Episode 57 Transcript

Welcome to Episode 57 of the Business in
Morocco Podcast today we're going to be
talking about cool stuff that we
recommend whether it's books or podcasts
websites tools for doing your work we've
got a bunch of recommendations for you
in this episode but before we get to
that I'm just gonna do a quick update
from the last few weeks right it's been
a while since we had an episode like
this what's going on how you doing
yeah it's it's been ages and ages things
are good night when I look back on the
month of February there were couple lows
but some really great heights one low
was my wife died in a car accident
nobody was hurt or anything but she
would stop the stoplight and Madinah bus
slammed into the back of her so that was
a learning experience navigating
insurance and how it all works in this
country spending a day at the police
so yeah everybody was was safe so lots
to be grateful for so many moments I
went on a family vacation finished up
all my marking from teaching at sis so
that's nice to be wrapped up in the
first semester and
I sold my first ever digital product
this I have a video of course available
on Broadcom and the first time ever in
my life
sold a couple so people wanted access to
the review before our sent me some money
and I'm trying to validate whether it's
worth building in a payment system you
know with CMI or one of the providers
right onto the site so still early or
still can't tell if it's it's worth
investment money but that was an
exciting milestone February was a pretty
busy did started a few new initiatives I
have an English class going ons so I've
partnered with professional English
tutor a native speaker who has more than
12 years experience teaching people here
in Morocco and around the world he's
well-trained he he's got a good process
he's patient so I've got a lot of good
feedback from his past students and
current students and so that's going on
the office right now which is one of the
ways to help generate revenue out of the
office I've also been working with a
couple other people to rent some space
in the office on a weekly or even daily
basis so those talks are ongoing and the
negotiations I've been doing a bunch of
sales pitches so that's sort of one of
my new year's resolutions is to get in
front of more people and to pitch my
services what I do and it's going well I
had two conversions just this last week
so it's been busy starting up the work
for them and for me it's very much in
like a 90/10 rule I do 80 or 90% of the
work for the client and the first two
weeks of the project and then after that
it's just maintenance right so very busy
one of the clients had absolutely no
presence online at all
like literally nothing and so I had to
start it completely from scratch what
industry schools actually it's a it's a
crash in ma reef they were they weren't
even on Google Maps so just purely were
or purely word-of-mouth walks I
proximity references yeah and there's
another client that I'm in negotiations
with who owns a store it's actually a
fabric store downtown Casablanca and he
also had absolutely no presence online
nothing no Facebook no Instagram no
Google and we've talked about this in
past episodes offering value right for
free so we don't have a deal as a right
but I helped him identify his Google
page that was out there that some
customer had completed or started
because as a as a as a Google user you
can add things to maps right
someone had added it in the past but he
didn't even know that it was there so we
claimed it using a phone call and we've
added products pictures the phone number
the right address
to store hours so I did all that for
free sort of as a gesture right
good will and right now he's considering
what services he wants to do with me
because I gave him an offer and he's
deciding what level of marketing does he
want to start with so I think that's
gonna work I think we're gonna start
working together although he is
concerned which is another thing I was
going to bring up he is concerned about
his supply chain because he imports a
lot of his fabrics from Europe and from
he has very high quality Italian fabric
and if you've been watching the news
recently there are big problems in Italy
with this coronavirus outbreak and so
he's worried that the supply chain from
Italy is gonna stop and he's not going
to have his materials to sell which is
what we're actually focusing on for
marketing in his business is these sort
of higher and higher quality cashmere
fine wool products that that he has good
margins so so what can he do he doesn't
control the control well I think his
options are if the supply chain freezes
up the normal channels what he could do
is he could just fly there and buy
himself now whether or not that makes
economic sense probably not but if the
factories shut down in Italy or Morocco
for some reason stops letting imports
through the border then that could be a
big problem for for his business which
is actually what is happening around the
now with China essentially the
manufacturing sector the industrial
sector of China has basically been shut
down for six weeks meaning that
everything that china produces whether a
finished good or a part that some other
company means in a different country to
complete their finish code for example
the auto industry and Japan all of those
parts that these companies around the
world use like in Europe or in Asia
they're not getting them from China
right now people are not going to work
they're not producing and if you read
