Episode 87 Transcript

Okay welcome to episode 86 of the Business in Morocco Podcast we're continuing our series speaking to content creators and influencers in morocco and today we have a very special guest with us this is Saad Abid, so Saad, thank you so
much for being here and for your time it's always a pleasure to talk to you
so would you mind introducing yourself
to our audience telling us a little bit about your
upbringing and your background yeah my name is Saad, i'm 38
i've been uh mainly doing
a lot of events and communication stuff but recently i started let's say doing a lot of content
creation videos photos and it started as a passion but now i'm starting to you know make money out
of it when you hear make money don't think that you will make millions but uh it's just make a living you know yeah
and uh i'm i founded an ngo called the
Association Bahari
in 2010 and we basically organized beach
cleanups and a lot of
campaigns awareness campaigns you know
we want to raise awareness among the
also uh i'm a man of challenge i love
extreme sports and i love creating some
some ideas executing them
uh by going to clients trying to
you know sell them the whole idea the
project talk
uh prospect calls you know all the
the the the this process you know of uh
transforming the id into a like a
concrete project
yeah so where where are you from like
did you grow up in casa where did you go
to school
tell us a little bit about that journey
i i was born in casablanca i lived in
blvd Mohammad 5 is Mohammed the 5th
it's basically in downtown area i lived
in a small apartment with
my mother and my father until they
i was like 10 then i ended up living
with my father
my mom she moved to canada where you
and she decided to go there in order to
basically make a sacrifice so that when
i finish my studies i can go to
basically a better place you know like
which was something that i never talked
to her you know about this sacrifice but
now that i'm
older i really understand uh
what she did for me because she left
when i was 10
and i saw her again when i was 18. wow
you know during eight years i saw her
maybe three
four times you know wow yeah so i lived
my father um is like uh
he um will shag which is he's like uh
not poor but uh he comes from a
how you say sorry simple background
yeah a simple background like a normal
place he wasn't like
rich or he doesn't have a family with a
lot of uh
big companies or lands or everything
he he was born in sultan and
uh the thing that i learned with him is
the fact that
um he was always out you know
working or something so i started being
really really young yeah sometimes i
used to travel for like one month
at like 13 12 14
and we didn't have a phone at that time
you know like a cell phone so
i have this special relation with him
we talk only when there is problem
other than that like we can see each
other we have fun and
he basically um gave me this like it's a
heritage you know
and now i feel that i'm like that with
my wife
and she doesn't like it i need to go on
a trip for like
for a long time and i'm like that with
my friends my family
i don't call off and you know yeah yeah
so i had like a really normal uh
childhood living in the street playing
street games uh
you know soccer we used to run we used
to do like the small like a pool but
with the hand you know
we call it will be something really
funny and
i used to hang out in old medina
you know yeah so all this place uh
i had other friends more from like
area you know poorer yeah but uh
and i was studying uh with the french
like a mission frances the french
mission you know right so basically i
was like uh
not torn but i was in two different
worlds the
the real one with the the kids from uh
uh my street and they used to tell me
you are like a rich kid because i study
in a private school
yeah and when i used to go into private
school with the rich kids they used to
tell me that i'm
poor kid because i used to come working
or taking the bus like the normal bus or
you know
no show for the white taxi they all
they all came with so far and everything
me and my friends we are we were like
i did i have some other friends we used
to walk
and really younger so what happened
high school you graduated from the
mississippi and then
yeah frances high school so basically
uh i i had the choice between going to
canada because my my mom was there
i go to my baccalaureate 17 and usually
gets it at 18. and the one thing that i
want to add during
my whole scholarship like from the
beginning to the end my father never
asked me
something about like did you make your
homework he just told me
i want you to succeed and he gave me
this like uh
the the this lesson that you need to
rely on yourself don't
wait for your parents to do homework and
i never failed any class and i got
my uh you know high school degree at 17
instead of 18.
