Episode 63 Transcript

Okay welcome to Episode 63 of the
Business in Morocco Podcast we have a
special guests with us today we have
Mahmoud Tatari he's based in Tangier and
has a digital marketing company and he's
going to be sharing with us how do you
adjust your your business model how can
you find new clients in this brand new
environment so my mood thank you so much for being with us
could you just introduce yourself tell
us a bit about your your background and
your story thank you thank you all Ryan
and Ryan for has seen me today with this
business podcast in Morocco it's my
pleasure to be part of your podcast for
this for this month so my name is Mahmoud Tatari
I live in Tangier I work today as a
digital marketing trainer and consultant
I had companies I work with
entrepreneurs and business owners
marketing professionals who are looking
to grow their business so I help them to
to create efficient sales and marketing
systems and build their growth machines
I first got awaited as an engineer so I
studied software engineering back in
2005 when I first graduated from
I had a small adventure as a superior
for me from the early age when I started
my my software development company in
2006 and I fell I fell six months later
because of bad management the lack of
experience which was very good it was
really good experience because I learned
a lot of things after this short
experience I I joined family business
again they were just launching new
franchises in hospitality so the large
coffees and restaurant in Tangier I
worked there as a
supply chain manager logistics and
supply chain manager again it was a
life-changing experience I learned a lot
of things I acquired new skills that I
didn't have before and helped family to
grow their business and set up the
purchasing department as as a new
business years later I found myself that
I need to to have a push to my carry
because it is true I had a satisfying
work but I didn't feel fulfilled and I
needed to do something to even push my
career and move forward that then when I
started an MBA and I learned a lot of
things again from management accounting
some things that I found that if I have
these skills when I first started my
company in 2005 I would doing things
much different this the thing that I
most loved from my MBA is a marketing
that's how you can really create your
products and service to match people's
needs and wants and how you can find
this link between you as a company and
your customer that that will buy your
product and service so when I finished
my MBA I just moved and launched the web
marketing agency
I was co-founder and we did a lot of
projects a lot of projects in creating
websites managing social media for our
customers graphic design video
production and we did a lot of things in
2017 I decided to to move from providing
services to to my customers to focus on
training and consulting so I can teach
people how to do things instead of just
doing things for them but now I teach
then I show them how to do the methods
and the approach to build their
marketing and sales systems so they can
succeed that's great that's that's good
great journey and a great story I wonder
could you share a little bit more about
your your first software company that
didn't work out can you tell us a little
bit more about why it failed and what
you learned from that yeah of course I
felt maybe because of two two things two
main mistakes that I did
at that time the first one is I had a
little capital but I didn't manage my
spending in the right way so instead of
managing my money and spending it on
things are really worthy I I spent some
of it on rent that I didn't need at that
time and so it was really bad man bad
money management first and the the
second mistake is I moved too quickly
before finding this idea this is ideal
customer this without identifying the
need for for my for the market I want to
touch and instead of focusing on one on
one single idea and work on it until the
end I start moving from one thing to the
other just jumping left and right
without finishing anything so I am then
I ended up with a lot of things that are
half built and couldn't they couldn't
survive so I had to shut down so if you
could do it over again you would have
bootstrapped it more you would have
saved money on some of the helpful but
not necessary expenses and you would
have focused in more completed like a
Minimum Viable Product in one niche
before expanding into other features or
other areas so absolutely and this is
what I did when I launched link
marketing in 2017 I really apply
these first two mistakes so I've been
doing the same thing I didn't do any any
extra expenditure on things that haven't
made at all
I started with the minimum or the
minimum spending and I said what is the
one thing the only one thing that I need
to do I need to master really good
that's why I can do it over and over
again and no one can be better than me
in this one thing and I stuck to it and
until now so after two years I managed
to create a process of what establish
process on how to find new customers and
how to move them forward in the journey
to become prospect and then lawyer
customers can you talk about who that
ideal customer is today for your
business and how did you figure out the
profile for that person and and also how
did you reach them before the the virus
how did you do business development and
how did you find those customers and
what was that process like yeah so
typically every every business has an
