Episode 82 Transcript

Okay this is Episode 82 of the Business in Morocco Podcast we've got a really
exciting interview with
a top-notch entrepreneur from casablanca i'm here in canada traveling right now recording this
from my car so there's some patchy internet i need to mute my mic a lot
because of the background but i can relate to our guest Youssef and that
willingness to overcome obstacles to have a lean
mentality and to ship it
and to get stuff done he's an inspiration so this interview is going to be exciting today we have a guest who is an
entrepreneur the founder of multiple organizations
including his latest project which is manufacturing high-end leather goods here in morocco so welcome to Youssef Ghalem to the
podcast thank you ryan for pronouncing my name
the right way and thank you for invitation it's my
pleasure uh Youssef could you tell us a little bit about your background where you grew up
and um you know how did you arrive at your current business you have going on today yeah sure um well i'm born and raised here in Casablanca
the same house i'm still living with my parents
um i've i've always been a kind of uh very energetic student you know i have high levels of energy et cetera so people uh well teachers used to use to consider
me like
someone who can be of trouble you know
someone of trouble
then when i was when i got into the high
um i've chosen
smart you know it's it's it's a field
that's concentrated on mathematics
and then you can be an engineer after
that so i was very keen on maths
i was even the first in my in my
and i started uh thinking about a career
in science in math etc after that i went
preparatory class
after afterwards i went to engineering
in robot to become a software engineer
uh and in the meantime keep in touch
with mathematics
so i can merge both fields and then
maybe do some data science or whatever
but at the time
we didn't have this options so after
after being graduated um i i started
uh working in some companies but to say
honey to
to to be honest uh i was never
comfortable with my professional
experience because uh
because uh i never aspired to something
ordinary you know it was kind of
very classic um i i never had someone
who inspired me
um so i got bored very easily and i even
to write my own content at the time uh
in 2010
you know i started my own blog
about mathematics and computer sciences
that was just uh a way for me to express
and uh to to gather community
uh who are interested with the same
topics you know
uh in the same topics so uh
two years after that i i went to
a bank uh to work like
to work as a project manager so i spent
two years there
and um to
to say the truth uh i was really really
in a messy situation i was not knowing
i'm what i was doing in my life i i felt
a lot of pain a lot of confusion
um and they had to take a decision
between before it was too late
so uh i decided that i should
that i should look for projects you know
in google
how to make money online whatever
without being
a person uh who's necessarily fond
about affiliate marketing or stuff i was
just looking for ideas for inspiration
so um i discovered at the time fiverr
you know
fiverr.com uh it was in 2011.
and that was a terrific idea i just
wanted to do something like that and
i just gathered some friends of mine and
i told them guys let's do something like
but for some reason we didn't go
beyond the third meeting you know we
were a lot of people
and that was not easy at the time i
didn't know
that it was very important uh to be a
one leader you know you don't need
people around you to take decisions
but that was my first experience so
experience after after experience
i decided at some point that i had to go
to usa
you know uh i should maybe apply for a
in rabat and at the time i had a
who was who was interested in the same
so we were working together on gmat and
and she told me youssef i think that
you've got a good profile but
you need something beyond your studies
in your
in your resume you know so uh that's how
started to
doing something of my own uh so well one
i just got an injury in my knee i i said
uh i stood two weeks home and i
discovered i stumbled upon han academy
you know in youtube
i was really inspired and then i started
my own math videos and the video after
you know i i just launched my website it
was a very unique concept at the time in
so it's got a lot of media coverage
uh i got some rewards and uh
that allowed me to get a good network
but you know the main thing that is that
i was really passionate about
about this i i love teaching and i love
i love talking to people i love
communicating i love being empathetic
putting my myself in the shoes of other
people so that was the project that
that represented me the most at the time
so uh
the thing the thing is i was really
really really ambitious i
i wanted to do everything in the same
time uh
yeah i i i thought at the time that i
had the ability to do this you know
but uh just didn't succeed in this
however kezaku is still living today and
it's doing really good
uh we we're we're around
four million or five million users every
year who benefit from our content
uh we launched last year uh premium
content platform that we monetized
