 percent of
people have fear of or had the fear of
speaking in front of public so it's
something that is so general and we
don't talk about it that much maybe it's
something that we need to talk about more
so at the beginning when you were first
establishing yourself as a speaker going
from that first speech that didn't go
well - now where people are paying you
to teach them about public speaking did
one of the ideas we've talked about a
lot on this channel is offering value
for free, building your reputation over
time was that a strategy you used where
you're giving free speeches you're going
and visiting high schools you know
college, giving a speech but that over
time more and more demands are coming so
you start monetizing? exactly that was
the thing like the first speech I did
wasn't my my university my college and
it was something fun like I was sitting
talking to a girl and she had the club
in the school and she told me like I
need the club was new and she told me
like I need to do something like an
events and stuff and I told her hey I'm
a coach and I think like I can do
something maybe it was in December and
she told maybe, I told her maybe in
February or something and she told me
hey you want to do something I said what
yes and she was on me okay next week so
that was my first thing, another girl,
another girl it was something stressful
because I didn't have I didn't know how
to give not to give a speech but how to
give what I know right in to to people
that I know because the majority of the
student that came were either my
classmates or people that I knew at
school because I was kind of popular kid
at school back in the college so I
was kinda popular so people came to see
what this guy has to give and it was
something for free and the the
everything was like I called the event
company to set the lighting and the
microphone and stuff and he told me like
is this event is yours I said well
yes I just thought okay you won't pay
anything and he because the guy I used
to work with as a key training
stuff and I called the school I tell
them how I want to do the event the
director said okay go for it you know
everything like him smooth in a way I
didn't know how like the photographer came
and took pictures didn't get to
photographs none of them like asked for
money it was something huge and they
took a very professional pictures that I
chaired yeah and after cheering them, a
friend she's the girl again
she she she was she was in school like
younger than me in the high school and
she told me hey we have public speaking
event would you come and give a speech I
went and I met a third guy who studied
with me with the management school that
I left I told me hey I mean do the best
right now I'm do public speaking to and
I want to do something in Morocco would
you share with me the stage I say yeah
it's starting like this and that's when
I found myself talking three four times
a week traveling somewhere and then one
day someone called me say where our
company eggs and we need someone to
teach us how to how to speak how to
happen teach ourselves' team how to get
the pitch yeah so I said yeah let's go
story one opportunity just led to more
and just kind of yes I snowball from
there it just grew and grew
and I didn't know how how it grows like
in seven months I found myself like
speaking with 15 times or 16 times for
free and then five or six more paid, and
I was like whoa this is something huge I
had to stop to realize that I was doing
something right interesting yeah how did
you decide which events to charge money
and which events to do for free because
that's a risk for that that business
model where you're offering value for
free and then monetizing is at some
point you want to keep taking these
opportunities because they could lead to
more but you don't want to devalue your
brand all these via the brand oh how did
you do that it's something hard to do to
decide but when it's a school or an
association I do not say no I can't say
no for students and that can see not for
an association because they will have
others so recently we had an event maybe
it was the last or before the last event
I had and we had to speak in front of
maybe 50 50 people and these 50 people
are people who came to pay for an event
that would speak at and the money will
go to an association and not to charge
an association but to the Association
will use the money to help the people in
the dome on teens and stuff so they told
me like do you need to get paid I said
no but I read yeah we're helping people
are not helping you to get paid but to
help others so yeah it's something
greater than me when it's something
richer than myself I cannot say no yeah
that makes sense
do you have any tips on public speaking
you can share we probably have audience
members that recognize how important
this skill is in our
careers yes any advice you could share
the most important thing I value in
speaking is that when we come to speak
people forget that they have power over
the audience and they forget they get in
they get caught in that trap
does say that like they will see me this
way or I might make mistake and they
will laugh at something like that but
the truth is that I am the one who
wouldn't make you laugh or we could cry
or make you smile or influence you or
anything so I don't want to had that
power I don't use that power you will
use yours so I better use mine because I
have I'm in a place that I have to use
my power so that's the thing the first
thing I teach is this the second the
second thing I teach is that the
introduction because the introduction is
everything if I start by saying like it
