Episode 55 Transcript

Welcome to episode 55 of the Business in
Morocco Podcast we have a very special
guest with us this week
with Johan Tekfak back from Francais
Authentic he's living in France
but he's here on a business trip in
Casablanca so we're taking the
opportunity to interview him he's gonna
be sharing about how he's built his
online business teaching French and his
entrepreneurial journey so it's gonna be
a great episode
so Johan thank you so much for being
here thank you for your time thanks for
hi Ryan, hi everybody thank you for
having me so pleasure to be here yeah
it's great to meet you in person I've
watched a lot of your videos listen to
your podcast so it's a privilege to meet
in person
cool thanks and welcome to Morocco how
many times have you been here before I
think it's the fifth time so I visited
Marrakech twice and Casablanca three
times so it's my fifth time all right
and how long you here for this visit oh
one week okay
so can you introduce yourself tell us a
bit about your story and tell us about
Jose authentic yes so I'm you antic FAC
I'm 37 years old I'm living in the north
east of north east of France and I built
the authentic platform in 2011 to help
people who struggle speaking French yes
to support them and break this barrier
that a lot of people have a lot of
people can understand French but I'm not
very really able to speak it right the
block when they have to speak it they
understand a lot of words a lot of
people tell me they understand
everything I stay in French but they
can't speak so the mission of
uncertainty is to help these people to
go from I understand French to the
status I am able to speak in French
confidently without blocking all right
we are not for using on grammar so I
focus all my content on authentic
I teach like you a lot of person
development concept so it's like people
who follow from certain seek and we
already understand French they don't
need the next grammar cause did not need
the next vocabulary book they just need
to listen to a lot of content that they
like that is interesting for them and
that's what we are trying to provide
them with yeah that's great so tell us
more about the platform itself
how are people consuming this content we
have a lot of different possibilities
for them so we have a youtube channel
which is quite popular we have a podcast
in the podcast I teach either on medium
so every week
French idioms because very often people
understand you know all the words of a
sentence but they cannot understand the
meaning of the sentence which is very
frustrating so we are trying to to help
them with this we also have one weekly
podcast about personal development stuff
so we'll probably when I will be back to
France I will probably speak about the
trip so you know more general topics
that people are interested in and we
have a lot of premium courses as well to
help people solve different kind of
issues right so if they have problem to
understand real French content we can
help them pronunciation courses so we
have different options for people we
want to speak French confidently right
so you started in 2011 yep it's been
nine years you've built this business
tell us about how you began I
bootstrapping it so I was living in
Austria at the time and I was traveling
a lot with German so I had to learn
German I was travelling learning it
because there was a huge difference
between what I was learning in the
German course with the grammatical
grammar vocabulary stuff let's say and
if there was a big difference between
what I was learning there and what I
listen to every day with real people on
the streets and at the same time I met a
lot of people who could understand
French and who couldn't speak it yeah
and it was you know I saw that they had
an issue I had an issue and when I
looked online for solutions I saw that
there were people who were teaching
English mainly but German as well with
the natural methods I don't know if you
know a Steve Kaufman is Canadian no and
he's a he's a very interesting guy so
he's 70 years old now he speaks 15
languages that he learns all by himself
and is one of the guy who inspired me to
provide content that people enjoy and
understand to help them improve their
their French
so that's yes that that's what gave me
the idea you know this the problem I had
to solve the inspiration I got from
Steve Kaufman by example and the fact
that I saw people that could become my
customers struggling learning French and
that I could help and that's what I'm
trying to do now yeah but that's an
incredible lesson for our listeners to
grasp is that Johan identified a need he
had his personal need which was learning
German in a way that was natural and
that was enjoyable but he translated
that into others that were learning
French a language that he speaks as his
native tongue but we don't just start a
business because it's fun or because
it's one of our passions but we're
solving a problem or we're meeting a
need and that's a big reason why your
business has been successful so where
are things at today tell us about the
current state of home say alternative we
have a lot of projects what I tried to
bring more in the last year's is this
aspect of personal development because I
started as you just summarized by
helping people and by trying to solve a
problem but I'm not a teacher right and
I'm not really passionate teaching
French words I like to help people I
like to try to simplify but it's not my
big passion to speak about this this
kind of topic so that's what that's why
I decided to bring my passion as well
and I speak more and more about personal
developments in my content so all in
