Episode 72 Transcript

Welcome to episode 72 of the Business
and Morocco Podcast today we're talking
with Hassan Aanbar who is the director of
an agency that's located in Rabat
welcome to the podcast Hassan. Thank
Thank You Ryan for having me number it's
a pleasure
well first we'd like to ask you a little
bit about where you grew up and the fact
that you went to university in the
United States could you tell us a little
bit about your background
sure so I was born in the region of
Marrakech and can a little village over
there at the edge of for my parents
decided to move to robot so that was 1988
I think when we moved here I grew up in
Rabat went to public school my whole
life and then in high school I kind of
discovered that I love the language
English language was it was kind of a
second gift it was so easy for me to
kind of learn it all on my own and guess
with the help of an TV and oh oh you
know the you know teenage influence
times so it was very easy for me kind of
forget about French because that was
like the the second language that
everybody had to learn like from from
primary school the English came easy
after I graduated I tried to go to
school abroad who was that it was
Germany at first that were I tried it
didn't succeed I went to public
university for a few years not that I
didn't really want it I hate the fact
that I had to go to a public university
I wanted to go somewhere you know
different special but you know I went I
did well I got really good grades and
then I applied for a scholarship to go
to go study in the United States coming
from a poor background like mine and
that my parents wouldn't really didn't
have the means to send me anywhere
really so that was came at a really good
time the scholarship was for
undergraduate studies in the US and it
was a transfer so I didn't I didn't do
for four years I did junior and senior
years the last few years of school and
he was
I was picked by a school that was pretty
competitive it was a liberal arts school
called called Denison University in Ohio
so that experience you know coming from
just a little kid in Marco with limited
resources going to school in a private
school that was pretty pricey back in
2006 you know so seeing the change from
from going to being a cool little kid to
being among people who had the means had
the resources to actually afford school
that was the time was $42,000 a year
huge change yeah but yeah that
experience I owe a lot of my I guess
success or attributes to to that to that
experience going from somebody who
didn't know how to do anything you know
learn a lot from from that experience I
didn't I wasn't good at public speaking
back then like a public university here
Morocco I would sometimes we'd had like
these assignments where you have to go
up in front of class and talk and we
were like 80 people 100 people in class
so I know you always get stage fright
and end up messing it up and that
happened a lot but after I came back
from the u.s. I that that kind of like
went away I became first job that I got
was I was lucky enough to get employed
by an American organization in Morocco
called a Mideast and I was working lucky
enough with kids who wanted to go to
school in the u.s. I was just fresh out
of their experience and had a lot of
knowledge about it and I don't know is
about how the higher education system
works in the US so I was helping kids
who had you know the potential to
qualify for scholarships to do that yeah
and that's that's kind of how it went
from from like a kid to to sort of a
what you call a man with a lot of skills
yeah so when you didn't get into the
university applied for in Germany and
you started attending a public school
have you given up on the dream of going
overseas or were you saying no I'm gonna
study hard get good grades and keep
trying at the time what happened was
when I couldn't get in I took a year off
actually right after high school and I
applied not just to Germany I actually
applied to a lot of places and I had
pretty much given up hope you know to
even complete like your continuing
education back then so the fact that I
was able to go back to public university
was a struggle in itself because they
didn't let me in because I said oh well
you it's not like in the u.s. you can
take a year off whatever here no it's
like oh no your high school diploma
doesn't count anymore just for me to be
able to go back to school here was a
struggle so how did you transition from
your first job here Morocco helping
local Moroccans go to university
overseas so how did you transition from
that job to your next step what was your
next step okay so I worked at the first
job for about three years and then I
actually moved on to a few jobs the
expand was kind of all over the place I
didn't really do this one thing I worked
at the US consulate here in Casablanca
after that for a few years then moved
back to Rabat to work at the u.s.
