Episode 52 Transcript

Welcome to Episode 52 of the Business in
Morocco Podcast today we'll be talking
about the top 10 reasons why customers
might not buy your product or service we
originally thought this would be one
episode but we had so much to say that
we're actually going to break it up into
two parts episode 52 will be reasons one
through four on why customers will not
buy a product or service and episode 53
or part 2 will be reasons 5 through 10
hope you enjoy
welcome to episode
52 of the Business in Morocco
Podcast today we're going to be talking
about the 10 reasons people won't buy
your product or service but before we
get to that let's let's get an update
Ryan what's going on this is episode
number 52 congratulations we've
completed an entire year that's worth
celebrating yeah that is an
most people who do podcasts they end at
about episode 10 really well that's why
we just recorded what fifteen or sixteen
and then uploaded them all in one shot
so he skipped over that obstacle that's
right a secret to the podcasting world
is that we actually recorded 10 or 12
episodes before we ever published a
single one yeah yeah and we launched
with the bang that gave us good momentum
that's right yeah man it's exciting one
year under our belts special thanks to
two Meryem
Lahlou and Reda Filali interviewing
them on the previous couple weeks has
given us a nice boost I guess having
their there network here about the
podcast has been a plus for us so that's
expanded some of our listeners so if
you're new welcome, it's been in a good
week for me
I've been still continuing to mark
assignments from from last semester
wrapping that up but also speaking at
different high schools and visiting
doing workshops and I cancelled my
workshop in Rabat so this was an
experiment for me I did I did have a
bunch of people saying oh what about in
Rabat because originally when I've been
doing Facebook ads I've I've kind of set
the geographical limits to sort of
include Rabat and I have had at least a
couple participants come from Rabat and
then others who have written me
you know leads that I had wrote me on
whatsapp and said what about in Rabat I
have other colleagues would you ever
consider doing a workshop here so I did
and I created another Facebook ad that
targeted only Rabat and got some new
leads from that but when it came down to
it nobody pulled the trigger
nobody had sent me the payment and I
still had five or six days remaining and
typically it's those last few days that
generate the most but I always have a
few by the time I start the week I
always have a few and then it's the last
few days that like some of those warm
leads purchased some of them closed yeah
and yeah with the added hassle of going
to Rabat and trying a new space I just
decided now I don't think it's gonna
work and so there was a couple people
that were disappointed the event space
actually emailed me today and said hey
two people called us and asked about
your event are you gonna reschedule but
I think at this point unless it really
grows momentum I'm gonna just keep it in
Casa yeah I think once you have a more
solid payment system in place you can
start doing remote trainings with a
little bit more confidence yeah that's
good yeah what about you what's been
going on well last Friday we had the
sixth meeting of the entrepreneurs Club
it was a good showing it was also a new
step in the club I didn't not do all of
the training so I talked a little bit
about Google My Business and we we
literally walked through the process of
starting a business on Google Maps and
Google search and I created a listing
for the Entrepreneurs Club of Casablanca
so we are now on Google Maps oh that's
cool it's far from optimized I have into
added photos or a bunch of stuff yet but
it was good to really get into the
practical steps of taking action to
start your business yeah and whether you
have a physical location or you're a
consultant like yourself having a Google
Maps listing is a good idea
is really no downside you can show up in
local search and in google search and
and get customers that way yeah yeah
actually after that episode I put into
practice some of the advice that you
gave in that podcast I uploaded a whole
bunch more photos changed my hours to 24
hours you know because I don't have my
phone number listed so I didn't see any
issue with that and I solicited some
reviews so people passed participants
from workshops and I put something on
LinkedIn asking people and I got eight
reviews almost all five-star and people
wrote some really kind kind words which
was just personally encouraging for me
but now there's that testimonial that's
that's there so if somebody is
considering coming to my workshop and
they're doing their homework they're
doing their research that's going to
help build trust with me as they see
other past users giving their feedback
yeah yeah so with the entrepreneurs
clubs sorry I wanted to jump on that
about Google my business but that's
great that there was a good turnout and
you have modeling to them taking action
now right but you're also highlighting
the fact that other people were doing
the training all right so I spoke for
about 15 minutes about Google Maps and
then to the club members gave
