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Okay welcome to the Business in Morocco Podcast this is episode number 93 and we have a very special guest with us this episode this is Kamal Harrasse why don't you introduce yourself in case there's some listener who doesn't know who you are yet well there is always someone who won't know you and he's gonna it's gonna be the first time that they're gonna they're gonna learn about you and know your existence well hi everybody my name is Kamal Harrasse and uh before being a guest i'm one of uh ryan's good friends and uh with just switching countries his community living in morocco i'm rock living in canada trying to balance this world exactly we've crossed the ocean apart yeah otherwise uh i have a youtube channel where i share my personal uh experience and experiences and what i learned from life obviously trying to help people by sharing with them my perspectives that's uh and i have the professional life where i i work as a senior credit advisor here in canada it's one of the financial industries uh institutions and i think it is what it is so you you grew up uh mcnast was that right that's right i grew up in Mknes went to university yes that's right for the bachelor and then i took off to montreal canada and montreal canada lived there for a couple years three years if i'm not mistaken moved to toronto cambridge lived a bit in alberta edmonton which they call sometimes edmonton but let's let's get there yeah not a good place yeah lived a bit in ontario and i loved it by the way especially the area cambridge uh waterloo hamilton niagara falls niagara on the lake it's a beautiful area yeah and then came back to came back to montreal okay so that's where you're based right now but you've been bringing out a ton of content uh creating all sorts of videos and they're aimed towards moroccans you're you're speaking indonesia and your tagline is morocco needs a new influencer can you tell us what was it that caused you to want to become an influencer or to share this content what kind of began this journey for you yeah well actually let's make the podcast that i was expecting to do in my youtube channel here and i i remember when i was living in cambridge and working in kitchener it's like uh it's like uh living in media and working in casablanca or a little bit less so um this is before starting youtube i didn't have instagram at that time i had just facebook you know and i was and i'm still a cycler i love cycling so during the summer time to enjoy the weather while you're working uh when i used to finish my job a kitchener i used to bike for 30 kilometers back to cambridge one day i was biking and i had an accident when i had the accident it was the it was the first time when i cried i cried for one reason because i realized that i am alone here i need to go to the hospital and i had a broken arm and there is nobody who's gonna help me with anything so i have to take the bus to the hospital with my bike find a pal find a place where i attach my bike by the hospital the cambridge hospital goes see the doctor and then go home with my back and my arm which is broken that's terrible yeah and i was living by myself and i'm sure i'm not sure if you know cambridge gold goats you just don't see people uh like people they are minding their business and the only time to see them it's sunday morning if they are going to the church so i used to spend a week without talking to anybody in my neighborhood except work so work for me was home right so the next day because i was alone i went to work with a broken arm and people they were like what are you doing here buddy
then i realized that i don't want to leave this world without having a fingerprint especially my and the one that i want to have is making somebody else's day better and obviously answering somebody else's question don't get me wrong uh when i was a teenager i had so many questions at that time and we didn't have access to internet when i was in morocco or actually we had x access to internet but it was uh it was uh msn do you know do you remember ms oh yeah totally give me your msn to talk to you you know yeah that's that's what we think we had and some some games youtube was there but just probably for music if i'm not mistaken so i had so many questions in my mind you're fighting with the internal voice you want to understand yourself you want to know who you are you want to know or why you're here and unfortunately i had to learn the hard way which is being with myself experiencing things it took so much time so i was uh i was telling myself if i had a body like me when i was 17 probably i'll be now in a better place when i'm gonna be 29 yeah i was like why not helping somebody yeah and i started my journey by uh talking about topics that i like and then by answering people questions through a video and the youtube channel uh was growing until the day uh when i started the podcast and it will it went viral it went