Episode 86 Transcript

All right we've got a great interview today with
Ayoub Akil who is a youtube influencer with more than 200,000
subscribers he's made dozens and dozens of videos he has millions of views on youtube and he's now transitioning his business to e-commerce so he had been a travel
vlogger making videos for travel related audience and now he wants to transition to e-commerce and business so we're going to talk to him about growing up uh sort of in a poor neighborhood and not getting his education up until the point now
where he's starting his own businesses and he's helping other businesses
build their presence online so it's a great interview stay tuned
All right welcome to episode 86 of the
Business in Morocco Podcast we're going to be doing a series over
the next little while talking about influencers in morocco and this industry and we have a guest today Ayoub Akil and he's going to be sharing about his
background as a youtuber as a vlogger
and then also his work now in in digital media so Ayoub thank you so much for being here thank you thank you so much for
inviting me ryan and ryan i'm really happy to be
your guest today so can you introduce yourself
to our audience and just tell us a
little bit about your background
so uh my name Ayoub i'm a youtuber
vlogger and digital marketer
so i'm gonna tell you uh quickly my my
story and my
maybe i think most of uh people who
watch that
they're going to be interested in
moroccan businesses and the moroccan
so i am
from al-jadidah but
when i was had when my father he did
i was kids so but we we were living in
you know outside in medina not in
medina so i i really didn't get a good
schools and i did it scales because you
um there is no good educations like
uh medina uh the city
but after like 14 after uh
when when i get like 15 years old my
mother she wants me
she wants me to get a good education and
she moved to
city to get a good education this stuff
but i
in this movement that uh the
i get a problem because my accent is not
the same
the same accent that this this the it's
like the environment so i get uh
i i i didn't adapt with this new
new environment and i i didn't
want to go to school i didn't want to go
why because
a lot of people make a joke to me joke
to my
accent joke to my you know right so i
and i feel so bad but i when i sit on my
computer i feel good because i play game
and they play
games with people they don't know me
don't know where i am they don't know my
accent they don't know
so and i'm being addicted with games
so after that three years addicted with
no school no learn nothing just
sitting in house and play games my
friend my
my friend he told me that hey you you
are sitting in this computer and you you
do nothing
why you don't do something that can be
profitable for you
do some things that give you the people
earn money by computer and you now
three years sitting with new indications
with nothing's so you have to do some
and that's that's his he gave me ideas
i can't earn money by computer how it's
he gave me books he gave me things and
i'm starting
uh learns reading books and
reading about hope sexy the earn money
and i start everything's that's from are
addicted to au but you want to learn he
water so i try to give
to to because the school kicked me out
and i start to come back to school and i
i do my best to to to go because if you
study three years it's so difficult but
for me i was a passion to
to work and to go again to school and
study then i start
to i came back to school and i succeed
for the first year
and this gives me a good confidence to
so i have to do if i want to do
something i can
do it 20 i i get to school
and i get my baccalaureate okay yeah
yeah thank you so because people
was thinking that i would never get my
baccalaureates because i
i didn't went to school three years but
i i
i succeeded from the first year i i
suggested with the
you know when you when you think that
when you have the passion
to do some things you you will you will
do actually so we go there to chef shawn
after one experience we we start earning
uh we we we're doing a freelancer we
trying to find a way anyway we just have
to find a legal way
to earn a money by internet and we find
and with this ex experience we i started
earn like a one thousand two thousand
per month me and my friend
and then everything changed like what
was that
first thing that you started doing to
earn money
yes that was the my first experience you
when like we were like trying to
to working with adsense or youtube
youtube or
to create a website or start
earning money by attends or create
videos from youtube and start
earning money by youtube or doing a
freelancer in
fiverr or doing something that can earn
i host people in my house and i offered
to them to
food everything just to record the
videos with me
so that's what i did i did one-handed
video in chefchaouen
with a different people with a different
way with
different ideas with different i'm
getting chill just challenging myself
to speak english to tell people look i
don't speak good
english but i'm forcing myself to to
to tell to make a good experience and to
and to learn and new things new uh new
skills new habit with the different
people from all over the world
and people like this idea and start
sharing my videos sharing my
my my vlogs and until my my youtube
go up in 2016
i get like my first uh uh my uh
i am the first vlogger in morocco who
reached one thousand
one uh one hundred thousand subscribers
i i i tell myself that i have to do some
big than that and i do a challenge it's
called trip
to uh to change i trip uh for one year
from tanja to dakhla i do uh
three uh 32 events 32 events
in 32 city
from tanja to from tanja to
to to wisdom and this experience for one
just traveling just uh doing
an event in morocco and this event was
uh storyteller like yeah i i i
i go place and the people uh my audience
organized this this event to tell people
how they can use
phone and computer for good things and
get a good habit to get good skills