presentations on various topics
Othman gave a presentation on how to
develop a YouTube channel how to create
videos and the the benefits of creating
evergreen content as we've talked about
that on this podcast and privately and
then we had another presentation from
Ezzoubeir who talked about how to write
professionally how to write a blog post
or an article that will attract
customers to your business and they were
very good presentations very informative
very well done and appropriate for for
almost any business that's trying to
grow today you have to communicate who
you are and what you do and otherwise
you won't be able to convince people to
become your customers which is a very
relevant subject to our topic today
right exactly but other than that I'm
thinking about whether or not I do a
deal with the new clients I've been
asked to give a proposal to someone to
help them start an e-commerce business
and I'm deliberating on whether or not I
want them as a client I mean they're
good people and they have a good idea
but I'm not sure if I want to learn the
skills and take the time to be the best
provider of the service that they're
looking for so I can do some of the
things that they need but I would need
to learn a lot and develop a lot of new
skills in order to be the best service
provider for them and I'm not sure if
that's the road that I want to take so
I'm sort of deliberating whether I want
to become an e-commerce expert in
Morocco and the last thing that's really
been in my mind is I just had to fire my
fiduciary and the transition has been
uncomfortable and it's really caused me
a bit of stress because they did some
work and they billed me for work that
was not in our contract and I did not
agree to so now I have a facture from them
and they just decided what they were
going to bill me for this service that
they did and I said well he never told
me about this service that you
needed to do for me and my business
we never negotiated a price and it
wasn't in the contract and now you think
I'm just going to pay you whatever you
want for this service? and so that's kind
of where we are right now so I'm
thinking about how to react to this
I also need to talk to my new fiduciary
about whether or not they completed all
the work that they were supposed to
complete for starting the business and
and doing all the quarterly reports yeah
since I started the business so it's an
effort it's an unfortunate situation but
it's been on my mind in the last few
days and caused me a bit of stress but
I'm looking forward to getting that
behind me yeah this week how did you
find your new fiduciary a recommendation
from one of my clients okay where's the
previous one was a recommendation from a
friend okay so both recommendations yeah
but the first one just didn't work out
that well right yeah what were some of
the reasons that led to you wanting to
switch what are some lessons that our
listeners can can learn from you being
dissatisfied with we've talked about
this subject in one of our podcasts the
importance of customer service
it just becomes clear to me that I was
not a priority for their organization
yeah I'm a small business I'm not a big
client of theirs yeah and the time that
it took for them to respond to my
messages also for the bilan, the report
the annual report of 2018 there were a
lot of mistakes that I had to fix so I'm
thinking these are the mistakes that I
know about, so what mistakes did you make for my
company that I don't know about? yeah
then receiving that facture for that work
that I never agreed to and not to
mention that but they didn't even send
me the facture for the second quarter of
last year until last week so
if you're a company and you can't handle
your own invoicing to your own clients
that doesn't give me a lot of confidence
that you're doing everything necessary
for my business yeah exactly if you
can't even manage the factures for your own
revenue yeah right making sure you're
billing your own clients on time then
are you more motivated to make sure that
all of my affairs are in order? right I
don't think so
yeah the most motivated you should be to
make sure you're getting paid yeah and
if you failed to send your own facture
for seven months then that's a bad sign
plus there's just something about an
accounting firm making mistakes that
you're catching that just may just
destroys your confidence you know this
is an industry where like zeros matter
yeah and so you where you put the
decimal point like these little tiny
details you've got to be meticulous to
do well as an accountant so when there's
errors sure maybe a spelling mistake in
the email to you but when it comes to
the numbers there should be no mistakes
should be extremely rare yeah the other
issue is that I came to realize that
they're they're overpriced relative to
market rates for a business of my size
and my revenue and expenses they were
charging me much higher than the market
rate now I was willing to deal with that
because I had a good relationship with
my accountant and he was kind so that
actually the decision got delayed just
because of my personal affinity for the
accountant if the relationship had been
sour in any way I would have fired
them a long time ago