the reports Apple actually warned its
investors and wall street that it was
not going to meet its protections for
iPhone sales and for for overall revenue
for this quarter or next quarter because
of supply chain draw disruptions and
people in China are just not buying
things like that I'm buying cars they're
not going out they're staying home
they're not going to work so this is
going to have a ripple effect it's going
to reverberate around the world and
unfortunately I think there's going to
be severe economic difficulties around
the world for a lot of economies
especially the ones that rely on
international trade for their economies
to function yeah
well shifting back to the fabric shop
and discussing this principle of
focusing on the things that we do
none of us here in control coronavirus
and its spread we have options to limit
our interactions or to take some
precautions but ultimately doesn't
require some just belief that gods have
control that our lives are in his hands
and hopefully that gives people a sense
of peace if they know God
but then when it comes to business you
can't control everything but you need to
really focus your attention on what you
do control so he could well the supply
chain is open while it is happening he
could make a huge order go on a bit of a
financial limb and import a lot of
fabric more than he needs for the next
six months and just store it just in
case he could begin to diversify his
supply chain you can look at importing
from Turkey or from other countries so
he has options he could even look at
diversifying his product lines maybe
there's some things that he could begin
to sell to his industry that hasn't been
focused on that's a great point and I
actually didn't paint the whole picture
they actually are fairly well
diversified they produced fabric here in
Morocco it's not as high-quality and
it's not as high-priced
as the stuff that's made overseas but
you're right they could definitely start
working in that domain a little bit more
maybe doing some finished goods or
making some investments to produce
higher quality fabric here in Morocco if
they believe that the supply chain will
be disrupted from Italy and Europe and
overseas and you mentioned Turkey I'm
not sure if you're aware of this but
there is now apparently a dispute
between Morocco and Turkey in terms of
their trade agreement so it's it's
possible that because of this virus and
because of the trade dispute with Turkey
that a lot of the clothing that comes to
Morocco from Turkey that that will be
shut off but there's going to be a meet
yeah there still will be a need for
clothing Morocco and this this customer
potential customer I'm working with they
produced the fabric that
you could use to make the clothing so
you're exactly right that's great advice
and if he does have a supply chain I'm
definitely going to if he does have a
supply chain disruption I'm definitely
going to recommend what you said which
is focus on the things you can control
right and expand your business where it
makes sense we would like to share with
our audience some of the things that we
like that we appreciate we value that we
are willing to recommend I think that's
one of the ways you offer people value
is is telling them about good things
that are valuable and useful so that
they don't have to go through the
research process themselves yeah do you
want to start with something that you'd
like to recommend yeah one simple tool
that I use a lot is an international
credit card so that could be this is
just Amazon's audiobook application and
I've been using it for the last six
years and I've listened to a number of
books through it for a while I had a
membership there I think it's around $15
or something like that per month and you
get a free book with that every month
but I just wasn't listening fast enough
and you know those costs were hiding out
but the books were backing up and so I
dropped out but what happens is Amazon
continuously is trying to win me back as
a customer and they'll come and say oh
hey maybe they're from you in a while
we'd like to offer you a free book you
know and you you kind of reinitiate your
download the free book and then you can
cancel again this has happened to me I'm
not getting a handful of times and it's
also because I have multiple accounts
with the same credit card you can have
an account at amazon.com amazon.ca and
was on combat a you've done FR CEO that
UK I mean all of the Amazon locations I
think there's ten of them you can open
up a new account and audible doesn't
seem to coordinate between them now you
can download all the books by signing in
that on the app so it's all in the same
library but they keep offering the free
books as if you're a different customer
so this has been helpful for me I've
learned a lot through that and doesn't
need to be books that you pay for the
same principle applies to listening to
this podcast or other podcasts using
Spotify or free apps that allow you to
consume information passively meaning
while you're doing something else and
this is something we refer back to often
because you know I just listened to an
autobiography this year you know the
last month or so and the whole book that
I consumed was done while driving while
watching my son at the Football Club
while walking somewhere while waiting it
was all redeemed time meaning if I
wasn't listening to that book I would
have been probably just as mindlessly
scrolling social media and weren't just
daydreaming or staring off into space or
