Episode 76 Transcript

all right on the podcast today we have
Nassim El Boujjoufi
who is a professional voice
over artist he produces
voice over for videos and advertisements
and documentaries
he also has a history in coding computer
and e-commerce so we talk about his
his work and his passion and also his
vision for the future
so a lot of interesting content stay
tuned. okay welcome to
episode 76 of the business in morocco
podcast we have
a special guest with us today this is
and he's coming to us from
and we're going to be talking today
about his career journey and
he's a voice-over artist really
interesting uh
industry and so we're going to be
hearing more about that but also just
entrepreneurial background and how he's
trying to grow his business
so naseem thank you so much for being
here we appreciate uh having you
thank you so much thanks for having me
it's a pleasure
so can you introduce yourself a little
bit tell us about your background
and uh your little overview of your
so um i'm gonna see him elbow v as you
i use the horse people in my podcast and
now i'm hosted
with my moon and rain
so i'm actually a boost over uh talent
for morocco
um so uh i did many businesses before i
worked in many businesses and in the end
i choose
to focus on voice over voice over is
them the voice talent the voice that you
and the commercials and the videos in
the talk series
and all that stuff so that's my business
it's it's it's um
it's full-time job now i work just from
home i use justice microphone
i'm trying to make some living from that
so that's
the just the whole idea about the voice
so so this is this is um this is
uh doesn't came from the first
doesn't came from the beginning i as i
told you i i
started many businesses and i will not
um i regret because i did many
businesses before i don't say i will not
i failed because i'm proud of it and
they learned many things from that
so i i will tell you i will i will talk
about a little bit about my background
i'm i graduated from uh high school of
ust in usda and in this school i
i was studying um computer science
and i get my bachelor from this school
and and in this school i
i was a member with many um clubs of
you know in this school you can just see
that there is many
clubs that teach you how to be an
entrepreneur how to make a business
model how to make a business plan for
your projects
and all this stuff so there um it's i
being a member in that in this in this
class and then i started
learning how to make a business and i
was really feeling too good to be an
uh in the first day commercial they
these are now let's say there's a
stereotypes about
being an entrepreneur the lifestyle of
being an entrepreneur
you think they will live really in
luxury luxury life
you'll be so successful but not at all
if you're not if you're not an
entrepreneur yet
it's this is not the truth the real
truth is is you work hard
you work every day you work day and
night and even the weekends sometimes
and that's is the real meaning of
entrepreneurship so
when i was a student i i did some um
projects that failed i the first project
was um
a platform of lost items
lost items you know if someone lost his
watch or his
headphones or he or anything else you
can just put it in my platform and i
try to try to to commercialize this
platform and try to find it
but because it was too young i didn't i
didn't i didn't have
any idea how to make a business model
how to make
uh revenue from this project so so so
i just gave up and i moved and i was
student so i just
focused on my studies and tried to find
other solutions and beside that always
i was trying to use my voice i was
always when i make
any projects i try to commercialize it
with my voice i say
i make commercials in video and i i
put my voice on it and if
from any from project to project there
is always
one thing in common is that people say
yo man you have a great voice why you
can't use it
you know every project uh and and
from this project i i i focused on
digital marketing
and digital marketing i worked in
e-commerce and you know i
built a brand i built a brand and in
this brand i i had some products
and i tried to commercialize them put
some ads on those
on those videos some commercials i made
i made some commercials
for for those products and i tried to
sell them and you know
one thing in common yo man you have a
great voice why you are not focusing on
that this is weird
so in 2020 kavit 19 came
and then uh there is no there is no
digital marketing there is no
e-commerce everything is just uh stopped
and then i try to focus
on voice over and then
i started focusing on that to try to
make many commercials
trying to focus on that and there is a
big result i make just
big results my my voice just
made some commercials for tv for radios
in just uh six months i did all that
just because they focused on voice over
but six months of focusing i had
six years working on my voice over now
before working on that you know every
project i'm doing i'm trying to use my
voice to commercialize this
so this is the the background of nasim
how how how worked on that
yeah they say uh you were a six year
overnight success
um so when we look at your background i
see that uh you
were a coder you did computer
uh and you went to school for that is
that correct
exactly so many people will say
why you many people say sad
that why you don't focus in the on the
voice over from the beginning
i will not say um i think it's it's
really bad idea
my tip or my advice to people try to do
anything in the beginning don't focus on
money don't focus on
revenue from the beginning i was student
of computer science i'm
i studied computer science and i got my
bushel there
basher on that field and that
helps helped me a lot to
brand my name and to to to commercialize
now i built my a website for just myself
you know a website uh costs too much
money to make it if you are
have if you have a business so i did it
just myself and
i i i just uh tried to to
build a website and then i'm