viral because i opened my heart with no editing and i was talking about my experiences and people liked it much better because they felt that it's it's coming from my heart before i used to before i used to prop for the subject or the topic and try to adjust the camera angle and try to find the right words and try to find the right background music and it's cool it's cool to be fancy to be to go advanced but i think when you're when you're honest and you know what you want to say and you say it from the bottom of your heart yeah you can go even if you're filming with yourself yeah i mean it's well it's unfiltered and so people feel like they're hanging out with you and that it's real definitely definitely and by doing that uh i was thinking why not to do something i learned from team ferris i'm sure it probably you know team first it's called the funds business uh even if i have a professional life with the with the union with the financial institution i want to have something for myself and i was asking myself what is the best thing to do what is the the what is the qualification i have well i have my funds i have the values i'm providing the knowledge i'm giving them and the trust yeah so i was like why not starting something for my just my funds and it's gonna be uh teaching them about finance and when i say finance is personal finance how someone can manage what he has as money right now right because we all make the mistake we wake up to go and make money well wisdom it's waking up to protect what you have as a money before going outside and searching for more because you need your money to work for you not work for your money so it's just a perspective or i will say a if i lose a thing or a vision how you see money uh and the fact that uh my work my professional work is helping people get outside out of debts thought me a lot taught me a lot about managing your money first before going and looking for more so i would love to share with my audience first of all i believe i'm a big believer that you have to provide values first before before having any product or any service let's provide values to people and once you establish a good relation with your audience then you can analyze what they really need and what's going to help them in their life in their journey to provide the service of the product right to people yeah i mean you must see people in your in your work that have a really high salary they maybe make good money they have a lot of income coming in but they're spending it all and they have debts and they're paying a ton of interest and their financial life is a mess and so even though they've got a lot coming in they haven't made their money work for them and so they're they're just buying all these expensive things and they're in serious financial trouble definitely i think the there is a good book that i was reading it's called why we buy and this is where people are making the biggest mistake is we we try to fill our empty life with stuff technically you have to fill your life with knowledge and skills not with stuff and stuff that like there's nothing wrong about buying a good shirt a good blazer a good suit there is nothing wrong about it but if the the suit is going to help you to do your job and bring more money so 500 dollar suit i have one but it helped me sometimes you know in what i am doing but i don't have a bench of them i don't have like 20 of them i'm just giving you an example all right so in morocco i see that you know i don't want to be a heart on influencers other influencers but this is a reality so i'm not judging it just just just to explain couple things there is a difference between being an influencer and leaving from advancing people to buy something that you're not even convinced about and being an influencer when you are really helping people and what i mean by helping people is you're doing it for free you know you're doing it for life if you're not even doing it for your ego to be famous you're not doing it just to to sell them a product of a company and get get a bonus or a margin you're just helping people for the sake of helping humanity right and then there is nothing wrong about your own product to sell it to people to help people to make their life better so what the the reason why i opened this up this uh this comment it's just um sometimes i see influencers trying to sell something to the audience and they are even using the products right yeah yeah yeah they are an apple person and they are trying to sell them an android yes and but they are all always natural birth you know yeah yeah yeah of course they're they're considering just how to make money and not how to help their audience and how to contribute something to them so with with this new so is it like an educational program what what specifically is it is it that you're sharing content is it like a coaching um relationship or is it like a private facebook group is it a course or a seminar what exactly is it