listening to music
and so it was redeemed time I mean I was
using dead time for something far more
valuable and as a principal I really
love our listeners to to absorb and
apply in their lives y'all ride that
I completely agree that the audio is the
future that consuming content being
efficient while you're doing other
things is a great way to learn and to
not waste time and a lot of the best
content out there is going towards
podcasts so I've tried a bunch of the
different podcast platforms no I don't
have an iPhone so that's the one I
haven't chosen although I've read people
don't seem to be too happy with with
iTunes or Apple podcasts but I've never
tried it myself
I tried Spotify Google podcasts I tried
stitcher and SoundCloud and right now
I've actually settled on Google podcasts
it's what I recommend there are some
things that annoy me about it but to me
it's the best user interface and it
keeps the episodes organized and the the
titles and the authors organized in a
way that's easy for me to track what
I've listened to what I haven't listened
to so I recommend Google podcasts but
also speaking of podcasts we host our
podcast on anchor fm so I completely
recommend if you want to start a podcast
and you should if you're trying to be a
small business owner or you just want to
talk about something that's meaningful
to you go to anchor dot F M a n CH o RF
M it's completely free it's completely
free you can actually record your
podcast on their software you can
publish it
and send it out to all of the different
platforms easily and seamlessly on
anchor and so that's what we're using
and I recommend it for recording the
podcast we use audacity which is a free
pass audacity is a free podcast
recording and editing software for a
personal computer and then on the phone
we use just easy voice recorder yeah and
and it's free anyone can use it and we
recommend if you want to build a
business or a profile you need to start
producing content and get it out there
and even if you don't think you can do
it perfectly just get started to start
practicing yeah yeah well we're well
we're on the topic of the podcasts one
tip I would share is to find podcasts
that teach you about all the important
areas of your life so you might be
really interested in you know personal
finance or personal development or
entrepreneurship but don't don't forget
about continuing to develop yourself in
other areas as well so building
relationships communication skills your
faith you think about you know your
yeah just those four dimensions of life
and mental the physical the spiritual or
social-emotional developing yourself in
all those areas so the podcasts that I
subscribe to some of them are related to
my spiritual life or some of the more
related to my role as a father as a
husband and then a lot of them are kind
of my interest which is entrepreneurship
and small business
I really recommend the podcast smart
passive income
it's an American guy entrepreneur he's
done a lot of different types of
business over is kind of decade-long
online career and he's got over 400
episodes so if you're starting a
business or if you are wanting to learn
certain types of skills or find people
that can teach you that because he does
a lot of interviews of people who are
leaders in industry you can just go to
his archive and scroll down all the
different topics or even search on his
site in smartpassiveincome.com and find
what is relevant to you the infamous
specific information you want to consume
so that's an incredible resource yeah
there's a lot of great resources out
there and I found a bunch of them that
are free just like what you mentioned
his website a bunch of free resources
one of the things I've been doing a lot
recently is creating video whether it's
for our podcast or for Instagram or
Facebook or for clients and I found some
very useful free tools one of them is
called open shot Video Editor it's a
free download for a PC a personal
computer that runs on Windows it's very
easy to use and it produces a good
and I liked it another one which is if
you have a video that you want to add
subtitles to or text or you want to
manipulate it in some way it's called
cat winged dot-com and for all of these
resources and things were mentioning I'm
going to put them in the show notes so
if you're listening to this right now
just go to the show notes and there'll
be links in the show notes to click to
these things but Kathleen you can upload
a video and it will automatically
generate subtitles for your video and
now it's does not a hundred percent so
you may have to go in and change a few
words or some punctuation but it's a
very good resource and all you need to
do is add your email address and it's
completely free yeah that's fantastic
another kind of free digital resource I
often use is we transfer so just sending
files back and forth between people this
is a really handy thing goes off to be
going to email depending on your email
platform they often limit the attachment
size which can be a real pain but you
can use we transfer w/e transfer comm
and said as many files as you want up to
two gigabytes and that's really really
handy I rarely have to send something
it's on my list it's right here check it
off but in that same theme I highly
recommend Google Drive now I'm sure that
most Moroccans have a gmail account but
they may not know all of the other
resources that are available to you just
by simply having a gmail account you
have access to Google Maps Google Drive