one year i feel a pain in my backpack
and i feel so tired because i did i did
a lot of work you know like 30
32 cities and no stop and
uh events you know some events it's
reached more one thousand
one thousand men one thousand person
in only at this event like in casablanca
or in
amazing yeah that's cool yeah that's a
long time to be riding on the bus
and sleeping on couches no wonder you
had a pain in your back
yeah exactly what's happened so after
this experience
before we get to that when before you
did your your long trip
and you did the 32 events and you were
creating videos at all these events
yeah yeah was your was your youtube
channel uh monetized at that time
were you getting paid for views and
other things of your on your channel
yeah i was earning money by that but for
it was not good money because i was
spending more than i earned
okay uh adsense in morocco it's uh
cpm in morocco it's it's not like in uh
us or another country like even in
saudi arabia or morocco now but now
actually now it's going to craze because
a lot of now a lot of company aware that
they have to invest in youtube
so that's why the cpm is going to be up
after this
years but in but from my experience
in 2017 that was no
people invest in youtube that's why this
cpm was
so down like one like i i wish i have to
one million one million views to earn
100 100 100 uh
dollar that is not
money that's not good money for me so
just to
explain to our audience in case they're
not familiar with the youtube
model is that advertisers advertisers
creators to get in front of their
audience so when you're watching a
youtube video if you have to skip ad
you know you have to watch an ad before
you can see the content
advertisers are paying youtube to get in
front of that creator's audience
and youtube shares some of the profits
with that creator
but different countries and even
different niches like different topics
have different rates that they pay based
on how valuable that audience is or how
in demand that audience is
so what ayub is saying is that morocco
didn't used to pay very much
the moroccan audience wasn't seen as as
valuable to advertisers there weren't
enough people purchasing things online
but that's beginning to change and as
more and more people
uh create youtube accounts and consume
content and trust
influencers to make purchasing decisions
as more and more e-commerce happens in
advertisers are paying more to get in
front of
the moroccan audience so there's more of
an opportunity now than there was in the
yeah because youtube youtube paid you
if like uh like in my youtube channel
there is some of moroccan that's
working in e-commerce in invest in my
and when i uh when i when this style
the the when they say the link and they
go to link
if they buy i will earn more that's the
that's why in morocco like we didn't
have like a good
cpm like in us people go say amazon
ads or something book or something that
he need they go to click
they give you like an affiliate they
give you a percentage of
uh how how much he he bought from your
youtube video so you were you were
seeing this success
in becoming influential you had a large
audience you grew
past a hundred thousand you're now over
two hundred thousand
lots of people are watching your video
you've generated uh 18 million views
but it wasn't earning you an income you
weren't making enough money
you weren't making good money so then
what did you do next in 2017 i decided
off youtube and go to do a business
online to do a business
offline in morocco and i start a company
in casablanca it's called
stone media for e-commerce for
local e-commerce to buy
things online on in in morocco so i
start with my partner
my part my partner we start in
casablanca and we start to
to we start to to to sell products
different products we just
bought uh products from omar and the
the places we're in casablanca and we
start to
uh deliver it in all morocco so with
this experience like just two x
two years we me and my partner we
grow up our company and we get uh
we we hire five people to work with us
and we get a good money with our
and uh we just uh
experi ex i experienced the real
business like morocco to how to create a
company how to
to contact with your team how to do a
goals how to make
how to how to set your business online
and this stuff
so my idiot was b house was a brand
of moroccan products that inspired
by uh other
other company like i'm just going to
amazon and
see what we can do with the perturbi and
i give i
i i came with this idea and i go to
handmaids in morocco i tell them that do
you can do this product editor
so so you you when you opened your
online store
originally um you you were selling a
variety of products and then you decided
to niche down
did you have your own storefront your
own site or were you
using jumia and other yeah
yeah i would i was at the with my
website i didn't say it with jim yeah
how did you drive traffic to your
website how did you find
customers to come to your site yeah from
facebook we we
we we was working on in facebook ads and
instagram ads
facebook in morocco it's a work a lot if
if the people
use facebook ads in the right way in the
good strategy
i because it's uh like sympathy in
morocco it's so
down so you you feel free to test you
know it's not like a newest
so so again for our audience that that
might not be into
digital marketing cpc is the the cost
per click
yeah right so uh you know you're paying
to have
traffic driven to your site and the more
traffic you drive the more you're going
to pay but if the cost is nice and low
to have people come you can generate
good returns on that
yeah so you then chose a certain niche
that you thought was going to be the
profitable or the most successful in
yeah you know when you concentrate one
you can solve a problem in this niche
so but if you offer like can you tell
the audience
um a little bit more maybe give a few
for doing social media marketing a few
good things to do
and a few things to avoid a few things
a couple mistakes that people make when
