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alright let's get started with today's episode it's going to be a lovely day
welcome to episode 9 of the Business of
Morocco Podcast today we're going to
talk about fear overcoming the fear in
your personal and professional life but
first let's get an update from the weak
Ryan, what's going? on I am very proud
that tonight I am releasing a new
YouTube video and this is the 50th
consecutive week that I've put out a new
video so I started doing YouTube videos
a couple years ago but very sporadically
and then made the decision you know what
I want to start being consistent even if
the video is short I want to start
releasing content every week and I'm
halfway to my goal this is week number
50 so I'm very proud of that and very
excited and that ties in to what we've
talked about in previous podcast
episodes this this long-term thinking
and I recognize that this is going to be
a way to grow my audience to build up
watch time and it's gonna help me stay
on track and focus on that and also deep
work I need to schedule time to create
content which is a lot of thinking of
new ideas and also I need to be
continuously learning so that I have
thoughts to share so yeah it ties in to
what we've been to discussing and
learning on the podcast so these aren't
just topics that have no application
we're literally doing these things that
we talk about every week and I think
your congratulations 50 episodes let's
get a great milestone look forward to
watching the next 50, for me I mentioned
last week that I had a meeting scheduled
with a big retailer for one of my clients who's an artist that's right
yeah we had this meeting it went well I
was prepared I brought some samples
yeah it just so happens that this
retailer is starting a new initiative to
offer more locally produced Moroccan
products so they have a vision for
increasing their offering and distinguishing themselves in the market
the paintings from my partner fit well
into that category, he is a single artist
every painting he produces is unique
yeah it's a one-of-a-kind painting yeah
which plays into their vision for the
retailer they want exclusive products
unique products that you can't just go
anywhere and buy, can't just go to Marjane
John or Jemaa el Fna or the haboos in
Casablanca and find these works of art
they're unique they're in limited quantity and it was a very good meeting
so what's next where is it going well
we're going to negotiate the details of
the contracts by email in terms of
pricing quantities placement in their in
their stores we're going to do a test
run in just one of their stores
validating an idea validating the idea
that's what we talked about, this is how we
validate the idea we're not going to go
into all their stores on the first day
yeah we're going to pick one store in
their biggest store we're gonna have a
test display of his paintings we're
going to test pricing for the three
different sizes that we talked about and
we'll see where it goes
I'd like to convey a little bit about
the meeting how it went I have a sales
secret any of you are out there in sales
we sat down and and they immediately
expected me to start selling them, right
here's the product here's the painter
here's the story but I threw them off, I
started the meeting by asking them can I
ask you some questions so I had this
whole list of questions about them as a
retailer yeah and I spent the first 30
minutes basically asking them about
their business asking about their
clients their customers their vision for
the future so the first 30 minutes was them
basically selling me right yeah they
were explaining who they were what their
goals were who their clients were they
an amazing amount of information
about their business right I was able to
tailor my sales pitch based on what they
just explained to me about their
business yeah but the tone of the conversation started
with them basically trying to sell me
like yeah hey we're this organization
and this is who we are this is what we
believe and this is what we're trying to
achieve, right so it very much felt more like
they were buying as opposed to being
sold to yeah and if you're in sales you
know nobody likes to be sold to but
everybody loves to buy so if you can set
the tone of the meeting as a discussion
where the buyer is actually the one
trying to convince you to sell them your
products you're miles ahead of the
average sales person who walks in and
just just trying to sell sell sell yeah
yeah you you seek first to understand
and then to be understood and ultimately
because you can cater your message to
meet their needs you're selling to them
what they want and need otherwise you
might come in and be saying all the
wrong things you might be trying to
solve a problem that they don't have
yeah one of the things we'll talk about
in a future episode is the nature of
products and services and selling, we'll
have a specific episode on selling the
main thing you want to do when you're
selling is you want to show your buyer
who they will be as a result of your
product or service don't focus on the
features and the benefits of your
product or service but show them who they
will be have you ever played Super Mario
Brothers of course so if you play Super
Mario Brothers you know you start as a
little guy a little Luigi or a little
Mario, if you get the mushroom you turn
into a big Mario if you get the flower
you turn into the fire ball throwing
Mario yeah when you're selling your
product or service you want to show your
customer how they go from the little
Mario to the flame-throwing Mario and how
your product gets them there then you
sell in the mushroom yeah you say hey if
you buy my product or service you will
be the flame-throwing Mario right now