so at that moment i said that uh i need
you know thank myself so i went on a
six-month trip in morocco to discover
morocco with my
old friend jerome so we went and lived
in siegfini in tantan city mir left all
this region in 1998
yeah and i stayed there he was working
there his father he makes sports
they were making the cgf newport yeah so
i stayed with him there and we
were basically surfing every day for six
until my father he had to come pick me
up because i didn't want to go to canada
you know no surfing very cold
i was gonna you know leave my best
friend and leave my my country and
yeah so i i saw i hid for like two
and then after my mom she used to call
my father he needs to come because the
semester is gonna start soon that's
right yeah
so i i missed the september the fall uh
the full session and i ended up going
for the winter
session in january and what did you
study when you went to school
so i i've always wanted to do something
in marketing something in communication
i tried all this math and physics and
biology and you know it wasn't for me
i decided really early that i wasn't
good at this
so basically what i was doing in class i
used to pay a very intelligent guy in
bio physics so that he can pass
not pass the exam but help me out for
the exam you know right
yeah sorry i was cheering when i was
but it's just to pass the class but
honestly i was like a
middle you know student yeah 12 13 not
like excellent grades not bad grades but
the thing that happened is like
when i went to the last year of high
when we decided to choose like our
i ended up in the second semester being
the second or the third in my class
because i did something that i loved so
basically i
developed a lot of interest to learn to
create to study
to you know so uh basically
that's when i knew that i'm never gonna
do something
that i don't wanna do basically like
sometimes you see people working in the
bank and you see
their eyes you see that they are sad
they're doing it only for salary
right so i'd rather do something uh
with less money but at least i feel you
good doing something that i have so i
tried with
surfing yeah how many years did you
spend in canada then
nine nine years yeah nine years yeah in
canada yeah i started
when i came first i wanted to go to
mcgill so
i had to do one semester for the
language of course i did the test and i
ended up going straight to level five so
i didn't have to spend a lot of money on
on language
class so after mcgill i decided to
join mcgill or concordia university
i uh so since john molson's school of
business was
better in terms of ba so i wanted to
make to concordia university and it took
me five years to do
one major of three years marketing
because i was traveling
uh you know some semester i wasn't
studying you know you just
can't sell all the all the courses
yeah you see one thing
that's uh good you know the fact that i
was independent early
you know made me make my own you know my
own schedule
i saw a lot of students who were like
into this bubble with their parents when
they came there
you know so many bad stuff happened for
them you know
because from one day to the other they
started being independent having their
own apartment their own life no parents
no nanny no no no nothing
and then a lot of them didn't check the
the good
path you know right yeah so when i was
there i
tried to this through like uh to work i
studied i
i had so many small jobs i did like snow
i worked in a snowboard shop
i gave flyers in the street i was a
pizzaiolo in the movement peak market
i um i started doing telemarketing
uh i started doing uh promotion clubs
you know promoter invite people to go
out and that's
the thing that uh worked out for me
because there was a lot of americans
and they needed a place to go out so i
used to put them on the guest list and
and make reservation for bottle service
and everything and that's how i was
getting paid like uh
from two to three hundred dollars each
night and i had two nights per week
that's perfect and i was studying so
when did you start producing content
started making videos yeah really early
in uh
like 16 17 but not professionally you
just filming things like this i i
always uh love having camera you know
even if i couldn't afford one
which i use i use my friend's camera and
i used to record all our trips and
i still have those tapes somewhere you
know it's tape you know not
drive or something and you know my goal
and i hope i'm not gonna die before is
one day i
sit and i started seeing all those
this old stuff you know yeah i've always
been the guy behind the camera but i've
never edited you know i started
editing only in 2008 when i came back
from canada 2009
yeah and that's where i came back with
my best friend and we started surfing on
like a bigger waves slabs dangerous
waves we
we got initiated me and him at the same
time yeah
and it is like the wheel um
this is where when saad became a bigger
junkie you know yeah a lot of
so yeah that's when i started editing on
yeah and then yeah i always had like
some cool ideas but i've never
uh let's say went further you know in
the idea i just had an id
film a little bit and you know edit when
i had time
but my main view did you reach a point
where you decided
okay i want to produce content for a
and i want to start making videos and
and you know getting corporate
sponsorship having an audience
or did it just happen slowly over time
that you would share a video you made
for fun
and people liked it and you thought oh
okay maybe there's a an opportunity