well for the first year i'm going to make a video talking about topics let's say uh the the first reason of divorce it's usually financial issues before sexual issues which is a huge problem yeah so probably i'm going to talk about this topic because i had clients who who were getting divorced just because they had so much debts yeah or even like in atrocity you know friends or people that you you heard about there is this issue so probably it's one of the topics i'm gonna discuss yeah and also just trying to help people to see money as a tool yeah not as something else i'm gonna try to make videos in in the beginning because they believe that you need to to have a feedback in your business you know cannot create something from nothing i need to know the moroccan audience the moroccan consumer and then probably i'll be interested to create something that's going to bring values to people that's going to help people that's going to solve their problem that's going to make their life much better so yeah originally you're just launching a brand new youtube channel that's focused on personal finance and helping moroccans get strong financially

that's right for now it's what i want to do because in the beginning i was overwhelming myself and over thinking about how the business should should be and it's funny because we can think so fast and they have so many ideas that i want to put there but in reality i'm i i'm alone you know i cannot do that so when i'm working 35 hours in my regular job i have a podcast on a youtube channel i'm trading the market the stock market there is so much so many things going on in my life yeah and then like from where can i start how can i achieve all that well guess what buddy step by step right take it easy create the youtube channel that's it's so good it's so useful just step by step little by little yeah so step by step and uh i'll see for sure it is a business once i'm starting it is not

it is not just a youtube channel but i thought that this is what i know to do it's creating content let's start by creating content and then if there is because i believe in partners i always like love to work with people then if someone show up in my life and he's better than me in something well i would love to collaborate with the person and grow the business together if you've got beautiful ideas yeah if he's gonna bring values to people why not so is a youtube channel a business in itself like i've seen you started your channel uh several years ago made some amazing videos got you know i think 60 000 subscribers and then you slowed down on the content production while you were back in morocco and then moved back to montreal again and then recently you've ramped it up and doubled your channel you know you're pushing 130 000 subscribers now um putting out quite long videos you know 12 minutes 15 minutes and getting huge numbers of views so your watch time must be way up there is it something that you can can live off could it be a full-time job or is it very much just a side hustle that can grow into other things and it's a way to help people i will say

with the moroccan with the moroccan

market no unfortunately it is not a business it's not going to even pay my rent here in canada yeah forget about it yeah especially uh by the way i never say this stuff but let's let's let's put it there i'm going to be open i declined every uh ad request from any company on my emails and they don't tell that to people on my youtube channel i never brag about it just like they come like they delete emails like you can reach reach out to me for for uh for something i'm just gonna delete your email the youtube channel is not there to sell something to people the youtube channel is there to help people that's it that's all so that's one so i'm not paid from an external uh an external company and the youtube ads well you know how it works in morocco it is really small yeah sometimes you might have a hundred thousand to a hundred thousand view and you see that you have fifteen dollars twenty dollars twenty five dollars especially i'm not putting ads in every 15 seconds you know yeah and let youtube do the work so to be honest with you uh i don't want to have this idea that i want to bring money from youtube there is al also something uh i never read wrote money from youtube i'm lit i'm i'm letting the money there so people who who wants not to mark my youtube channel but i never withdraw money from youtube just leave the money there okay yeah just to don't be focused on you on money and make sure that the the accountant that i'm creating it's the the one that i want not the one that's i think that's going to bring me money yeah so for my no it is not business it's a side hustle a money there if one day i'll need the money i'm gonna really throw the money yeah and well obviously won't be it won't be a business the youtube but the fact that a product will be created that's might be the business right either working with i don't know a financial institution in morocco who wants to uh wants to explain a good product for a specific niche why not then if i believe that it's going to help people well i'll do the job i'll i'll explain that or