they do social media
advertising that i tell my
client or any anyone that he working
online it's
they have to to do a budget for tests
and budget for
for the advertisements a budget for test
is very important
like someone who do about 600 for
no we have to do uh like uh
200 for tests and six
uh 600 for advertisement why
tests because when i want to make a com
a digital campaign
i me who choose this segment client me
who choose the value me who choose the
script me who choose
everything's on on my perspective
everything's in my view
but when i do the advertisements i
didn't get the results i said oh this
campaign is not working digital it's not
no it's not that like that we have to do
with this
after i have to do a badges for tests
because when i do a test
i can know what people know about my
pro products i can get a good feedback
that i can make a good strategy
that's what i have to think i have to to
to to to to to make and budget for tests
to get uh good feedback with this
feedback i can create
a marketing strategy that so i keep this
area and i create
uh for us yeah a company now in
in in algerdita so i focus on digital
marketing i focus on to help a business
here in algeria to
to set up a business online and i'm
offering like a consulting and also i'm
doing uh
a courses on online courses in the
in the physical courses in
only now i'm only working in my uh
prevents yeah yeah only my my my
my city yeah right yeah so you um
do you still have those physical stores
open from beehouse or are those closed
now yeah i will re
open it uh next month i i
will design i will the the the
we we create now a good store for
e-commerce and i want also to
to tell people this is kind of sort
that's be that's gonna be
easy to connect with your customer
because now most of people
use the platforms like shopify or
we commerce on the other platforms but
for we have in morocco different clients
with different behaviors with different
how uh from my experience in morocco in
e-commerce local i create this i we
create this
platform that's uh gonna be easy for
people who
use it okay so do you still use your
youtube channel like you have this asset
where you have
a large audience but are you still
producing content and
can you leverage that audience to what
you're doing now to drive traffic to
your business yeah i'm trying i was
actually uh
want to start this a youtube show i i
don't know if you know it a youtube show
okay that was my ideas before corona
happened actually
was a video like this was a
podcast i'm gonna talk about business
and invite
all people that i know because uh
youtube gave me uh
that's what youtube gave me a good
contact with many
people from all of morocco or sacs of
people in morocco
so with this um with this kind with this
contact content contacts i was
thinking i was thinking to to do the
podcast to to to share it in my youtube
to change my audience for a traveling to
a business
because my audience was the passion of
traveling or in
you know old audience that i would have
so now um i'm i want to change my
audience to business
okay so do you have uh like coaching
clients you know can somebody hire you
to help them develop
an e-commerce business yes yes yes i am
i'm working now on
with uh uh not a lot three clients
they has a business and i'm doing like
coaching and costing them so if if you
want to work with me
imagine uh the first when i when i
opened my company i i
do a for a free consulting
for one hour to to my clients
but this strategy it should be working
but it's not working
with me it does not work why because
you know most of people not most of uh
most of the entrepreneur they don't
uh they don't have the knowledge of
i have to in this free consulting
i have to to to teach him a lot of
i love things a lot of work so i i just
i just organized that this paint that i
spent a lot of
time with with with audience that he has
a lot of questions a lot of things
that's why i stopped i stopped this
and i do courses for they have to pay
and after this course maybe i will work
with him because
i yeah that's a great idea because
number one the the course you create
could be a source of revenue if people
i don't know anything where can i learn
the basics they can purchase your course
but then number two the graduates of the
course the ones who complete it
could be very warm leads for your
business and now you have a basic
understanding you recognize how this
let me guide you and consult you as you
shift your business to a digital model
so that's that's a great strategy that's
a good idea i'm telling my audience on
also or in instagram actually i'm very
active in instagram
so i tell them you have you are
you have to to take a course uh in
in digital marketing it's not about to
learn the skills or to do or start a
you have to to to know that because this
is it's
like it's a very important now if you
want to make money and you don't have
any ideas about
digital marketing you are out of
business you are
out of uh not digital business it's out
your business
two years with corona or three years a
lot of business is gonna scale up
gonna yeah go up uh gonna
increase the businesses and all the all
this the all the strategy the all this
uh businesses they will be die
automatically because they don't
the the digital uh market yeah it's true
we've talked about this a lot on the
podcast the need for
a lot of outdated business models brick
and mortar stores
not necessarily to to throw away their
old uh habits there still will be people
buying things face to face but to add
a digital component as well and so to
just you know build their site or build
their ecommerce platform so that
customers can come in
physically if they want to or they can
enjoy that product or service delivered
to their door
digitally so yeah so yeah i'm also like
i'm what i'm
why i'm passionate some people told me
hey you know morocco it's not that
that's not real i tell them that there
is a meaning of opportunities in morocco
because morocco i'm seeing morocco it's
a leader in africa