French so that people can on the one
hand improve their French yes the
mission of consultancy
but on the other hand improved their
life and we all have limited time
limited resources and if you can do two
thing at the same time during your
commute or during your jogging listening
to things that helps you improve your
personal development or your personal
life and your French at the same time I
think that's very that's very
interesting right so we are trying to to
provide more content in this direction
in the last years we also developed an
Academy like Adam Eve consultant Zig
erotic Academy and it's what we try to
do is not only provide content for
people to improve their French but also
give them the opportunity to speak and
to practice a little bit so we have
private groups whatsapp and Facebook to
really try to make them practice the
language as well right so that's yes
that's what we are trying to develop and
if it's a community as well it doesn't
just give you the opportunity to
practice but you are around other
learners yeah rather than being isolated
just consuming content alone it's true
and it gives you a lot of accountability
a lot of you know sometimes you you have
questions that nobody can answer you
cannot find the answer online and you
ask directly to people who have the same
issue and we already solved the problem
so it's very interesting for you to
learn to be helped to help as well yeah
I don't remember I think it was n Stein
who said that if you the only way to be
sure that you understood something is to
be able to explain it right so that's
how I see it as well in our Academy what
best people can explain concept to make
sure that they understood it and to make
it a little bit deeper so that's yes
that's very interesting to have a big
community for than us yeah that's
definitely a big value add animals with
the Academy so this is your full-time
job it is yes when did that happen is
that something right from 2011 you
you've launched and were an entrepreneur
from day one absolutely not
it would have been nice when I started
in 2011 and boostrap did it it was
really a test I had no idea how it would
end up and I was working in the
automotive industry at the time as a
project manager and so it was
time-consuming so I didn't have a lot of
time to really produce content improve
the business improve the systems and I
did it on the evening on the weekend and
tried to really use another compound
effect right to try to to continuously
improve a little bit every day and not a
lot once a week right some people
sometimes they just put a lot of effort
on the weekend and nothing the rest of
the time my motto was more I try to put
a little bit of a photon improvement
every single day and it took me five
years to to leave my job I could have
stopped before but I think I needed the
security and the confirmation that it
could that it could really work yeah I
was I was at a quite high paying job so
that's that makes the living a little
bit more difficult yeah I had two kids a
wife so that that's why he took a little
bit of time but I think after two years
I could have stopped my job I decided to
continue and after five years I I saw
that I really had to make a choice
because doing both at the same time
wasn't sustainable so I really had to
choose and the choice was quite clear to
me because I really feel more fulfilled
with consultant seek where I can really
people directly I have more freedom so
it was an easy choice to do it full-time
so tell us about those five years where
you're working full time but also
running this side business that slowly
over those five years is growing and
becoming significant what did it look
you mentioned evenings and weekends what
were you doing during that time mainly
recording content and answering people
because especially at the beginning if
you want to create a successful business
and community you have to listen to the
people who are consuming your content
yeah so I spent a lot of time creating
content that's I mean that's the the
basics of the of the of the concepts but
I also spent a lot of time answering the
commands trying to understand the
audience that was my main activity so
that's that's what I try to focus on the
most and I started to develop different
projects or creating new courses and
these kind of things but I really
decided to do all of this by myself so I
never had partnership by example because
it is time-consuming so it could have
been very interesting for me at the
beginning to you know to have other
influencers speak about the photic brand
I never tried these kind of things
because of the times I really wanted to
focus all of my time on the comment
community the KUSI's and the free
content yeah so the content a lot of it
is free yeah how do you how does that
work as a business when you're sharing
so much content these podcasts and
regular YouTube videos that you're just
giving away for free you explain that
from a business perspective I think
there are a lot of different aspects on
this so if you don't provide anything
anything for free people cannot find you
so you wouldn't have found me on youtube
if I wouldn't have a YouTube channel I
think it's quite obvious so the free
content is here to make people aware of
your brand and as soon as you have
helped people there is also this
restricted prosity
aspect they want to
about you as well they want to follow
you on your journey so that's the first
point the second point is the free
content is quite different than my
premium content the premium content is
more organized people are you know it's
not only motivation it's not only
concepts that I try to bring it's really