ideal customer and my my recommendation
and what I do with my customers today
the very first thing without building
anything but in any customer journey or
any kind of marketing Paulo as we are
going to talk about later on the very
first thing that we need to work on is
who is your customer and just yesterday
I had this conversation with one of my
prospect when I asked him do you know
who is your customer he told me yes I
have this kind of this kind of customers
that that come to me every day okay is
this your ideal customer the customer
that you want to have or just your
current customer the one that you are
just having and you are just shocked and
told me
we're actually he's not the customer
that I want he's just a customer that
I'm having
yeah so and most of the time a lot of
business owners and a lot of
entrepreneurs I I met in my life in my
experience and even me at the beginning
I had the same thing because you when
you just launch a business you're
targeting some customers and once you
have some customers you already have
your customer journey
you only have some steps that will it's
already started to get the first
customer from scratch right so you have
you have a journey but the thing is do
you feel okay to work with this customer
is this the relationship that you want
if you have 100 customer like this one
is this the kind of customer that you
want to have even a thousand customers
if the answer is yes then start thinking
asking yourself some questions why the
why did this customer country mean what
were their problems before or what were
their issues what were their
frustrations what can I do to change to
change them and to solve their problems
today or to help them achieve the goals
because after all what we do as business
owners as entrepreneurs what you really
do English is to transform the lives of
our customers they are in what we call a
before state they have some something
before and our job is to take them from
this before state to the Aster state how
with our product and with our service so
to come back to the question how did I
know who is my ideal customer is the
first thing with with trial and error we
need to test me to test different
messages talk with different people and
you will see what is the the best set
and the best fit between what you are
offering and what you are getting and
then you should start from there and you
knew you you get even better idea about
what is your customer and so for you and
for your business what were your methods
of of customer acquisition of reaching
this ideal customer that that you can
teach and you can train to do marketing
and to build funnels okay so for me
today I have identified when I wanted to
offer these training and consulting
services first and foremost I I said to
myself okay I want to talk with
entrepreneurs and I want to talk with
business owners this is the first
category entrepreneurs and owners and
the second category of people that I
want to talk with are the marketing
professionals so I don't talk with IT I
don't talk with engineers I don't talk
with the sales maybe sales sometimes but
it's not my main target
it's not my my primary target so I
started with these two main profiles
entrepreneurs and business owners and
marketing professionals and the very
first thing I did is I asked myself who
do I know today from my contact people
who I know that are entrepreneurs of
these owners and other podium marketing
professionals I have selected 10 people
from people that I know and I went to
see them to have this first interview
asking some questions and understanding
their needs what and how how can i
really help when I I started to get an
understanding and I managed to get some
some lead from from those main contacts
first I went to social media and created
some content there I started my first
post on social media I launched my my
blog on my website I did some content
and start publishing this content
sharing this content participating in
on social media people who are asking
questions I would give some answers
maybe with my own content or with others
content but the main reason for the main
thing is that I am there when they are
needing me and that's how I manage to
get more leads over time when you say
content can you explain what that is
like are you talking about videos you
produced or articles you wrote mainly
articles mainly blog post articles okay
- even some value-added content like
guides ebooks and recently I even
launched the series of webinars some
part of the content I created over the
over the last year
live events is also content because when
you when you do live events and
workshops it's also content content can
have a lot of forms and when you format
you say that you you need to communicate
to deliver your message to your audience
so what has changed since the virus has
arrived here Morocco and we have been
under confinement since March 20th have
you had to change any of the ways that
you've been doing business the ways
you've been engaging customers or trying
to find new customers absolutely none of
things have changed since since March
well the very first week to start we're
at the very first week after the
confinement I used to have a busy
calendar busy calendar a lot of pitting
of calls and right after these
confinement the very first week was
empty how come there's no no single
meeting not at all if we're going to
stay one more one more month at least
one more month like this I need to find
well I cannot stay like this so the
first thing I did is using zoom to hold