for a few years as well but then I at
that point it's business no business my
person that I was always wanted to have
a business that's something I always
wanted because I've I've discovered or
kind of was always exploring ways to
make money ways to kind of generate
income since I was in high school you
know back then it was kind of limited
resources was kind of limited so we'd
always go to a internet cafe and spend
time you have to pay to sit for an hour
or two so I I found out about affiliate
marketing internet marketing back in
2002 but the system was super closed
that they didn't really like him even
get paid from an American company if you
were like sending traffic or whatever so
I didn't make my my first
check or money real money from working
online until 2006 I started the few
websites in 2005 discovered Google
Adsense and started driving traffic
while I was still in school here and
then that kind of started that that real
like burning desire to actually have
something not just on the side but like
an actual business so from 2006 I went
out to school school anyways I was going
to school doing a few gigs here and
there to make money when I came back to
Morocco you didn't even have a PayPal
account you couldn't actually take money
out or have an international credit card
it was very very restricted so Mike
coming back getting a job I kind of had
like a hiatus from from working online
for a few years until 2011 when kind of
things started to opening up and then
opportunities just started showing up
but then again the business I'd say I
started getting serious around 2012
I've always businesses things sort of
like growing and growing and growing on
the side until I decided well I can
actually afford to make this a full-time
gig you know work on SEO drive traffic
from Google to my websites and monetize
them however I want what would I want to
be a publisher just put ads on them or
if I want to drive sales to to any
business out there so what were websites
that you were building that you were you
were driving traffic to what types of
sites oh well it was just always looking
for the where they called the
low-hanging fruit back then just
anything that worked with her was
health-related whether it was how they
were related whether it was just
anything where you can actually just
drive traffic and monetize it easily is
all we had to worry about is just
driving traffic and then you just put
ads and you know kind of generate that
I learned to email marketing because
that was also something that was very I
guess profitable because if you have a
website or have a business if you don't
have a database of people you can reach
out to on an email that's just like
wasting your money on
on traffic or whatever so 2014 is the
year I'd say I was I went fully had an
actual business where I was actually
making a good income and then I started
offering SEO as a service to clients
that's when it started really becoming
actually and in 2017 is when I I created
the business created the actual agency
it's called bright leads media and I had
my first hire I mean I've always hired
people on a freelance basis there was
never a full time but in 2016 is when I
started hiring a lot of them and I went
through maybe two years 30 or 40 people
worked either full-time basis over the
over the period of 2016 to 2017 I said
but that's when that's when when the
business got started getting big and
started to a rating or a good income on
a monthly basis when you first started
doing SEO how did you find your first
customers and how did you decide who
your ideal customer would be and how did
you reach out to them okay finding
customers in the SEO side at least back
in 2015-2016 it was a little bit easier
because I would say the same
recommendations wouldn't really apply
today because the space is a lot more
competitive in regards to back then it
was easy it was really easy you would
just go on Google and that's just common
sense go to Google look for local
businesses whether they're in the US
even in Morocco or Europe that needs to
rank higher that needs to be on the
first page of Google so you could go to
a business let's say an international
school an international school they
actually charge quite a bit of money so
they do have a marketing department so
they do have people who work within the
institutions who are you know focusing
entirely on that side of the business
because they need to bring in you
customers so you would look I'll give
you an example I did back in 2017 is
I'll go to Hong Kong and go to type in
international schools in Hong Kong so
you'd go there
and you found out all the schools that
are already ranking so you'd have maybe
three or four actual schools ranking on
the first stage and a few website just
random websites that are just either
directories or whatever what I would do
is go to the second page in third page
and find these schools that we're not
ranking and I send them an email
introducing myself introducing my
services saying like you just as a way
of getting their attention you just
mentioned their competitor you say okay
school X and X is ranking number one but
you guys are not what's wrong we can
help I mean that's something we can
offer as a service and help you get to
the first page because these guys are