I take them by the hand and we go the
step together yeah so that's a very
important part of it this organization
they buy the course they know exactly
how to start how often to study they can
ask questions in the community as well
so that's the biggest difference between
the premium and the free content okay
all right and tell us about kind of the
the marketing funnel is YouTube the the
biggest way that somebody finds you and
what's sort of the next step on their
connection with you so I always tried to
be everywhere so that's why I have the
YouTube channel the Facebook page the
podcast now I also have an Instagram
didn't exist in 2011 so you know that's
also something that we should mention
that we have to try new stuff I tried
snapchat for a while when it was very
popular yeah so that's also very
interesting thing for an entrepreneur to
try the stuff and to see how these new
tools can help us improve our message or
to give more value yeah so the way is
people find me through these different
platforms yeah and then they are brought
to my website my website consultancy
calm is my home you can find all my
content there the videos the podcast
everything the transcription so
everything that I say is written and we
have it on the website as well and
people when they join my when they go to
my website they can get a free course
it's called the seven rules of
consultancy so I really teach them in
one week it's one mail per day the
complete orthodontic system so they give
the Ameri
they received the seven rules and either
they stopped what the majority of the
people do right they stop here and they
continue with the free content or with
other materials or if you want to if
they want to go a little bit deeper they
can buy one of my clothes that is using
the seven rules that I really teach at
the beginning so that's the mother and a
lot of people are joining us through
this funnel okay so you have all these
different platforms out there providing
free content and they lead back to your
website and you have an offer there a
free offer and by exchanging their email
address they receive an email a day from
you for a week and then you can offer to
sell them some paid content exactly so
in marketing terms I think they say it's
the a for acquisition the C for
conversion like conversion in terms of
mail address so you the acquisition of
customers of all leads through the
different platform the transformation
when they give the mail address and then
auto conversion and the transformation
is when you realize the site so
basically it's typical there is nothing
special in this this model it's typical
and it's the same for all the online
businesses mm-hmm yeah that's right
so tell us more about your connection
with Morocco you are here for your fifth
time you have on your home page that
says you know there's a connection to
the Academy walking straight on the home
page and you've catered some content
tailored specifically for this market
can you tell us more about that yes it's
a very interesting story and it's
something that that wasn't planned at
all a lot of people that Francois
dhansak is helping are coming from
Morocco and Algeria it's probably 40 as
40% of the people that are consuming the
free content they are living even in
Morocco or in Algeria
it's clearly related to our comedy story
a lot of people in these countries they
are understand
French but they are not always able to
speak it so that's why I think the
Consul antic avatar if you want to call
it like like this are coming this avatar
is speaking to these two countries the
problem of these countries is that they
don't have the opportunity to go the
next step and buy a cruise on France or
toxic because a lot of them don't have
an international credit card right so
they can just pay on the romm or dinner
in Algeria and a lot of people want to
so I may receive so in the I created the
France erotic Mohawk in 2019 and between
2011 and 2010 I receive really thousands
of emails of people who really wanted to
buy the cruise but couldn't write so
that gave me the really the idea of
opening a company here in Morocco it was
the first step because I knew a little
bit more about Morocco and it was easier
from a business point of view to open a
company in Morocco than it was in
Algeria Algeria would will be a next
step and I started to serve the Moroccan
audience and it was it was amazing
because it really I am really solving a
lot of their problems they are very
responsive and they are giving me a lot
of insights in terms of personal
development by example and it's a
journey that is very interesting to me
ok so what is the Academy Moroccan the
Moroccan Academy it is a platform where
people so it's a premium platform people
pay a monthly subscription and when they
do they get premium content so every
month they get new modules so we have
videos that
that speaks about a lot of different
topics personal developments church
history really a lot of different topic
with the video and a lot of different
mp3 and PDF that explain a lot of of
world and of concepts so when they join
they have a big store of previous
modules that they can consume right away
every single month they receive a new
module and we have two very interesting
and interesting thing for them the
private Facebook group where people can
exchange as question and really
communicate directly with me or with
people of my team the problem on the
transatlantic facebook page is that we
have too much people it's almost four
hundred thousand people on the page and
you know it's it's not very sustainable
for us to really help them directly but