here it's exactly like that i i've never
did it for the money or from
so for something like a commercial i did
it just
for the love of sharing my passion with
other people before like
all these uh social media crap now
because i
now i'm i call it crap because we're
gonna talk about this later but
uh what i did is basically create
content because surfing tripping going
to other places you meet
amazing people you go to those amazing
that's what i wanted to document you
know yeah it was mainly in surfing
and sometimes i had some ideas that that
had nothing to do with
surfing on extreme sports but uh
i couldn't go and like you know film and
edit and everything
so the first honestly the first good
i mean that had a lot of uh impact and
feedback is the one when i try to surf
and uh snowboard in the set at this in
the same day like i went
from southeast surfing and then after
going to came then
just to show that in morocco you can do
a lot of things that was in 2013
and before that i did many third videos
but nobody like saw them like
wow you know this one it got a lot of
attention a lot of medias were about it
and before doing this i had the idea of
going to talk with jeep for example
listen guys i don't have a car i want to
extreme i just need a car from this side
to this side i didn't ask them for money
i could have because i didn't know what
the video was gonna you know buzz after
yeah so they just believed in me they
gave me the car
they gave me money to put gas and i did
the trip i gave
them back the car and after the video
they were really happy
and that's my how my relation with jeep
and four years after in 2018
after hustling hustling hustling i
became a jeep ambassador in morocco
yeah yeah some of the videos that you've
told that story on uh
on your channel it's amazing yeah my
video was how to get a jeep for
free because uh that's the real story i
couldn't afford the jeep but
i love jeep from the you know early ages
as a surfer
and yeah that was a real example of how
you can like uh
achieve your objective one of your dream
when you
you just yeah you just don't stop i mean
if you have an id don't stop until you
you achieve your goal so this whole
led me to basically become a jeep
ambassador but trust me that the path
was really really hard and if you just
give up
and say okay if it doesn't work the
first year
i think this happens with so many
entrepreneurs they they have a great
idea they start their business the first
year they see that
it doesn't go as planned and they just
you know cancel the project they just
you know give up
this is something that i learned not to
be effective you know you can easily see
how somebody can
look at your instagram feed and think oh
i wouldn't mind having that life he gets
a jeep he gets to
go to italy and do off-road driving and
sand boarding
and the middle east and it looks super
fun and everybody would love to do it
but they don't see all the work you put
in behind the scenes and how much hustle
it takes
and how many late night editing sessions
and how many
you know pitch presentations you put
together and emails you send to
different brands
it's a lot of effort yes honestly this
is the
hard part of being an entrepreneur of
not uh wanting to have a boss you know
so this is like a daily thing if you
don't do this you don't eat
and when you have a family to provide
stress is bigger the sense of
responsibility is bigger yeah so um
now with kovid you know you can uh
you can imagine how i feel right now
that there is no work nothing
and uh yeah so what are the
best ways to to make money is it
through being a brand ambassador is it
you know making content that gets a lot
of views on youtube
and you get some money from ads honestly
i i never
uh oh okay so for the youtube thing the
adsense adwords i've never
like uh gave enough time to concentrate
on on this
because not only i'm not making enough
views on youtube to make money like uh
i think in my uh five years on youtube i
made like 200 dollars you know it's
because i don't know why but honestly my
goal is not to make money out of youtube
i completely understand the influencer
and the content creators who make money
out of it
i understand them but my goal was
more to create an idea to find a proper
client to go
sell the concept to go execute the
concept and get paid
that's my my my goal so
for example instead of just making a
video and relying on the
youtube you know adsense and adwords and
all these things
i prefer to get paid by the client so
all my fans they are always
you know not paying anything and i don't
want them to think that i'm making money
out of
them you know when you make views on
youtube you know it's basically thanks
to the
your friends right when you have a big
and you're wanting to pitch it to uh a
corporate client
like say for example meme kinch you had
this amazing
idea was there any sponsors that got on
board were there any
brands that said yeah we want to fund
that or did you just have to go out on a
and start on your own and hope it would
work no no no no i i send the id
to many companies you know uh telephone
gas companies sports uh soccer
uh banks i got a lot of uh
people who refused because uh for this
project in particular
i didn't have like a special uh
program or like a plan of uh action plan
yeah i didn't have anything i just said
guys i'm gonna try to meet one celebrity
and one celebrity is gonna send me to
two other celebrities
and all this so that at the end we you
know uh
promote the moroccan beat that the 2026