obviously doing something right and
you're not doing it yeah that was just
one of the ways because again SEO is
it's public everybody can see your
rankings every wait and see what are you
doing check even the traffic statistics
on your website and see if you're doing
getting any like organic traffic or not
it was gonna be easy to just find out
who needs the service reach out to them
well we often used cold emails so we
just get the email address and we
wouldn't spam them or anything we just
send that one quick email with a few
sentences like hey these guys are doing
something right you're not you're not
doing it if you're interested we can we
can work something together and help you
guys to rank on the first page so that's
what was one of the strategies that we
so you mentioned private schools where
you know each student has quite a high
customer value you know for a school to
land some money that's paying ten
thousand dollars a year and it's gonna
go to school for ten years and maybe has
siblings it's a huge ticket item are
there any other industries that you
targeted that that were similar what I
did other than like on the international
level it was pretty much looking at
health care was also good good good
industry especially like
plastic surgery places like you have
Thailand you have Dubai like the Middle
East and you have Turkey and all of
these had had international kind of
customers they needed to have an
english-language website and they needed
to have a good marketing strategy so
both of these guys like okay yeah
customers and one of the ways we can
help you is by helping you rank for the
your desired keywords and Dalian SEO to
those people was kind of easy because
they know the value of it its inbound
it's yeah I think that's already we call
it high intent traffic because people
already have an idea what they want they
know what they want they know what
they're looking for because they're
typing it out and keywords
yeah that makes sense I mean people
aren't choosing to have plastic surgery
because they walked by the office and
thought oh that's a good idea maybe
they'll do that especially if you're
going to Thailand to do it you're
probably coming from Australia or New
Zealand and don't want anybody to know I
mean there's a lot of other industries
there was a lot more competition on the
u.s. local business side if you look at
plumbers if you look at any local
business that did any home repair was
also a huge to get item a plumber fixing
something as small as I don't know
faucet or whatever it would at least
cost you 200 300 bucks in the u.s.
though and scaping businesses as well I
mean those are huge this is a huge list
of businesses in the US also Canada that
kind of negative value know the value of
SEO so they need it would happily paid
two thousand three thousand dollars a
month for that service knowing that just
one client or two clients are gonna pay
pay off pay off that investment so was
your was your business model more that
people would have you on a retainer and
they would pay a monthly fee or was it
more that you were paid per customer
like when you drove somebody to school
or to a plastic surgeon you would get
paid for landing that lead it was mostly
on because there's a lot of ways
of doing it and a lot of people kind of
like jumped from one to one but my
favorite was always a retainer monthly
retainer for a minimum of six months to
twelve months a lot of other people
focus on pay per lead and they would get
whopping rates like $200 $100 depending
on the niche where they're operating but
for me it was always it was always we
didn't really have the resources to go
big and for it to actually drive a lot
of leads so we were always just
comfortable doing the monthly retainer
so you did this work as an individual
freelancer for a few years and then you
decide to open the agency can you talk a
little bit about the type of person that
you're looking for on your team both in
terms of character habits and
professional competencies okay so in
terms of a higher aim i i'm very kind of
i've had a job like had jobs a lot of
jobs I've had a lot of bosses and
supervisors and why not so I know kind
of what not to do in terms of like
dealing with people who work with me so
what I always like for is trust that's
like the number one thing because it was
always a remote even when I even when we
started in 2017 I would half the team
would somewhere always be a remote team
so trust was number one you have to have
a trust in that person because you know
you're not in the same room you're not
in the same office you kind of are
trusting them with your business and you
want them to do a good job you don't
want them to just get paid at the end of
the month and you don't even know what
they're I'm not even the kind of person
that would ask people to install
software like time doctor you know what
the time doctor is like check you're
monitoring their computer usage during
the day hours it takes like screenshots
of this from the webcam probably even
like discrete screenshots of random
throughout the day when they're when
they're on duty when they work and it's
it's pretty intrusive so I wouldn't I
wouldn't have somebody do that we're
using reporting software I mean and that
actually Falls entirely on the person