you're the little guy yeah but if you
use my product or service you will throw
flaming balls of fire that's a and
and that's what people want to be yeah
they don't necessarily care about your
features and your product or service
they care about who they will be after
they buy your product or service and
that was what I was able to convey to
them, this retailer they want to have a
reputation for being fair trade they
want to have a reputation for being
organic they want to have a reputation
for supporting the local of Moroccan
economy and supporting local
entrepreneurs and so after I was able to
understand their vision and their
passion I was able to say hey if you buy
our paintings I'm gonna turn you into
the flame-throwing super Mario right and
they were like oh this is great yeah
totally as opposed to just buying some
paintings yeah I said I'm gonna help you
get to your vision yeah yeah rather than
coming in and saying look at this great
mushroom see how it's see how it's read
with these yellow polka dots it tastes
great, yeah yeah it's low calorie,
would do for them who they would become
that's brilliant
so this story of the retailer plays
perfectly into our topic of the day
which is fear one of things I want the listeners to
understand is when I was going into this
meeting it was the first time I had ever
had a meeting like this where I'm
representing a client to a large
retailer a very successful multinational
corporation and I'm walking in and I'm
meeting with the director of merchandising for the whole company the
person who manages the buying for the
whole company what they're gonna sell in
their stores you can imagine this is an
opportunity to be fearful but I had it
in my mind I knew my customer
meaning I knew the buyer I had done my
research I read all about their company
online I had visited their stores in the
past, I knew my client the painter I am
intimately familiar with his works of
art I know his history I know the nature
and themes of his paintings the quality
of his paintings his target customer
which also happens to be very similar to
the target customer at the retailer so
one of the ways that I prepared myself
for this meeting to limit the fear was
by doing my research yeah being
saturated in the information about both
the buyer and my client knowing I could
I could speak to the value of my client
I could speak to the value of the
customer yeah and I also knew going into
the meeting that the first half of the
meeting I wasn't gonna have to do
anything other than ask questions yeah
so just learning exactly I was prepared
to spend the first 30-45 minutes putting
them on the hot seat, hey you
tell me about your business yeah you
answer my questions and that reduced my
fear yeah I knew that I wasn't gonna
have to answer for anything assuming
that my plan went according to plan
hey and it did they were very kind and
they were very nice and they were more
than happy to tell me about their
business that got me to the point in the
conversation where I was very
comfortable we had a rapport they had
spent a 30 minutes talking to me about
their business and I knew all the
information that I needed in order to
convey the value of the paintings that I
had for displaying yeah I also kept them
on the edge of their seat I had the
paintings out on the table but they were
facedown so they had to focus on me,
right there's like oh the suspense
is building I can't wait to see these I
think that's great they're spaced out
and they're having to basically win my
approval for me to show them the
paintings like I'm asking them questions
this is not a direct thing but it's sort
of an indirect it's implicit it's
implied right yeah you're gonna answer
my questions and then maybe if I like
your answers I will unveil all these
wonderful paintings that I have if you
don't handle yourself well I may put
these back in my bag and this meeting is
over right so again just to reiterate
you overcome your fear situations by
preparing by setting the circumstances
to a scenario where you'll be comfortable
putting the pressure on the other person
and not yourself and knowing your
customer and knowing your client being
informed I think the other point you're
making is you started well you had a
plan for how to start and sometimes
we're looking at the whole task or the
whole project thinking oh it's really
really intimidating but we just gotta do
our homework and focus really well on
the the first part and then once you get
started you get more comfortable and
you're off to the races if you're giving
a speech you know you're giving a long
presentation you want to just really
have your intro nailed and down pat
because once you get up there those
early stage jitters can work work
themselves out if you've started off
well okay so you reduce the fear but it
didn't completely eliminate it even
though you had prepared well and you had
set up the context there was still some
fear another thing that I did was I set
the expectations for my client the
painter I told him going in this is
just a meeting they're a major retailer
they've never done anything like this
we'll see where it goes and do our best
we'll see where it goes that reduces the
fear for me as well because I knew I
hadn't built up a lot of expectations in
my client that great things were going
to happen right if I made a bunch of
promises before I went into the meeting
I would have been more anxious and tied
to the outcome but I told myself I'm
just going to have a conversation I'm
going to
communicate the value I'm going to let
the paintings speak for themselves and
I'm going to convey to the buyer to this
retail company that I'm someone that
will be easy to work with mmm and that
was my goal
let the paintings speak for themselves
and communicate to the buyer you're not