so that's a lesson for our listeners if
you have a business and you're nice and
you're friendly and people like you they
may actually give you more grace yeah in
your actual work performance than if
you're not so nice and they don't like
you that much for sure
yeah that's it's been said love covers
over a multitude of sins alright so just
this idea that if you've got a good
relationship with people you you
interpret things in the positive light
rather than the opposite right
and that actually transitions nicely
into the topic of the day which is the
ten reasons people won't buy your
product or service and we could also
extend that into renew your product or
service if there's an ongoing
relationship and the first one is there
is a lack of trust, now clearly with my
accountant the lack of trust had been
built up over time
not replying to emails sending invoices
for unauthorized work making mistakes on
reports etc so that could be the number
one obstacle to why someone will buy
your product or services they just don't
trust you yeah you're a stranger maybe
you have bad reviews on Google or
Facebook maybe they witnessed you
engaged in inappropriate behavior maybe
they didn't like the way that you were
talking or acting during a meeting these
are important things I think this
connects with the an idea we talk about
often which is to offer value so if you
are putting out content related to your
field related to your business then over
time you build up a reputation and you
establish yourself as an authority in
that space and so when somebody has the
problem that you solve they come to your
site they come to your LinkedIn profile
they come to your website and they start
looking around and they can see a
history there they can see the type of
and the network that you've built up so
this can increase people's trust I had
one person who wanted to sign up for my
workshop and you need at this point
there's no payment system you have to
just send me the money and she was
nervous about doing that and thought
well you know you could this could be a
scam and so she doesn't know me and
we're just talking on Facebook and so
what I told her was well you can go and
look at my youtube channel my Facebook
page my website and you can see years of
content you can see that I've been here
for years this isn't just something I
threw together last month right and I'm
just gonna you know do a quick scam
collect some money and then get out of
town and delete everything this there's
some history there so that can increase
her trust I don't think she ended up
signing up that wasn't enough well you
do your best
you have your brand developed online you
ask people to give you referrals and to
leave testimonies and reviews for your
business and you just keep moving
exactly and hopefully over time all the
content that you're producing all the
value you're providing and all the
testimonies that you have will lead to
inbound sales yeah number two the number
two reason on why someone might not buy
your product or service is that the
person you're talking to may not
actually have the authority to make the
buying decision now this often happens
in big companies where the user of your
product or service the person who
actually appreciates what you do and the
value you provide is not the same person who
makes the buying decision yeah and you
could be talking to a gatekeeper you
could be talking to a user but they may
not have budget Authority so in a lot of
ways if you're going to have a meeting
to sell a product or service you need to
make sure that the right people are in
the room now sometimes this is
unavoidable in
and the enterprise and very large
companies and there is a buying process
with certain levels that you have to
achieve but this can be a very big
reason on why someone might not buy yeah
yeah this is challenging the classic
analogy is if you make a cup of tea you
have a bag of tea and you dip it in the
water and the flavor goes in to the to
the water and creates a cup of tea then
if you take that same bag and then dip
it into another cup of water and then
another one the the flavor gets diluted
and so that's what's happening with your
message if you're giving your pitch
telling all the features and benefits
and reasons why this this client should
use your product or service but then
that's just a gatekeeper who then has to
convey that message onwards the message
gets diluted it gets watered down
details get missed and so as much as
possible you want to build a
relationship with that gatekeeper to
open the door so that you can sit down
with the decision maker face to face
exactly the next reason that your
potential customer might not buy is that
they just don't understand what your
product or service is or they don't
understand the purpose especially when
it comes to consulting or service
related businesses it takes customer
education and this is true for our
product as well if it's somebody doesn't
know what your product is then you have
to educate them on it and if you don't
do a good job of explaining or the
potential buyer is distracted or there's
a language barrier for example their
native language is Arabic or French and
yours is English then they may just not
understand what it is and they won't be