who works with me they have to turn it
on and they they just report how much
how many hours they put in here and so
trust is number one and competence
obviously whatever skills we need you
have to be skilled even if you're not
skilled I provide a lot of training we
provide a lot of training now for every
person can go up to a month or two or
more especially when they're being
trained while working on real projects
with clients projects so for me I'm very
non-traditional the way I hire sometimes
not even meet the people you know even
before this is Co bid stuff I would
never even meet someone I have people
working with me for a year now she's
never even been in person
but you know it's it's all about again
you know trust I don't know how else to
describe it competence in just the
willingness to learn on the job and the
willingness to to kind of like provide a
good service they they they are part of
an organization which is mine but I'd
love for them to always feel like a
freelancer like treat me like a client
no no and keep me happy if you keep me
then yeah I'm also gonna be happy with
you and you'll and do you hire your team
as employees or are they Auto
entrepreneurs that invoice you some of
them are entrepreneurs and some of them
are full-time employees okay and is
English a key do you use English in your
business with within your team yeah
that's the only language we actually
speak is English if you look at our
slack conversations it's mostly just
English obviously we do speak Arabic
among us but most of because most of our
work is in English
right so it feels like an English
and they're sort of like an American
company if you look at it yeah can you
talk a little bit about your work today
what what services are you offering as
an agency and who is your target
customer today okay so we haven't
shifted much since 2016-2017 we offer
b2b lead generation services for
businesses the focus mostly now is on
b2b businesses dealing with other
businesses we can help you get
appointments yeah you help hope you get
you know converse conversations with
prospective clients so we work with
marketing agencies we work with industry
a lot of businesses in different kind of
industries we even have clients in the
US that work with the Ministry of
Defense or the Secretary of Defense we
have a lot of large-scale clients in
Europe as well and again SEO is still
one of the big one of our flagship
services along would be to be the
connection so these two things one of
the thing I had to do recently is hire a
developer a full-time full-stack
developer on the team because of that
was something I always was always
if a client kind of needed something
from me that had to do with design or
development on their website and they
didn't want to bother hiring somebody
else I've always had to go out and hire
a freelancer to fix it and those
freelancer rates kind of they they bled
me dry they were too expensive so I had
to hire somebody it was easy to find
somebody really really talented put them
on your team and now they're instead of
having to worry about paying for two
hours of work for something that they
might not even do well and they'll ask
for revisions and get paid more so I
ended up hiring a full-time developer
and he's been has been amazing and
helped us with all those little small
tasks that's great and how did you find
that developer you said it was really
easy I'm lucky I have to say I'm lucky
I'm based in Morocco
and because the the talent pool is huge
and it even doesn't even have to do with
the language because the language is not
even a problem anymore
I mean I'm often surprised by how well
spoken and very good the English is a
lot of the times we do have a content
generation service we write content for
a lot of our clients so I have an
in-house team that writes content in
English and also French but mostly in
English so their language skills are
amazing all the hire and I do as I say
the early I'm lucky that I have a large
following on a lot of social networks so
I usually just post up a status update
you don't LinkedIn wherever say we're
hiring and then I get all these all
these applications and I go through them
you know a lot of well again with hiring
hiring is complicated but I was lucky
enough to find a few good gems here in
there hmm
so with the content you're producing is
it primarily written articles or are you
also shooting video for some of your
clients most of the content is written
articles it's that's that's a whole
different beast right so you're most of
your clients are companies that operate
in English they're either in the States
or in Europe or they operate in French
what about expanding in Morocco what
what do you see in terms of the Moroccan
market what do you see in terms of
e-commerce or SEO or email marketing
what is the future of that here in
if you're talking about some of our
clients are usually Moroccan clients who
have companies here or companies based
of the floor like in the US so we do
work with the few Moroccan clients but
they their targeted audience their
business is mostly based abroad a lot of
them have ecommerce businesses and they
sell to the US or sell to Europe sell to
Asia so we do a lot of work on
e-commerce websites as well in terms of
especially SEO for e-commerce
that's something I've specialized in