trying to make it so professional i add
some ads on it
and beside that i'm also working as a
digital marketer
and digital marketing i learned a lot of
things about that
and digital marketing uh i knew i know i
learned how to
how to commercialize your product in
in computer science i study three years
of coding how to code how to
build your website how to build your
mobile application
and this helps me to to uh attract
to my business and i think if i didn't
how to code or how to be how how to
a website i think it will stuck now i
think i will just
look always for someone to help me to
build a website
but because i was a coder i did all that
stuff by myself and now i built my brand
just myself
from home working from home i'm getting
almost projects every day
on voiceover and you know you can i i i
it's one of the big the best things that
i've done in my life and i'm proud of
yeah it's a it's easy for someone else
to say oh that you're successful as a
voice-over artist why did you waste this
time doing
other stuff but as you've said they
actually all these other things have
into what you're doing now and so your
background with coding
digital marketing e-commerce and
creating content that included your
have all sort of merged together to
create your business at this point
and that's often the case our past
experiences are ingredients
that we then mix together to form what
we're up to now
so that's that's cool to see are you
focused on the
uh markets that are advertising in
or in french or in english or all three
actually um at this moment
it's really weird and the strategy that
i'm working on
it's it's uh it's uh
it's really it's really it's so weird to
to to work and
to get customers be without looking for
them the strategy that i'm working on is
not to call
claims in this six months i never went
to a client the clients
came to me how you can do that you can
do that by knowing what the customers
what the customers really um focus on
create i was creating a content that
will will will like and and that's what
was doing in my my social media
accounts and it was putting some some
stories and some videos that people will
like that customers will like
and the the most of the videos if you if
you if you are
following my account are in english and
arabic classical arabic not to darija
and that's and and that's what i was
focusing on and i never went to a client
and said and i told him yo man i have
voice talent can you work with me
could you just use my service i never
i never did i never did so but
i think this is
more powerful when you do so when you do
the most of my clients you know they
call me by the phone
by the way i have a website and my
website there is my
demos my my videos there and there is my
a button to of my phone number on
and this is the why how attract how i
attract them they go there
and they see my work there and then
they contact me via whatsapp or via via
the phone and they call me
and they say hi nassim i'm i'm following
you on
instagram or i'm following you on
facebook and i like what you do a lot
and i would like to work with you
the most of my clients they do so they
say i'm following you
which is which give more value for your
business which
which make you um uh you know you have
you have you have a
fans and your fans are the same clients
you know because you
are creating the content that clients
will like
and this is the way how how i work and
the most of them they are just the same
thing they do the same thing they
they are just following me because they
like the content that i'm doing because
and and i'm doing that because by the
way the content that i'm creating
it's just i'm creating them just to
attract clients in the end it's the same
thing it's the same strategy
so this will uh save too much money for
you if you do so
instead of going to a client and ask him
to to
use or to work with you or use your
services try to create
the the content that the clients will
look for and they will come to
you that's the so when they're looking
for you like are you are your clients
are they googling voice over artist
voice artist
or are they searching on instagram for
like a voice over hashtag
how are they finding you
um because of my background back
background of uh
of digital marketing i try to use uh the
maximum of
of uh resources the maximum of
of of the things that will attract
people to my
to my website there is google and there
is social network and in the social
network are more powerful because
i tried in my social network
accounts to work more on my on the
branding on on on who
is nasim and the the works of naseem and
how i how i how how i
impact people by the content i'm
so the uh the most of clients now are
just from social media
and um my plan in the future is to
to work more on facebook and to work
also more
on google and
the the search engines because there
there isn't too much
opportunities and it's one of the plans
that i'm working on now
and i'm trying to optimize my website to
to be the first
in the first result in the in the in the
search engines
okay so basically you've established a
that you're not seeing you're a
voiceover artist people enjoy following
and then whenever someone's saying hey
do you know anybody who could do they
think of you you come to mind
yeah exactly you know one of the the
the more important things uh the more
or the best way to to commercialize
yourself is that
you work on on the best quality i i know
sometimes the project it's just for a
sometimes some friends come to me and
they will work for them you know
some friends they work for them for free
because they are friends and they need
it just for school or for something
and i i never try to just do it
bad in the bad quality or i use just my
phone i say well use my microphone in my
home studio
and to make it just perfect and this in
this way
even it's just free i will not get paid
for it
i'm trying to use the best quality and
this brings too much clients
this attracts more too much clients and
and everyone