because you know in morocco we have many
of source of products we can't create
products there is you know how much
cooperative in morocco
you know how much association they make
things under morocco
at thousands of thousands and they have
a problem with communications they have
a problem with marketing
so if we create a value if we create a
solution that we can help them
that we can offer uh that we're going to
be a leader in africa
we can be we
we can create a good money if we aware
if we aware and understand how we can
because with the experience that i get
from turkey
i uh they work on communications they
work a lot on communications i i went to
estos it's a big market in istanbul
uh you know i i feel so
so so bad actually because i see how the
the markets the real siblings how they
in in in morocco like in omar or
garage in casablanca the biggest market
in morocco
they don't now they don't activate they
don't use
digital if they use it digital they will
more not working in morocco they were
on uh africa like in turkey
they were they they are they they are
uh they don't they
they don't create a real product they
just bring it from china
and sell it to iran city to the all the
near to them now they they they earn a
lot of markets
why we can do it in morocco in morocco
we have a
good position you're right we have
there's skills there's talents yes
people who can hand make things artisans
craftsmen and so if if the right people
come along
that help bridge the the skilled
craftsman here in morocco and the
resources here to the global market
somebody who can communicate and build a
bridge there you can do very well
and you can profit yourself and you can
really help
these people profit also so i agree
there's a lot of potential here
and that's one of the reasons why ryan
and i have started the business in
morocco podcast is to help
increase that communication give people
a platform to share what they're doing
and to help provide information to the
world about what's happening in business
and the opportunities that exist
and i believe in morocco there is many
opportunities that we have to
connect with the right people in the
right time and create something
has a value and i i i know also
the government or the people who has
money after
the years they will be uh
in marketing they were not thinking
about it i completely agree
we uh we think that there is a is a
bright future there are a lot of
opportunities here in morocco
certainly uh any business that is
operating today
or starting today thinking about your
your digital operations your your
digital philosophy
the way that you engage customers and
educate customers and attract customers
it's an essential part of any business
and uh aubry thank you for coming on the
podcast today
and and sharing your knowledge and your
passion for the industry
um i wish you the best of luck uh thank
podcast and uh in your your e-commerce
and your
business consulting so thank you so much
i'm really happy to do this postcast in
english this was my first
experience in my life so i'm so happy
with that that i i did it
it was a great job good for you you did
a great job congrats yeah
thank you thank you so much all righty
we'll talk to you soon thanks
thank you thank you thank you
all right well ayub's got a lot of
um if you look at his youtube channel he
has created a ton of content
he has millions of views if you add up
all of his videos
uh he's got right now it looks like uh
big takeaways for me
is that even today if you have 224 000
you know that's not a job um you really
have a hard time earning a living even
if you have that many followers
i think that there's still work to be
done for that business model
and if you're an influencer you really
have to
be thinking about what what's my
business plan is it just to be
sort of social media famous or
is it really like this is i want my job
and how am i going to earn revenue money
from the job because
right now you know facebook is not going
to pay you
and instagram is not going to pay you
and youtube may pay you a little bit
but you have to figure out ways to
your own revenue from your audience as
you mentioned
to iu how is he using his audience
to generate traffic to to the businesses
that he's creating today and so that's
the big question
is if i'm a vlogger
in fashion or sports or health
or fitness
how am i going to turn my audience into
recurring revenue that's a big question
yeah and that's what we want to explore
a little bit is is there an opportunity
in morocco for that
because people are able to generate
they are able to to get an audience who
tunes in
and listens to them or watches their
content but does that turn into revenue
can that become a full-time job and i
love how ayub is
willing to try new things you know he
encourages his clients
if you want to try a digital campaign
you need to budget for testing
and he does the same thing in his life
he's tried a lot of different
endeavors and he's willing to to pivot
and respond to what works and what
doesn't so he had his
online store selling a variety of
products and then really shifted towards
a niche and then tried to cut out the
middleman and go to turkey and find
suppliers himself and then looking at
can things be manufactured here in
morocco he explores
new ideas for increasing the the
profitability of a business
and then he's shifted in recognizing hey
these are really my giftings
i'm able to come up with strategies i'm
able to brainstorm with people
i'm creative i'm able to inspire and so
he shifted into
that that consulting and uh
yeah business strategy um
guiding companies into turning their
their products into
a more digital model so it's it's cool
to see the the journey that he's been on
and it'll be interesting to see if he's
able to transition his audience
from kind of a travel following his
vlogs with
backpackers and chef shaon to e-commerce
and business
how much of his audience will translate
and can he make that shift with his
new branding so we'll be watching

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