over the year
how to help these stores web stores can
rank higher for for these for these
attachments that they're trying to rank
for especially because their products
and they can actually set a lot more
traffic in terms of within the country
SEO is fairly not too competitive as you
would say it's not too competitive but
the demand is not there it's not that
much demand for things for for these
words so somebody who's gonna go up and
set up a website or a store an
e-commerce store in Morocco what they
would do in a lot of ways is just rely
on Facebook ads and not Google Ads now
rely on SEO because there's not that
much to man the way they work is they
work on on an outbound kind of traffic
generation elite generation more than an
inbound which works the traffic is there
but the conversion rates are really low
but the the the business of e-commerce
the whole ecommerce ecosystem is growing
at a really really high rate even before
the covent you know crisis or all these
issues there were a lot of businesses
that are doing really really well online
but they you know they're stopped
they're so small they're still small in
terms of trying to compare it compare
them to the big players there aren't
really that many options a lot of the a
lot of them are usually just young
entrepreneurs with a little bit of
capital and then they invested in
something and always it's very nice very
small they sell either like health or
like no sports kind of equipment or
anything like you know the the ask seen
on TV types of products they go that way
because it's easier to just monetize or
sell as many of those products as
possible but the the e-commerce I guess
ecosystem in Morocco is is really really
a in this young age I guess but it
really requires for somebody who wants
to go big you you have to invest a lot
of money but I
would happily do the same because I know
it's it's really big market we're
talking about thirty five million or
forty million people in the country
especially now after what has happened
with the corona virus we are getting a
lot more attention all the eight corners
store owners there's a lot more
attention towards them towards a good
service towards a good the only issue I
I know because I work with a lot of
e-commerce stores they're they're having
issues with the logistics kind of system
like shipping and and you know getting
things on time for people that's the
only major issue
I need anywhere else anything else is
easily fixable you can start a store as
early as tomorrow and start selling but
people are not gonna come back because
of if you don't have a good shipping
kind of service if you don't have a good
customer service right after you start
out is it is it the same for your b2b
lead generation here in Morocco if I'm a
you know sell business services I have a
friend here who sells like corporate
do you offer b2b lead generation for
companies here in Morocco yes yes we do
work with the Moroccan clients that
offer and we do actually have software
development firms work with them they
either work in Morocco solely in Morocco
we do b2b generation just for them using
them we use LinkedIn a lot or call the
emails but we have a lot of them who
work with Europe especially France and
then also the US so they're here they're
based here do you have a lot of
engineers a lot of web developers a lot
of full-stack developers and stuff so we
do we do have I think right now we have
to better be clients that are they just
need the the lieutenant service hmm
Hasan what I love about your story is
that you you you grew it slowly over a
long period of time you know or even
from 2002 you were looking into
affiliate marketing starting to build
sites and oh five generating so a little
bit of income in oh six so that in two
thousand eleven twelve thirteen when
things started opening up and
Rocko you were ready you were already
positioned to really capitalize on the
opportunities that were coming because
you've been preparing and learning and
growing your skills over that time
I think Morocco is gonna go through a
lot of different changes whether it's
you know just internet internet
penetration rates or more people making
online purchases the growth of
e-commerce any advice for young people
that maybe they're still in school like
you were when you started or they might
have a job and be working on a side
hustle any advice for those young people
so they can be ready when there's these
big shifts and openings wait well what I
always say because they do get that
question a lot I think it's looking up
to you they find your you know LinkedIn
profile they see all these numbers or
your Instagram and that question for me
I always go against any anybody else's
advice because a lot of people say oh
just start an e-commerce store from day
oh just start up a website or just do
this do this and all the business is
back in 2008 and 10 anybody could start
that because you could get traffic from
they want so easy back in the day but
now we're talking about competing with
the whole world competing with
businesses because everybody's online
so my advice for these kids is always to
go slowly and they're lucky because they
have all these resources at their
fingertips we didn't really have done
stuff back then they can learn to be