in the Academy we have this service so
all the questions are answered either by
me or by people from my team and what is
much more successful in Morocco
especially because I have another
hackademy for the whole world but in
Morocco what they love is the telegram
group we have a telegram group where
every day we have a topic and everybody
can write but mainly put some audios
audio messages and that gives them the
opportunity to listen and to speak so
that's to me the next step because
that's what was lacking from the
previous experience right you consume
your content if your question you can
ask on Facebook but here they can really
speak right and especially from Moroccan
it is important because a lot of them
they just need you know this they
already know how to speak they just need
this practice and this this environment
where they feel safe yeah and every
single day we have a lot of messages
that are very interesting yes that's my
favorite part of the Moroccan Academy
yeah what an incredible
amount of value because as you said
people know a lot of French and they're
not looking to to tweak their grammar
they're looking to be able to express
themselves yeah and you're providing
that community you're providing that
environment where they can feel safe and
they can practice and you're providing a
theme so every day they're right into
their phone getting messages from people
that they've gotten to know over their
involvement in the Academy yeah and so
little by little their their level just
Rises as they spend so much time
listening and then practicing themselves
exactly no idea master I really like it
so it's a very popular that's great
did you want to talk about the event you
have coming up or not yet weekend yes so
I've heard you have an event coming up
in June here in Casablanca can you tell
us a little bit about that yes on the
Saturday 13th of June I will organize a
kind of seminar in in Casablanca we will
have a lot of incredible speaker one of
them is very known a lot incredible
speaking in French but I'm gonna work
hard to improve no it's gonna be a it's
gonna be nice so here the idea was to
meet people directly and to try to bring
as much value as possible I have already
organized events where I was the only
one speaking which is not as interesting
for people as it will be to have some
experts here and I know that they are
not a lot of events like this in Morocco
right where you have different experts
in terms of personal development that
teach you in French and that's what
that's why I decided to organize this
events so I will I will give a speech
you will give a speech and we will have
two other speech and we will announce
very soon speakers but one of them is
very famous so it's it would be a nice
event and we try to to have a kind of
logic so you will speak about habits
building by example I will speak about
how to live a good life day by day so
it's the main topic will be to have a
great life you should focus on having
great days now we just speak about the
balance all the stuff that you could do
every day to have a great life so it
will be also it's related to habits it's
gonna be I think interesting for the
audience and we will have other topics
on how to achieve our dreams and one
topic one conference would be about how
to not to be afraid of speaking French
because it's one of the biggest problem
of Moroccan people as we already said
that they are afraid to speak so that's
that's gonna be one of the the topic of
the day so it's it's gonna be nice
comes wait to organise it yeah that's
exciting so June 13th yes how can
somebody find out more information about
this so I will if they follow the Jose
authentic Facebook page yes they will
definitely know about it we will launch
the registration I think in March yeah
right but if they follow us on social
media either Facebook or Instagram they
will know about it so we will promote it
a lot yeah because it's gonna be a nice
that's exciting so you mentioned for
five years this was a part time side
hustle for you before you went full-time
was it a an overnight success was it
something you could see was gonna work
from day one or was there a lot of
putting out content and not seeing the
results you were hoping for I don't
really believe in overnight successes
right so all overnight successes are
built on very solid foundation and hard
work and it was not different for me for
me really fun so tonic was struggling at
the beginning but I very soon had the
impression that it could work so that
you know when you publish something and
you don't have a lot of comment but the
majority of the comment tells you that
you are solving a problem then you can
already understand that you
that that you can help a lot of people
and it's just a matter of scaling right
so it was very long to really be
sustainable and successful but from the
beginning I had this intuition that it
that it could work but at the beginning
is very frustrating you spend hours
creating content putting in online and
you refresh and you see that two people
saw it and one of them is you so it's
very very frustrating and the other ones
my mom exactly something like that so
it's frustrating but yes if I think the
sign has to be I have people who tell me
that I'm solving that problem that is to
me that's really the sign that's you
have something and nowa days it wasn't
that big issue in 2011 but nowadays when
you have people give you their mail
address it's also a sign that you are
solving a problem because we all have
too much mail we don't want to give our
mail address to everybody so yeah it's
it is becoming a very interesting sign
to get our mail addresses because it