all my my meetings virtually I started
who are these people that I didn't reach
out last month and my my leads my
customers let get in touch with them
let's just pick up the phone call them
set up virtual meetings because I need
to have I need to keep the peace
anything I need to keep working because
otherwise are we just adjusting lose the
the rhythm so I start adapting myself to
work remotely and move from these
physical and face-to-face meetings to to
virtual meetings but there's one more
thing that I did and I I had one
business opportunity to do one of my
trainings as a live workshop and after
the confinement when my customer called
me and told me okay we know that we have
closed our doors I'm sorry to tell you
that the workshop is canceled it was bad
news for me because it was a great
business opportunity and to do this live
okay we can do it later but then when
after I closed the phone I said to
myself okay Mohammed why don't you why
didn't you tell him that we can do it
online I forgot the phone again and I
just asked him if we can do it online
because we have no reason to just
postpone but we can take the opportunity
and even for you as a brand to start
giving this life and webinar experience
your audience and he told me yes okay
let's do it all night so in just one
phone call
I moved from doing nothing and just get
my business opportunity canceled to
keeping it and the
only yeah that's fantastic I love that
and did you keep your pricing the same
or do you feel like an online webinar is
less valuable than face-to-face what do
you think I kept my pricing the same
honestly I kept my passing the same and
even today because even even even my
prospective methods have changed because
as we are talking about what did i do
differently now
I mean regarding through before this
period you know webinars for me were a
project I one day I will do webinars one
day I will launch our webinars and when
it when it came it was just fantastic
it's now or never and so I did my first
one it was great and I did the second
one and third one in the fourth one and
stats and things start flowing and so
instead of prospecting the old way in
these live workshops or live events or
even using my content the webinars
themselves I have become a prospecting
tools from I got some some potential
leads from my webinars and then I move
them forward with the journey to the
next steps doing the discovery cause and
moving forward by what I did regarding
pricing for those people who want to
want to take my offer but they are not
willing to invest right now so I did one
thing for them is the lower - lower the
initial investment and make the balance
later on by the end of the of this
period but I keep the same price you
know I didn't eat the poison I see okay
so you adjusted the payment terms which
helps with the companies reduce the ash
flow but overall same exactly yes
smart samatha mood I think all people we
experience fear I think a lot of people
are worried because of the virus people
are concerned about the economy you know
now the at least in Morocco there will
be two months of confinement and a lot
of people are losing their jobs or
they're not able to work and so there's
financial distress could you talk a
little bit about fear during this time
how to manage fear and specifically talk
about fear in terms of small business
owners and entrepreneurship faith is bad
Shaylee is a bad thing in business
because the I'm afraid of uncertain
about the future you start panicking and
once you start panicking you start
losing hope and you don't know what
we're going to do and once you are in
this state then you start losing
everything so my main advice and my my
recommendation and this way I say to my
to my customers and I had this
experience with my own customers when I
put them ok now business have stopped
and I know that you are not going to be
able to make new business right now this
is clear let's agree on this
there's no we're not going to sell at
this time ok no this is clear what we
can you cannot send right now we can do
two things first is do nothing which
most of the people are doing not doing
nothing or we can take this as an
opportunity to build for the future
because let's face it unless this
confinement will last forever which is
not and even if it lasts forever we as
humans who are going to adapt and you
are going to find new ways of living but
you cannot stay like this for
forever it's impossible so since we know
that this is going to be ending like in
1 or 2 or 3 months
let's build business opportunities for
the future and if you're in doing they
between some sales and some
opportunities come in they are welcome
if not we are moving forward 40 after
after this confinement so this is what I
typically do and is what I would say to
to face this fear and just think about
the after this period that's good
that's helpful do you have any tips for
people about how to produce content I
mean you're offering you're writing
articles publishing ebooks doing
webinars but often these are free forms
of content and you're wanting to help
convert people to to be give any any
tips or advice on that what kind of
stuff do you include in your content and
paying customers yeah a very interesting
question interesting question because
most of the time people don't don't put
this this little thing that they need to
put in the content to move people to the
next step so when we say content as I
said right before the many forms of
content it can be through blog blog post