through the monthly subscriptions or
yearly subscriptions
a an orientation platform
that's based on your personality you can
take some
examinations on quizzes and we can say
we can tell
what what personality represents you the
most and then we can
make some uh much making with the with
universities abroad or in morocco that
corresponds to
to what you want to do et cetera so
kazaku is a
it's like my baby you know my first baby
has that has that been your full-time
project or was that always a side hustle
while you were working at banks and
other companies
no no no i i just left my job you know
the first thing
i left my job i i decided that i should
be really really bold and
and and be very very uh sure and
confident about what i'm doing
you know uh i i i it was sort
of call of the fate you know it was my
destiny you know
this is the way i always looked at it
in the beginning
i had a lot of support in the beginning
because that was a new concept so people
used to push me that allowed me to have
a few
markets uh a few you know a few
uh clients uh trust in uh
uh the concept trusting me trust in the
media et cetera so
uh that allowed us to have some funds uh
in the early stage
it was really nice but i was too much
related to my experience you know i
didn't know what to
what were my limits and what were the
limits of my environment at that time
so uh you know i i was like going
really in a really nice way but suddenly
uh i've got a lot of problems and i
needed to
to stop the activity during six months
even one year
five years ago but after that
uh i got the energy i got uh
i got enough motivation to to tackle
what i was doing before
uh and i and then i met somebody who
made my life easy
you know it's my current partner it's
ahmed uh
since the day i i i met ahmed
things got better and better because you
know in the beginning you're the one who
do is doing everything you know
in morocco you will not necessarily find
funds in the early stage you
don't have this culture of business
angels so uh
you've got to be aware of that you know
there are two options either you're able
to to raise a lot of money from your
anchorage from your family that's what
we call love money
or um you're a very smart businessman
business person and you can make a lot
of money since the early stage with a
simple prototype you know you don't need
a ferrari to make money you just need
you just need
the the the sales ability you know the
sales ability how
how to communicate about what you're
selling what's the value that you're
proposing to your market etc
and you can make your money very quick
in the beginning but at that time
at that time um that was really hard
uh however i uh i've shown a lot of
about my projects and that's what's
allowing today kazaku to be the first
learning platform here in morocco we've
we've even raised some funds uh
four weeks ago a month ago and now we're
preparing a new a new phase
in kazakhstan
you have all types of educational
for all different ages and the goal is
to help
moroccan students do better in school
and do well on their back
yeah yeah well not necessarily the
different ages
we aspire to do this in the future but
right now we cover mainly the high
school content you know every topic
in the high school in every every
subject you will find
the very good content actually in kazakh
we don't take teachers
i i decided back in the day
back in the time i decided that uh we we
passionate people to create content so
uh i didn't find this passion
this fire in the teachers so i decided
we should i should trust people like me
you know at the time
engineers with a good background and uh
with this willingness to teach you know
and to share his knowledge
so that's our philosophy uh you know uh
about leader good this entire different
story but that
that's in a certain way the first
you know of my uh my entrepreneurial
entrepreneurial journey
so your partner is you mentioned go
i had a similar question you you
mentioned your partner as being
a lifesaver and helping you avoid
what what did you see in your partner
like how does your relationship work
what does he bring to the table that's
made such a difference
well first of all he's a person of value
it's not a money driven person you know
you know in general
i avoid money driven people
i'm looking more for value-driven people
these kind of people they know what what
they are
offering to the community to to to their
to their environment and they they
they consider things uh
in a human way you you know
you know ahmed for example he's someone
who is
very human
very empathetic he can understand your
feelings uh
he's driven with strong beliefs he's got
is his vision of life uh he's a person
who who fears god you know uh and and
this is a good thing you know i i'm not
giving a judgment about people who don't
trust god i wouldn't believe in god
that's not my
my interest but ahmed was for me
a certain sort of soul mate you know uh
in terms of business
because i was the guy who was doing
everything and when you try to do
everything you will not do it the right
um so uh i was doing the content
i was i was being the leader of the
teachers you know motivating them and
making making them create content in a