really likes the work and they want to
work with you and it's one of
the let's say it's one of the ways to
commercialize yourself
in this business
so when looking at your linkedin profile
in addition to doing voice overs and
podcasting there's something
called decodes nador and it says you're
a communications trainer can you talk a
little bit about that
yes of course okay the decoders is is a
is it's a brand of
of uh of my brother and
in this business i worked with him as a
an e-commerce
and here i started e-commerce after me i
got my bachelor
then i told myself i should really focus
on the work
you know i love school of course but i
know if you
if you focus on uh the on the real life
and the work
you will learn more because you are do i
i do i'm really active i do a lot of
a lot of things in my real life i don't
just stay at home and doing nothing i'm
all the day
every day i'm trying to learn new things
i'm trying to work hard
to get new skills that push me to to
attract more clients and to
to brand myself more so after my
i i tried to focus on e-commerce you
know uh from
2018 to 20 20 it's all that
two years of of e-commerce business and
i i really got to i got big results and
e-commerce i can't
tell you that the results are are just
but it's not the thing that i'm liking
to do
uh the results are good uh
ecommerce is is a good field it's uh the
the best part that i like in the
e-commerce is digital marketing that's
what i like to do
and there i worked uh on that and i was
i was a
um working there and tried to
commercialize the products i learned
everything about digital marketing from
this bit from
in this two years and after learning
from this
after working from working in this
business there
many schools in morocco invited me to
explain more or to make conferences
the digital marketing and that was a
pleasure to help students to
to achieve their goals in digital
marketing and i i
i shared with them many important
information about that fail
so it's it's just two years of work
and it it helps me a lot to launch my
business voice over
because in that two years i learned
more about how to build your your
how to optimize it how to
convince the client and persuade them to
buy your products
and how you will build a real brand
the brand now decodes is one of the best
brands in morocco in the decor field
and uh all that things i i built it
uh just myself with my brother you know
uh with and under the team members of
and it's really too much work i worked
also hard in that and i tried to focus
more on that
and this is this is the experience i
i'm always saying to every friend or to
every person that i know or even
students in the conferences
when you're younger than 20 years old or
21 years old
don't try to focus on money focus on
learning new skills don't
try to just have results by what about
what you do
but try to learn more about what you do
try to
be an expert in in in every field they
work you know it's
people when they see my um you know what
i'm doing sometimes they say
yo man what what what you do actually
are you a business
are you a businessman or are you voice
over artists or are you a
digital marketer or developer you know
you have too much things to do what
you should focus on one thing what they
don't know that every field that i'm
working on i focused on
on ads computer science i focused
on it three years three years of working
or studying in the school
digital marketing is two years but
beside that i
i was doing voiceover because it's not
so that big deal it's not you know
voiceover you will not study too much
about it you just uh practice
more about voiceover and often
say on the podcast there we quote robert
kiyosaki which is when you're young
work to learn rather than work to earn
meaning you know to focus on on really
the skills that you're gaining even if
it's an unpaid
internship if you're getting good
opportunities if your network is growing
if you're being invested in by the
company and you're learning valuable
it's still worthwhile but
what was the product or service that you
were working with
when you were doing ecommerce i missed
uh there is too much products not only
but the the most of the products are
related to decor
and home design field you know
like uh we worked in morocco in
all morocco and we try to focus on the
products that are
able to deliver you know small products
you can anything you probably this one
anything you want you know
so it was like b to c and people would
just order it to be delivered to their
yes it's b2c not b2b it's a business to
customer business
and uh it's uh just to customer you know
just very small things but
in morocco we have we don't have a brand
of decor we have many brands of
um of uh like like microphones and uh
things but we don't have a brand of uh
of of of the core of in the e-commerce
field there is
there is too much brands like ikea and
kedei and all these things
but they don't deliver everywhere in
morocco so we tried to cover this i
tried to
to find solutions to cover all these
things and this is what we
we've done actually we people are always
in in our customers they always say
we try to look for that in many you know
we are focusing on
just small cities you know right small
cities they don't have the supermarket
or big will they will where they will
find this so so were you were you order
were you importing product through
alibaba and then
shipping it around to these small cities
or were you producing things in morocco
or distributing for another company it
depends on the products
we had products that are
we imported them from europe and we had
some products that we uh
we buy just from here from morocco so
it's mixed it depends on the product
when we try to
to look for the products that people
need you know sometimes people
they they they send messages they say do
you have this product
you say no but we will get it soon give
me a few weeks
so you you should look for it and and
you should sell it you know you should
look for it somewhere and import it and