is written in the screen that my name is
Reda Filali and I ensure that say
hello my name is Reza Filali, I am a
life coach and public speaking coach
people will not be interested anymore
like there is no nothing new but when I
enter and say you know what within three
you will all be likely to die! people would will be ohhhh, you are shocked, so people will be
interested like hey wait we will die you
see so if I start with the fact people
get get not maybe sometimes I say stop
saying something and three four minutes
later I say I say like this was
something I made up you know just to get
your attention and the second thing is I
do and some
that I always do which is say something
like a joke or something that will make
people laugh like people get you know
stop focusing on you what are you
wearing the way the way you speak the
words you say the pronunciation etcetera
and they start to focus on what you say
like a meaning behind it
and the most important thing that every
speech has to have is a story that's
good when there is no story there is no
speech there is no successful speech
because we all love stories since we
were young so stories are great
metaphors and our mind responds to
symbols and metaphors more than anything
so we better say stories when we say
something we need to give we must give
an example and the story to make
powerful to link that feeling with the
information to link it forever in the
mind so yes
storytelling very important public
speaking and also very important in
marketing yes is what you're also
transitioning into now can you talk a
little bit about your philosophy of
branding even your personal brand how do
you represent yourself online
and then after you talk about yourself
maybe talk about some of the advice you
give to your clients to help them build
their online brand yes
one of the books I love about branding
which is Building Your Story Brand by Donald Miller yes this book like after reading
the book once I opened the a chapter I
always found that these steps are the
steps I always use for myself when I
want to speak you know like a character
has a problem and who met a guy that
will show him the that will give him a
plan and ask him for to take action in
order to avoid pain and gain pleasure
that's the thing in a story in every
story so in a branding how to brand how
to someone can brand him made his make
his brand successful he should follow the
same steps you know if I don't show you
that you have a problem and I am the
guide and maybe I'll say I am a the hero it's
a big mistake because some people I see
some people influencers that come to me
and I know but I don't like their
content because they are like saying I
am the hero like I have done this and have
done that I'm the one you should follow
you must follow - I don't know what rather
than being the guide, exactly no because
if the user is the hero right the
customers the customer is the hero
because everyone loves to be to feel
like important yeah so if I come and say
hey I'm more important than you are like
I'm saying my ego is big and yours you
don't have any ego
it's something like I'm touching your
ego you won't follow me
right and that is the thing people
follow others but they don't buy from
them I did follow them just because they
hate them
or because like they are waiting for the
day they will like make a mistake so
that they can like share the screen
and say hey this guy made a mistake that
was the thing like they don't support
him yeah and this is the problem and I
teach that to people I can tell them hey
wait you have an ego you want to be
successful no matter what you can't be
successful without your people so focus
on people before focusing on yourself
and this one this was this this
principle was one of the first
principles I learned from the first book
I read which is how to win friends and
influence people this book is so
powerful like I read it many many times
and the maybe it was the first or the
second chapter that says you want people
to love you like you want to take
something from people do not shake them
up like I don't let's say you are wrong
or something do not criticize right if
you want people to love you, you love
them first, that's a great book
recommendation as well yeah for your
online branding which platforms do you
think are the most important here in
Morocco today? today the most powerful
platforms are Instagram and TikTok, the
future is TikToka and LinkedIn for business
LinkedIn yeah but LinkedIn and
TikTok are the future of social media
you know maybe maybe you might notice
that Instagram reach is
lower like if you don't publish if you
publish everyday like content they say
content is the king even if you publish
content valuable content every day you
don't reach as much people as you used
to reach four or five months ago like I
used to publish same content every day
for maybe two months one day I found
that the picture that had for example
five 100 likes for example started to
have 40 likes, 30 likes
you know because Instagram is following
that up that that that strategy that
says pay-to-play
yeah which is something that TikTok
will do it later but since it didn't do
it yet let's go for it so there's an
opportunity right it's an opportunity
TikTok and Linkedin are a very good
opportunity so if that's true then we
all need to become very good at making
videos short videos is that right yes
yes short videos are so interesting
because you know if you send big message
something like 20 to 20 seconds so you
only have to send one message like the
goal of your three minutes video in one
minute and say hour in 15 second