Google sheets Google presentation Google
word processor I mean there are all
these things that you can use that are
completely free and you get 15 gigabytes
of storage absolutely free yeah there's
something that I take for granted which
is this idea that you can create a gmail
account for free well the truth is you
can create multiple accounts and I was
talking to one of my partners yesterday
and I said hey just send me that video
on Google Drive just share it with me
and he says oh I'm actually running out
of space and I said well just create a
new account yeah it'll take one minute
create a new gmail account and then
you'll have 15 gigabytes of free space
yeah so I highly recommend it if you
need it and you want to store things in
the cloud and you don't have a lot of
storage on your computer or you want to
save your videos or your your photos to
the cloud so that if you know god forbid
you lose your phone one day you don't
lose all the photos that you've taken
yeah and all the messages you should be
backing up your phone by the way also
using Google Drive if you have an
Android phone you can backup the entire
phone follow your messages all of your
contacts all of your photos and videos
you can back them up on using Google
Drive so I'd highly recommend that you
do that that's a great way to save money
it's not cheap to buy an external hard
drive and nowadays we're consuming and
producing so much content that takes up
a lot of space if you're looking to
bootstrap save a little bit of money you
know just open up a number of Google
accounts and drop it all that to drive
that's fantastic
I've been using Google my business I've
got the app on my phone which helps me
kind of stay more in touch with what's
happening on my my site and then just
recently I've started fooling around
with Google Analytics which gives you an
insane amount of information related to
traffic that's coming to your site so I
can see where people coming from what
pages are they going to how long and
staying during their session what I've
been clicking on what when are they
bouncing when are they leaving my site
and I can find all that information
completely free resource now I want
users to really hear this I'm not a
super technical guy I don't naturally
love tech and it's just kind of do this
for fun but it's so easy nowadays to
learn a lot of this stuff if you can
just overcome your fears or not be
intimidated with Google Analytics you
know this sounds like something that
it's not my wheelhouse at all but it's
very very user friendly and they produce
all these video courses that basically
just walk you through it might be all
these tutorials to just educate you and
by taking a little bit of time over the
coming weeks
I'm going to go through these videos and
just become kind of a regular user of
this product so that's another resource
that we're all very well familiar with
which is YouTube but sometimes people
don't realize that anything you want to
learn about someone's taking the time to
produce an excellent tutorial and you
can find it on YouTube I had somebody
who contacted me saying you know how do
i lock a specific cell on an Excel
spreadsheet to make sure that no matter
what I change all the other sheets that
cell doesn't get affected I didn't know
the answer but I simply typed it into
YouTube and there was like a 49 second
video that explained it and I just sent
in a link these kinds of things anything
you're wanting to learn about even
something related to maintenance on your
house or your car it's all there it is
all there and most of these resources I
found by doing just that either I type
in a long a long tail phrase in Google
or type it into YouTube and get a
tutorial I've been to producing a lot of
Facebook ads recently and Google ads and
YouTube ads and Instagram ads and so
I've been I've been dealing with images
and text and creating things that look
nice and one of the tools that I've come
across it allows you to upload a file
and then the file shows on your screen
and you can click on a color and then it
will give you the serial number of that
color so that you can put it into either
PowerPoint or you can put it into Google
presentation and it'll be that exact
same color
Wow so this is
it's standardized yeah it's like it's
like an HX color wheel yeah it's like
the color wheel and it has like a
specific serial number every color does
so this software allows you to figure
out what is the color and then you can
recreate it I did it for an ad campaign
that I'm doing for the school this new
customer they they have a very colorful
logo and each letter of their name is a
different color and so I wanted to color
coordinate the images in the ad campaign
to the colors in the name and so I was
able to get the exact color by uploading
the document and then picking the color
from each letter so I am NOT a
professional graphic designer these are
fairly basic manipulations I'm not using
Photoshop or any of these other very
advanced tools I'm using the basic tools
that Google allows I'm using screenshots
and things like this this color imagery
yeah but for creating videos and
creating content to other resources I
have one is for a PC it's called screen
press oh and it allows you to do a
screen recording of what you're doing on
your computer so for you Ryan if you're
going to create classes and courses in
the future something like this might be
valuable for you to record yourself what
you're doing on your laptop right so
that as people are going through you can
sort of lead them through the