basis i was the guy who brought money to
the company
i was the guy who was in charge of the
website all the digital marketing
campaign of the seo
oh my gosh you know man that's really
enriching for me
you know in terms of
hardcore skills etc our skills that's
really interesting
but uh in the day you've got only 24
uh eight hours he goes to sleep you know
so it's
just you you've just got 10 hours left
for your
you know working day you're just not
sustainable you can't you can't make
that last for the long term and that's
that's why you were burning out
that's it but you know what man you know
you know why i was doing everything
by my own because
i didn't find the environment so i
needed to create one
i needed to understand more so that was
my decision that was my call you know
so i did that and then i uh and then
out all of a sudden i i i i met somebody
who happened to be a life saver so
uh the guy was running his own uh
digital agency it was a small company
with a few clients but he was he was
content with it he was good
but when he discovered kazaku and when
we met
he just um fell in love with the
we decided to work together at the time
i was going to egypt i was going to
spend three months there
because i had the freelancing job you
know three months but
very well paid so i needed money at the
time i was very in a
in a very terrible situation so i went
there and uh
i told ahmed to take care of the website
well before i went we had something like
1000 visitors every
day but after i i came back to morocco
we went to
thousand he just uh they just did
amazing job
and uh when i when i when i've seen the
result with my
with my eyes you know i was so amazed
that i told him you know man we're gonna
go far together
and one year later uh he was officially
my partner in the paperwork you know in
the paper of the company
and thanks to ahmed uh i
i i got more time for myself
and then i had the the chance uh of
uh viewing my own future you know uh
applying some sort of visual
uh and that's how i could start my other
venture so i can talk about it later if
want to ask me yeah no let's let's do
that so you
you got a partner uh kazaku is still
it's still available people can use it
they can sign up for the
the premium subscription um as an
educational platform mostly for high
school students right
but that allowed you to focus on other
things so
your new company is called marathi and
where you sell leather goods high-end
leather bags
and wallets although i see that you're
sold out of the wallet
so uh well well well maybe you could
talk us
you could talk to us about how did you
decide to enter
this domain yeah sure sure
you know it's an amazing story um
and the story is only beginning you know
only in the few first pages of the of
the book you know
uh but last year well when i was in
in 2018
a critical financial situation so that's
why i went to egypt basically and in the
i told myself yusuf come on man you've
got a lot of network you get a lot of
okay it's really good okay but it's
difficult to make money out of
an online education platform in morocco
you know because it's really challenging
and that was the reason why i was i was
doing it actually you know i
i just not i just cannot do normal
things i'm not i'm not the guy
who's going to be passionate about
normal things i just cannot
so i always decide to put the barrier
really really really high
so i know that at least i'm going to
improve i'm going to be a better man
day after day so at the time i was in a
critical situation
so i told myself i'm seeing a lot of
people you know
very average level you know making a lot
of money out of
e-commerce or whatever so okay ecommerce
is a nice way to make money
now let's think about an amazing product
now i i
then i started to think uh
thanks to my experience in the startup
world business model canva
value proposition stuff like that and uh
in the time i told myself okay i i gotta
start with a niche
so maybe why not starting with macbook
there are people who are you know in
considerable number
uh you can target them directly with the
social platform
and you've got a macbook chances are
you can buy a bag you know of 300 or 400
dollars it's fine it's okay
you take care of your look you're a
productive person you know so and all
the environment around that
so uh that was the the beginning it was
the start uh i i i just wanted the
an easier business let's let's be honest
because i could
it's and that's why
i got the skills that i that i had today
at the time i wanted to be more
realistic doing something simpler
between codes uh that at least will
some some some cash every month and then
i can be
you know leonardo dicaprio i can be
really creative i don't care
so i started uh with my own uh need
you know uh i needed the uh
a beautiful leather bag where i can put
my laptop my macbook at the time and my
all my daily essentials
so i asked a friend of mine sammy i told
him man
um i need someone who helped me design a
he told me okay i'm going to give you an
information but you're gonna you're
gonna pay me one million dollar you know
this guy is going to save your life i
told him okay man
when i will be a billionaire i'm gonna
give you a million it's fine so