20 seconds and say Tata Tata in a funny
way see or in something interesting or
adding affect and stuff because people
get like get notice you when you add
something especially in the beginning of
your video like the video might be
simple but just in the beginning do
something in effect right so it needs to
be like a a hook yeah yeah exactly
you're all gonna die the next three
years I'll explain more in the
three-minute version of this video
exactly exactly
that's good that's good advice thank you
so do you find that the number of users
on TikTok is rising yeah in Morocco, yeah
your people are using TikTok like crazy
yeah and like they share nothing like no
valuable thing like if you go there and
share nothing for the rest six months
maybe once we start sharing valuable
content we will get influence attention
you know because people like today if
you happen tick-tock you will find
people that singing and dancing and
stuff like sharing something that hasn't
no value except some people would share
something like that's something that
goes viral, because they share something
ethical like maybe they have someone or
they do a prank to their parents but
something good like not something bad
this stuff go viral and they
they have they are I think there are the
most valuable things to do today
TikTok if you go to TikTok
one to their public speaking like follow
me or something people don't want to
care about you as much as they love you
then know what you had to give so I
believe that if we go in the with them
which one what she's done here today she
talked and then move up to create
something you people will follow some
people who not yeah but a very big
number will follow you not as if you
start from the beginning doing your own
stuff right following game yeah we've
talked about that you need to be
sensitive to the platform that you're on
it's like like if you're moving to a new
country you need to be culturally
sensitive you need to recognize the way
people do things and over time you can
have have an impact so you know what's
appropriate post on TikTok doesn't
always work on LinkedIn exactly the hey
to your content to their platform you're
using for sure have you seen any
corporate clients any any brands that
are interested in developing a strategy
for TikTok or is it only influencers
only influencers okay yes because the
brands today those I work with they are
focused on money first of all so once
they want to go today to the place where
there is money now right like they are
not ready to invest in
six months one year okay so so offering
value for free and monetizing later it's
not a strategy they want to use yeah
exactly so hmm
influencers are those who are giving
like volume sharing stuff when you tell
him hey a fitness coach and influencer
who youtuber influencer and fitness
coach fitness coach who came to me and
told me hey I need like I need the
strategy because I need to monetize my
stuff and someone that I know very well
and like he studied with me when I was
very young it's Jerrod so I know him
very well
and I know he's like the truth inside of
him and once I talked to him I found
that he needed coaching life coaching
before doing the stuff like he was one
those who are not willing to give things
for free not because they would give
things for free but they think that I
wouldn't give less than what I deserve
so not a bless the woman is there but
the truth is that we need to get
something anyways so yeah start with
doing something give us so so I had to
coach him and teach him that he the life
coaching part then work but he's his
TikTok and stuff because he's not
dude if he believes like the story he
has inside of himself himself I'm not
the kind of person we do crazy things on
TikTok da da da you know right but if TikTok is something that is so powerful so you
want money yes and you don't want you to
do mean to TikTok no so we want me to
help yes
how can find the solution meet me
halfway so that was the thing so our
audience be the name of your new
marketing agency as an agency FM agency
yes and when it comes to your strategy for
getting new customers huh where are you
focusing your efforts? today I won't work
in b2b like I go out of doors because
honestly like we started maybe the two
weeks after after beginning we had three
four clients and I didn't have we didn't
like the team none of us had the time to
make our own website and we had to make
people's website and start doing stuff
like when people come and say hey
where's your website a lot of time and
the truth that we don't have time to
work on our own website because like we
had we had the company I don't know how
come back once I knocked the door at
home they they needed someone and they
give me four websites to work in for
brands to work in like working on four
brands doing posting every day and doing
this and the taking pictures and going
every day to the office taking pictures
of people there and stories and stuff
taking care of all the social media
platform it was something on their
website - so it was something big for us
like were three four people in the team
yeah taking care of this and for
brands then three other people it was
something you just stressful in the
beginning but it is a good start it's a
great problem yeah can you talk a little
bit more about your mindset when you're
going to do a sales presentation with the
new customer because a lot of our
listeners would like to start their own
businesses but maybe they're scared of
the sales process or they're nervous
about talking to a potential client
maybe you could talk a little bit
how you overcome your fear in that area?