can be on a social media post it can be
like webinar or it can be video or
whatever form of content you produce but
you need one piece of content to to
include which is the call to action and
if you don't place this call to action
in your content when you are not just
but marketing but you are doing bad user
experience because people would come to
you they came here because they need
help and when they come they don't know
what you do next right they just came in
but they can find their way out we can't
find what they do next so the simple
trick and the simple the simple advice
just place your call to action this is
clearly in your content and this this
call to action it is like the ask ask
because marketing and sales after all we
are here to create relationships with
humans we are humans and we want to
create relationship with humans and
every human relationship is based on
request and reply I would ask you
something to to get a response from you
if I don't ask I won't get anything back
and if I don't put you something that
here is what I can do for you
you won't ask it for me this is this is
what what makes some content to be
efficient and they will have moved
people through the customer journey
are there certain types of content that
you found to be most effective like you
you've mentioned lots of different types
of content but which have you found to
be the most impacting it depends also on
your customers it depends on your
individual business honestly there is no
there's no one single formula that will
work for everyone
mmm some people would prefer video over
text some people prefer to just read
PDFs some would prefer webinars but for
me from my own experience I found that
webinars are very interesting because
you offer high value content and you get
this live interaction interaction with
your audience
and you can place immediate cultural
action within your life experience which
is very wisely yeah yeah as you said
it's establishing relationships and so
when it's interactive and when it's you
know quote unquote face-to-face then it
definitely increases the amount of
relationship that's built over even a
video which is a one-way or even a PDF
where there just isn't that that voice
that tone that I contact you know makes
a big difference exactly but the the
common thing between every kind of
content that you are going to use is you
need to need to create this engagement
that's why when you are going to to
write some content like ebooks
copywriting is very important how we
choose the words how how how we
communicate and how our content is
easily consumable by our by our audience
and so creating this engagement is
essential to to have the success of your
content marketing that's good given that
ecommerce is still very young here
Morocco what kind of strategies have you
seen for increasing online sales are
there certain parts of social media that
are more effective than others for
driving ecommerce sales and conversions
on on platforms like jamia for example
well ecommerce business in particular
and online business in general there is
one one one thing that is very important
to teach you to start getting some
traction ecommerce in itself if you if I
have if I have a store if I have an
e-commerce store and have good products
in there but no one is visiting my store
how can I make more sense it's like in
physical place in physical place
physical store you will choose the
location you will choose your make some
advertisement you will try to drive more
visitors your store and the more people
can aim the more people would buy but
when we go to the online experience we
think it's different we think that ok I
will build my store I will put it online
and people are going to flow in by
themselves and this is completely wrong
today I don't know why people ask if
they are still thinking I don't get
enough traffic to my website I don't get
enough visitors I don't get in ourselves
if you want to make more sales just go
and make some social ads use social
media as a main source of traffic no
Facebook only Morocco on your Facebook
tomorrow over 20 million active users on
Facebook and Instagram now if you can't
find your customers within those 20
billions on social media today okay
probably you don't have any customers
only no one would buy from you and if
you want to would you scale your your
your e-commerce business just get a
continuous stream of traffic to my
website if you don't have a
well-established brand so people don't
come to you directly like like Zumba
like you said Yoga is a well-established
brand so I would think automatically
about jr. when I want to buy something
online like if I want to go in search
directly on Amazon jr. these are the
established bands but before a small
business no one is knowing my brand yet
what can i what can I do I need to get
to pay and get some traffic to my
so this is the very first thing to start
growing an e-commerce store get some
traffic it's great point can you talk to
us a little bit about marketing funnels
what is a marketing funnel what are the
different elements the important things
to remember in a marketing funnel and
maybe a few examples of marketing
funnels and products that that you've
had success with in the past simply put
the marketing funnel is just a
multi-step campaign that we run to move
our prospect step-by-step from being
just a stranger I will say that they
don't know us yet to prospect to paying
customers because the good thing and the
best thing that's you thing that the bad