motivated to buy it so confusion or
misunderstanding can be another
and that people don't buy your product
or service yeah some of our listeners
would be too young to really understand
the significance of this move in the
tech space but when the iPod was first
released the only way you could really
listen to music typically was with the
CD player the disc meant it's a portable
CD player and so you know CD has like 12
songs on it and you I haven't I used to
have a backpack that had a slot to hold
CDs so you can carry around like a dozen
CDs and you could change CDs based on
you know whatever you wanted to listen
to yeah and then they come out with the
iPod where you can fit dozens of CDs
quote-unquote onto this one device but
it's a new product they need to educate
the consumer and so the phrase the
tagline was a thousand songs in your
pocket and so that phrase helped explain
in really simple easy-to-understand
terms this is what this little white box
is it's a thousand songs in your pocket
so if if you're one of our listeners and
you're thinking about starting business
so in a product or service you really
need to get your head around how you
explain the value of your product what
the product service is what problem does
it solve what are the benefits you have
to become an expert in communicating
that to your your potential customers
because a lot of them if they don't know
what your product is you're gonna have
to educate them on it and if they even
if they do know what it is you're gonna
have to explain to them why they're
making the right decision to buy from
you another example that all of our
listeners in major cities will
understand is global when global entered
the market they covered the city with
billboards and the billboards showed the
back of a bicycle with a box on it and
the phrase was we deliver everything
they already were competing against
jamia food so people understood what
the delivery service was for food and
we've been ordering pizzas in Morocco
for a long time so that's not a new
service but global will deliver anything
so they have on the add some flowers
they have a little stuffed animal they
have I think a set of keys or something
there's a few different objects that are
not food items to try to educate the
consumer so this is important if you're
releasing something that's brand new in
a new market or there's some feature
that distinguishes you you've got to
figure out how are we gonna educate
people what we're offering it's a great
example right reason number four that
someone might not buy your product or
service is that they either don't have
the problem that you solve or they just
don't care about it that much or they
don't realize that it's that serious if
the problem isn't painful if it's not a
priority for them to solve or if the
value of the money that it will cost to
solve the problem is greater then
they'll keep their money and say no to
your solution so it could be as simple
as you're talking to the wrong person
they don't have the problem or they
don't care about it that much
yeah this is the reason why I've made my
facebook leads a lot harder to qualify
by asking some extra questions and by
really explicitly making it clear with
the prices because I was getting all
these contacts that really didn't value
what I was offering they didn't even
understand I would send them something
about the course where they just signed
up for it gave me their phone number and
they would say or what is this about so
I made it much more difficult where you
had to answer some questions and made it
obvious that this cost money it wasn't
free for this very reason
yeah I've encountered this a few times
I've met with business professionals
here in the city I remember one doctor
that I was meeting with and I asked them
oh how many customers do you have per
what's your capacity and it just became
clear that yeah they weren't at a
hundred percent capacity but they were
at about 90 percent eighty-five percent
and so they just really didn't have the
problem mm yeah I said oh we could get
you more customers and we could do
marketing and we could do all this stuff
online but right now for them getting
new customers wasn't really that big of
a problem and they didn't particularly
care enough about getting new customers
to go through the process of hiring me
creating a website Facebook doing all
this online marketing which does have
negative effects not everybody wants to
be known they don't want to be a public
figure they don't want to have their
image in their name and their their
their history online for people to
comment about so that was a clear
mismatch between the person and my
services a clear mismatch between the
customer what they needed or what they
thought they needed and what I offered
you know the the fact is is that in the
future most everyone's going to do their
searching for products and services
online before they actually go and make
the purchasing decision it hasn't quite
happened here Morocco but we're headed
towards that yeah it's coming one day
yeah and if you're a small business
owner and you have no presence online
you're already far behind you need to
start today yeah that's right

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