going to get a lot of problems out of me
in terms of our relationship yeah and
that's another question that I
specifically asked the buyer what
challenges do you have with your vendors
and I was able to weave into my
narrative oh this is why I'm not gonna
be a problem for you right
I'm a native English speaker you're a
native English speaker I live here in
Casablanca, I believe in prompt communication, I
believe in having a relationship, one of
the problems and challenges they
presented is that a lot of the vendors
only care about the next order they're
not interested in communicating or
having a relationship with you they just
want to know when you're going to buy,
right and I made it very clear that I'm
happy to have a conversation I'm happy
to, well I demonstrated in the
lead up to our meeting that I was very
prompt in my responses I was responsive
in a timely manner, I didn't let days or weeks go by to get
back to someone who is offering me an
opportunity mm-hmm and we've mentioned
this in the past whether it's how to get
hired or time management or the aspects
of a good employee what makes a good
employee being responsive yeah maybe you
need to send those other vendors our
podcast on long term thinking it sounds
like they could benefit from it
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now back to the show
let's talk a little
bit about another area of fear for us
Ryan we're foreigners here Morocco we
both grew up speaking English but as we
all know that is not the primary
language here in Morocco, Arabic and French are the primary languages which can lead to
a bit of fear living here yeah what are
your thoughts? yeah for for me definitely
language is a real source of fear it
it's kind of ever-present you know every
time I leave the house every time I
interact with somebody I'm wondering
which language are they going to speak
are they gonna speak French? are they
gonna speak Arabic? am I gonna embarrass myself? are we gonna go into some areas
where I don't have great vocabulary? am I
going to be making mistakes? and those
those are fears and a lot of them are
tied to just my pride because I'm at a
place where I can usually get the job
done you know we can get to the
destination we can communicate the ideas
can be passed on but it might not be
pretty really the results are ok it's
just that I'm humbled I'm being
embarrassed and so a lot of times our
fears that are rooted in pride and if
we're willing to humble ourselves or
just let go we could accomplish a lot
more we could get a lot better results
in the future if we weren't held back by
just looking stupid when it comes to
language but other things in life as
well there is a direct correlation
between your improvement in a language
and your willingness to be embarrassed
mistakes mm-hmm - thus overcome the fear of making mistakes and being embarrassed
I remember when I was just beginning to
learn French I refused to make phone
calls because I was so afraid of not
being able to understand or communicate
what I wanted to yeah and as a result my
progress was not as fast as it could
have been yeah thankfully today after many years of
studying French, I am confident enough to make a call or
talk to someone in French but I could
have gotten there a lot faster if I
wasn't as afraid to be embarrassed yeah
if I wasn't as afraid to be willing to
work through a miscommunication yeah and since a lot of our listeners are trying
to learn English my advice to you is
find an English speaker and just walk up
to them and start talking, 99% of native
English speakers here in Morocco would
be happy to talk to a Moroccan in English
you should not fear talking to them that
American or Canadian or Brit in English
they'll understand if you make
grammatical errors or pronunciation
errors they're not going to think less
of you in fact they'll probably think
more of you because it's so rare that a
Moroccan will be bold in practicing
their English, so I encourage you use
English listen to English try as often
as you can to speak English if it's
important to you to learn English and
that will build up your capacity your
comprehension and expression
the more you do it it's like anything
else practice makes perfect
we're talking about language but this
applies even if you're calling somebody
in your native tongue say to make a
sales call it can be intimidating and
you can be afraid you're approaching
somebody or you're gonna want to
communicate and ask them some questions
to try to generate a sale that can bring
up fear in us and a lot of times it goes
back to again this fear of being
embarrassed fear of being rejected we've
talked on this podcast about people who
are unemployed going to small business
owners and just presenting themselves in
person and saying hey I want to work
I'm a quick learner how can I serve you
all even do an internship for a month
for free and if I prove myself we can
discuss hiring me on even just that
presenting yourself in person and
talking to somebody is intimidating
because we could get rejected they could
say no and a lot of people aren't
willing to endure the embarrassment or
the shame of somebody saying no we take
it personally we feel like we're being
rejected and we're hurt fear can really
hold us back we can lose out on
opportunities we can can lose out on on
growth because we're afraid so we really
need to learn how to tackle our fears
how to overcome our fears so that we can
achieve everything we want to in life we
talked about this in episode number one
how to get a job overcoming fear we
mentioned exactly what you said go to a
business, say I'll work for free here's my
promise to our listeners if you go to a
business, ten businesses and you ask to
work for them for free and you get
rejected by all ten you send us an email