practical they can learn any skill
that's gonna have more demand not
necessarily just digital marketing
skills like SEO or email or or running
paid traffic or anything that has to do
with just marketing in general they can
they can pretty much do anything because
any service can be sold online now you
could be a lawyer and do business online
you could be a developer and and work
mostly just online you can do offer yoga
classes online you can do all kinds of
services online just learn whatever
skill that interests you take the time
and be patient you know take a year two
years to learn it
three months or six months to learn it
and then try slowly to grow your your
foot your footprint you know you can be
mostly active on LinkedIn if you want to
just start out there you can be active
in grow your brand whether even even if
you just want to get a job you don't
have to go out there and share your
knowledge or share your experience with
people for a lot of people that don't
want to be on these social media
I always say there's a lot of freelance
American marketplaces there's up work
there's a few freelancer marketplaces
here in Morocco that not very known very
well-known but you can go out there and
and and be active on them and actually
start getting your first clients and
going to freelance route you're starting
out is it's very beneficial because you
get to make money and learn at the same
time you know grow your skills and your
people skills as well so when you want
to go big or build another business or
another income stream it should easier
for you at least you would have that
experience and nothing can replace that
experience nothing can replace that
experience because you can't really buy
it you can buy you can buy a year or two
of actual experience with clients or
with with you know customers if you want
to do e-commerce I mean anything like
that I would the advice is just to take
it slow especially if you're young even
if you're 30 you're still young I mean
just people people just have to be a
little bit patient okay and that's what
we're lacking these days is the patience
nobody really has that anymore
everyone wants just to make money and I
blame I have to blame Instagram for that
I'm not like an Instagram anymore I have
like 20,000 followers on there and it
pretty much just quit last week because
I can't handle all the fake imagery or
the all the push for these people to to
do everything all at once because
there's a few influencers out there who
make a lot of money or at least they
claim they make a lot of money and even
pictured with all these big cars and all
these expensive cars and all these like
trips and all these hotels and whatever
so you have a lot of 13 year olds and 15
year olds and
when you're all seeing that and they're
stuck with their parents in their house
and they're like oh he did it I can do
it but you know the way he that it is
probably not you know not it was not it
didn't take that it take him or her a
day or two took him or her years to
achieve so that's what that's where the
divide is they have to kind of just
realize that it takes time and it takes
a lot of effort and patience yeah yeah
that's good really good advice this
really leads well into another question
which is from the outside sometimes it
looks like these companies or
influencers or startups that you know
they it's been so easy everything's been
so easy for them you know maybe they
they had family connections or they had
friends that opened doors for them and
they didn't really have to work that
hard or or maybe they didn't fail at all
up and to the point where they are now
well-known and appear to be successful
can you share with us some of the
challenges that you've experienced over
the years and and what you learned and
how you overcame them um I've had my
fair share of failures I've started a
lot of small online ventures or I would
call them aside hustles or even
businesses that failed I've won one year
I think it was back in 2017
I took a pen and paper it started kind
of remembering how much I spent on
things that failed and it hunted up to
fifty thousand dollars anybody in
Morocco that could be depending on your
situation it could be a lot it could be
not much but to me that was it was a
substantial amount of money that I that
I wasted on failed businesses it was
either fail trust in the wrong person
and paying for coaching that was not
really for somebody who's not really
that successful it was paying for a huge
amount of service that was not delivered
or something that I didn't really had a
real passion for I started I spend the
money made no let go and that keeps
happening until today you know you have
a business you have a string
you know a number of income streams your
have an agency you have a few websites I
invested in a few an ecommerce store I
enlisted and this and that and a lot of
that failed but I have to at the end of
the day just blame myself for you know
either not following through with some
of these investments some of these
ventures or just you know the fact that
I spread myself too thin as they say I
should have probably just focused more
and that's that's what I learned in 2015
is I spend so much time and so much
money kind of trying to pursue too many
things at the same time so I learned