american beat so i understand some
people in companies that
okay this guy he doesn't have an action
plan and he wants to
you know follow him but for other
it was like really clear strategic plan
marketing plan everything
and even though i you know send them
email call them uh many times
you know you have only um refuse
refusals i mean um you know they tell
uh kindly that uh your project
is good but uh we cannot do it right now
yeah so but tell us more about mim kinch
you started doing it without a corporate
but it worked amazingly so yeah honestly
i had only one corporate sponsor but um
it's a telephone company but i told them
uh that i needed roaming and you know
since i'm i'm going to be using
my videos to send videos work on the
because for many kids i couldn't work on
the edits you know i i used to record
yeah right the whole video record all
the voice over and then
put all my uh my footage uh
like in a plan like footage like a
port one and i put like three four
footage and i
i write the scenario so that's my guy
when he received
everything he just have to follow like
you know blueprint uh
yeah you know yeah so when i did that
i spent more time filming and traveling
and trying to meet
other people than editing but i'm happy
to see that the
outcome was really good but for example
this thing i
just started the project with them like
the id
started with my wife here then we went
to see some friends that were on
agency they gave us some other uh
inputs to make the project better and i
told them listen guys
if you can just help me out with all
your stuff there were like 15 people
and they helped me with uh you know
writing the uh
translation and all and everything and i
went on a journey
having only one contact which is samuel
a famous cameroon player and barcelona
and he's the first one who accepted to
see me and from that moment
i didn't use the phone once to meet all
the other celebrities because
i was inspired by the ice bucket
each one has nominee too but not only
nominate them they they had to call them
and tell them listen this guy
is going to come to see you and as you
you might remember
the big challenge was 26 celebrities 26
days and 26 cities right
so every day i had to meet one pack go
next place without sometimes even
uh at what time i was gonna meet the the
player for
for instance one day i took a plane to
and i knew that i was gonna meet chavi
very like a very famous uh player from
spain and
from barcelona and i didn't know at what
time i
didn't know where exactly so i went to
madrid i arrived at the airport i called
my contact who was a journalist who saw
the the whole challenge and wanted to
help out yeah and at the end
i couldn't see him so i ended up paying
traveling like six hours uh
going to the airport and sitting there
no i mean not one vision not one plan
one contact and you're just sitting
there in the airport thinking about what
i'm gonna do now
there is a huge lack of sleep no no
energy at all
and sometimes i used to to have like
some messages that i use
that i read from my family my friends
the fans all the people that were
following the
the this challenge and it gave me like
energy and courage to like to do more
yeah so uh chavi
he did that thing twice so now i really
hate him
because he made me come to uh madrid
twice once from from puerto rico imagine
seven hours and the other one from
torino in
italy wow so he stood you up twice
yeah he shoot me up twice in the middle
of the challenge
yeah man it's crazy but overall overall
mckinsey was a
humongous success and i think a lot of
people will remember they'll have seen
videos even people who were outside of
your fans
you gained exactly followers through
uh a lot i was like on uh oh nothing you
instagram and facebook having only like
maybe ten thousand or
fifteen thousand and then boom
and not only the followers because for
me the followers
is not the most important thing you know
you can have a lot of followers but
and that's it now you can see a lot of
profiles with one million two million
they have a huge community
my goal was not to have a big community
and doing something like giveaways
my goal was to do something that nobody
does and
that nobody did sorry and it's still my
goal i'm always thinking about
projects that nobody has done not only
in morocco but in the world
but for this project for example being
able to me
being able to meet lionel messi
one of i mean there are two bigger
players in football right now it's
lionel messi ronaldo i made
in puerto rico like the guy who did la
gasolina and despacito you know at that
time despacito was huge
yeah i i you know i met a
lot of famous people that usually don't
have time to meet with normal fans
yeah and this you know nobody has ever
done it before in the world you know
going from one to the other in 26 days
26 cities and going
on your own budget not knowing where
you're gonna be next
sitting in sleeping in the airport
sleeping at people's house that you
don't even know because they just want
to help you out and they know that
you're on budget
having some celebrities who buy clothes
because they saw that you're
using the same clothes uh being invited
to the restaurant because they had
peachy armpits
so that they become skinny so many
wow that's happening positive stuff and
the positive feedback yeah i never take
care of the
negatives because at that time the
majority of people
at the beginning they they thought that
uh moroccan soccer federation was paying
for everything
because they couldn't understand how
come american can go and meet