shows that you that you have something
to offer okay well that's great advice
for young entrepreneurs young people who
started a digital business they're not
seeing the results that they hope for
but there's these little encouragement
yeah the comments are telling them
they're solving a problem and even just
in somebody exchanging our email address
is an affirmation that they're doing the
right thing exactly that's to me the
first success then I would say for young
entrepreneurs very interesting to test
the concept as soon as possible with the
MVP so mini viable product the product
that product that you could produce very
quickly it has to be a quality product
it doesn't mean it has to be something
that you're that that doesn't provide
quality but quality product very short
that you can sell at a low price to make
sure that you have customers because as
long as you don't have customers you
don't have any business right you can
have 50,000 people on it that follow you
on Instagram it's not a business when
you don't sell anything yeah yeah that's
right do you have any idea about the
lifetime value of your customers so when
somebody buys their first paid course
from you do you see people that purchase
all the content or are you driving
people more towards the subscription
model where they're they're signed up to
the Academy and it's a monthly fee and
they have access to all the content it's
not really a point where I put a lot of
attention it's probably a mistake
because it's always good to know your
figures and to know exactly what's
happening what I know is that every
people that buy occurs receive is also
added to an automatic sequence made
sequence when we try to push him to use
the course because as you know people a
lot of people buy something but are not
consuming the course and I mean it won't
improve if he doesn't practice so we are
trying to the first step is to try to
make him really consume the course and
then people get some offers as well to
get additional courses that's the first
point regarding the Academy and it's not
like we want to push everybody to the
Academy because we think that every
cruces has is strengths
we have pronunciation close by example
with which is here to really help
improve the pronunciation so we try to
direct people to the content that is the
best for them when they have it we offer
what we think it could help them a
little bit more and the Academy is
another part of the business
and here we focus on retention and once
again we try to contact them very often
to tell them okay here is what you
should do if you lack time here is what
you should do if you lack motivation so
we really try to
motivate them to give them
accountability to encourage them to use
all the platform that they have at their
disposal and regarding the lifetime
value so the only thing that we measure
is the Academy and we know that people
who have immensely monthly subscription
because we offer monthly so monthly
payment or yearly payment for the
monthly payment they stay in average
eight month which is very good for the
for this industry yeah so that's the
only thing we measure and we focus on
value because I think that that's the
key right as long as you provide value
as long as people feel that they are
improving right then they will stay and
we have people that that are into global
Academy because as I said we have I have
one so toxic Academy and American
Academy yeah in the toxic global economy
we have people who studied in January
2016 with us and we are still there so
it's a kind of a family now well I think
that's probably why their retention rate
is so high in Academy is because of that
connection to the others yeah it's not
just their connection with you or your
members of your team it's the other
learners around them definitely so we
have some people who meet as well so we
see on our Facebook group a girl from
Spain is going to Germany and she meets
dispute this personal life we have some
people in the US as well who send us
picture and it's like I mean we are
humans and we need we need this
interaction and there is a big
difference between meeting somebody life
like we did today than it is to
communicate who what's up
social media right so this this
connection is very important and I think
my job is to make sure that this
connection exists and it's much more
important than really checking how long
they stay what is the percentage of the
people who bought the pack one will buy
back to you you know it's these are a
lot of figures that are very complicated
to follow and I prefer to focus really
on the value yeah you are primarily a
solopreneur but you did mention your
can you tell us a bit about who you have
helping you huh yeah I made the mistake
of trying to do all by myself
that's you know like all as you said
although solopreneur that start and that
try to bootstrap the business they do
everything by themselves I created I
shooted the first youtube video alone I
edit them for years I created the first
website that was ugly but that was
working yeah and after a while I thought
okay my job is to provide value I just
said yeah and if I spread all my efforts
to these different tasks it won't work
so I won't bring as much value as if I
would only focus on this and that's why
I started in it was I think 2016 I
started to maybe end of 2015 I started
to work with people the first guy I
worked with weather was Ron DJ with
doing all the transcription of my
episodes everything I say he put it on a
PDF file which is helping a lot of
people I that was the that was the first
step and then step by step I took a guy
who helped me on the video editing part