that the hard way that I had to focus
that's why that's when I was like okay
well I have a skill SEO and email
marketing as well so I'm just gonna go
out there and do freelance it's there's
no shame in that I'm gonna go out there
and do that and focus and it was really
hard even through those years even if
after I learned my lesson actually focus
on you know that that one specific
business venture which is the agency and
I've had so many friends so many people
come to me say well we there's this
opportunity there's this this thing oh
there's Oh back in 2015 it was it was
they called it Shopify you know she'll
be find the party commerce platform that
everybody wanted to stun as Shopify
store like why don't you start Shopify
stores why don't you learn Facebook ask
oh why don't you learn how to do the CPA
affiliate marketing again
why don't you do blackhat email
marketing amazon drop shipping oh yeah I
mean it's just so that's what I kind of
when the business started standing in on
its own
I learned to kind of stand my ground and
just focus it was a skill it was a very
hard skill to learn you know we know the
with oh the you know 90 new objects a
lot of temptations everything is
tempting some some even up to this days
like oh you know you can you can start
an affiliate stoller blah blah blah do
this and do that so it was really hard
to just be able to stick to one thing
that's why I cannot build my whole
the brand for that five years around the
SEO so you can ask anybody who is into
the online business in an online
marketing space in Morocco and if they
know me they'd be like oh wait SEO guys
there's only one issue I know and it's
Hassan or email marketing and stuff like
that so I did I did have a lot of
challenges in and I think the biggest
one is focusing on one business and
given it time giving it all the effort I
could give into it yeah that's that's
really smart like you you do offer all
kinds of services but as you use the
word you have your flagship service that
you offer and it's because you you
really double down on that you focused
on that that's become your expertise
it's associated with your brand and
that's why people turn to you when they
need when they need to drive leads and
then you can add these other services
you can say oh yeah we also do paid
traffic and we can write content for you
all sorts of things but your brand is
really associated with the thing you
focused on so that's smart well as long
as we come to the end of the interview
can you talked a little bit about what
you see in terms of the future you know
we've had this big crisis that's done a
lot of economic damage not just in
Morocco but around the world maybe you
could talk about what you see for your
industry but also the future of the
Moroccan economy as it integrates closer
and closer with the United States with
Europe and the rest of the world I
believe I was I was worried at the very
beginning of this I believe it was March
13th I thought okay maybe I have about
two months of run time before I have to
close down and kind of furlough
everybody but then things kind of turned
around and we're doing a lot better than
even before the crisis and that's what
is it yeah that's for digital marketing
perspective an agency you know so we're
doing really well and not just because
we're relying on business from abroad no
but but because we're talking about
business from Rockland from raccoons as
well I see I see there's there's damage
out there because of the the the COBIT
crisis but I think it's done a lot more
good than that because it's it the
growth or in terms of e-commerce in
terms of the importance of digital
marketing channels is amplified it
kanigroo what would have taken five
years is taken us three months and
you'll probably see a lot more goodness
come out of this so I'm actually happy
that this is happening my mind I hope it
it's done soon because we'd like to fly
again but you know it's it's I'm looking
at it from from ambitious kind of
optimistic perspective that it's
actually doing really well and that's
all in terms of digital marketing in
other either other businesses now where
I have two can have used all these
marketing channels you've seen what
what's happening to private schools to
public schools is having to go to school
from you know from home everybody now
knows what zoom is I mean is the I think
they've had a largest valuation ever and
that's that's huge
it's better than bigger than all three
major US airlines it was like 51 billion
or something it was just insane but he
knows what soom is everybody knows what
and zoom was something I used for work
all the time and other than other than
people that I knew you know now
everybody's using it so rest one good
side of it it's I think it's it's it's
helping us a lot us digital marketing
That's great well thanks so
much for taking the time Hassan and
sharing your your history your
experience your knowledge with us and
our listeners we hope you're right and I
like to be optimistic as well I want
fast recovery not just here in Morocco
around the world we wish you the best of
luck in your business adventures and
hopefully we can talk again sometime
soon yeah yeah that'd be you w better
thank you for having me thanks

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