lionel messi in barcelona how andres
iniesta for me
one of the classiest player in the world
he was leaving barcelona after spending
all his life in barcelona and i ended up
meeting him
imagine that i received a lot of emails
and calls from
professional medias telling me we've
been trying to get an interview for the
past two months after
andres iniesta announced his retirement
and you have
like a video an interview with him
pictures and everything just tell us how
did you do
and i ended up going in al jazeera and
being tv and french and terrifying
everything because even me i couldn't
what was happening you know i just went
with the
with the flow the campaign uh generated
25 million views uh 700 000
interaction per video some time amazing
wow uh yeah i got like 250
almost 100 000 on instagram and
so after when meme clinch finished i
ended up going
to russia and then that's where i really
how this project was used i felt like
superstar people in the street
it's like trying to take pictures with
me i even
signed one autograph to one kid you know
and i was like wow
i mean i couldn't understand what was
happening because imagine we're going to
the world cup morocco is playing after i
think 20 years without playing
all the americans all over the world are
in russia
yeah and that's what i uh saw
that a lot of americans all over the
world followed this project you know
i had people from germany from colombia
the us from europe moroccans were living
there they told me man we followed
your adventure and we were waiting for
for the episode
as if we were waiting for a big tv show
you know yeah and
and also the fact that i didn't know
what was gonna happen
was something really cool because the
they wanted to know what was going to
happen because they didn't know i didn't
know nobody knew
there's nothing spoilers because nobody
nothing and i like usually i wanted to
post one
video every two days so at
the same time and
like a 9 10 p.m and at 9
like we p.m receiving a lot of messages
man we're waiting we're waiting and it
was during ramadan so you know ramadan
people tend to stay
up late at night you know yeah and my
and my friend simo works with me they
were basically the
you know the headquarters houston texas
and that was the astronaut going i
didn't know what was going on
i was only focused on traveling i didn't
have time to check the
the social medias the inbox only from
time to time read some comments
here some messages here get some
positive energy and and go but my wife
she was handling all the press
all the emails all the messages
and you know we met many celebrities
thanks to some normal fans who sent hey
hey listen i live in
dubai and i know maradona hey you know i
live here i know this guy
and i can help you and that's where i i
i understood that moroccans not only i
but they are connected and that's i was
really proud to be moroccan
at this time you know yeah the diaspora
is powerful they're all over the place
yeah yeah tax was really cool so what's
the next project are you are you always
looking for
like a big viral kind of
yes or do you just want to do like
smaller things regularly
okay so when i did menkens during
memphis i thought about the next pro
so in 2018 and i've been working on this
project for the past
three years yeah sorry two years
but this year i was supposed to launch
the second project and uh corona came
so i'm gonna wait a little bit okay but
this is gonna be something
bigger than in cash but i cannot talk
about it right now unfortunately
however uh i work on some
smaller projects that are not going to
make something uh
as big as memphis but they're going to
make people happy i mean what i want
is the the people who get the viewers to
say this is a good job
right now i post some videos on youtube
i have
1 000 to maximum 4 000 views on some
sports like some surfing some doing some
racing whatever yeah and honestly
honestly i know it's always good to have
a lot of views and everything but
it doesn't bother me as long as i'm
really proud and happy of the con
the content i create and the way i
created you know yeah
so um when i did some videos recently
about one
little girl who wanted who lived in uh
and want to become a pilot yeah it got
more views but look at all the positive
reactions we got a lot of
famous influencers shared the thing and
i got people who
decided to help her and this is for me
more efficient
than any other video where i'm gonna
give you
uh information that's not usually
use useful for you i mean hello i woke
up and now
i'm drinking my water and then after i'm
just gonna go meet my friends and that's
you know you have some people they have
and they do this that's why i call them
not even influencers fake influences and
not content creators
yeah whereas you have some others they
create good content they can
inspire you they can make you travel by
looking at
by watching the video yeah and and they
big community and those there are like
three to four people here in morocco
that i really you know
say okay this guy i recognize his work
all the rest some girls that you know
one day she was prostituted other day
she's trying to
sell the ah make your dream come true on
showing all the louis vuitton bag and
showing all her trips in uh
you know fancy places but i mean tell
the truth
to all the people that you just you know
yeah yeah yeah
sleeping for money you know yeah and
this is the problem with the social
now that's why i'm telling you it's crap
because when i told you about this guy