on the administration customer support
and I also wanted to have a community
manager that spent a lot of time on the
academic group that I mentioned because
I mean people who are in the Academy
they are expecting me to be there for
them which is legitimate and I try to be
there as much as I can but I cannot
check all the messages I could but it
wouldn't be the best use of my time so I
try to focus my time on the value part
on the content part and the community
manager is answering the questions
so here it's I think it's when you start
to have a real business when you you
have to manage people so now my job is
to manage the team and provide value
but it's a lot of work to create the
systems to make sure that everything is
working well and it's also something
very interesting to do I really like
this aspect of the business
yeah that's a huge challenge you need
you need to bootstrap you've got to ship
the the Minimum Viable Product to begin
to even prove that you have a business
unless you've got really deep pockets
and then fund everything yourself but
eventually you realize I can't do
everything and if I want to grow this
business I need to focus on the value
that only I can bring exactly and
nowadays especially so I think it was
still okay in 2011 to shoot videos not
even with a cell phone or smartphone but
with it was a small photo camera without
mic anything it wouldn't be acceptable
anymore in 2020 right so the competition
is bigger there are a lot of people we
are providing similar content so you
have to to provide quality work and it
wouldn't be possible to do it all by
ourselves so that's why you need when
you achieve a certain level you need to
to outsource these kind of tasks yeah
how do you decide how to manage your
time you in your content you often
include your wife you have a couple of
kids but you seem to live a really
balanced life despite the fact that
you've built this really large business
can you give us some advice on that I
think I'm a little bit crazy like you
with the power habits and this kind of
it's one of my hobby and I love reading
about habits building and productivity
so I say we are crazy because my wife is
often telling me that I'm crazy I hear
that but I think it's yes it's it's
helpful to be organized to have clarity
to plan your week it wouldn't have been
possible for me to to do both my job and
phone so toxic without the structure so
I really had
I plan my day I plan my week I know what
I wouldn't do I try to become a little
bit more flexible but when I had both
activities it was you know didn't I
though about the planning once a week
and that's it so nothing could change it
because because it was too much really
too much work for one person no I try to
be a little bit more flexible yeah
even if I'm not really but I have
systems I have personal systems I have
systems for the company so that
everybody know what he has to do when so
everything is clear for the content by
example we have a Content plan when I
put the episode the people when they
have to deliver what we are very
organised in the company and I have a
personal organization as well so I have
a yearly goal and I have a yearly
calendar I already know when I will
travel in the six first month of the
I have monthly goals that I want to
achieve to reach the yearly goal and
every single week I plan my week so I
have a board at home and I just write
for tasks for the day for big rocks and
I also have recurring tasks like
shooting video
yeah so it's every first Tuesday of
every month is video shooting second
Tuesday is podcast shooting so I try to
build this kind of organization it's not
for everybody but I think I'm the kind
of person who need this and it proved to
work so I'm very very happy to do it
every Friday I planned the week after
and when I arrived at the office on
Monday morning I don't have to wander
for two hours what I will do right I
know and I do it right away so you don't
have to to have motivation right because
everything is written you just have to
do to execute and I try to yes to
separate the UN with planning with the
UN who will execute just like
- about two different persons okay and I
love your comment about the the reduced
need for motivation when you've built a
plan and you've built a system and you
have the habit of doing it it's not a
decision you're making you just show up
and you execute yeah which is how habits
really work and then it doesn't require
motivation to continue exactly so
powerful yeah so in the nine years
you've been on a Content producing
schedule have you ever missed has there
been weeks with no video no podcast so
no and I did this plan I think I built
it yes when I when I started with the
team so five years ago at the beginning
it was more it was not a real habit but
I never missed a week so it was really I
have always wanted to keep this habit
and now it would be much easier for me
it is much easier for me to do it than
it would be not to do so when we without
creating any content would feel so
strange that I would have to do it
that's the power of it that you're
mentioning there's a lot of people who
would love to have an online business to
have you know passive income have
digital products that were bringing
money into their pockets without than
having to do anything but then
recognizing you've been recording a
weekly podcast for nine years and weekly
YouTube video there's over four hundred
and fifty pieces of content on each of
those platforms that sounds like you've
earned it you put in the work you put in
the time to build this business so
definitely and it is the compound effect
that you mentioned before as well