presentation and move the mouse around
and point to things and and change
images and they can follow you in
you're doing in your course I did the
same thing using screen press o for PC
there's also one for Android called
AZ screen recorder which allows you to
record the screen on your on your mobile
phone on Android so everything that
you're doing if you're you're going
through I don't know how to build an
Instagram post you can record what
you're doing and then you can post it
and show everyone hey this is a cool new
thing that I found on my phone whether
it's a new app or it's a new way of
dealing with tik-tok whatever it is
you're doing if you're trying to produce
content and you want to show other
people what you're doing on your phone
you can use this app and again it's
completely free and so these are the
kind of tools that would be really
location and they can watch it live yeah
the last thing that I use every day I
use these two apps every day that's
because I'm living in a foreign country
and it's Google Translate and lean gay
Li ng Yui and it's for taking things
that I want to say in French and saying
them in English and helping me
understand what would I say if I wanted
to say that in French and Google
Translate has gotten so much better in
just the last two years I remember when
I started using it in 2017 when we were
living in France it was just not that
great it led me let me astray a bunch of
times yeah but it's learning it's
getting better and so I had to recommend
just using that download the app on your
phone and if you want to improve your
English or your French or your Arabic
just just use that out and the other one
lynge the reason I like that one is when
you type in a word or phrase it searches
the internet for that word or phrase
where it has been translated by somebody
else on their website meaning their
website has let's say English version
and not a Spanish version and the people
who host that website have hopefully
paid translators to do the English
version and the Spanish version and then
it matches up the text so you can see
real-life examples of these words and
phrases yeah that's another thing that I
like to do if I think I'm going to say
something in French I'll just type it
into Google and if I don't find it
anywhere like on the Internet
like oh it's probably not easy I just
created a brand new French braid right
it's probably not a commonly used phrase
yeah I should probably avoid it yeah
yeah there's tons of gaps when you're
trying to literally translate from one
language to another just we don't say
things the same way in different
languages but yeah for people like us
that are operating in multilingual
thank God the tools are improving
they've come a long way
I remember in 2014 I was in Quebec
French part of Canada and I was in a
Starbucks and I couldn't understand the
sign I can tell there was some sort of
benefit or offer they had related to
Frappuccino and I Google translated it
and what came back was basically like a
really inappropriate sexual favor but
that they were offering if you purchased
this you received a sexual favor and I
turned to the guy beside me of mine and
asked him if he spoke English he said
yes and I said you know I'm new and go
back is this really what Starbucks
offers here and show no but he just
fucking laughter
so hopefully they've fixed that error by
this point yeah I wanted to say related
to some of the stuff we've been talking
about you know it can be intimidating to
to think about all this technology and
can be overwhelming with all the tools
that are available but going back to a
theme you bring up often here is that
just ship it philosophy you know just
getting started
putting out an aversion and then
improving over time so he's you
mentioned you know you're you're new
with doing graphic stuff or doing images
and editing video but you're going to
improve and you might end up
transitioning from one tool to another
just doing experiments
so thinking about my youtube channel you
know when I first started making videos
I was just using the tools that I had
available at that time
so making thumbnails just from paint
which is an extremely basic photo
editing software or editing of the video
with Windows Movie Maker which is but
you just start somewhere you know and I
recently relaunched an interview that I
did with a girl at least and we only had
one camera which isn't ideal for an
interview setting and it's just a
wide-angle shot of the two of us and
then we sort of zoom in so the field
it's a lot less lower resolution zooming
on the person talking and then pull back
and then zoom in on the other
talking and it's just an amateur way of
beginning but you got to start somewhere
it started smart depending else the
other thing is that you know both of us
are over 40 years old and so a lot of
this technology didn't exist five years
ago and in order to succeed in this
economy we've got to be continuous
learners in just the days of deciding
okay I'm done what I know now is what
I'm going to continue to operate with
those days are over and you'll be left
behind so use the resources that are
available to educate yourself about new
stuff that's coming out and more tools
are at your disposal and develop that
attitude of a student and not being
intimidated by learning new things or
even will not succeed in this economy if
we can do it then any one of our
listeners can do it exactly I want that
message to become clear

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