i i called the guy and uh i designed the
first bag
uh check thanks to him and uh and then
what i what i what i did is
uh i went to my garage i love the garage
actually it's like my sanctuary
i'm a big fan of steve jobs i'm a big
fan of
all the us entrepreneurs who started
from a garage and uh
i dream of being someone like them you
know in the future
a moroccan garage and doing something
great in morocco so
um the fact is i i presented my my work
uh with my phone so i told the a little
storytelling about how i started this
this back business in the time that was
my first brand it was called aldabag
in more in in the moroccan language
uh the the workers in the tanneries
you know all the bag it's uh it's its
it's even the name of some families from
um and in the meantime i just wanted the
to make it concrete that it was a
business of bags i love that you know
so uh that's why i i called it likewise
and you know the launch was terrific i i
just sold 100 bags in less than two
uh because i had the network for who
used to follow me
since uh a while who know my values who
know the quality of my work
who know that i am a person of trust so
it trusted
me and that allowed me to to to sell 100
bags in two more that was amazing for me
i was really excited every day i just
wanted to score
higher than the the day before it was
like a game
a game of dopamine of adrenaline is
amazing yeah i swear you know i just was
like a kid like a kid trying to score
in his game boy you know really really
that was really fun
and um i i i
and then then something really really
important happened
i had at the time a very
uh a very smart guy engineer working in
a big company etc
he told me yusuf your level of energy is
than the the the product that you
present now
well this is a long topic i will not
necessarily dig
into this this topic but uh he told me
you said
you should tackle marketing and sales
and let me handle
the research and development and quality
and management
that was i was fine with the idea
because i knew that i just saw i just
24 hours per day same same reasoning
so i told them okay let's do something
together he told me i can even invest
money with you i didn't
need an investment at the time but
that's why
i told myself why not and it happened to
be a terrible mistake but you know what
that was the best lesson of my life
there is no mistake there is only
very good lessons you know you you've
got to be very positive extremely
at some point to be a successful
entrepreneur because you just cannot
have regrets no
you've got to to learn from each of your
so the guy brought a lot of intellect a
lot of expertise
uh in the company at the time so we
more functional bags we design higher
quality bags
i got in contact with the high level of
network you know
around the later goods industry so i
learned a lot
uh we even produced high-class marketing
and we got featured in bbc arabic in
lebanon at the time but
we did i didn't share it because the guy
was not
okay we were two different type of
i was a startupper lean starter you know
very very very very concrete straight to
the point i want to sell on grow
and sell and grow and sell and bootstrap
i don't i don't have any problem
with presenting the quality of my work
every day because it's just going to
but the guy he was a perfectionist you
he cannot present a work that is
that's that doesn't make him satisfied
so that created the great a big problem
between us uh
i at a certain point i just didn't have
any income
i had any income it was crazy
i just could not accept it you know
people they look at me in a certain way
i've got a live site to preserve and uh
i just need to to sell to invest in my
the guy told uh he imposed that we don't
sell now because i made the mistake i
i gave him the keys you know i gave him
the the
the the decision i i i gave him the
that was my mistake that was kind of um
how to say it naivety you know i was
naive in a certain way but
that was a very good lesson so i decided
that i should stop working with him and
give up everything you know i just
didn't care anymore because
my mental health is the most important
thing to me
and then this this was a serious
a very severe uh and painful experience
to me you know
uh and then you have you've got two
choices either you give up
or you reinvent yourself
you know like a phoenix and uh yeah yeah
that's that's true you know that was the
the most painful experience of my life
at the time i was complaining every now
and then like a little baby you know
crying to his mom you know
but that was good because that was
the growth process uh in uh
the last summer i read a book of stephen
and did that book you know it yeah it
healed me it healed me because
it it taught me uh how much responsible
i needed to be about my own decisions
uh how much uh was it impo how much
it is important to be the captain of
your boat
don't let somebody else interfere with
your decisions
so i decided that i had to be uh
more stubborn i decided you know what i
i'm not saying that i am i don't listen
to people but when you have a vision
when you have your own way to see things
you shouldn't interfere with others
maybe you will record their feedbacks in
order to improve the