sell it because there is a high demand
if there is a high demand
demand on this you should look for it
and sell it
this is a topic that's very interesting
to me so
you spoke about you learned about the
ways of communication
and marketing and persuasion talk to us
what does it take
for a moroccan customer to be
convinced that they should buy something
what is what is what have you learned
about that moroccan customer who's
willing to
order something online maybe pay with
their bank card
or cash on delivery what have you
learned about that
uh the most of e-commerce business in
morocco they don't work with the
bank card they work cash on delivery
because of the culture
in morocco you know it's really high
to to order order a product from
internet using your car
your bank card so to convince a moroccan
there is too much things
you should respect in your website and
your platform the most you know the the
these big brands in morocco that are
they are selling
hundreds and thousands of products every
day one one brand
could sell 1 000 products every day
and that's because they are you know
trying to
to fix any problem you should you should
just um
target the right person if you target
target a person who come buys
via the um the website you know i was
doing um
you know facebook ads and i tried to
focus on each each
segment and each uh target and i used a
way for women there is a different way
for men it is a different way for young
people is a different way so in the
young people to focus on them
i try to use the website because it's
simple to them they are just go there
read about the about the product and
they if they like it they will buy it
just they will
you know in where they don't pay with
their bank card but they will
they will just uh order it and they will
pay for it when it's delivered
to their addresses so
this is for the young people and you
know old people that
are not uh they don't know how to use
even the phones sometimes they i
just find your product there and you
should convince them you should persuade
them how to buy
how you can do so you should just put
your phone number there
and they will call you you know some
people they don't even know
if you some people i i i talk to
they don't even know how to read they
are ordering from internet
you can't imagine since some people i
i'm writing there
a message for to to answer them and they
please uh repeat or reply to that
message by audio because they can't
understand what you
what you wrote so it's it's it's weird
that it's you know it's
it's hard to sell but in the end you
just put a phone number or you
ask him to send you his phone number and
you kill him you call him
and you say please give me your address
how much products you want to
to order and then you send them the
products to their houses or to
his address and he will pay after he he
he received the product so it's
different ways each each
segment has each way to to sell or to
the products for them and so is your
brother still running that platform
yes yes it's work it's already working
now but
in kuvu 19 we just had uh we stopped
everything but now we are working and
the results are better now you know
because everyone wants to try to change
his home decor and stuff
so is your father an entrepreneur or how
did you and your brother both
both get into entrepreneurship the al
the whole family are entrepreneurs even
kids my father yeah you know my father
he was
a construction entrepreneur he was he
buildings and all that stuff and by the
way my brother
my father sorry my father has no um
education background he
never went to school but he knows how to
read you know how
he was born in a just um mountain in
in the reef you know yeah and he's an
example for me he has also a
beautiful inspirational story he was uh
uh he he went to the school when he is
18 years old and you know the
the teacher there because he had only
one teacher i guess
it's all you're too old you can't go to
this school you know
and he wanted really to study but the
the teacher said no it's impossible i
don't know why he said that
but you know after i think 10 years
or 20 years that school called my father
to to rebuild that school you know
to build it so it's a success story for
yeah wow that's cool you know i learned
a lot from him even
he gave me some advices uh and uh
he is always encouraging me he never
said don't do that
oh everything i do needs to say uh just
do it
but he will learn something from it even
it's you know even if there is no result
in that just do it
and i'm proud of all my parents both of
my parents okay
that's cool yeah what a great example
now seem i'm looking at uh your website
now and i've seen
these videos that you've done the voice
over kfc
grammarly oberlo karim
and a lot of them are about one minute
long can you talk to us
how do you decide what you're going to
a customer to do this work and for
example a one minute video
how many hours does that take for you to
complete how much work do you need to do
to finish a project like that
this is really a great question
actually um
in my voice i mean people say that you
you can do different
tones of voice you can change your voice
each commercial documentary and
many things so i i tried to focus on the
things that i'm
expert in in in my in my website there
different videos there is a commercials
there's educational videos and
i by the way there is there is another
question that
people are asking that is this a talent
is this a gift
or is this you know it's uh you just
worked on that skill
actually it's not a gift it's it's too
much hard work
you know how to get how to get uh a
of a voice over artist it's not it's not
just like that you work for
for that when i was um 16 years old
i tried to record audio books
you know i never i never published most
of them i was recording it
and you know to record a book it's too
i was waking up at the 8 00 am
and i tried to record a book and my
voice was really bad
you know my voices wasn't that good