let's say a company who wants to who wants to educate their employers about how to manage their paycheck because they are struggling in casablanca to manage paying the rent and every stuff well why not to to coach them and help them to manage depict the paycheck because as you said people think that it's all all about uh quantity but it's about the quality of how you manage what you have there are some people who've who are making them the minimum wage and they're wealthy yeah and there are some people who are ceos and trust me they are in they are struggling yeah in trouble so it's not about making a lot it's about managing a lot i will say right yeah i know that's it it's not how much you make it's how much you keep definitely yeah i know that's good that's exciting to think about that uh you you'll start off with a youtube channel you're offering value and then you'll look for opportunities you'll look for partners down the road if a worst case scenario you're going to help a lot of people by sharing free knowledge best case scenario you could create a company whether it's a product whether it's a workshop whether it's training and consulting it could lead to lots of opportunities but personal finance is an issue that everybody needs to to learn about and most of our schools don't provide that education and so it can become a huge need once you start earning a salary you really got to figure out what you're going to do with it and those choices can impact future generations so it's really powerful i'm excited how often will you be producing content you think you'll release a couple videos a month or what's the plan that's the thing that i'm working on before the new year i want to make sure because it's not it's not a youtube channel where i'm gonna share my journey it's a place where people they're gonna come learn about something thank you thank you and go practice yeah and so uh with with all what they have in my life as i said work uh the the stock market i'm gonna do my best for the first year to do one video a month even if i know it's not a lot um but for the first year probably it's gonna be one once a month yeah and i will adjust my schedule depends of the ideas i'm gonna have sometimes you need to to be in the process to have a clear idea about where you wanna go right and do you think you're gonna do it more like podcast style raw unfiltered or are you gonna do it a little more prepared polished professional style i would love to do it prepare polish prepare style that's what i would love to do otherwise if i wanted to do it as a podcast or a casual one i will just start a new series on my youtube channel and do it there uh i wanna i wanna i wanna separate or split the camel the the influencer let's say you might say a joke from here and there to accumul the the financial guy that you guys don't know when they talk about money and i'm kind of really serious about uh approaching an issue that you are leading so that this is the the the grant that i need to work on um it's going to be challenging it's going to be really challenging very challenging because people they won't they won't get used to it easily yeah yeah well that's the thing is you they come to you on your channel for advice and all the topics you share but for those who are thinking about money and personal finance they can go to your other channel and learn about it there and those that don't want to or they're not interested they can stay on your your main channel exactly but i think what you're what you're doing here is you're showing how even though as an influencer in morocco it's challenging to make money you know the youtube algorithm just pays you a little bit you couldn't do it as a full-time job however you have built an asset and that's the trust and the attention you know people look to you for advice and they respect you and you have authority and so then when you do start something else or when you do create a product people are interested and you have an audience you can try to monetize that audience and help more people exactly that's that's how the business is there is some there are some great people who are better than myself in business because they've been doing that for many years and nobody knows them but they have other skills that i do not have don't forget i come from a family that's the only sentence i used to hear every single morning every single evening it's study to find a paycheck so me at 29 trust me it is very it's really challenging you know it is really challenging to switch from the the any an employer you know to someone who want to build a business right because you're scared uh the first thing i think about it it's rent today we have the 19th of november november i already penned that i already paid the the rent for december because oh man i wish you were my tenant

well i like it when my tenants pay rent that early trust me i already sent the the money for december uh i always pay it depends on my paycheck because you know in canada we're paid every two weeks so for sure is you're gonna get it in a week before or 15 days before uh that way my mind is free i paid my phone already i already paid my bills yeah so if i was an entrepreneur well i'm gonna have more pressure yeah because i like to pay my bills before all that you say i'm working on myself i'm still working on myself but i do have a couple things that people do not have it's the connection with people it's approaching people it's understanding people it's analyzing people well that's why i told you if i find someone one day who's good in things that i'm really bad at well why not let's let's do something together yeah yeah i love it that's exciting that's really lots of ideas and visions about where that could go but i i love that you're starting something new you're choosing one of your passions and an area that you can impact and and going for it and then seeing where it takes you yeah hopefully it's going to bring us to casablanca join you guys join the team yeah when are you going to come back when are you going to visit i would love to visit honestly just with the kovitz situation yeah honestly i i i work from home if i need to go outside i go to the grocery store because i deeply believe that it's not about the fact that i'm healthy that is let's don't care about the world there is couple people that people have got their grandparents they've got their families and they don't want to be i don't want to be a i don't want to be a problem or the reason why someone got the kovid and