certain aspects of your work but you
need to keep
the vision and that's the thing so
uh i was with my best friend another
friend my my my older friend ayoub
that's my best friend and i told him man
i've i always
get in my facebook people asking me
about the bags but i don't have any bet
to sell them it's so
frustrating um especially that i need to
i need to sell i just want to make money
um so what happened is that uh he told
me okay tell me how how do you see
your your your next friend what do i do
do i do do you want to do exactly i told
uh i went to several conferences about
industry entrepreneurship education etc
and many times i heard
responsible responsibles talking about
we need e-learning on handcraftsmanship
in morocco you know
so i told myself that's a big
opportunity because i'm
in both fields i'm in kazakh and i'm in
the leader and industry so i decided
that okay
i can start with the same uh products as
as my last my first brand yeah maybe
modifying it a little bit because i just
i'm not
a copy of past people person
so uh but the brand what's the brand
is preserving moroccan handcraftsmanship
and that's why i called the company
mirati in moroccan mirati means
my heritage my heritage so
mirati makes it makes it sound luxurious
like an italian way and i call this
mirati and
that was really exciting because uh i i
didn't need to think deeper you know to
to to to go beyond the
the naming to be really motivated
because i i've seen i've
imagined what the brand is the brand is
going to look like in the future
and they started working hard working
hard working hard working out
i was running for my life you know uh
that was um
that was uh very fast this year so i
i i decided to call the company mirati
in september first september
and then i started working on the
company in november
you know it's only been nine months man
nine month is nothing
in comparison with what we've been
accomplishing me and my team it's just
you know okay what's mirati today mirati
is a totally different thing that uh
what i was imagined
nine months ago today it's a company
which aspires to trigger the best
productivity every day of high profile
managers worldwide
so that's the the mission statement of
the company you know
and then everything is possible around
the mission statement
it's not just about leaderbags because
let me give you a secret guys
we're working on technology uh within
mirati you know uh
not just a truck and technology is too
basic we're gonna do it
very soon it's basic but we want
more glorious something more
inspirational for moroccan people to
teach them
that even in morocco we can do great
with the right mindset because in
morocco we got everything we got a
stable environment
we got uh skillful people we've got
everything we need to start a company we
just need to be bolder
you know and uh go beyond the the limits
that our
brain said to us so
um we're today in humility we're
raising funds to to to to go global in
in a few months you know we're going to
start our activity in a in
another country uh i will not uh say
more about it
i'll need to discover in a couple of
months and uh
we we are we're also we also started to
work on our own workshops to to be
able to produce enough enough quantity
every month because
man you know we've got a lot of of of
orders but we cannot uh fulfill them all
because we we're we're still uh instead
in the startup phase
those orders are they all coming from
within morocco or are you exporting as
where do i you know uh we've tested some
digital marketing campaigns
in certain countries uh but even in
linkedin is doing amazing it's just
fantastic even if today i i just didn't
speaking in english in lincoln and you
know i'm just in french mode the
moroccan mode
to to have the support of my community
because let me tell you something else
today something very important about
mirati is that all the moroccan people
they are pushing me to go yeah go go
yousef go go keep going
like the the movie you know uh go go for
rest forrest gump you know
uh yeah american people the community
abroad in morocco they are pushing me
they're helping me sometimes
it's done for free people they just gave
me the value i need
and you know what uh my communication in
social media in linkedin in facebook
it allows me to have a following a
follower base
i'm the leader of skillful people
skillful people people who can make gold
out of their fingers they follow me and
they propose their service to me
to me and then i gave the i give them
opportunity and if they show me their
ability to be innovative and creative
and be as fast as
i'm i'm running today i give them more
responsibility and i can i can give them
you know something important about my
way of doing things
is values sharing as much values as
as much good values as possible being
true to myself homeless to myself
being coherent the more coherent you are
the more trustworthy you are going to be
people are not even going to adopt you
because you are coherent what you say is
what you do
uh it's what it it's what media says
about you it's what people say about you
and then you become uh trustworthy
you can lead formidable people in your
team in your tribe
i call it a tribe because you know we're