because now it seems to it it seems a
lot when I check the YouTube channel I
see all these videos it seems a lot but
when you do it once a week one week at a
time it's easy actually you cannot find
several hours to shoot one video one
YouTube video per week right everybody
can do it so that's the power of habit
and of the compound effect but you don't
have to put a lot of effort if you do it
regularly and I'd rather do it every
week than waiting one month
and doing everything at the same time
yeah yeah that's true so you've built a
great online business you live in Europe
but you have started spending a lot of
time in Morocco do you see any
opportunities here in Morocco do you see
Morocco growing changing improving speak
to our audience about some of the things
they may have missed here in their own
country so I don't know Morocco very
deeply so I am that's just a feeling
that I have because I have the
opportunity to speak with a lot of young
Moroccan people either entrepreneur or
people people who want to improve in
their job I think that the opportunities
here are very high so also if you check
the economical figures online you see
that Morocco is very stable Morocco is
growing it has a very stable currency as
well I checked by example just the
difference between other change between
a euro and Morocco it is very stable
right and it's a sign of a stable
economy as well if you check the example
euro with other currencies in South
America it's always changing a lot so it
shows that Morocco is stable and it's
also growing a lot I have a lot of young
people who are contacting me regarding
personal developments because they feel
that there are some opportunities and
the opportunities is not only to leave
Morocco right maybe it was a topic 10 or
20 years ago but now they want to
improve to become better here in Morocco
right and I really like that and I
really feel that the young generation
will bring a lot to the country as well
because if your best people are always
living it's not something very positive
for the future of the country and I
think this mindset changed a little bit
and a lot of young Moroccan entrepreneur
can imagine reach their goals here we
were yesterday in the
months in Casablanca you see this very
nice open space with new companies new
startup that will that open there and
every time I come I hear about very
interesting projects startups so you
feel that it's that it's growing a lot
and that something will happen I'm very
confident for Morocco actually and I
also like the fact sometimes people
write me and say oh you had French is
dead we don't have to learn French
anymore because English isn't the number
one language in the world right and I
think even if it's not really nice to
hear for me I think it's positive is
very positive that people start to have
this global of you that they have to
learn English because Morocco is part of
this global world and is also involved
in the growing of the whole world so
what I always answer is yes it's am very
happy that English is becoming always
more popular here I know that they are
switching the the school system as well
so to the PhD model of of the US so they
are always more involved in English
always trying to improve the English
that's a very good sign for the economy
and to me it's not like you must choose
between French and English if you're
American you need both the period that
there is no discussion English is needed
for every single human beings on earth
and depending where you are living you
need an additional language in Morocco
you still need French because of our
common history and because of the
opportunity that it brings you to have
it of the opportunity that you are
losing if you don't speak French so you
need French as a Moroccan but you also
need English definitely so that's what I
try to always say tell people who says
no I will give up French because I will
focus on English try to focus on both
doesn't mean it has to be at the same
time can give six-month more effort for
six months
to English and the rest on French by
example right but you need both yeah I
agree I agree there's a lot of
multinationals that are coming in to
Casablanca as a gateway to access the
growing emerging market in West Africa
and so you need English to get a job
with these multinationals because that's
often their international company
language but they want to access the
West African markets which are primarily
French and so you you really need both
and the companies that I interact with
people switch in one single sentence
between multiple languages and they
might be sending an email to corporate
in the States or in the UK but then
talking amongst themselves there they're
using French or they have a meeting and
they're using French so you really do
need both yeah I think as well I think
as well so that's also that also shows
that there are a lot of opportunities
for young Moroccan people if they want
to create startups or their own business
or if they want to improve their
position in the in the corporate world
there there are a lot of opportunities
and they will if they really want to to
get these opportunities that we need
both languages yeah yeah that's great
well Johan thank you so much for your
time it's been great to hear about your
business thanks for being really open
about your entrepreneurial journey and
we're excited that you're here in
Morocco that you're investing in the
country here and we're looking forward
to seeing that continue and increase
over the years thank you very much it
was a pleasure to be here
all right thanks thanks

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