who paid two thousand dirhams to have 20
i mean they didn't think why these
followers are gonna follow
them so basically i follow you you make
okay and then after i'm gonna
have like a lifestyle guy who's gonna
give you 20 000 followers you are in
what you're going to do with 20 000
followers who love fashion or
whatever you know the people they need
to follow you for what you do for your
conferences for your podcast for it
so it's better to have five thousand
that are here for you that
twenty thousand that will never you know
get inspired by what you say
and this is the main thing now everybody
wants to have a lot of followers
everybody wants to be
present even if it's like fake followers
if it's fake it's all fake it's all fake
bubble you know
yeah yeah and so are there any ways like
for let's imagine there's some young
people listening to this
and they do have some content that they
want to produce not just that they want
to you know show themselves painting on
their eyelashes
or taking pictures in front of fancy
places but they have some ideas they
want to share with the world
they want to be an influencer is there
any opportunities in morocco to
make money or is it a very very
challenging and difficult career
what do you think i mean i
i have so many examples of young kids
who contact me and tell me you know i
create content i make video
i make a rap you know i make music i
make everything
and they tell me you know please can you
can you just share my profile
and so that you know people start to
follow me
and i tell them exactly what
what i i learned you know i tell them
look you need to be patient you need to
content regularly like you need to be
and be patient and if you make good work
one day people will come and see your
work and then you will have more
there is no point for me to share your
if you are not in the same category if
my followers won't you understand so
right and i don't like to i call them
followers it's like community you know
it's people
who we have in your community followers
who you're not jesus so you have people
following you
you know so uh
so that's why those people i tell them
i know sometimes it's hard you want to
make videos but you don't have a good
start with your phone now everybody can
afford the phone
you want to have like really good voice
but you cannot buy really good equipment
buy a small microphone like for 50 gyms
and start little by little and practice
practice practice until you're gonna get
better until
some someday someone will notice your
maybe company and then you're gonna
start doing collabs with brands and
maybe start making money maybe at the
beginning it's only
some for example if you work with a
phone company
they they pay with the phone you know
you know the phone is new it costs like
one thousand dollars
it's normal some other people who have
like bigger audience they get not only
uh but uh the phone and i'm i'm not
talking about
content creation i'm just talking about
hey guys i'm using this
this phone and this vehicle and you have
some others like me
that i consider like myself like that i
for a con for a company and i go think
about one concept
uh propose the concept go record the
concept usually it's like outside for
example i did one thing with the
huawei recently for the launch of the
huawei p20 pro
i told them listen i'm gonna take your
phone i'm gonna go to the mountain i'm
gonna do some camping i'm gonna take the
grab you know the
the guy who gives water you know yeah
yeah i'm gonna do some stand up paddle
in the middle of the river with
with i went something um
you know outside of the box you know and
they liked it
so they paid me for the concept for
going film with my crew
for the edit and when i deliver deliver
them the video then
they paid me for the hey guys so this is
what i did with the phone
and i share stories and so that's the
difference between like influencer and
content creator
right everybody can take a phone and say
hey guys this is a formula but not
can go and think of a concept and create
original honestly and i'd rather do the
first one
and and not do once hey guys this is a
you know i don't like this thing it's
not me i don't like making
advertising for advertisement for
something that i really didn't try
for example last time i went to train i
don't know if you saw but
during the lockdown i trained for one
month in one place
so the owner of this place called me
once joined me please
we basically do this suit and it has
electrodes and it's really good can you
come once and i pay you and they make
one story and you know
what everybody does so i told him no
i i don't want to get paid to do
something like that but
on the other hand i'm more interested
because i love sports
to do a program for one month and i pay
my classes
you know and my challenge is that if i
in my objectives you give me back my
money if i don't succeed you keep the
and if i succeed then i can tell the
people that i tried this for one month
and it's good and it's working yeah you
this is the complete difference i cannot
go and try something once
and tell you oh man now you you need to
go and do this it's good for no
but when i did this i took my weight my
measurement everything and we started
like at 80 kilos and now i'm at 75 kilos
i lost the fat and i gained muscle so
this i can
honestly talk to my community and tell
them listen i tried this
it works yeah or i tried this it doesn't
this is how you you you keep like your
community believe in what you do
you have some influencers and i'm sorry
because uh