just exchanging values
uh we're not yet uh i'm not yet hiring
high profile people you know
now i'm giving you experience you're
giving me skills and then
customers are going to give us money
we're go we're going to give us value
it's just like like that so it's a
equation yeah today you uh you have a
manufacturing partner
is that right yeah yeah so i've you you
have manufacturing partners who are
producing your products
but you would like to essentially take
over the manufacturing process
yeah sure so you can control uh the
and the quality of the product and so
that that would be
one of your goals for the rest of the
year can can you tell us
what your your goals are uh for the next
uh six to 12 months
sure sure well next year 2021 we
we want to to launch kickstarter
and uh break some kind of records so i'm
not going to say the number but
um we want to we want to enter history
so let's be ambitious let's be let's be
very extremely ambitious
because the result is just going to be
good it's good enough for so for our
audience who may not know what that is
kickstarter is a place where
where you would go and put some products
and people would
join the campaign by paying you in
and then you would produce the the
products and then deliver them
um after a certain amount of time yeah
it's like crowd funding yeah yeah that's
it's based on pre-orders and what i find
more interesting about most interesting
about pre-orders is that
you can dream you can imagine the most
fantastic product ever and if you can
present it in this way
and be able to feel to fulfill your
that's the best fund raising ever you
don't even have
you don't even need a business angel or
an investor well i've got one problem
today is that uh i need the
establishing my company abroad you know
in usa whatever
so maybe we're gonna talk about it later
because uh it's something important
for my activity and maybe guys who can
do something together in this way
yeah yeah absolutely so you have the
of starting uh a company or having a
partner in the united states
in order to manufacture here morocco and
export your goods to the united states
and sell them there and be able to to to
open an amazon store at sea
you know marketplaces uh in morocco you
just cannot because your moroccan
american identity
yeah it's not fair but you know why
because there is a lot of
people coming from certain countries
that do uh who do
who do scams frauds etc
and that harms honest people like me but
there is always ways to
to circumvert this kind of things this
is something that we promote on the
podcast a lot is the idea that
everything is available
here in morocco i don't understand why
imports clothing you know i i don't
understand why
there are so many imports of so many
things that that could be created here
in morocco and then exported around the
world so i think it's a great idea
i don't know um a lot of maracas may not
know but like you said you could produce
things here in morocco and if you have
the right partner in the united states
you can ship them directly to the amazon
from morocco you know ryan it's all that
life is simple where there is a will
there is a way
and you gotta know yourself first you
gotta deeply know yourself who you are
what are your values what are you
standing for
how do you see yourself in the future
it's basic questions
but that they are difficult because
people are not
able to answer answer these to these
questions in early stage of their lives
but they need to focus more about these
questions it's not about business or
doing money
personally i just don't care you know
i care about value because money follows
to invest i invest i invest i invest
because i know by investing
i'm going to learn at least some lessons
you know that most people don't
don't know and these lessons make me a
better person so when
when i'm going to invest the next time
i'm going to invest the right way
and there is another thing uh it's the
importance of people
people are everything if you know how to
with people how to federate your own
tribe your own community
you're gonna oh you got it all you got
it all because investors are people
uh clients are people an entrepreneur
should be socially very smart
in order to to establish uh trustful
relationships and the work on the
it's his personal branding so
to to to to to to get back to your
amazon store and stuff
where there is a will there's a way if
you want it you're gonna ask somebody
who is better than you hey man how how
do i do this
okay you cannot you don't have time okay
i will give you one percent on every
sale okay it's fine
okay please do it next week and and and
if he doesn't
second call third goal fourth goal are
you gonna make it happen it's fine you
don't need to do everything by yourself
that is a fantastic man as a businessman
or as an entrepreneur
your your role is to be you to have this
will and that's it that is a fantastic
piece of advice
and that was actually what i was going
to ask you next a lot of the people in
our audience
they want to do what you're doing they
want to start a business
they don't like their job maybe they're
not getting a good salary
they want to be an entrepreneur what are
what are the two most important things