let's be honest you want to help people by creating a youtube channel and be famous well before that be a human being do your duty as the citizens and stay home buddy come on yeah yeah fair enough let's don't be this youtuber who's always outside and doing stuff and activity is like you're living in mars no we're living here buddy and we have the kobe yeah yeah it's the new reality i i know i know it's it's i know it's challenging so i'm just staying home i'm not going anywhere i just spent my vacation here uh in in montreal i wanted to go to bc or banff but still covet situation stayed home so to answer your question when i'm planning to come to casablanca the day where everybody gonna feel comfortable to get together yeah and we're going to go probably back to a new normal life right so is your company is everybody working remotely or do you go to the office a couple days a week or how does it work no uh for myself or my department we can work from home we uh the department used to work from home five or six years ago we were prepared wow okay so yeah it's been six years ago that the company

allowed us to work from home so it's not something new for the company we do the trainings from home we do everything from home now they all they want to do the christmas party from home and that's what i like about the company is the leadership that people forgot the it's um like they have this long-term vision you know uh they prep for things for the next five years uh so yeah we're working from home uh nobody gonna go back to the office downtown uh except for people who've got some mental health uh because it's not everybody who can stay home you know so people who cannot stay home needs the change they are allowed to go to the office with the maximum of 25 of the office capacity because this is what the government allowed yeah otherwise uh we're waiting for uh what's the government gonna announce okay

wow so you're spending a lot of time doing doing meetings on zoom doing email creating content you're spending a lot of time doing this looking at the computer exactly yeah you've been outside in my life actually you can this oh no i didn't cycle unfortunately except the summer time i was i was able to go outside and cycle but now no

that's the challenging part the gyms are closed and uh it is it is quite challenging yeah especially the winter is here yeah exactly it's uh easier to to manage when you can go outside and enjoy the outdoors but when you're living in montreal a few months of the year where it's pretty tough to be outside yeah yeah we already had snow here i'm not sure about you guys in hamilton a little bit yeah but nothing that stayed okay that's good yeah that's good anyways enough about the weather and stuff i wanted to just get an update on what your company was doing but most of all just wanted to hear about your youtube channel and this new initiative of of doing financial education so thank you so much for sharing about your journey as a moroccan influencer and about starting up this this company that could lead to something was still undetermined um you're at the beginnings of a real entrepreneurial journey and so we'll have to have you back on the podcast in a year or so and see see what's come up definitely definitely well thank you so much for your time it's always uh a pleasure to to share with you actually uh people people from work they just knew that i have a youtube channel and obviously the only video they can watch is the video we've made in casablanca together because it's the only one they can understand when they're searching my name that's right so that that's a good thank you so much because one some of my friends who wants to understand what i am saying or what i am sharing well obviously you guys have the information just click the the like button the subscribe button share with your friends and yeah that's awesome that's really great yeah because we've done a couple videos in english and then now this podcast and then all the rest of your content is in davia

yeah exactly okay brother well thanks again come on

well thank you so much and you have a lovely evening yeah you too okay that finishes our interview with kamal thank you so much kemal for joining us i love his heart to help people you heard him say you know the algorithm for youtube in morocco doesn't really pay that highly so there isn't a huge motivation from financial gain but even the ways that he could monetize he hasn't capitalized on because the intention the real heart behind it is to help people and so he could have a company sponsoring his videos and he could be you know telling you to drink this tea or you know but he hasn't gone that route he is starting a financial youtube channel which he hopes to grow into some kind of business he is entrepreneurial he does want to develop some kind of a side hustle but it's coupled with wanting to help people and make an impact and share his knowledge so for those of you who are considering being an influencer or you'd like to go down that path and consider it as a business there really is this value first mentality where you offer content you offer value you help people you provide something to them and over time you grow an audience you gain trust and you can look for healthy ways to help more people and to monetize some of those ways but the theme that we've seen throughout all the influencers we've been talking to is not to sell out and not to just you know sell some random product that doesn't really help their audience they they want to do things that are really beneficial so amal was really consistent with that and it's been something i admire about him so thanks again kamal and have a great week doing business in morocco

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