at Ryan@moroccopodcast.com and I
will personally help you find a job. Wow
I will personally help you find a job if
you get rejected by ten businesses for a
free internship I will personally find
you a job, I know people who are looking
for people like you yeah so send us an
email tell us your story
we're gonna validate it, trust but verify,
I'll even go to those businesses that
rejected you and we'll ask them why
would you reject this person? but I'm I'm
committed to helping you find a job if
you show that kind of initiative I want
to bring up a quote here from Richard
Branson who is the founder of Virgin
Records Virgin Atlantic the whole empire of
businesses and he talks about this
mindset of overcoming fear he says if
somebody offers you an amazing
opportunity but you are not sure you can
do it say yes then learn how to do it
later that is the ultimate mindset for
overcoming fear he's talking about not
knowing how to do something saying yes
and then learning how to do it and this
is a man who is a multi-billionaire he
started out as a poor man and now as a
multi-billionaire you can learn
something from him yeah yeah I was
inspired by his story I read his one of
his first books is called losing my
virginity and it just talks about how he
started his business and you know it was
at the record industry and then expanded
into other industries really inspiring
entrepreneur when it comes to Richard
Branson he is not unique this is the
story of rags to riches everyone in this
world starts out as a helpless ignoramus
yeah right we were all babies at one
point completely dependent on our
parents we didn't know anything and over
time depending on your situation and
your work ethic you develop skills and
the ability to achieve goals but there's
really only one thing that all successful people have in common do you
know what it is? no, they didn't give up
hmm so whether you're an Olympic athlete,
entrepreneur, a musician, an actor, there's
nothing that all these people have in
common other than the fact that they
never stopped, right so if you're gonna
be a successful person you know there's
at least one thing you have to do and
that is don't quit, right don't quit and
don't believe the lie that there's
something special, inherently special
about successful people that they have
special gifts and that's what made them
they have special ideas and that's what
made them successful they have special
relationships and that's what made them
successful all of these are true to some
extent but the one thing that matters
most for every job for every type of
success in the world is not giving up, so
I've got a story from my life where I
recently failed to overcome my fear, IKEA
had an opportunity where they were
offering receipts to be a coupon for a
future purchase and this was a great
opportunity to make a lot of money in a
short amount of time if you were willing
to hustle and I presented this idea in a
live stream on my youtube channel I
wrote a blog post about it on Maroctreasure.com and people saw this you
know these are students these are young
unemployed Moroccans or people that are
professionals that have opportunity for
a side hustle but only one person wrote
me and said hey this is a really good
idea I'm gonna try it turns out he never
really did try it but as the deadline of
this opportunity was finishing I thought
I want to go and do this not because I
really need the money because I want to
set an example or I want to model to all
the young people that are coming to be
looking for jobs or looking for ways to
make money that opportunities are there
you just gotta seize them you got to go
after them you have to hustle so I drove
out to Ikea and was planning on just
approaching people and asking for their
receipt which then I could turn into
money in a future endeavor and I was
afraid I was worried about the language
approaching people I don't have any
Arabic and so if they want to speak if
they can't speak French it's a problem I
was worried about the language I don't
speak enough Arabic so I needed to
operate in French if somebody coming out
of the shop didn't have French
communication would be an issue I was
nervous about being rejected that people
would just say no who are you I'm not
giving you this or I want this, even
if they said I want this myself
and I was nervous and I was worried
about security no I wasn't thinking
they're gonna throw me in prison or call
the police or anything like that but I
was just nervous about them coming and
saying what are you doing hey get out of
here we don't want you approaching our
customers so I went and had a coffee and
tried to build up my courage and thought
yeah I'm just you know this is
reconnaissance I'm just sort of looking
over I'm getting the lay of the land I'm
seeing how many customers are coming out
I'm watching security this is part of it
but really I was just procrastinating
and then I went and thought I don't want
to do this it's really hot and I'm
scared I just want to go home and I
thought Ryan come on you drove out here
you've invested all this time you got to
do it so I finally got the courage I
approached the first person we were able
to communicate in French and I asked for
his receipt and he basically just said
hey this is for my company you know and
we're planning on using it very polite
the interaction was very positive it
just wasn't the outcome I was hoping for
however I quit after that that was it I
put my tail between my legs and I and I
went home a failure
and when I look back on that I think
probably my vision of what could
potentially have happened wasn't high
enough and my pride was way too high I
wasn't willing to go through the
embarrassment or there's a sense of
rejection because I didn't know where it
was gonna lead I didn't have a vision