and tried to to work uh every day to
books and all that stuff the most of the
book and i never published them because
my voice
really sucks but uh i tried to learn
and this helps me a lot you know in the
in the first two years
three years that helps me to how to how
to work on my voice how to
breathe and how to how to how to
uh arabic letters better and all this
stuff so this
makes me uh or helped me a lot
to to have the ability to change the
tone of my voice
i know in the my website i have
different tones there is commercials
and there's also documentary and there's
also the educational videos
how i charge the customer for each video
there is a form
in the top of my website when you can
put put your script there and it's in
arabic i think if
you if you can check it if you it's just
a form there
and in this form you put your text there
and you choose uh the range of how much
you have in that script and you after
that you will fill
try to fill the the the form and in the
end you will see
how much the price of each of each
of each script because it's different
the purpose of of the script also or the
purpose of the of the the audio
uh it's also effect
there's so much too much things that you
should feel
in the end you will get the um the prize
um as we come to the end of this episode
uh could you talk a little bit about
your vision for the future
uh what what do you see in terms of the
future here in morocco
and what are your plans
um uh okay there is i have too much
uh uh plans to to
to build to build a brand the brand of
of voice talents i'm working
more on my website and i'm trying to
focus more on that
voice over business you know the most
most of people
when they want to start a business of
votes over business they ask that
could you be a millionaire with a voice
over talent
so how you can be a millionaire you know
a million million one million dollar
if you want to get it if you if you work
for example one
minute with 100
if you get just uh
500 500 percent or
500 minutes of recording you can make
one million dollar but
you know it's really hard to get i don't
know let me shake that to calculate that
now 500 100.
it's it's it's it's it's one health it's
it's one health
it's one half one half a million dollar
if one thousand person
one one person without you you can make
it's too much hard work
and you should you can't work one minute
you can't
work one minute with one hundred dollars
it's it's
to do it in your beginning but
when you will build your brand and
you will see uh how people really
uh watch your voice all the time
you can make the price you want you can
make 200
you can make any price you want but it's
one million dollar it's really hard to
do it in one or two or three years
but you can achieve that goal it's not
it's i can't say it's one of my goals to
do it with voice over
even really hard but if
i focus on that and i get too much
customers which is a
really it's a challenge for me i think
i will be an example for every voice
talent even it's really hard but i think
you need really to be a good to
commercialize more
your voice you must work on digital
marketing more
build your brand build your website and
your you know uh try to brand yourself
and in the end you will get too much
that's great advice we we definitely
in the power of brand um
and that's why we do this podcast and we
thank you very much
naseem for coming on for telling us your
for sharing about the work that you're
doing and your experience
here in morocco and we look forward to
hearing your voice on television on
radio and all over the internet
and we wish you the best of luck in the
future and
uh yeah especially as we come out of
confinement uh here in morocco
thank you thanks yeah thanks again
naseem all right
see you soon another great guest
ryan you're keeping finding these new
and dynamic moroccan
entrepreneurs with a great story
um what a great interview
yeah it's it's really cool to talk to
this team
i've seen him on instagram and that's
how we've heard and
really curious because i never really
knew anything about the voice over
and i love that he's so entrepreneurial
willing to try things
and i love his story you know he's
trying all sorts of different things and
then he
he recognized this way calm and
through all the things that i've been on
and that is my voice
people really appreciate my voice and i
like that he said too it's
it's not just a natural talent obviously
we're given a voice and some of us have
nice voices some of us don't
um but it still needs to be developed
any any athlete they obviously have
genetic giftings to be where they are
but they've had to develop those gifts
and work
super hard to reach the level that they
have and that's what naseem's doing he's
he's honing his craft he's developing it
over time and
uh that's cool to hear yeah um
very interesting business model i think
there's a lot of growth for his industry
in the future given the
popularity of video and the growth of
so these one-minute videos um
with voice-over and animation i think uh
if we i forgot to ask him if he's on
fiverr because
um he should definitely be you know
outsourcing his work there
accepting international customers
international payments
someone who is able to produce high
quality voice over and videos
he you know another thing i think i
would recommend to him is finding a
video partner somebody who can
create animated videos and he can do the
voiceover and basically
sell you know an on-demand
video from start to finish
you know i think that would be a great
product uh that he could offer
yeah that's true there's some studios
that just have so much
b-roll and so if you've got you know a
topic for a
you know 30-second commercial you don't
have to necessarily film something the
footage all exists you just have to
package it and put it all together and
so if he's able to put together the
script and provide the voice
you're right a partner like that they
could do a lot together yeah that's cool

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