news and the good news the bad news is
sales and marketing are not just one
single step today the customer and the
customer journey is really complicated
there's no not like before it's not just
one linear approach one single operation
and one single transaction
today the customer journey is very
complicated there are several touch
point or go online or go on social media
I need to visit several website I need
to compare I need to do a lot of things
before I can compile so the goal of this
marketing funnel is first of all attract
your audience you need to find a way to
attract new visitors so you can get some
people enter the top of your file enter
the top of your sales process let's say
and the very first thing that people
would see is your content your video
they produce or blog post or social
media post or whatever college produce
this is the very first thing that people
would see and then
you you start creating some conversion
points like get them to subscribe for
example get them to subscribe to
newsletter to get a discount or get them
to subscribe to webinar or get them to
subscribe to a free course get some some
sort of conversion points so this
convert at the very first conversion
point you move them from a stranger to a
prospect and once they are there one
once they have consumed this the first
conversion content like if they got this
subscribe to newsletter to get a
discount what you need to make them do
next is to buy something to get the
discount or if they subscribe to your
free course then you will get them by
your your pet course if they subscribe
to your webinar you need to make them by
for example your training so this is the
concept of the funnel you cannot just go
and save your training right from the
first from the first step let you go
step by step creating this relationship
and moving people forward through the
have you been exploring the idea of
online payments are your customers able
to to pay online right now or have you
been doing the the traditional checks or
wire transfers or or cash payments and
if yes what do you think the future
looks like in terms of online payments
although a payment imarco unfortunately
is still something that doesn't work
pretty good for now people would refer
to to pay a cash on delivery or through
wire transfer time it my records it is
growing there is an an evolution on
paying using credit cards online but
still not very
a good part of people will pay
completely online from the second-hand
also you don't have yet
good platforms but would easily help
businesses set up an online payment
actually compare what we have in Morocco
to to PayPal or stripe the experience is
much better using PayPal and stripe you
can get set up and ready in less than
one hour in two hours you are your store
is up and ready when the procedures are
very extensive and very long you need to
do more things even people would would
lose interest to move to ecommerce you
know it will just set up the store to
cash on delivery and you remove today
yes this is why I did also the same
thing I filled up the phone I signed up
everything and I put my project on hold
because I needed to do a lot of
integration and lot of updates on my
website I didn't have to I didn't have
the time to do it right now so it's gone
home but it's a it's a project that I
would take back like in the few common
modes but it's definitely something that
takes more than one to two hours that's
for sure that's for sure it might take
given weeks yeah yeah it's a slow
journey yeah as we come to the end of
the interview Mahmoud are there any
other things that you'd like to address
just share with our audience tips or or
guidance before we go a last thing I
would share with you today a as you are
all entrepreneurs and business owners
and we want to thrive and grow in the
future just let's get some focus today
get some focus instead of letting our
energy goes everywhere and not getting
enough inner things done
let's focus on what are the the most
important things that you want to
achieve right now and let's think not
just today
edging for the coming three months if if
I do if I can do these three things
during these three months and I will
feel more successful and I will feel
better than today in three months
okay so these are the things that I need
to do and let's just get some focus and
undo them it's not very important today
to close deals and get more money even
if it's essential to every business but
we are all being in some difficult times
let's show some empathy to err to each
other let's focus on how we can help
each other and let's focus on how can I
be better in three months from now if I
do these kind of things to be mm-hm yeah
that's good really good that's great
advice mom who thank you where can our
listeners find you can you tell us how
they can contact you if they're
interested in learning more about your
services sure I'm available on on social
media I'm connected on on LinkedIn my
profiles on linked in and on Facebook
also you can visit my website
www.rockymountainatvmc.com ah Foods
website or his LinkedIn profile thanks
again really appreciate your time and
your advice on moving forward for
business in Morocco wish you health and
safety during the rest of this
have a blessed Ramadan thank you thank
you very much Ryan and Ryan for for
inviting me and how see me today it's a
great pleasure and we should also good
good time as they say and it has been
thank you thanks mama okay

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