you met them i love i respect what they
do but they are like a
commercial book you know uh today
they promote thing for the cheap the
second day they promote for
an airline company the third day another
airline company like the
opposite then after they do something
for the car then they go in the hotel
then they you know honestly it's too
and then after you become like a you
know those channels
late at night when you cannot sleep and
you sell them they sell
all kinds of commercial yeah with all
the number and if you call now you can
get two for one
and if you don't miss this crazy offer
you know this is exactly what i feel
when i see this uh
this uh this couple you know whatever
yeah well thank you man for
just sharing your opinion of the
difference between being an influencer
and being a content creator
and really i love your integrity and
wanting to
offer value to your community and to
make sure that
the things that you're promoting that
they're actually
quality products that you have tried
services that you've used that
you know you're not just selling out to
you're very very very selective i know
you've told me in other conversations
mim kinch you were getting a thousand
offers from everybody that wanted a
piece of you
and i received no to most of them you
turn them down
because they didn't align with your
brand and your values and i think that
integrity will take you far in this
even if it was good money sometimes yeah
six digits yeah the money goes there but
it's like well
that has nothing to do with me or i
don't agree with this company or it
doesn't align with me so you turned it
down and i think that in the long run
you're going to be glad about that
decision and this you don't see it often
but now honestly with corona and the
crisis i would check anything
now i'm just joking
if i'm driving around casablanca and i
see you on like a toothpaste out or
something i'll know yeah
sad just needs the money right now no
you're gonna see me on uh
one uh one uh billboard soon
but uh just uh let me be clear it's a
project they're gonna start new city
and they took not influences they took
like real celebrities like
actors and everything and because this
is doing a lot of things in terms of uh
environmental protection and you know
so before we accepted uh my wife handled
everything i went and i i
asked and i wanted to read and i wanted
to know everything
that's going on with this project you
know with all this green washing and
right so i wanted to be sure that this
like uh it was a standout comparing to
other uh projects you know and then when
we verified everything then i accepted
and uh the day of the shooting they
told my wife who is my manager that we
were gonna make
a picture of me with the nature behind
okay yeah and you know green and it's my
image you know like environments and
everything and during the
the shooting they decided to change and
a family with me and something like uh
which was not me you know
me because i'm like kinda i will just
say okay okay but my wife she was there
and she
she didn't accept and she went and she
talked with the people and she stopped
the thing and she told them listen
if you want someone normal you have so
many people like this you can put him
with the family with the toothpaste with
but we talked about this before sad has
environmental image so you cannot do
this so imagine she was able
to change the whole uh shooting
and they started like pulling people out
and at the end
she defended uh me and we we got
what uh we deserve i mean so i was only
me with the people
really far out as if they were my
neighbors and a lot of uh green
that's cool that's great so this is how
company com
sometimes can uh you know uh
you know trick you into into doing what
they want because it's good for them but
it's not good for your image
yeah yeah this is a great uh great
advice for
any content creators or people who are
trying to develop a brand
this is really good even for companies
that want to collab with other companies
they have to be very careful that they
don't compromise what they are and what
they stand for
so yeah exactly and also the the less
people see you
the more loved you are you know i mean
it's not too much
yeah yeah well sad thanks so much for
sharing your your journey in this
industry with our audience
i know there's a lot of companies that
want to develop their branding online
their image they're looking to work with
content creators
they they recognize that most of their
customers are spending a lot of time you
know staring at their phones consuming
and they want to work with people like
you so thanks for sharing
from that perspective but we also have
audience members that are interested in
being on your side of the camera your
side of the social feeds
and so a lot of insights you've offered
and good advice
so thank you so much for that you are
carmen i really love what you do and
you know we met you remember how we met
you can maybe talk about this but
uh it was like uh you know i mean i'll
let you talk about this
if you want to add it on the comment
section yeah but uh
i love what you do you are you have
great personality and that's why
i really want to help you spread some
positive messages that gonna have
a lot of added value to some people
thanks so much sad i'm looking forward
to the day we can finally snowboard
together at okay
then we're waiting for the snow but yeah
because of climate change and
you know let's see let's see how it's
gonna go this year

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