There is a process that I go by
which is I remind myself of why I do
what I do
what's the purpose behind it like is it
to make my family proud is it due to - I
don't know what what what the purpose
like my purpose is might make my family
proud and help people yeah helping
people is something that moves me and
making my family probably something that
you know that that support is something
unconditional so I want to make them
proud so I don't care about you if you
say no you know I have something greater
they see so once we find that thing that
the reason behind why we do what we do
everything else becomes like you why do
you like you're nothing like losing it
it's like losing one your hand it won't
it won't makes something like major
change in your life yeah but once we say
that this one your hand is the only
thing I got if I lose it I will lose
something the mindset will be different
yeah that increases your fear so are you
actually physically going to companies
and just showing up knocking on the door
or are you calling on the phone asking
for an appointment with somebody I do
both okay sometimes like I just see
someone hello I open a discussion like
I'm a client or something or I want to
learn or know something and then I come
and say hey you know I do marketing
maybe you put this here and there and it
would be better if you do this and this
will be better you know we are not
present in social media so I give value
and I totally made by the way on the
company this is my business card
we can meet or talk about this
generally they say okay come on come and
see if I generally they do or something
sometimes I prepare posts for people
that I didn't meet yet so I see the
company I take their logo from the
internet and I prepare a post for
Instagram for example and something for
their LinkedIn if they don't have one or
if they are not using LinkedIn very well
and I knock the door and say hey I have
seen that you know I see potential in
your company and this is the kind of the
things I think you might do and I show
them this stuff like you literally have
your tablet in front of you and you can
explore my phone just my fault yeah
that's incredible yeah that's a lot of
upfront work what would you say if you
have to do something like that for ten
companies how many of the ten would end
up becoming clients for Wow okay yeah so
it's it's a lot of upfront work but a
really high conversion and yet a four
out of ten that is very high yeah
because people are interested by those
who are interested by them yeah so the
company is made of people
so these people if you go and you know
smile to them hello I'm like you have
finally in the end I have no customers
so if I don't do this I might have none, so
let's do it
so I have no one why same way I will
wait until they pay me and I make the
for them it's do it as if they paid me
and we offer, they will pay
like I worked out if I will give you
number 10
like who work for the ten
companies and make special content for
the 10 of them and go hello appetito and once
they see is this guy like know more
than we do know about about our company
so and he took time to take their stuff
I think and maybe this one is the right
and they are new this is something
interesting people today they are they
don't want to go to the big companies
because they say that the big companies
don't need them anymore
so they need someone who take care of
them so if you show them that I'm new
and like I have nothing to lose like I
will work with you as if I we work for
myself right etcetera like depends on
the the sells pitching generally they
accept and if they not they give you
their business card and stuff and they
say let's keep contact
yeah that's great it demonstrates to the
company I'm hungry
I will work hard for you you're gonna
get great service from me yeah not just
a number yeah you're not kind of a small
client and with
or portfolio yeah so yeah that's amazing
Alright, thank you so much maybe you've
covered a lot of different things right
now but you've given a lot of value
about public speaking and about hustling
about cold calling how to find new
clients offering a lot of value and
being willing to this from trying new
things taking opportunities in step out
of your comfort zone I think that's why
so many people follow you is because
it's inspiring and it pushes us as in
same-same thanks for your time thank you
thank you so much thank you thank you
for you who is listening to us listen to
these beautiful people giving a lot of
thank you so much for ever backing me to
come, I'm honored

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