for what I could turn this into but you
had the humility to discuss it now on
our podcast and I think that shows a
willingness to learn to be humble to
adapt and move on I bet a bunch of our
listeners are shocked that you're
telling this story right now because
it's a little bit embarrassing yeah it
is but you know what this is how you
overcome things this is how you get
better it's not by ignoring your
are your failures it's by acknowledging
them and learning from them yeah and
I've got a perfect example of that as
well I have a client many months ago I
recommended a certain marketing tactic
and she said to me no one else is doing
that it would make me a little bit
uncomfortable to do something that no
one else in my industry is doing and I
said to her that's exactly why you need
to do it you have a brand new business
nobody knows who you are you've got to
reach out to people in new ways or else
you're gonna have to close your business
right hey which do you fear more going
out of business or trying a new marketing
tactic yeah at the time she was more
afraid of trying a new marketing tactic
Wow, but as we developed the relationship as
the things that I recommended to her
started to work several months later she
agreed to it and voila it has been
amazing and in fact it has led to her most
profitable months, wow, in business yeah
she was able to overcome her fear of
trying something new, she learned after several months of
disappointing performance she just
simply realized she needed to overcome
her fear and try something new and she
did it yeah and I'm sure right now she
feels silly that she wasn't doing it the
whole time and as we speak I have
another piece of advice for her that
she's sitting on and not doing because
she's afraid yeah but I think it would
be even more dramatic in terms of
business development and new customers
than the old idea right we'll see if she
overcomes her fear and implements this
idea now that first idea worked but
let's imagine that it didn't work so she
overcame her fear she tried it didn't
get the results she was hoping for even
then she still benefited because she's
grown her capacity she's expanded her
comfort zone so when I first got to
Morocco I was working for an American
company and I needed to start from
scratch I was the business development
development manager the only one in the
region and we had no business here
our products didn't exist here and I
didn't know what I was doing so I
basically had to put on a suit take the
train to Rabat, Google these government
offices and then just literally show up
at the door just talk to the security
guard at the gate and try to get through
with my low-budget French there was some fruit after several months of knocking
on doors getting passed from person to
person directed even to other buildings
figuring it out over time I was able to
organize all these meetings where my
directors flew in and presented our
company's products to top executives in
both of the transportation industries
however it didn't result in in a
contract but I took away from that this
willingness to try this and the courage
to just cold call and show up somewhere
and so when I was looking to teach in
some universities I did the same thing I
just dressed nicely walked onto campus
talked my way past secretaries until I
was sitting in the office with someone I
could communicate well with and it's
turned into me teaching seminars at
multiple schools and even offering full
year courses so though the the end
result of that first, those first visits
to Rabat didn't get me where I wanted to
go I took away more confidence a larger
comfort zone that I could apply in other
areas, that's a great story Ryan, I think
it really sums up what we're trying to
say about fear, most of the time there's
nothing to be afraid of it's in your
head if you can overcome these imaginary
obstacles you can make a lot of progress
but if you let fear dictate your
behavior you're gonna be stagnant
overcoming fear is really what separates
a lot of people in this world and if I
wanted impart one thing to our listeners
you're a Moroccan no matter who you are if
you're listening this podcast I want to
tell you you have nothing to be afraid
of try it if you are passionate about
something try it
practice it work towards it
you will find that your efforts will pay
off eventually they may not pay off in your current job
or in your current city or in your
current group of friends or colleagues
but keep trying don't give up
persevere I can promise you the more you
do the less fear you will have, a great
takeaway lesson for us is to be
regularly pushing ourselves to do things
that are uncomfortable or that are scary
when we feel that fear come up we should
recognize this is an opportunity for
growth and when you think back to things
that you're very comfortable doing now
that were originally scary that can
help you recognize yeah of course it's
scary it's new I'm just trying it but
all grow in this I'll get more
comfortable you know you think about
speaking in public or driving a car
calling a stranger on the phone going
for a job interview kissing a girl
trying out for a team all these things
are very very intimidating but some of
those things you might be very
comfortable with now because you
overcame your fear you grew your
capacity your comfort zone expanded so
if we go weeks and months and even years
without doing anything that scares us
we're in trouble, we've stagnated we're not growing
you've been listening to the Business and
Morocco Podcast my name is Ryan Kirk
here with my co-host Ryan Maimone, if you
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you'll have a lovely day doing business
in Morocco we'll see you next time

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