that you can tell them
about your experience or the two most
important pieces of advice
okay money first of all
know yourself and know what you love
know your passion this is the
the strongest uh power ever this is a
when you know this you become a
superhero you know you're able to raise
but you you gotta be you gotta be able
to trust yourself
you're gonna be able to accept the
failure you're gonna be able to accept
the mistake
because it's part of the game nobody
succeeded at a certain point
without making huge mistakes it's normal
it's it's the process it's the learning
that's the second the second advice
third one be extremely positive
in morocco okay we've got everything
but unfortunately the mindset uh well
it's not
like america you know it's not like you
would say it's far from this
and that uh that helped me personally to
be extremely positive
everything that i get i find
i find a way to see it positively you
know at least
it's a lesson it's fine
be extremely positive it's important uh
for people who trust god put yourself in
god for people who do who don't trust
god who don't believe in god
uh believe yourself okay believe
yourself just only
only live once so uh know yourself
that's it i think that uh i said it all
it's all about mindset
for you know given my experience it's
all about mindset
will strong will and being able to learn
you know hard skills it's good our
skills are good because
you're just not going to hire people
without knowing what they are doing
at least you are able to understand
roughly what they are doing and the
fourth thing and lasting is people
always choose people who are way better
than you
choose excellent people to be your
your business partners or
your employees you know like jack ma
he always hire he only hires
better people than him so that's that's
a fantastic principle that i'm applying
well thank you you said that's uh a lot
of great content
uh you're very inspiring a very
encouraging story
and your energy is contagious
um we uh really appreciate you sharing
uh your experiences and your knowledge
uh and and all that you've learned
starting kazaku and also now your new
business marathi
if people want to find you they can find
you on linkedin and also go to
your website miranti.me
about the website so people are not
disappointed we stopped
sales we stopped sales and we're going
we're uh
we're coming back in uh november with
the new collection
so i'm going to announce uh the
uh the pre-order in my in my linkedin
account so you can follow me and uh stay
in touch
absolutely sounds great thanks again
yousef and uh best of luck and
uh maybe we'll have you back on the
podcast after you launch your new
series of products sure sure and uh it
has been a pleasure talking to you guys
and i'm eager to see you to talk
directly about more confidential content
absolutely happy to do that see you soon
guys this was nice
take care thanks joseph
well i'm i'm jazzed i i'm excited um
i'm i've got tons of energy and
motivation uh after
uh having that interview what do you
think ryan
yeah he like you said in the wrap-up
he's a very inspiring guy
and i love his his attitude his mindset
yeah if this doesn't work out i'm going
to learn through it so i'm going to
gain the experience i'm going to gain
skill sets
so i can't lose you know there's no risk
for me it's going to work out in the end
and so i love his perspective
that's allowed him to pursue things that
a lot of other people would back away
yeah and i don't know if the audience
caught it but he did mention
that he was deeply impacted by something
you're very close to right uh right he
it was uh one of the stephen covey books
that really inspired him to
take the lead and uh overcome obstacles
by kind of being a captain
they hear that too getting that plug for
uh stephen covey in the seven habits
yeah and so for our audience you
absolutely have to go to the website you
have to look at these
these bags and these leather products
they are beautiful
they look amazing and yeah we'll all be
waiting for
the the next line of products to come
out in november
so yeah yeah and some great
one other great lesson from his story
was just the
power of collaboration you know he he
had a really
positive experience with a partner ahmed
who really helped him with kazuku
and allowed him to take it to the next
level he realized he was burning out and
he couldn't do everything and so he
found the right partner that was
together they were able to accomplish
more than he could by himself
but then also a negative partnership
the guy's standards were different he's
more of a lean startuper
wants to just ship it needs to get cash
to fund the company
but the other guy is you know probably a
craftsman that just wants to ship
high quality products and you know for
those of you who have um
have listened to or read steve jobs
biography that was one of the tensions
that he had as well he wanted to ship
these perfect products
but you need to sort of find that line
where you're you're shipping quality
it's it's good value but you're also
making money especially when the
company's young and getting started so
having the right partners is crucial

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